tagIncest/TabooTaking Care of Daddy

Taking Care of Daddy


I know I shouldn't be doing this but I can't help myself. Sitting at my computer and picking a video to cum too was enough before, bit now all I think about is waiting for the door to open. Then, my skinny princess will come in and jerk me off, I know I should feel guilty but I don't. The fact she's my daughter complicates things but my cock over rules all my qualms.

God, she takes after her mother, my dick feels like its going to explode any second now. She knows just how to stroke me to the movie, my cock just keeps begging to shoot but she knows I'm not ready yet. That's it baby, keep stroking me and then suck me off when I'm cumming.

She reminds me so much of Tiffany Holiday, the teen porn queen, I love watching her getting fucked in the ass. Maybe, I should feel guilty but the way Sara's jerking me off now, guilt is the last thing on my mind. Just thinking of my cock slipping into her tight little ass makes me want to explode. The fact she's my daughter just seems to make it even more exciting for me.

"I can't believe what you're doing to me." I moan softly.

Her fingers feel so good as she tightens her grip on my dick, between her and Tiffany talking like a little girl in the video, I know I can't last long. I don't know why but hearing the little porn queen talk, that way is driving me crazy.

"Is Daddy goanna squirt hot cream for me? I promise I'll suck it all down and then lick your big dick nice and clean." She says so innocently.

"That's it baby, talk like Tiffany and I'll give you some nice hot cream to shoot down your throat." I moan softly.

My whole body is tingling as I feel myself cumming, feeling her lips wrap around my dick while her fingers do their magic with each stroke, I shoot wad after wad into her hungry mouth. She may only be eighteen but she has learned to suck my dick dry just like her mother used too.

I can only marvel at how her lips and hand suck the cum out of me in perfect rhythm with each other. Am I shooting cum in her mouth or is she sucking it out of me like a ravenous vampire? I don't care, all I want to do is for her not to stop, and I love what she is doing to me right now.

"That's it baby, jerk it all out of me, suck it all into your mouth." I moan in ecstasy.

Even my balls feel like they are being assaulted as she drains me dry. Who would have ever thought that the best blowjob I ever got would come from my little girl. This kid is fantastic.

Is this really my sweet little Sara? Watching her tongue lick the last of any cum off my dick, I can't tell if I'm watching Tiffany Holiday or my sweet little girl. It's like I'm in a fog of pleasure between reality and fantasy.

"Did I suck you like that naughty girl on the computer?" Sara asks me in her little girl voice. Shocking me back to reality in the process.


I'm so horny, all I want to do lately is fuck and suck. To think I was so prim and proper just three weeks ago, and now a little sex kitten who just can't get enough, it's incredible. My pussy seems likes it's just drenched all the time and seems to do my thinking for me too.

Giving Daddy a blowjob and hour ago just isn't enough. I love the taste of his cum but I also like getting fucked too. Now, it's my turn, all I want is that big dick to do is split me wide open and plow me until he shoots all that cum deep inside me. That's all; I'm not greedy, am I?

At first, I felt guilty about fucking Daddy, but it's been two years since Mom died and I could see how it was still affecting him so. All that tension and stress just building up inside him with nowhere to go, I don't want to lose him either. I heard him telling Dr.Thomas about his chest pains, maybe it is just stress but I knew what might take it away.

The truth is, that I know he has a big dick too. Am I so wrong for craving that big dick? Having it spread me wide open with each stroke, I can't resist it anymore, all I want to do is fuck, is that so wrong?

Is my ass really that small? The reflection in the mirror tells me all I need to know, my skinny thighs and tiny cheeks seem so small compared to the dick I'm straddled over. It's so big, it has to be eight or nine inches at least, how it fits inside me just amazes me. Every time I watch it slide into me, It mesmerizes me how big it is as opposed to how small I am.

I love it when he spreads my ass wide open, that's it dick, take aim at my lips and gorge on my hungry pussy. Just seeing his dick sticking straight up and know that it will fuck me stroke after stroke has my head spinning.

I love this part, he knows me so well, spreading my cheeks wide apart, and I feel myself being impaled slowly by his dick. Looking in the mirror, all I can do is watch as his it slowly disappears inside me, right down to his balls.

"I can't believe you're all the way in." I moan.

My pussy lips just glide up and down his shaft, it's incredible how hard and thick it is, I just can't believe what I'm seeing. Maybe, older men just have bigger cocks than teenage guys do. I know Daddy does and I'm enjoying every inch of it.

