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Taking Advantage


I always loved getting massages, and every chance I got I went for one. I read the ads online, looked in the little flyers they hand out at the mini-marts, always looking for someone new.

Perhaps that special masseuse, that was just a bit more willing than most of them?

If one showed a bit of promise, some potential, I left a $20 bill folded up on the table when I came out of the room, then I paid their bill and left.

Without fail that got me a bit of extra time during the next session at the very least, sometimes it got me a bit of added touch. The ones that skipped working out my glutes, or bypassed the nice clockwise circles on my abdomen often added that.

The ones that never changed one bit, I just didn't bother to call again.

Perhaps one out of every 10 to 15 that I saw would finally get to trust me, then begin to want to pay me back for the nice extra cash right along. Sure, I could just part with a couple hundred bucks right off the bat, that got me the sure thing.

The sure thing just wasn't fun to me, I liked manipulating the ones that were positive that they never would ever reach out and grab my cock and go to work on it. There was something about the amateurish attempts, the final breaking down and actually DOING it that just got me going.

OK. So I am a pervert, a manipulator, call me what you will.

Getting the straight laced ones to that point just yanks my chain, I would get massive orgasms at the part fantasy fulfillment, part sexual release situation.

I can't explain that any other way except I like to manipulate people. The look, the expression they got was just wonderful. I will bet that no less than two dozens times I have heard my masseuse at the moment say, "I never did that before!" with an actual blush on their face.

They realized that they had given in, actually broken down and jacked off a client. After that, I would get jacked off by them every single time, by every one I did succeed with, except for one.

That one was a pretty gal named Patti. It took me over a year, at least 20 sessions, her hands got closer and closer, I could see the internal struggle. Then one day she lost control, I had a massive erection and she could tell from the bulge in the sheet. Her hands went up my thighs, I felt her hesitate.

"I am sorry, you look to be...uncomfortable?" She whispered, her hand still resting high on my thigh.

"I...Yes, it is, I am..a little bit. It's just that...your hands feel so wonderful, I am sorry, I don't want to offend you." I told her.

"You aren't offending me, it's perfectly normal." She smiled, spouting the standard massage therapist line, but then her hand slid up over my balls, and down the length of my rigid cock.

It was like she went into some kind of a daze, her hands moving with a mind of their own.

"I want to make you feel good, is..this all right?" Patti whispered again, as her hand wrapped around the head of my burgeoning erection.

"Oh yes, thank you! I trust you completely!" I answered, with a smile.

A few minutes later the sheet was gone, and Patti was eagerly beating my meat. She even let out a little moan when I spasmed, success!

One more score.

The next session, she went right back to normal, she apologized for taking advantage of me and said she hoped I wasn't upset?

I thought she was fucking kidding me.

"I didn't mind at all, Patti. I actually enjoyed that, you can do that any time if you like."

Patti sniffed and told me she just couldn't, it was against the law and her principles as a "professional". After that her sessions were even more conservative than normal.

"What the hell?" I wondered. She had once had my cock in her hands, eyes glazed, she damn near orgasmed from whacking me off, now she turns into a Nun on me?

I was a bit surprised at that, but after another half dozen sessions and she was still refusing to touch me in any intimate manner at all I got the picture and moved on to another therapist.

I am a man that thinks he understands women, but I realize I probably never really will.

Oh, well. But Patti did give me an idea. Since I liked messing around with women, why not become a massage therapist myself?

I saw one of those ads on TV for a local college, thinking I could get a few lessons, hang out a shingle and have half naked women on my table at will.

"$14,000.00 for the program, and that includes all the way to the licensing process." The clerk that answered the phone told me.

What? Fourteen grand to get taught to rub someone's ass? Were they out of their rabbit ass minds?

Fuck that.

I went and bought a table, found a place that sold Almond oil. Then I bought some sheets, sewed them up myself since I didn't want my wife to know what I was up to.

I know, I didn't mention the wife, her name is Karen. She is a bit on the chubby side redhead and she has no sense of humor at all when it comes to me messing around with other females.

Well, I don't think so anyway, I never told her anything and she never caught me either.

