tagFetishTaking Care of Business Ch. 04

Taking Care of Business Ch. 04


The foursome fucked well into the night and next morning. Both men had their cocks in all six of the women's holes; one just as good as the next.

When it was time to part, it was with great reluctance on all parts. They didn't know when Lewis would be back in town and the pleasure he brought the women was amazing. Having a large cock at their disposal was a wonderful treat that they didn't want to end.

Throughout the following weeks, Gibson spent time with both Marcy and Ava. Sometimes together and sometimes separately. They met in his office, the copy room, the supply closet, or any other space they could find. The fuckfest they had on the conference room table was wild. He was grateful that they loved sex as much as he did. They were always willing, even having nights with just the two of them because their lust had still not been quenched. They described their nights together while he plunged into them. It made his cock so hard listening to what they did to each other. He never tired of seeing them. They willingly took his cock into mouth, pussy, ass, and even between their tits. Gibson had no idea how he got so lucky to have these two sexy and eager women at his disposal.

Despite this, he couldn't stop thinking about the girls finger fucking his ass and the feel of Lewis' cock against his while they fucked Marcy's face together. Every time he thought about it he got hard. He usually sought out one of the girls at times like this, but neither one was available tonight, which was a rare thing.

As he recalled the events and the feelings associated with them, he jerked himself off, wondering what it would be like if he and Lewis were to get together. Would he like sucking cock? Would he like getting fucked in the ass? He knew he loved fucking ass, but a man? What would it be like?

He and Lewis were meeting in a week. There was a conference they were attending. Gibson had to do some sweet talking to convince management that both Marcy and Ava were needed on the trip, but he got it through. The only downside was that they would be arriving a day late. They were all looking forward to being a foursome again and resuming their playtime. Gibson knew that the girls had purchased some special things for the trip, but refused to share with him what they were. Fantasies racked his brain.

As they counted off the days until the trip, his times with the girls got hotter and hotter, but his mind went back to Lewis' cock more and more often. It got so he could hardly concentrate. Then he began to wonder,

"What did Lewis think? Did Lewis enjoy the finger fucking as much as he did? Was Lewis thinking of Gibson's cock? If he brought it up to Lewis, what would he think?" His thoughts never strayed very far. At one point he shocked himself when he was balls deep in Ava's tight ass and caught himself imagining that he was fucking Lewis. Did this mean he was really gay?

Getting to the conference and seeing Lewis did not put him at ease at all. It only caused more questions. He noticed things he hadn't at their last meeting. When they had dinner together, he had more to drink than normal, trying to put himself at ease.

After dinner, Lewis looked at him and asked,

"Why don't we hit the hot tub and see if we can find some willing women? The girls won't be here until tomorrow and my cock needs attention now."

Gibson agreed. They were sharing a suite since they knew they would all four be in bed together anyway. Gibson was not self conscious. He dropped his pants and changed into his swim suit while Lewis was in the room. Gibson looked at Lewis' cock in a whole new light. His mouth longed to be wrapped around him. He dressed quickly, trying to conceal the raging hard on that came from watching Lewis.

When they arrived at the hot tub, there were a couple other guys in there, but not a woman to be seen. The other men left, bemoaning the fact that there were no women. Alone with Lewis now, Gibson felt uncomfortable; not something he was used to. He wanted to ask Lewis about that last time with the girls, but shit, how do you ask another man if he liked having something shoved up his ass? Yeah, there's a question you ask every day. He decided to start slowly.

"Shit. I can't wait until the girls get here. My cock needs some serious attention."

"I know what you mean man. I could fuck the first woman that walked by, no matter how ugly she was. I could fuck someone as ugly as you," Lewis laughed.

There was a bit of an opening.... "That was some treatment they gave us last time," Gibson responded.

"Hell yeah. They are amazing, aren't they? They've done things I've never tried before," Lewis said.

"You mean the fingers up the ass stuff?" Gibson questioned.

"Never had a woman shove her fingers up my ass before. Guess now we know what it feels like when we fuck their asses. No wonder they're so eager," stated Lewis.

Gibson was growing harder. "You mean you didn't mind it?" asked Gibson.

"I did at first, but then I kind of liked it. I didn't know there were so many nerve endings in my ass. I guess that's why gay guys like getting butt fucked," came from Lewis' mouth.

