tagGay MaleTaking a Leap with a Group Massage

Taking a Leap with a Group Massage


I still feel nervous and even scared thinking about other men. Or at least the thought of being found out. I'm a married man, and I know my wife would not approve. Hell, all of my family and friends would probably find it hard to accept. Now, there I was sitting at work, looking at a local social networking site.

This new (to me) site isn't really for anything sexual. Mostly gaming groups, or non-sexual meet ups, and groups exploring interests (cooking, arts, etc...). I intended to find something to keep me busy so I wouldn't think about my recent sexual encounters with other men, and wanting to do more of it. Then I happened upon one group...nude male massage exchange.

I requested to join the group, and was accepted. I looked thru some of the members profiles that had pictures. There were men from their early twenties all the way to their eighties. Quite a few were very attractive. I checked the site almost every day. Too chicken to actually answer any of the posts for massages, even skipping on one group meetup.

Then I see a post that one of the organizers had posted for a meetup on Saturday when my wife was going to be out of town. I replied and signed up to attend. There were six of us signed up, and three of the guys were like me, bear types around my age. The other two were either too young or too old for my taste, but I hoped that I would get paired up with one that I liked.

Saturday came, and I was so nervous that I considered bowing out, but I was too curious (and horny) and grabbed a towel and $5 (which was required to replenish the hosts oils supplies) and headed out. The meetup was scheduled for 11, and had been posted that no one would be allowed to enter after 11:15. I arrived at the at 10:45.

After I entered, we sat around talking until all six guys had arrived. The host then explained that he had two massage tables, and that we would be in groups of three. This made me even more nervous, because one of the men I found attractive was quite a bit older than his profile pic, but I soon found out that my group was with the host and another guy (both guys that I found attractive). After the hosts instructions, we began to undress each other (we were not allowed to strip ourselves).

With that, the host said he always goes last, so he asked me, and the other guy in our group, who wanted to go first. With neither of us answering very quickly, I said that I would, and laid down on the table face down.

For a good ten minutes that massaged me like real therapists would. I started thinking that maybe this wasn't a sexual group. I was relieved and disappointed at the same time. Then the host would ask me to move one of my legs up so that he could get to my legs better.

That's when I would feel their hands start to graze my cock, balls, and ass... and often, too often to be incidental. Eventually they had me get on my knees with my face still in the head rest. They explored and rubbed all of my body. Paying a lot of attention to my cock and ass. I felt fingertips darting in and out of my ass. Short strokes of my cock. And then, when they must have figured that I was open to all of this, one of them buried his face in my ass crack and was tongue fucking me while he was stroking my cock. The other guy reached under me and was playing with my nipples as he was still massaging me. This was driving me wild, but eventually the host (who was eating my ass) told me it was time to roll over.

They then started massaging my front. I was a little disappointed, but that didn't last long. They eventually took turns sucking my cock while fingering my ass, while the other was rubbing my chest, paying attention to my nipples. I had turned my head to the side, and was presented with a cock, which I immediately engulfed. While they would swap positions a few times, I immensely enjoyed being serviced while sucking cock.

Then it ended. Before I came too. We switched out and the other guy laid down. The host and I then repeated what they had done to me on the other guy. This was also hot. The only time the other guy wasn't stroking or sucking my cock, was when I was rimming his ass, or sucking his cock.

After a while, his turn was done too, so the host finally laid down. He looked up at us and acknowledged that he knew we hadn't come yet, and that it was customary to cum on the host if we hadn't already. This seemed more like a request than an instruction, with a smile gleaming across his face.

We then began to massage and play with him, just like we had been played with. His cock was huge. Not very long, maybe 6 or 7 inches, but it was thick. I had difficulty fitting it into my mouth, but I wasn't going to be deterred, and managed to get it all in. He had a nice hole too. I loved tongue fucking him. And the way he moaned. I mean we all moaned, a lot, but his seemed so primal. When we would pass each other, the other guy would "accidentally" rub his cock against my hole, but to my dismay, he never inserted it. At one point I had leaned over and was sucking the hosts cock as he was fingering my hole. I really wanted to try getting that big piece of meat in my asshole, but was too nervous about the etiquette of the whole situation. I know, looking back, I don't think there was an etiquette enforcement at all.

Finally I couldn't hold it any longer and came all over the hosts face. It was so hot seeing my cum blast all over his beard and lips. The other guy came all over the hosts cock, and the host shot his load all over his stomach and chest, which we then massaged all over his chest. I finally looked over at the other group, who seemed in awe of the show we had put on, even though I could tell all of them had cum as well.

We all toweled off, got dressed and helped clean up a bit before we went our separate ways. I regretted not coming up with a reason to leave slower, and wait until everyone else had left. I still fantasize about getting that big cock in my mouth again, and having him spread my cheeks and tongue fucking me before pushing his cock into me. But, I guess I will save that for next time.

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by Anonymous

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by kcniceguy4u12/19/18

Great story.

I know that there are Male meet up groups like this in NYC and FTL. Have attended the NYc one before. It’s an amazing experience. Nothing like it in KC.

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by Anonymous12/07/18

My Kind of Guy

You sound like my kind of guy. Your stories reflect very well the type of situations I have enjoyed myself over the almost three decades that I have been engaging in discrete gay sex outside of my marriage.more...

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by Popper_Papa12/07/18

I used to attend a similar regular event at a guys in Oklahoma City. It started at 11 and ran till 1. You brought a towel and a dollar.

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