But my job takes me everywhere and at odd hours, so she is used to me taking off for several hours on a moment's notice.

Our sex life is OK, Karen never says no but lots of times I can tell she isn't into it. Sex as a duty isn't much fun. I do talk her into whacking me off once in awhile, she is actually pretty good at that. I even can get her to go out with no bra on sometimes, that is fun. I like the clingy type tops that let Karen's big titties roll back and forth when she walks, that is fun and it seems to get her going. When we get home after a night out like that she usually climbs right on top of me.

Still, It's just not as much fun as that first time with someone who says they won't and never will, but then they do.

Yea, I know. I am a pervert, an asshole. So what? No harm done, and besides, getting whacked off isn't sex anyway. Then since women are so easy to manipulate, keep under control, I was pretty sure Karen would never catch on to any of my...activities.

Anyway, I ran some ads, explaining that I was semi-retired from the "massage profession" but I wanted to stay in "practice." So I wasn't charging a fee, that got around the law nicely. To make the ad ring true I mentioned I only had time for one client each week.

150 phone calls later I changed the ad to read "Ladies or ladies in a couples scenario only". That reduced the calls from guys wanting ME to whack THEM off by about half.

Men! They are all a bunch of assholes. No way in hell was I going to yank some jerk's dick, hell, I didn't even like having to do my own.

I was about to give up, go back to hunting for a new masseuse, when the message system I had hired so that Karen wouldn't find out said I had two more messages.

One was another guy looking for a hand job, I deleted that. The next one was a sultry female voice that asked about my work and style, and left a number so I called her back.

"Hi, there! I was interested in your service." She said. The voice sounded mildly familiar to me.

After a short conversation, she booked me for that same evening. I was doing handsprings the rest of the day, I was going to have a female, on my table, naked!

I even whacked off to take the edge off, I didn't want to be waving a boner at whoever it was right out of the gate. Besides, I had no plans at all to actually hose anybody, sure as hell I would catch something I can't pronounce. All I wanted was to rub a nice female body, look at some bare titties and pussy.

Just fun, no sex involved. Our President said so.

Oh, sure, I could maybe use a rubber but for some reason whenever I try to put one of those things on my dick goes down and stays there. The one time way back that I did manage to get a rubber on, I got to go fishing for the thing. Ever try to get one of those things back out of there after you have packed it nicely into place and then slicked it up real good?

Not fun at all. Well, it was kinda fun, but still.

I was wondering what my first client would be like, would she want to be naked or under the sheet? Would I get to massage her titties, maybe even do a little bit of sex play? All of that was running through my head as I loaded up my table at the storage unit I had rented.

I did that so that Karen wouldn't find out, after all, I did mention that she was a redhead?

With a temper to match?

I drove over to the address the woman had given me. As I popped the hatch on the back of my Monte Carlo it hit me that I hadn't asked for her name. That was clever of me, but what the hell.

I rang the doorbell, heard some sounds from inside. The door opened and there stood....Patti.

"Danny? What are you doing here?"

"I...uhh..I..you called my message..about the..massage?"

Oh, shit! I was thinking of just cutting and running.

"I didn't know you worked doing massages, that's funny! Well, come on in!" She stood aside to let me in.

I dragged my table inside, looked around. I had always seen Patti at her office downtown, it was upstairs above a hair salon. I used to joke with her about "running the gauntlet" of the little old ladies with their heads stuffed in hair dryers. They without fail always gave me sidelong glances, sometimes with a sniff knowing I was going upstairs to get a massage.

I knew what was in their minds, they were a bunch of old prudes thinking that something would be going on up there for sure.

"You can set up here in the living room if you like. This is neat, you should have told me that you worked too, we could have maybe..traded?" She said with a sweet smile.

I began to unfold the table, managing to get one of the cables under the table leg as I opened it. It took me several tries before I finally got it set up, Patti watched me with amusement.

"I haven't seen you for awhile." She said. I knew that was a question.

"I have been busy, I am getting lots of clients." I answered, lying through my teeth.

"I see. You mentioned you were just wanting to stay in practice?"

"Uhh..yea, my regular job keeps me pretty busy, but I like doing massages so I thought...."