Gibson felt relieved as he said, "I haven't been able to stop thinking about it since then. It made me wonder if I was gay or what."

Lewis let out a loud laugh saying, "The way you've been fucking the girls I highly doubt you're gay. Why don't you suck my cock and see just how much you like it?"

"Really?" asked Gibson surprisingly.

"If that's what it will take to answer your question. Hell, maybe you'll be good and I'll get off. Then I won't have this raging hard on anymore," joked Lewis.

Gibson looked around to be sure no one else was watching them. He slowly reached over to Lewis. He felt him through his trunks. He WAS rock hard. Maybe he'd put his mouth on Lewis and find out he truly hated it and was turned off. That would answer his question once and for all. Gibson untied Lewis' trunks and pulled down the front. Suddenly he was face to face with a big, raging hard cock. Now what? Gibson wrapped his fingers around it and felt how different it was from his own. He stroked up and down a few times. He asked Lewis to move up to the top step so his face wouldn't hit the water. Lewis obliged him.

Gibson pressed his lips to just the head. "OK, it isn't horrible," he thought.

Gibson slid his mouth further down, taking in a little more, and a little more. Lewis wasn't stopping him and he wasn't turned off, so he kept going. He had taken Lewis in his mouth all the way down to his balls, which wasn't easy. He rather liked the feeling of the cock in his mouth. Lewis made a small gasping noise as Gibson slowly pulled his mouth back up the shaft. As the head popped out, he heard Lewis mutter a quiet, "oh fuck."

"Do you want me to stop?" Gibson asked.

"No," was all Lewis said.

Gibson lowered his mouth again; a little faster this time. It was slightly easier to take all of him in, but not much. Thoughts of the girls were nowhere near his mind at this point. The cock in his mouth had his full attention. He listened for anything from Lewis telling him to stop. The only sounds coming were gasps and moans as Gibson continued to slide his mouth up and down Lewis.

Gibson thought of what he liked having done to him and he repeated it on Lewis. He sucked his cheeks in to make his mouth tighter. He varied his pace between fast and slow, he bobbed up and down just the head, he used his teeth to lightly scrape up the shaft as he pulled his mouth off. Lewis' response was to buck his hips and attempt to fuck Gibson's face.

Ava and Marcy were able to switch their tickets and get a flight out that night. They arrived at the hotel to find the men nowhere around. They decided to check the pool and hot tub to see if they had managed to find a pussy or two to play with. The sight they were greeted with at the hot tub was not what they expected. Gibson had his head between Lewis' legs and he was sucking cock! Holy shit!

Ava was continuing to walk toward the men, continuing to evaluate the situation when Marcy stuck her arm out to stop her. "Let's watch and see what happens," Marcy whispered.

They watched in fascination as Gibson's head continued up and down in Lewis' lap.

Lewis was getting his cock sucked. "It's fucking wonderful. But it's a guy sucking my dick," he thought. "Shouldn't I be grossed out? Shouldn't I shove him off of me? What the hell is wrong with me?"

He could no more shove Gibson off than he could swear off sex for the rest of his life. He didn't care whose mouth was giving his cock these sensations. He was going to enjoy it.

The girls stood and watched for five minutes, then ten minutes. They wondered how long this had been going on before they arrived. They were surprised to find their pussies wet. Who would have thought that watching two guys together would be so hot? It was only another minute or two before they heard Lewis groan. He had fucked them enough to know what that particular groan meant. They looked at each other and smiled.

Gibson heard Lewis groan. What he heard next had his brain scrambling. "Oh fuck. I'm going to cum."

Gibson did not have to make a choice. Lewis grabbed his head and held it down as he unloaded in Gibson's throat. Gibson did his best to swallow what he could. What an odd sensation. Some of Lewis' cum leaked out of Gibson's mouth. He was startled when another mouth landed near his and sucked the cum from his face. He jumped back to be greeted by Mary and Ava.

"OH SHIT!" was all he could think.

Marcy was the first to speak. "Looks like we have ourselves a couple of cock sluts here. Did you boys enjoy yourselves without us? By the looks of Gibson's face, I'd say you did."

Lewis and Gibson both tried to stammer out an explanation, but were stumbling over their words.

"Ava and I brought some strap ons and dildos to use on each other, but it looks like we'll be using them on you as well," was Marcy's retort. "Now be good little boys and come to the suite with us. We'll see that you're well taken care of."

