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Taking Action


This story is fantasy and not real. That means I made it all up. All characters are also not real. Please send constructive feedback, I read it all. I will ignore flaming and other unfriendly type feedback. Remember to practice safe sex and enjoy!

After looking at the video for more than three hours I pushed stop and just sat in my living room. It was tough to watch my wife of 10 years getting gang banged by my neighbor and his work crew. That's right, I said by his work crew. All eight guys (including my neighbor Tom Evans), took her at least twice for over 2 hours.

It all started when a friend came by my work place and invited me out for a drink. He looked troubled and I asked him if he wanted to talk. Jamie said yes but it was me he needed to talk to. We have always been there for each other over the years and he looked more down than I have ever seen him.

We arrived at the bar and he ordered 2 scotch on the rocks, a real man's drink I thought. This was very unlike Jamie and something he never does. Jamie is a beer drinker and not much of one. He is what other guy's call a light weight, but he didn't care much and the beer or the booze never made him look older or fat in the belly.

"Jamie, are things alright with you and Molly? You look like you lost your best friend." I asked him at the bar.

"Well... I sort of feel like I am losing a best friend Bobby, you! I have something to tell you, no I have something to show you though I don't want to be the one to tell you." Jamie confessed to me trying to make sense of his own words.

"As far as Molly and me, we are doing fine. It is you and Tammy that has me so troubled." Jamie told me as I looked at him with surprise.

"Tammy and I are doing great! What is the problem Jamie that we need to have a stiff drink and go for a private talk?" I asked him.

The bartender brought us our drinks and Jamie downed his in one gulp. Finally he looked me in the eyes and began to talk.

"My friend Joey T., you meet him before subbing on my bowling team. Well he works as a roofer/installer for your neighbor Tom Evans." Jamie started to tell me.

"I remember him, the loud mouth that thought he was a ladies man! What's he got to do with Tammy and me?" I asked him.

"We are both on a dart league together. Just like in the bowling league we would go over to his house and get high or just drink beers. He has a large porn collection and he was bragging about a secret tape of him and his work buddies fucking some MILF." Jamie kept telling me.

"He put it on and pressed play. The tape showed a pool side area with a woman giving some guy head from a reclining deck chair. It then shows a work crew of 3 showing up and joining the fun. They all got naked and started to gang bang the woman. Finally the woman came up for air and you could see her face clear on the video, it was Tammy." Jamie told me this while looking for me to hit him or something.

"Well four more guys showed up about fifteen minutes later. Tom Evan's entire crew then fucked your wife for over two hours." He told me sadly

I just sat there dumb founded. It just didn't seem to make since because it was so unlike Tammy. She had never been unfaithful before, at least that is what I thought. Her favorite saying was "I don't cheat and I don't compete".

"Are you sure it was Tammy on the video Jamie?" I asked him this keeping up hope for a different answer.

"I'm sorry Bobby but she was fucking all 8 guys. She really wanted it too Bobby, she kept asking to be 'fucked harder' and 'I need cock now?' " Jamie told me not looking me in the eye.

"I told Joey T. I wanted a copy and he gave me the one in the DVD. He said he had it on his hard drive already and the edited version should be on the net soon. The only thing stopping him was the other guys didn't want their wives to know. I never told him I knew the woman he had sex with. I just told him I thought it was hot and really wanted a copy to jerk off to." he kept informing me of all the details he found out from Joey T.

"Bobby I am real sorry to be the one to tell you. The video looks like it was hidden under a towel on a table near the deck chairs. You can see someone lifting the towel up and the video kicks right in. You will just have to watch it yourself and deal with it as you see fit." Jamie told me with honesty in his voice.

"I want to thank you for being my friend Jamie. I know it would have been easier to forget about the video and never tell me. I need to review the video and then I will call you. I just wanted to say thanks no matter what happens." I told Jamie sadly as I left my seat, shook his hand and turned away from my untouched whiskey.