"That's really nice of you, I know what you mean. Massage is a wonderful thing to do for someone." She smiled sweetly at me.

I grinned, this was going pretty good, I could see she wasn't suspecting a thing.

Like I said, women are easy to handle.

"Well, I will go get ready." She went into the other room, leaving me to try and figure out how to set up the table. Fucking sheets, slide one end into place and the other end falls off. I finally got the bottom sheet on after several tries, then I spread the top one, folding it back neatly. I placed my little pillow at the head of the table, it looked nice and professional.

I was proud of myself.

Patti came back out with a giant white towel wrapped around herself, she was barefoot. I figured she was nude underneath, or just in underwear at the most.

"I will step in and wash up while you get on the table." I headed for what I knew was the bathroom. I figured I would give her a little privacy, act like a pro.

"OK." She looked at me with an odd look, then giggled.

In the bathroom, I washed my hands a half dozen times, running the hot water to warm them. I was trying to lay out in my mind what I was going to do next. I knew Patti nearly always started out at my feet or lower legs, so I figured I would break the ice doing that.

I was pretty sure there was going to be no hanky panky anyway so I resigned myself to being as conservative as I could. After all, Patti was a professional massage therapist and I was a....well, I really didn't know for sure what to do, other than attempt to do what was usually done to me.

Taking a deep breath, I called out to see if she was ready.

"Yes, I am." Her quiet voice answered.

Patti was lying face down under the sheet, the huge towel was spread on top of it over her. I got some of my oil and spread it on my hands, then began on her feet. I worked her feet for a long time, she did seem to like that. I even spread each toe and worked between them like I had seen some other therapists do to me.

"Wow, your hands really do feel nice!" She purred. That boosted my confidence a little, so I folded back the edge of the sheet and started stroking her calves. Her legs felt small under my hands, I was used to my wife Karen's legs, which were easily twice as big. I also spent a long time on her calves, turning the sheet upwards another few inches. I used a light pressure, doing first one leg, then the other, then going back and repeating each stroke.

Finally I decided to go higher, so I folded the sheet up over her thighs, leaving the bottom edge low enough that her behind was fully draped.

She didn't say anything so I began to rub out the back of her thighs. She did a little roll of her hips and opened her legs a few inches to allow me to reach the inside of her thighs. I carefully stopped on each leg just halfway up.

I repeated those strokes several times and was about to move to her back.

"You can go higher, Danny. I am used to massage and I am not really bashful."

Lord! Was that a hint, a go ahead? I wasn't 100% sure, but I let my hands go farther up until there was just a couple of inches between my fingertips and her pussy. Patti let out a quiet sigh when I did that, that encouraged me even more. By now I knew for sure she had no panties on, I could see the lower swell of her right butt cheek.

Patti shifted slightly, then her right arm came back and rubbed her hip.

"My back is a little stiff, I need to move." She said.

"OK. Go ahead." I answered.

She brought her right knee up until it stuck straight out at a right angle. The sheet dropped down and covered her from my gaze but she was now lying there on her tummy...with her legs spread!

My dick began to move with a mind of it's own. I couldn't actually see her but the edge of the sheet was just....inches. I had a crazy urge to lean down and take a peek but I didn't want to be obvious.

I wasn't sure what to do, but I had to do something. I stepped up to the side of the table, reached down and folded the sheet on my side back over her, baring her left cheek.

I knew about the sciatic response so I opened my hands and keeping them that way I stroked back and forth over her fanny closest to me.

"Oh that feels so good, so many therapists just won't work on the glutes." She said with a sigh.

"I don't mind if you don't." I answered, my confidence was now souring.

I moved around to the other side, then hesitated. Should I just fold back the sheet? This would leave her entire behind...bare? Her right leg was still bent outwards, too. I just was not sure what to do.

"That's the side...my hip hurts, just above the hipbone. Can you maybe, work that out for me?" She encouraged.

