tagGroup SexTaking Care of Business Ch. 11

Taking Care of Business Ch. 11


Ryan woke up several hours later to see Staci walking into the bedroom. She saw him stir, "how ya feeling lover?"

"Worn out," Ryan said sleepily, "what time is it?"

Staci crawled back into bed and against Ryan, "little after 1:00." She reached down and began to stroke his semi-hard cock. It began to rise when he saw her naked body and now it was completely hard with the feel of her touch. "Guess you're not too worn out," Staci said as she leaned in and kissed Ryan. Ryan slipped his hand down between Staci's thighs. She spread her legs to allow him easy access to her wet clit. Ryan stroked Staci's clit as she jacked his cock. They moaned into each other's mouth, tongues intertwined, as Ryan's finger circled her engorged clit and Staci's hand slid up and down his hard rod.

Staci broke the kiss, breathing heavily as she looked in Ryan's eyes. "Fuck me again baby!" Staci pushed the blankets to the side and got up on all fours. "Take me from behind Ry," Staci said. Ryan obliged. He moved behind her, placed his hands on her hips and guided her onto his cock. Staci reached under her, moving his hard cock to line up with her hungry fuck hole. They both moaned at the feel of his head penetrating her wetness. Ryan didn't need the slow, choppy strokes to slip his cock in and out this time; her cunt was ready for him...all of him.

In the spare room, Buck was also awake and watching intently as Ryan's cock plunged effortlessly into Staci's wet pussy. Buck began to stroke his cock slowly. He was horny has hell again as he watched his wife get fucked by Ryan's cock. Buck was amazed that he was so hard again after having shot his load three times already. Hopefully Staci will be able to get Ryan to agree to continue their affair. They were hot together. Maybe I could even sell the footage to a website or make a porno, thought Buck.

Back in the bedroom, Ryan gently slipped in and out of Staci's pussy as she pushed back to meet his deep thrusts. Both moaned and groaned as Ryan's hard cock caressed the length of Staci's tight, wet passage. Staci loved the way Ryan filled her when he slid inside, how his balls slapped her engorged clit, the feel of his skin against her ass and the sounds of the pleasure her pussy gave him. She bit her lip and closed her eyes as she moaned. "Jesus Ry, this feels so good...you're so deep!"

"It feels so good to be inside you again Stac," Ryan moaned. He continued his slow, deep pace, feeling Staci's pussy surround and squeeze his cock. He didn't want to rush, he wanted to enjoy the feeling and memorize it in case he didn't get another chance.

Staci's moans got longer and more intense. Ryan could feel the walls of Staci's pussy contracting and he knew she was going to cum. "Nnnnnnnaaaahhhhh, ahhhhh yes baby, don't stooooop!" Ryan continued his slow, steady assault on Staci's pussy. Her orgasm was elongated by his slow pace.

Staci began to move again as her orgasm passed. Ryan moved his hands up her back and then down to her bare breasts. His fingers found her erect nipples and began to gently pinch and pull the sensitive nubs. Ryan rocked his hips and continued his steady in and out stroke, feeling Staci's wetness coating his balls. Ryan loved the feel of having his cock buried deep and how Staci's wet labia and clit caressed his balls.

"Mmmm," purred Staci, "pinch'em harder." Ryan pinched her nipples harder as he plunged deep. Staci was lost in the pleasure Ryan brought to her body. She hoped Buck would let her continue her affair with Ryan. Buck was a good man but he was older and couldn't bring her this kind of pleasure, he'd never be able to fuck her this well.

In the spare room, Buck has moved to the bed and brought out his replica "life-like" pussy with tight back door. It was the kind of thing that was molded from some porn star's actual pussy and ass and sat on the bed so you could pretend you were fucking a real woman. Not bad, Buck thought as he sunk his hard cock in his faux pussy, not as good as the real thing. He continued as he watched his wife approach another orgasm. As he watched intently, the thought of a threesome came to his mind.

Back in the bedroom, Ryan had moved one hand from Staci's full breast to her engorged, wet clit. He circled the clit as he pinched her nipple and continued his steady strokes deep inside Staci's tight passage. Ryan knew she was close again. Her moans were getting louder and her slick walls were contracting. Ryan moved his finger over Staci's clit faster as she drew closer and closer to cumming on his cock. He continued to stroke his cock slowly in and out. Ryan was close but he was going to hold back as long as he could.

