tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTaking Advantage of My Secretary

Taking Advantage of My Secretary


I know this is wrong, but I've been dreaming of having a girl. Not a girlfriend. I want someone who is mine because she has to be, whether she likes it or not.

So after years of this, I finally made my move.

I'm in my 40s, and I've spent my whole life dedicated to my career. I'm a corporate executive, and a few years ago I was stationed in Colombia - you know, the South American country. I've been here ever since. One good thing about it is that land and labor are both cheap, and I have a lot of money. Enough to build myself a mansion almost the size of the White House. I also have plenty of staff - cleaning folks, maintenance, gardening - they do a good job, and I have no problem with the Spanish language. But those kind of girls won't do. They can quit any time they want. I need someone that's mine.

That's why I put an ad up for a secretary in the US. The only requirements wer a high school diploma or GED and a willingness to live in Columbia - room and board included as part of benefits. I figured I could deal with the other details in the interviews.

Most of my applicants were people with an interest in Colombia - people who spoke Spanish and had family here, or people who wanted to get better at Spanish and get away from the US. I was specifically looking for someone with no knowledge of the language, and no ambitions in that direction. I wanted to be the only person she could communicate with. Obviously, I was also looking for someone young and pretty - and maybe a little stupid. Definitely innocent.

That's how I found Hayley. Hayley was 18, and had her GED - she explained that she was home schooled, but that no college had accepted her. Her test scores had not been good. She was willing to move to Colombia to learn to be a secretary. I contacted her right away and set up an interview in the city nearest to her with an airport. We were to meet at a restaurant - I didn't want to give her any red flags.

I was already seated and had left word with the hostess that I was waiting for her when she walked in. She was gorgeous - perfect. She was fairly short, and though dressed modestly, her button up shirt clung to her thin frame. The buttons were straining just a little at her breasts. The pencil skirt she wore showed off her beautiful, curvy hips. She had shoulder length brown hair and blue eyes. When she saw me, she smiled and extended her hand, and we shook. This was off to a great start.

I asked her a few questions about why she wanted to come to Colombia, and asked her how she was with languages.

"Well, to be perfectly honest, not that great. I tried to learn Greek so I could read the Bible, but it was too hard. I also tried Latin, because at least the letters are the same, but I could never get it. I hope learning Spanish isn't too important to the job - you work for an American company, right?"

"That's right, and you'll be mostly taking phone calls and going through mail. Maybe a little housework. Are you ok with doing housework?"

"Yes, that's fine. I don't have a lot of experience with housework, but I'm happy to learn," she answered, with bright, innocent eyes.

After a few more questions, our interview ended. I didn't offer her the job on the spot, but I knew she was the one. When I got back to Colombia, I called her. She had the job if she wanted it. She accepted immediately, and I sent her the plane ticket.

When she arrived a couple of weeks later, I had a contract all ready for her to sign. One of the great things about Colombia is that prostitution is legal - the contract said she agreed to be my live in prostitute. It was all in Spanish.

Upon seeing my enormous house, Hayley was awed. But before I let her explore it, I showed her the contract. She hesitated.

"But I don't know Spanish," she murmured quietly.

"If you want to go hire an attorney in town, that's perfectly fine. I can call you a cab," I answered.

"Aren't lawyers expensive?" she asked me nervously.

"Yes, and you'll have to pay him yourself. But I'm sure you can find one that will bill you later."

She shook her head no, and signed. My plan had succeeded! Everything was already going extremely well.

I had already explained to my staff that I was hiring a prostitute for myself. Being a rich man in Colombia, no one was very surprised. A couple of the more religious maids quit, but I easily replaced them.

I showed her to her room - no one could argue I wasn't treating her fairly, given the situation. It was more than a room, more like an apartment, with a bedroom, a living room, and a huge bathroom with a tub. Big picture windows looked out over the gardens. The furniture was comfortable and plush. Again, she looked awed, and ecstatic.

"This is so much more than I had hoped for!" she exclaimed.

"I hope you like the place. You can take the rest of the day to look around," I told her. I smiled at her, and then closed the door so that she could have some time to herself. This was going brilliantly so far.

She was so innocent, that I had a plan for how I was going to seduce her - I wasn't. She wouldn't even know she was being violated.