Back at home I pressed play again and listened to the conversation that was recorded before the towel was lifted. I could hear Tom Evans talking to what sounded like Joey T. and it lasted for about five minutes. They were talking about someone that was coming right over.

"Tommy, this will work great. Just lift the towel up when you get her distracted. She will never even notice it until we show her the playback. Then we can blackmail her real good and we can fuck her on demand. I saw her the last time here when she was two yards over. Imagine a hot MILF like her right on top of your dick doing what ever you wanted, anytime?" Joey asked Tom Evans.

"I would love it. Just let me get her to drink this special iced tea and she will do whatever I want her to. I have done this before and let me tell you it works great. The women actually are begging to get fucked. I'm not sure how it works but the drug does something to their system and they turn into instant whores. By the time they wake up from their stupor their bodies need sex really bad even if they know that it's wrong." Tommy Evans was bragging.

"There are at least 4 pills in there and she should be ready in about five minutes. The shit works real fast. That's how I got to fuck them all the first time. I just take some pictures on my cell phone or video taped them after drugging them." Tom said with a big laugh between them both.

"Ok I am going to leave. Just beep me when you are ready for us. Oh and thanks for the bonus boss, I know the other guys feel the same." Joey T. said.

"She is coming right over right now like the obedient slut she will become. She wants to talk about a neighborhood block party. I'll show her a naked block party in a few minutes. I can't wait to fuck her in the ass." I heard Tom saying to himself. Then about two minutes later Tammy called out Tom's name and entered the pool area.

"Thanks for meeting me today. I wanted to get the whole neighbor together on the block party idea" Tammy told Tom.

"The block party sounds like fun. Just relax a minute and have a drink. I need to go into the house to check on the work crew. Try the iced tea, I made it myself." Tommy told her. You could hear the smile in his voice as he walked back into the house.

I could hear some glasses tinkling by the camera and could hear Tammy talking under her breath about how nice it would be to have a pool in our backyard. I could hear her drink her glass down as the ice cubes made an empty sound you get when you bottom out your glass and put it down on a table. I wanted to scream and tell her not to drink the iced tea but this was on tape and it was now history.

The rest of the tape before the towel was lifted you can hear Tommy trying to talk to my wife. She was just mumbling some words and she sounded really out of it. The towel then is lifted and Tommy starts to get a very sloppy blow job from my wife. He reached down and started to rub my naked wife's pussy and tits. She moaned and started to respond. Her eyes from the side angle were glassed over but you could just see them for a second. The rest of the tape was her being gang raped.

I was in the Special Forces when I was younger. They taught me to ignore my first instinct and think clearly about any situation you are in. My first thought was to just shoot him and his whole work crew. I shook that idea off and decided to first talk to my wife and then take care of Tommy Evans and his whole crew. This was a call to action!

I was considered a quiet and passive person in the neighborhood. They would soon learn when pushed to action I was no wimp. I was in full combat mode now and anyone who used to serve with me knows they better stay the fuck out of my way when I'm on a mission.

I sat in the kitchen beer in hand and waited for my wife to come home. About the time she came in I had decided to confront her and take care of this situation once and for all. She walked in the kitchen and was surprised to see me.

"Hey Honey, I'm surprised to see you, your usually home later that this. Is there something wrong?" she asked me.

She could tell by the look on my face I was telling all. I was never a good poker player and bluffing was not my style. The truth was all I wanted and I wanted it now.

"We need to talk so please sit down." I told my wife. She quietly sat down across from me at the table and waited for me to talk.

"A friend gave me this to look at." I told her as I slid the DVD copy of her at Tom's pool last week. "It is you at Tom Evans pool beginning of last week. I have already seen it and it doesn't look to good." I added.

She looked at me right in the eyes and started to cry. It took about 5 minutes to calm her down and then I started to talk again. "Please tell me the whole truth and do not leave out one detail, our marriage may depend on it."

"Oh Rob, I am so sorry. I think I was drugged and they took advantage of me. Tom Evans and all these other guys started to attack me. I was out of it and only really started to realize what was going on towards the end." She confessed to me.