"Well, at least the girls aren't screaming at us, but what the hell is going to happen next?" thought Gibson.

When they returned to the room, Marcy asked Lewis if he had sucked Gibson's cock yet. Lewis just shook his head. He was not sure what was coming next.

"Well, if he sucked you, it's only fair that you return the favor, don't you think?" asked Marcy.

Lewis showed great hesitation.

Marcy responded, "You have watched Ava and I suck each other and eat your cum from each other's pussies and you wanted to cum just from watching us. Now you're being shy about sucking a cock? What's the big deal? It's only a cock!"

"B-b-b-but you're girls," Lewis stammered.

"So what?" asked Marcy. "Girls fuck girls and guys fuck guys every day. Besides, watching you two together made my pussy wet. I want it good and wet when Ava drives her strap on into me."

Lewis hesitantly placed his hand on Gibson's crotch. Gibson was still hard. Being discovered by Marcy and Ava had not quelled his erection at all. He was torn between the curiosity of having Lewis suck him and the certainty that he could fuck both Marcy and Ava. He was certain that either one would make his cock explode.

As Lewis pulled Gibson's trunks down, he licked his lips at the sight of the cock in front of him. His hesitancy vanished and he went down on Gibson. It started slow, but that didn't last long. When he adjusted to the feeling, he sucked Gibson's cock as if he had been doing this his whole life.

"Oh fuck, that feels so good," groaned Gibson.

Marcy knelt next to them to watch. She was in control now. She instructed Lewis on the ways to please Gibson. She has sucked him enough times; she knew what he liked. Ava knelt behind her, fingering Marcy's pussy and tits. Watching Lewis suck cock had her hot already. Ava doing what she knew Marcy loved heightened her arousal.

Marcy could see the look on Gibson's face, and it was one of pleasure. She had seen it many times before. She knew he would cum soon. In between her own groans, she told Lewis how to make Gibson cum and told him, "I want to see you swallow his cum, just like he did to you."

Within minutes Gibson gave a loud, long groan before he unloaded. Lewis eagerly continued to suck as cum filled his mouth.

"Oh damn," Marcy yelled out right before she came. Ava worked Marcy's pussy and tits even faster, intensifying the feelings. She had never cum this hard before. Marcy bent forward and kissed Lewis, tasting Gibson's cum in his mouth. She came again, even harder.

Marcy asked Ava to join her in sucking Lewis' cock. Their tongues intertwined as they worked up and down his shaft. Marcy covered his cock with her mouth, Ava sucking and tonguing his balls. Marcy told Gibson to work on Lewis' ass and see if he still liked it. Gibson was behind him, running his fingers up and down his ass crack. He probed Lewis' hole with a finger to gauge his response. Lewis groaned. Gibson wasn't sure if it was from the treatment his cock was receiving or from the movements of his finger. Since Lewis hadn't protested, he continued. He knew that there was a bottle of lube close by. He was able to continue to finger Lewis' ass as he grabbed the lube. Gibson removed his finger and poured a generous amount of lube down Lewis' ass crack and replaced his finger.

"Oh yes, fuck my ass," begged Lewis.

Gibson probed further. He added a second finger. He didn't have to work to remember what Marcy had done to him a month ago. The image and sensations were constantly on his mind since then. He replicated those movements now. Gibson's fingers pumping in and out of his ass, pushed Lewis deeper into Marcy's mouth with each movement.

"You want it harder or faster?" asked Gibson.

"Oh yes! As hard and fast as you can. Fuck my ass," yelled Lewis.

Gibson did as Lewis begged. He loved the feeling of Lewis' tight ass around his hand. He wanted to bury his cock in it. He fucked Lewis furiously.

Lewis could not hold out any longer. He screamed out in ecstasy as he came. Marcy and Ava knelt before him while he shot on their faces. They kissed each other and licked the cum from their faces. Gibson loved watching them. His cock was growing hard again, but it would be some time before he could plunge it anywhere.

Ava and Marcy reached for the bag that they brought. Gibson and Lewis stared in disbelief as they withdrew two strap ons from the bag. They hadn't been kidding back at the hot tub. Oh damn, this was going to be hot. One was average size, but the other was quite larger. Larger than Lewis even.

Marcy stepped into the smaller one, pushed Ava onto the bed, pushed her legs back and drove into her with little mercy. Ava was so wet Marcy's cock slid in easily. Marcy fucked like a man. Gibson knew that they had done this before, but this was the first time he was seeing it. He stroked his cock as he watched.