The next day, I found her in the kitchen for breakfast. I had arranged for one of my housekeepers to feed her, and she was having pancakes.

"I hope you feel comfortable here, Hayley," I started.

"Oh, yes, I can't believe my good luck!" She was obviously still thrilled.

"There are a couple of things you should know. First of all, I got you some pills. Don't worry, I take them, too. There are a lot of diseases out here that will be foreign to you." I presented her with some birth control pills - label all in Spanish, of course. "Take one every morning with breakfast."

She took one pill on the spot. So pliable and easy, I was enamored already.

"We'll probably also have to do some purges. I'll show you what that means tonight. We have to get all the bad stuff out of you here, to prevent diseases."

She nodded, wide eyed, appreciative that I was so concerned with her health.

"Also, you may have noticed how hot it is here." I looked down at her skimpy clothes. She was wearing very tight daisy dukes and a white tank top, through which I could barely see the brown of her nipples. "Most of my staff are required to wear a uniform. I hope you don't mind, but I promise it will make you feel cooler."

"No, I suppose not," she answered, clearly a little disappointed. I had seen her huge suitcases, which must have been full of clothes.

"You won't be wearing the typical one, though. I need you to look more professional - like my secretary. I'll have someone put the uniform on your bed, and after breakfast you can put it on for me."

She nodded.

We chatted a little, and I told her to meet me in my bedroom, which was also my office. She trounced up the stairs to her room, and I watched her tight butt all the way up. Pretty soon, I would get an even better view.

About an hour later, I heard a knock on my door. I opened it, and there was Hayley, looking sexier than she had yet. Her "uniform" was a short blue pleated skirt and a white v-neck babydoll t-shirt. Upon looking her over, I noticed something was wrong.

"Hayley, you're wearing a bra."

"Yes, sir. I always do," she said, matter of fact.

"This morning you weren't." She blushed. "I don't mean it to embarrass you, I just would have told you sooner if I knew you always wore a bra. You'll get too hot with one on here. You'll have to go back and take it off. Also, are you wearing panties?"

She nodded.

"Same with that. It's too many layers. Go and take them off," I instructed. She turned and walked down the hall to her room.

A few minutes later, I heard a knock on my open door, and she stepped in. Again, I did an inspection.

"Much better," I said. "Let me show you around."

My room was huge, so big that it didn't seem strange to have my desk by the big bay window all the way across the room from my bed. I had set up a smaller desk next to it with just a phone and an inbox for mail, no computer.

"You'll sit here and take calls. Also, in the morning, just sort my mail between personal and business. You don't need to open it. As far as calls, all you need to do is answer them and take a message. I never take calls on the spot, I always call people back. It makes them think I'm busy," I explained. "We can get started now."

It took her no time at all to go through my mail and sort it. What's more, I never really got calls - everything was by email these days. That was a ruse. As soon as she was done, I pretended to look up from my work, though I had been watching her the whole time. She looked bored.

Just looking at her got me excited. Her breasts were perky, and I could see the areolas through the shirt. I could also see the shadowy area under her skirt just a bit, enough to get me hard. She was shaved.

"I guess I could teach you the purging process, to make sure we purge you of all these tropical diseases," I said, barely containing my excitement. This is where my plan would finally come to fruition.

"Sure!" she said, looking more cheerful. "I want to make sure I don't have to go home because I get too sick."

"Me too." I smiled to myself. "Come with me - we'll have to use the bed."

She got right up, completely trusting me, and followed me across the room.

"Lay face down on the bed," I told her.

She did as instructed. As she climbed on and squirmed into position, I got a great look at her backside, all plump and smooth. Then, behind her where she couldn't see me, I got out the handcuffs and started putting them on her ankles. She said nothing.

When I moved up to her wrists, she saw what I was putting on her.

"Wait, why do you need those?" she asked.

"It sometimes hurts the first time you purge, but you have to be still. These just help to make sure you don't hurt yourself too much by moving," I explained.

She looked sceptical. "If it's painful, I'm not sure I want to get it."

"It only hurts the first time, then it can actually feel very good. If you don't get it, you could get really sick. But I won't do it if you're uncomfortable."