"I am so sorry Bobby but I couldn't control my body. I knew it was wrong and they tricked me but my body needed to have sex right there and then. Please don't think ill of me. I have been guilty for well over a week but was afraid to tell you. I thought you would throw me out and murder Tom Evans." she told me.

"Continue." is all I said.

"As soon as I finished my glass I was starting to get woozy and needed to lay down." she told me very fast.

"The next thing I remember is opening my eyes and feeling very horny. By that time Tom was fucking me from behind and I was completely naked with three more cocks around me. I can't tell you how bad I felt but my body wanted to be fucked over and over. I don't know what was in the drink but I wanted to fuck all night." Tammy told me.

"Remember that wild session we had about a week ago? Well that was the day he attacked me, no raped me is a better description." Tammy said sadly.

"I felt guilty and horny at the same time. I made you cum three times that night and even tried to get you up for a fourth try. I think the drug was still in my system then. I have felt guilty about the whole situation since." Tammy said with tears in her eyes. She broke down and cried with her head on the table.

I went over to consol her and she stood up and gave me the biggest hug she ever gave me. "I am so sorry Bobby, you don't deserve this." Tammy told me quietly.

"No it is you who didn't deserve it. They drugged you and raped you without your consent. I have always trusted you and still do. I need you to trust me now. I will want you to see Tom Evans again." I told her. She looked scared and started to shake her head no.

"I just can't face him again. I think I will go crazy if I have to. Please don't make me see him again." she confessed to me. Tammy was almost getting hysterical.

"Tammy don't worry, I just want you to pretend to accept his offer. Trust me I will be right by so nothing will happen to you. So when did he ask you to see him again?" I asked her hitting the mark. I knew Tom would start blackmailing her as soon as he could.

She looked scared and said nothing. Then she looked at the floor and said "he wanted me to come over to a party at his house on Saturday night. He told me to make up an excuse to come over. He said he would send the pictures and video to you, my church and all the neighbors. I didn't know what to say so I said OK."

"Don't worry Tammy, I knew he would try something like this but this time I will be ready. Do you want to get him back?" I asked her.

"Oh yes Bobby, I am just scared and very confused. I feel like it was my fault." She added.

"Stop talking like that. My pig neighbor drugged and raped you. From what I have found out you are not the first but you will be the last." I told her as I grabbed her shoulders and stopped her from crying again.

I told her my plan and started to get all my ducks in a row. Tammy didn't like what I had planned but she went along when I told her the whole plan. She seemed to understand but knew it would be tough for her. I planned on going public if necessary. I then went to my den office and made a few calls.

I worked for the city and managed to make a few contacts in the D.A.'s office and police dept over the years. I talked to my close friends at both places and informed them about my situation and what I had planned. They agreed to help me if I could supply what was requested by them. It would take a little doing and a few illegal acts but I was determined to follow this through. They also didn't need to know how I was getting the evidence they requested.

It was now Wednesday and Saturday night was my deadline. It could work if all went well and if not Tom Evans would soon be a subject of a missing person report. Either way he was history in my book.

I called Tom Evans and used a fake voice. I set up a service call to review a roof repair and told him money was no problem. I set it up for Thursday morning and made sure it was at least 45 minutes away from his house. That way I had at least 90 minutes to go over to his house with no interference. I called work and told them I was taking the rest of the week off to take care of some family issues.

The only time I was ever in Tom Evan's house was for a party he had last year. I needed to use the bathroom and the sliding glass door that goes out to his deck was loose. The whole door lifted right up and I had to put it back on the track. That was my plan.

If he fixed the door I could always use chocolate syrup and news paper to break in. You pour the syrup all over the window and press the news paper to the glass. Then all you have to do smash the window. The syrup and news paper muffle the noise and the collect the glass pieces so you can break into a house nice and quiet.

Thursday morning came and I told Tammy to act normal and go to work like usual. I waited for Tom to leave on my fake service call and got ready to move. I had blank data discs and a variety of blank video tapes in several formats. As soon as Tom left I went into action. This is what I did.