But Staci didn't hold back and her orgasm overtook her body again. Waves of pleasure radiated from her crotch; just as one orgasm ended another would begin with each deep thrust. Staci's back arched, raising her ass and allowing Ryan's cock to penetrate deeper. She was breathing hard, her heart was pounding, and she thought she would pass out from the pleasure. "Ryan," Staci moaned breathlessly, "stop baby...don't move." Ryan stopped moving his hips, buried deep inside Staci.

In the spare room, Buck stopped fucking his fake pussy and watched his wife's face. Her eyes closed, her mouth open, the look of intense pleasure on her face. He so wanted to burst in, stuff his cock in her open mouth and bust his nut in her mouth and on her face.

In the bedroom, time seemed to stand still as Ryan enjoyed the feel of Staci's contracting cunt squeezing his throbbing member. Staci was lost in the pleasure of her orgasm. The pleasure slowly faded unit Staci's breathing slowed and she opened her eyes. "Fuck me Ry," she said softly, "please fuck me hard and fill me with your cum."

Ryan kissed Staci on the cheek and straightened up, moving his hands back to her hips. He slowly pulled his cock out and quickly slammed his cock deep. Ryan fucked her tight pussy hard and fast. They both began moaning as their bodies slapped against each other forcefully. It took little time for the feeling to build; both were well on their way to orgasm.

Staci's eyes flew open and she yelled. "What the fu..." Ryan opened his eyes when he heard Staci's words cut off. Ryan froze as standing in front of Staci was Buck, completely naked and shoving his hard cock in his wife's mouth. Both Ryan and Staci were shocked, though for completely different reasons. Ryan was shocked because he thought Buck was on the other side of the state. Staci was shocked because he said he was going to stay in the spare room no matter what.

"Come on slut," said Buck, "be a good cocksucker, make me cum while your lover fucks your pussy." Buck looked up at Ryan, "keep going Ryan, she really likes it, wants it, so keep fucking her." Buck looked back down at Staci. If looks could kill, Buck would have been incinerated. "Don't look at me like that, you're a little slut and you love this."

Ryan couldn't believe what was happening. Buck was here, his cock was in Staci's mouth and he wanted Ryan to keep fucking Staci. Really, Ryan thought, he doesn't seem to have a problem with the fact that I'm buried deep in his wife and I've been fucking her.

Staci's needy pussy quivered and pushed her anger aside, she needed to finish this. She moved back n forth, hoping to get Ryan to start fucking her again. Ryan felt Staci's pussy moving along his cock. His cock had started to shrink till he felt Staci moving. His cock hardened immediately and the feeling snapped him out of his trance. As the two began moving together again, the little voice telling him to run faded to nothing and Ryan started to pound Staci's pussy again.

The room was full of the sound of Ryan's and Buck's moans, Staci's muffled moans as she worked her mouth over Buck's cock and the slapping of Ryan and Staci's bodies forcefully meeting with each deep thrust. All three fell into a rhythm quickly and were all on the verge of release. Buck was the first when he put his hand on the back of Staci's head and pushed his cock all the way in her mouth. He blasted shot after shot of cum down her throat. Staci tried to pull her head away but Buck held her on his cock till he was drained. Buck pulled his cock from Staci's mouth and stumbled out of the room exhausted.

"I'm close Ry," screamed Staci, "cum with me Ry! Now Ry! NOW RY!" Staci became lost as her orgasm exploded.

"Yeah Stac," Ryan grunted, "yeah Stac, YEAH!!" Ryan buried his cock deep as the squeezing of Staci's contracting pussy pushed him over the edge. Ryan released shot after shot of warm cum. Both were frozen again until they both collapsed on the bed, falling asleep with Ryan's cock still buried inside Staci.

Hours later Staci woke up to soft kisses from Ryan. "Morning Stac," said Ryan.

"Morning Ry," Staci said.

"I'm going to go," Ryan said, "call me later." Staci shook her head. The two would talk later, discussing the lie that Buck was away, how enjoyable the night was and where they go from here. Ryan and Staci agreed to keep on as Buck was alright with it. Staci agree that Buck would not be in the house; however, Buck moved his equipment to the attic so neither Staci nor Ryan would know he was there. Their affair went strong through most of the summer.  

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