tagNonHumanTaking Anna

Taking Anna


"Anna," the name rolled off his tongue and out into the damp cold air of his castle. "My Anna," he said staring at the small painted portrait in his hand that did the beautiful girl no justice.

With smile, just starting at the edges of his full masculine lips, he slipped the portrait into a drawer and moved across the room to the couch where his beloved slept quietly, unconscious from a blow to the head. He nearly growled at that, he was going to punish the one who had done it, but for now he would just be with her, wait for her wake up.

Anna began to stir, a groan in her warm throat as she reached for her head. Dolannis slipped his arms under her easily, and picked her up, cradling her like a child. Her eyes fluttered open when she felt him holding her and she thought it to be one of her older brothers.

"Byron?" She asked making out the long black hair, not understanding why his skin was so pale.

"No love, I am not your brother." Dolannis kissed her confused little look, full on the mouth. "Something for which I am eternally grateful."

Anna's lips tingled from the sensation of his kiss, her first kiss. "But," her hand came up and touched her lips lightly. "Who are you?"

"You know who I am," Dolannis said carrying her to his bed and laying her down gently in the black velvet.

She really looked at him now, sleep gone from her eyes. She did know him. He was the one who had sent those horrid women, no creatures, after her. The one who invaded her dreams, showed her how he wanted to love her, adore her, take care of her. "You're not human," she said almost as simply as if she had stated his hair was black, his skin was pale, his eyes the most vibrant and piercing color of green she'd ever seen.

"No, not really." This time she watched his mouth as he spoke, noticed the long sharp fangs inside it.

She felt her stomach not in anticipation and her breath caught in her throat. "I'm yours now, aren't I?"

Dolannis slowly began un-tucking his shirt as he watched her. "Yes, you are. You were meant to be since birth." He pulled his shirt off and climbed into the bed with her, pinning her arms above her head. "Will you fight me?"

She gasped from having a half naked man above her, touching her arms. "N-no," She stuttered nervous.

He grinned at her. "Yes you will." He used one hand now, holding both arms easily as the other hand trailed down her soft skin to her small firm round breasts, just touching, not yet unclothing; his chilled fingertips moving across her chest, groping and rubbing.

She struggled a little, suddenly embarrassed by the touch of a man who was not her husband. "Wh-what are you doing?"

"Shh," Dolannis leaned down and kissed her, a soft kiss with a flicker of his tongue, teasing her lips while his hand slid from her breasts down to her hip and he grasped the skirt of her dress, slowly inching his fingers out and gathering more of her dress into his hand pull up her legs, revealing her peaches and cream thighs. He felt and electric shock of pleasure mixed with anticipation as he no longer grasped at cloth when his finger inched out, but skin. The moment his skin met hers his kissed turned from soft and teasing to deep and passionate. His tongue now licked her lips, tasting her skin and took her lower lip between his, sucking it then letting it go only to ravage her mouth. Anna had meant to cry no, to stop him, but her arms were held firmly above her head and when she opened her mouth she found his tongue inside it and instead of a cry it was a moan, stifled against his kiss.

"Anna," Dolannis whispered kissing down along her throat, ignoring the need to stay there and feed off her. Instead he moved down to her breasts, kissing them through her dress before closing his teeth around the buttons that trailed down the front of her and ripping them off. He would see every inch of her and have every inch of her.

"Wait," Anna whispered hoarsely, her breath quick and heavy. She tugged at her arms trying to pull them from his grip. She knew she had to stop him, no matter how he made her insides tingle and want for things she didn't even know.

"No." Dolannis let go of her arms only so her could use both hands, ripping her dress open and sliding a hand under her, pulling her toward him, off the bed.

She was like a rag doll in his arms, he was much stronger than her and somehow she didn't seem to be able to try very hard at stopping him. "Dolannis," She suddenly moaned as he yanked her dress down her shoulders and kissed every newly exposed inch of flesh, finally closing his mouth over her left breast, a clever tongue circling and flicking against her erect little nipple.

He laid her back down, her entire upper body unclothed and tingling from the attention he gave. It was all too much for him and knew he would have to have her soon, so he ripped the rest of her dress open, all the way down to the hem, only the small thin cloth of her panties covering her now. He could have died right then, eternally damned to hell, the image of her perfect little body forever ingrained on his mind.

"Anna," He whispered kissing her stomach, kissing her sides, running his hands up and down her thighs. "Oh merciful Lord you're beautiful." He began pulling her underwear down slowly, looking up into her dark, stormy, blue eyes.

Once she was fully naked he pulled her ruined dress out from under her, tossing it to the ground just before sliding out of his pants finding his place next to her on the bed, his face pressed against her breasts and his hand moving over her body, feeling every inch of her.

Anna gasped and turned on her side to hide her naked body against his. He couldn't help but feel himself growing harder yet against her thighs as her hot skin pressed up against his. He opened his mouth and took one of her nipples into it again, his hand gilding down her hip and tugging her thigh so that her leg lay atop his hips and her soft untouched cunt be exposed. His hand slid down until his fingertips could feel her heat then he slowly pulled his mouth away from her breasts and moved his body up enough to find her lips, kissing her deeply just as his fingers slid along her moist little pussy lips.

She instantly moaned against his kiss and squirmed, trying to close her legs, but he held her still, plunging his tongue deep into her mouth and pushing his fingers into the lips of her pussy, feeling how soft and wet she was for him. He growled grabbing her hip and pushing her onto her back, keeping her leg up and connected with his so that he could get between her legs.

"Dolannis," she whimpered wanting more but fearing more.

"I'm here," he whispered finding her entrance with his stiff cock. "Right here," he groaned sinking down into her, the head of his cock forcing its way in, stretching her until he reached the barrier that meant making her his and only his.

Anna tensed up and gripped his arms, her small body trembling just before she cried out and hid her face in his shoulder as he pulled back a little and plunged all the way in, very nearly tearing her apart and making her his completely.

"Dolannis!" She cried out gripped his back, her nails digging into his flesh as he laid still against her, waiting for her to adjust to his size.

"Shh," He smoothed a hand over her hair and kissed her lightly. "The worst is over," he whispered sliding his hands under her and pulling her up as he sat back on his knees. "Mmm, Anna!" He half groaned half growled slowly beginning to thrust his hips up into her as her held her tight against him.

"Oh, D-dolan-," She could barely speak as the pain from him first entering her was completely washed away and was replaced with a feeling she'd never known before, one that completely filled her.

Dolannis thrust a little harder, her little moans and the sound of his name from her lips driving him mad. "Anna, forgive me," he begged as he laid her back down and grabbed her hips, beginning to thrust into her hard and fast.

Anna was nearly screaming from the way he was making her feel and gripped the pillows behind her head as her entire body began to build up toward something and her pussy squeezed his cocked hard in response to his wild thrusting.

"Anna, oh god," The way she squeezed him drove him over the edge and he slammed up into her, the head of his cock pushing up into her womb as it began to jerk and spit his hot white cum, filling her up as his pulsing cock pushed her into her first orgasm.

She bucked her hips against him and she cried out his name over and over as waves of pleasure rippled through her body and her cunt spasmed around him causing him to collapse on top of her as yet more cum was forced into her.

Dolannis kissed her brow, with a smile playing at his lips. She was his now.

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