I first checked and made sure no one was in the house. He didn't have a dog or an alarm system. I lifted the glass sliding door from the top and inserted a big screw driver under it. The door came right off the track as it did at his party last year. This will teach him not to protect his home.

I placed the door to the side and entered his house. I went straight to his office area and sure enough his computer was on and running. Tom bragged at the party that he had GPS on all his roofing trucks to find out where his drivers were at all times. I hit enter and it came to life. I noticed his truck was half way across town. I smiled knowing my plan was working. I could also see if he came home early.

I sat down and started to copy every file he had on the hard drive. As this was being done I looked through all his desk drawers and file cabinets.

I found nothing until I looked at the bottom of the last cabinet. In one box he had about 15 different tapes in mini digital format. They had names and dates. He was very neat with his library. The tapes were also labeled. I put all the tapes in a big envelope and replaced them with blank tapes. I put them back in the original cases so unless he played them he would never know.

In another box right next to it he had 30 plastic slim cases for his DVD collection. I did the same with them and replaced them with all new blank DVD discs. Some were data CD's and some were DVD video discs. I thought he put pictures on the data discs and had blackmail video on the others. I looked at the labels and they were also neatly printed with the info of their contents on them. I was right! I would soon review all his stuff and have a better plan after I found out what was on the tapes and discs.

I went to his bedroom and went through his closet and dressers. I found a ton of porn magazines in boxes and some were gay in nature. I found a small shoe box on the closet shelf and looked inside. There were printed pictures of Tom Evans sucking some guys cock as he took it up the ass from another man. The guys were both huge and had a muscular build. They were making Tom Evans there play thing.

Well that was a shock. Tom Evans goes both ways. His comment of "I can't wait to fuck her in the ass" with my wife came back to me. I smiled as I had blackmail evidence to use against the blackmailer. How ironic is that?

Tom had several other discs and a VHS tape. I replaced all the tapes and discs just like in his office. My envelope was getting full and I started to put some of his stuff in my bag. I didn't want to mix up the blanks and Tom's tapes.

I went back down stairs and looked at his computer. Tom's GPS on his truck said he was now heading back home. I was surprised at how long I was in his house. I knew he would be pissed for having to drive to an address that didn't exist.

I ejected the data discs from his computer and made backups on my thumb drive as well. If I was going to do this, I was going to do it right. I put back everything just like I found it including his computer. All his files were still on his computer but they were now empty folders and I had copies of everything. I smiled as I got ready to leave. I had him, and if I was right I would have a lot more. What made it sweet was he would never know who entered his house until it was too late.

Replacing the sliding glass door I picked up my stuff and went back to my house. Not one neighbor was in sight and Tom's house was almost too easy. Some times you just get lucky I guess. My nervous excitement reminded me of the old days. I went straight to my den.

I pulled out my envelope and looked for some names I could recognize. If my hunch was correct, Tom Evans liked to pick on the neighborhood wives. One tape had written on it 'Jones & Stevens 9/7 @ my house-GB'. I pushed rewind and then play on the tape.

The camera was being held by some guy with Tom Evans shown on his couch. He was sitting right next to another naked guy in the middle of the couch. If not for the two women sucking their cocks while leaning over the sofa arm they would have looked funny together. Behind each woman was a guy fucking their ass or pussy. I really couldn't tell which. There were several other guys standing around rubbing their cocks waiting for their turn.

They were calling the women names and abusing their tits and spanked their asses. I knew Stanley Stevens' wife from the neighborhood and was surprised at how sexy she was. I shook off my daydream and remembered that these woman were drugged, raped and black mailed. On the other side of the couch was Betty Jones. She was a super sweet person and I just got really mad at the way she was being used.

The rest of the tape showed them being forced to 69 each other and suck out all cum from their asses and pussies. The guys were doing close up video taping and taking cell phone pictures of all the action. The women were made to service Tom's entire party guest list. I saw some repeat guys come back for some more pussy or to just use a different hole. There were at least 20 guys at one time trying to fuck the women.

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