Ava loved it when Marcy fucked her. She knew what women liked, and she never failed to deliver, giving her orgasm after wonderful orgasm. Gibson and Lewis were watching, stroking their cocks as they watched. Gibson was getting hard again. He watched with intensity at the movements of Marcy's ass as she plunged into Ava. He wanted to plunge into that sweet little love hole.

Gibson positioned himself behind Marcy, preparing her ass for him to enter it. He asked Ava to get on her hands and knees so Marcy could take her doggy style, giving him access to her beautiful ass. He slid into her tightness, relishing the joy he felt. What could be more perfect? Her body fit him like a glove and she never denied him access to anything he wanted. However, he was enjoying this new side of her as she orchestrated everyone's movements.

Marcy's pussy and ass were on fire with lust. She pushed into Ava as hard as Ava could tolerate. She knew she'd be coming in no time. Marcy was unable to form words. Basic lust and guttural sounds came from her mouth when the fire burned the hottest. Gibson kept pace with her until she shuddered and grew still. Ava joined her a few seconds later. Gibson rubbed his hands over Marcy's ass telling her how much he loved fucking her ass and how tight it was.

"If you think my ass is tight, what if you fucked Lewis? I bet his is far tighter than I am," replied Marcy. She felt him grow even harder inside of her.

"Lewis, you liked Gibson playing with that tight little hole of yours. Let him fuck you while you fuck Ava's tight ass," Marcy ordered.

Lewis and Gibson were no longer reluctant. The feelings they had experienced that night were amazing. Ava was already bent over. Lewis lubed her ass, but spent very little time preparing her for his thrust into her. Ava had her ass fucked enough times now that she easily adjusted and surrendered herself to the feelings. He was big and hard and had incredible stamina and restraint. When he had settled into a comfortable rhythm with Ava, Gibson pressed his cock against Lewis' opening. For the first time, he would fuck another man. The desire overtook any questions or reluctance he might have had. He pressed further in, loving the tightness he felt. Lewis expressed no desire for Gibson to stop, so he pressed further and further, until he was buried balls deep in the other man's ass. If he died right now he'd die a happy man. Marcy was right. Lewis's ass was far tighter than hers.

He felt Marcy come behind him. He was expecting her to play with his ass, so he was not surprised when he felt the lube and he loosened up for her. What came next was not what he expected. Marcy was still wearing the strap on. She pushed into him with a faster pace than he expected, but he felt powerless to stop her. These were sensations he never expected to feel and he loved every single one of them.

They formed a beautiful line, one after the other. One person fucking another. For a long time, the only sounds were the sounds of pleasure coming from each member.

Marcy broke the silence by asking, "Lewis, you like Gibson fucking your tight ass, don't you?"

"Oh fuck yes," he replied. "I never knew a cock in my ass could feel so damn good. Keep fucking me." Gibson happily obliged.

Marcy spoke to Gibson next, her voiced filled with raw sex and desire. "Gibson, you like cock in your ass too, don't you? "

"Yes. It was everything I dreamed about and more. I love sucking cock, I love fucking ass and I love being fucked in the ass," he responded happily.

Lewis was the first to go. The sensations he was feeling, along with the words and Marcy's dominance of the events gave him an orgasm like no other. He pumped load after load into Ava's ass. Ava could feel him pulse inside of her. She reached for her clit and fingered it furiously, bringing herself to her orgasm along with his. As Lewis came, he clenched his ass tight. Gibson didn't know it could get any tighter. The feeling was amazing. He gave Lewis the fastest, hardest pumping he was capable of, until he joined them. The screams and groans as each of the three experienced their ecstasy rang through the room, one mixed with the other.

When they were done, Marcy issued another order. "Now it's time for you to learn about eating cum. You can suck your cum from the ass of the person in front of you." Marcy got under Ava, licking Ava's clit and pulling on those beautiful rock hard nipples. Gibson and Lewis hungrily licked the cum from the ass in front of them. They had tasted each other before, but now they were sucking their own cum! It was just as hot as the rest of the evening had been.

Ava came hard. She ground her pussy into Marcy's face, Marcy riding along with her, continuing to tongue her until Ava begged her to stop. Everything that had happened that night had made her body ultra sensitive.

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