I saw the trust move back into her eyes. "Ok. You can do it."

I clipped the handcuffs to her left wrist, then put the other cuff on the bedpost. I did the same on her right wrist. Then I moved behind her to clip the cuffs that were already on her ankles to the bedposts.

This was amazing. As I pulled her right leg away from her left, she tensed, then relaxed. Then I pulled her left leg over, opening her for complete view. I lifted her skirt to get a good look, rubbing myself through my pants. She couldn't see me, but she could feel what I was doing to her.

"That's my private area. My parents told me no one can look there, not even me. What are you going to do?" she asked.

"You know how this is where you pee and poop, to get all the bad stuff out? You have another place where diseases live that's also down here. We have to get them out. Don't worry, I know what I'm doing. Do you want me to stop? I don't want you to get sick," I answered.

She hesitated. Finally, she said, "It's ok. I trust you."

I was rock hard by this time. My cock was aching to get out of my pants. I took them off quietly, and my boner sprung out, huge and throbbing with excitement.

"Ok, to make this easier, I'll explain what I'm doing, ok?" I told her. This would almost make it better.

I climbed on the bed between her legs, and when I was there, I took a good look at her pussy. It was pink and innocent, completely smooth. I started to stroke it, and she jumped.

"Now I'm just getting a lay of the land, so I know where to put the instrument that will draw out all the bad stuff. Don't worry, this is just to make sure we get everything out," I told her.

"Ok," she whispered.

I felt for her mound, and starting from the clit, and rubbed her vulva up and down. She started to get wet. Then I started rubbing just barely inside her vagina with my forefinger.

"I found the spot. I'm going to put the instrument in just a little, so that you can get used to it," I told her. She was silent, trembling.

I positioned my dick at her soft, pink entrance. Then I pushed in just a couple of inches. She whimpered.

"You were right, that hurts," she said.

"Okay, we'll take this slow, then. Now I'm going to push the instrument in all the way, but I'll do it fast so it won't hurt. It's like taking off a bandaid," I said.

She was wet, warm, and soft, and I could hardly contain myself. I pushed my dick in balls deep. She let out a little screech, and her breathing quickened.

"That's the hard part," I told her. "Now I just need to start the pumping so that we can pump all the bad stuff out."

She nodded. I started pumping slow, my hands on either side of her waist to keep my weight off of her. Finally, I couldn't stand it any more. My pumping got faster, and she started breathing harder. Soon, she was crying out.

"Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!"

That did it - her good-girl exclamations of pleasure brought me to the edge. I came into her so hard, it felt like I would never stop. I was in a place of ecstasy.

When my cock stopped pulsing, I drew out of her. I put on my pants and went around to where she could see me, unlocking the handcuffs.

"How did that feel?" I asked her.

"At first, it really hurt, but at the end," Hayley paused. "It was the best feeling I've ever had. I don't think I'll mind the purging anymore."

I smiled at her, and finished unlocking her. When she stood up, my cum started to drip down her leg.

"Oh, I've never seen that before! It must be all the bad stuff." She looked at me happily. "Thank you for keeping me healthy out here."

I smiled back. "Of course we want you to be healthy. Shall we get back to work?"

We "worked" for the rest of the day - me doing real work, and her reading. I had showed her my library, and she found the Nancy Drew books. Now I knew she wasn't a very smart cookie. I let her go to bed that night alone, but I told her to meet me in my room again at 6:00 the next morning.

The next morning, at 6:00 on the dot, I heard my door creak open. There was Hayley, looking nice and fresh in a new uniform, as I had given her several. This time, there was no bra, and as she walked in, I could see her breasts bouncing just a little. I called to her.

"Hayley, I haven't quite gotten up yet. I'm sorry."

"Oh, I'll come back in a little while, then." She turned to walk away, and I got a great view of her ass hanging out of her little skirt.

"No, come on over. We can do our first purge of the day, since I'm still in bed. Lay down on the covers next to me, and face away from me."

She came over and hopped on the bed, then laid down on her side. Without being told, she pulled her skirt up around her waist.

I was already sleeping in the nude, ready for this moment. I had morning wood, and for once it was going to be put to good use. I pulled the comforter away from me and got on top of them next to her, then put my left arm under her body and pulled her toward me so that I was spooning her. I started to fondle her breasts. She said nothing, completely trusting me.