OK. I folded the sheet upwards, baring her fanny completely. There was no protest, so I began to rub my hands back and forth on her lower back just above her hip. Her right leg was still bent at the knee, but I was standing above that point. I knew her pussy would be wide open if I was at the foot of the table, but I couldn't really see her from where I stood. I began to work her legs with both hands, up and down her thigh. I was trying to stop short and not touch her but I felt pubic hairs under my fingertips a couple of times.

My hands started to go dry, I looked and realized my little bottle of oil was at the foot of the table. If I stepped down there and got it, she would be wide open.

What would she think?

"I need some more oil on my hands." I said, thinking she would close her legs. I still was not completely sure of myself.

"Yes, your fingers are tugging a little bit." Patti answered, then turned her head and tucked both hands underneath her cheek.

I stepped down and got my oil, she didn't move. I took a good long look at her as I stepped back, she had a full bush. The lips of her vagina were shiny and wet looking. There was a tiny bead of moisture, I could see that clearly.

I went right back to working on her hip and thighs, but this time I stood right at the end of her knee. I was delighting in watching my hands go up her thighs, then when I pressed my fingers in and drew them downwards her pussy would pop open, I could see her big clit peek out from under the hood and then slide back. I repeated that motion so many times that finally she moved her leg back down, so I tugged the sheet downward, baring her back.

I spent another good long time working on her back and shoulders, I was beginning to think that maybe I was pretty good at this since she kept letting out little moans and sighs.

Finally it was time to turn over, I lifted the sheet slightly so that Patti could roll over. I tucked the little pillow on the back of her neck, she lay back and closed her eyes.

I worked on her shoulders for awhile, then both arms. I even did each finger individually.

"Are you...bashful about your breasts?" I asked her.

"Oh, no. Of course not!" She reached up and tugged the sheet down to her waist.

Her breasts were small, but well formed. There was no hint of a sag at all. Her nipples were very dark and they were tightened up into tiny little buttons. I began to stroke her upper body, letting my hands go around and around in circles. I lifted my palm each time as they passed over, avoiding her nipples.

"I like more pressure than that." She said.

I increased the pressure, she asked for more until finally I was squeezing them firmly. Then I took a chance and pinched each nipple between my thumb and forefinger, and rolled them. Her back arched slightly and she let out a groan.

"My nipples are really sensitive, I am glad you don't mind touching them." She murmured.

"Mind?" Hell, I was having a ball. It was now obvious that she was going to let me do anything to her breasts I wanted, so I did that over and over, getting a stronger reaction each time.

Finally I stopped, realizing I was playing rather than doing a massage. Her eyes flashed open, she looked at me and grinned.

"You really are pretty good!" She said.

"Thank you. I just...well, I wasn't sure how far I can go since you said...."

"Oh, you mean at my office? I can't do anything like this down there, that is my work."

"Oh. I understand." I told her. I really didn't, though.

"That is work, for pay. You aren't charging, so...." She smiled again, let that hang.

OK. I got it.

I worked the clockwise circles around her stomach, pushing the sheet lower with each circle until my fingers were grazing across the top of her pubic hair. I just left the drape there, moved to her legs and started in again. As my hands went up her thighs, her legs opened. I let my hands drift up, this time I didn't stop short and let my fingers tickle across the lips of her pussy. She sighed and opened her legs wider.

I slid the sheet off of her, lay it aside as she looked at me, her eyes were slits.

I reached between her legs and began to stroke, letting my fingers bump her clit on the way up each time. Then I stepped down between her legs, pressed them open and lifted her knees higher. I reached in and ran my thumbs up and over her, alternating each time, upwards the length of her slit.

Her lips were swollen, fat, and gushing. Her body trembled, and she left out a small cry, her hips bouncing. I know she had at least three solid orgasms.

Finally her body tensed, held there for a long moment, then collapsed.

"My God, that was a solid 15 second cum!" she smiled at me.

I was completely proud of myself. After several minutes, Patti sat up. Then she slid off the table, still naked. She sure wasn't shy in the least.

"Hop on." She smiled.

"Hop on?" I looked at her.

"Yes. Your turn." She said with a grin.


I got on the table, Patti gave me a quick rubdown, then grabbed me and beat my meat furiously. That was amazing, getting a hand job from a woman completely nude. My wife Karen did many times of course but this was different.

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