I put my right hand on her waist, then moved it slowly down to her mound. I found her clit and started rubbing it. She sighed and wriggled a little. Her perfect butt was up against my massive cock.

"I can feel the instrument. Can I purge when I'm in this position?" she asked.

"Oh, yes. Especially when I'm holding you in place, it won't be a problem."

I lifted her right leg and rested her thigh on mine, then reached under it to stroke her slit with my hand. Again she sighed, and her right leg tensed, gripping my leg and getting a more solid hold.

"Are you ready to begin?" I asked. She nodded.

I pushed my cock up to her wet slit, and rubbed her vulva with my head. She sighed again. Then I pushed it in as deep as it would go. She started to moan as I pushed in and out of her. I was still fondling her breasts with my left hand as I started to rub her clit again with my right. Her hands naturally started to cover mine as I took her to another orgasm.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" she cried. I could feel her pussy throb as she hit climax, and at the same time, I gushed my load into her. Again, it was like cloud 9. I shuddered and relaxed. Finally, I removed my dick from her juicy pussy.

She laid next to me for a while, smiling with her eyes closed, totally oblivious that I was enjoying this as much as she was, if not more.

I quietly sat up and quickly put on underwear. When she turned, she saw that I was not wearing pajamas, and she blushed.

"It's ok. I wanted to get your purge done before I got dressed."

That was enough of an explanation for her. She sat up and adjusted her skirt, again admiring my semen dripping from her hole. I mean, admiring the "bad stuff" coming out of her.

She walked over to her desk and went through the mail as I went and took a private shower and got dressed. When I came back, she was looking bored again.

"I'm not going to be working from home today. I have a meeting. I'll actually be gone for a couple of days. But I'll be back on Monday around 8:00pm. Just keep up with the mail while I'm gone. But, when I get back, I'd like to see you polishing the marble floor in the entrance way. Ok? The housekeepers can get you the cleaning supplies." Her face fell, but she nodded.

When I left, I gave her a hug, feeling her breasts pressed against my chest. I also copped a feel of her naked butt, but she seemed to think it was unintentional and didn't say anything.

On Monday, I stepped through the front doors, and to me great joy, there was Hayley, on her hands and knees, scrubbing the floor. She was soaked, obviously having never cleaned a floor before. She was facing away from me, and I had an amazing view of her little pink pussy poking out from her skirt as she bent over. When she heard me, she rose on her knees and turned her body toward me. Her wet t-shirt showed off her breasts to me like never before. The nipples were at attention, and I could see the perfect roundness of breasts just big enough to fold over at the bottom. She smiled at me.

"You look like you're doing a good job. A little wet, though," I said to her as I put down my briefcase and took off my jacket. "Let me help you with that. We should dry you up."

She blushed, and I went to her and kneeled behind her. Then I started pulling up her shirt. She looked alarmed.

"It's ok, Hayley. I'm just trying to get you more comfortable. I promise, I've seen breasts before, and it's not a big deal to me."

Hayley relaxed and let me strip her wet t-shirt off of her. I sat down on my knees behind her, and she went back to scrubbing. I watched her butt and pussy wiggle as she worked on the floor. I could feel my member harden. Quietly, I unzipped my pants. My dick was relieved to get out, and it stood at a 45 degree angle, huge and throbbing. Then I started stroking her pussy with my fingers, very lightly. She stopped scrubbing.

"I have the purging instrument with me, if you'd like to do that now that I'm home again." She nodded.

I put my hands on her waist and pulled her up onto her knees. "Ok, let me position you," I told her. I pulled her back, each of her knees on either side of me, then pulled her hips down until my dick was rubbing her slit. She sighed, and I pulled her down onto my pole.

This time I didn't even need to move. She did the pumping herself. Up and down, I watched her body rise and fall as she fucked me. I took her hands and put them on the back of my head, and her fingers ran through my salt and pepper hair, pushing her chest out as she pleasured herself on my cock. Then I put my hands on her her bare breasts, pinching the nipples and cupping her boobs, feeling their weight as she brought me to orgasm. I had hardly needed to do any work at all.

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