I love teasing him, feeling his cock throb every time it slides in and out of me, my pussy opening and contracting with each thrust. I lift up and just keep his head just inside me; this drives him crazy as he tries to pull me down.

The sight of his dick glistening from my pussy is just such a turn on for me; every thing is a turn on lately. Who would have fucking my own father would be the ultimate thrill. Relax pussy; you'll have your share of being satisfied.

"It's so shiny Daddy." I whisper so innocently to him.

Last night, when I was jerking him off to a video of Tiffany Holiday, I could tell how excited he was getting as he watched her getting fucked. The thing that really excited him though was her talking like a little girl. I don't know why but men seem to really get off on that fantasy, now it's my turn to give it to him.

"My pussy is so wet, just keep pumping me, let that big dick stretch me wide open." I moan.

"Lift up baby, that's it, lift your little ass up so I can slide my dick inside your tight little ass." He says.

Grabbing the KY, I lube his dick up and down his shaft, getting fucked in the ass has its own challenges but KY solves all my fears. My friend Vika told me of the benefits even though I didn't think she knew what I was up to.

I love this part, kneeling and spreading my ass wide open, the mirrored room shares all the images to me. My ass looks so small compared to Daddy's cock as it pushes my lips apart. I can feel every part of body tingling as he starts to slowly slide into me.

Taking a nine-inch dick all the way in my ass as I watch is absolutely breathtaking for me. So slowly it disappears deep inside me, I can feel it spreading me wide open as my ass hole takes its full length into me. Just his balls are in sight as I marvel over what just happened to me.

Mom used to call this the sex room and I have to agree, looking at the reflection in the mirror, I know why they liked watching so much. Now, I want to see every detail too.

"That's it, fuck my ass." I say teasing him further.

I have to admit that talking like a little girl is getting me hotter too. Who ever would have thought I would actually be fucking my own father, let alone taking it in the ass. Now, I just want to be impaled by this prick deep inside me.

"It's ok baby, watch it come all the way out then all the way back in your little ass." He says to me.

This is the best part now; I just slide up and down like I'm riding a horse in a slow trot. I know he can last forever this way, making him cum before just lets him cruise in me unless I get him so excited, then he pops really fast.

Just closing my eyes, the sound of his dick and the KY lotion making slurping noise is so erotic. I was so afraid of anal before but can't go long without it. My friend Vika said it was the most erotic way to make love.

I'm sorry that she is going back to Russia next week, the year went by so fast, and we just started to get really close to each other. As an exchange student, she is my age but somehow she seems much older. None of the boys in school appealed to her, she said only a man can earn what is between her legs.

She puzzles me so much, yet she is the one who finally enabled me to start talking care of Daddy. She knew Mom died two years ago, and would remark how handsome Daddy was and how men his age need a woman to take away all the stress of just coping with life. Quite a few times, she would ask me if I was relieving his stress, being so naïve, it took a while before I realized what she getting at.

"That's it baby, ride my cock." He moans as his dick glides in and out of my ass.

God, I love fucking like this, I'm turning into a little slut. I wonder if Vika likes to fuck like this too. I know she knows I'm fucking Daddy now, she said can tell how much more relaxed he is now. No other words were said but our eyes staring into each other's tells the whole story.

She and I could be taken for sisters except that my jet-black hair is so opposite her strawberry blonde, closer to red actually. Being five foot seven and both of us barely weighting one hundred fifteen pounds, we certainly turn heads when we are out and about.

I used to be so jealous when she would come over and she'd flirt with Daddy. I wonder if she was interested in something more, I wonder if Daddy was interested too. Maybe, I should find out, that could be fun for the three of us.

"That's it fuck my tight little ass, I wonder though if you ever thought of fucking Vika's too. I know you stare at those long legs and little tits, do you want to fuck her too, Daddy." I whisper.

That made an impression, he's shifted to cum mode, he must really be excited about Vika. I thought he was attracted to her, why wouldn't he, we look like sisters. What guy wouldn't want to fuck her, actually, fuck both of us.

He's goanna cum any second now; I can tell how his dick is reaming me now that he's close. I'm so bad; all I want is too feel that hot cream shoot in my ass. Doesn't every girl?

"C'mon on Daddy, think of fucking Vika in that tight little ass of hers, you know you want too. You can fuck both of us if you are able too." I moan as I feel his cock starting to shoot inside me.

I can feel every convulsion of his dick as it spits deep inside my ass, the hot semen coating the walls of my bowels sends shivers through me. Do all women feel the same way as they feel cum shooting inside them? A question that I bet isn't discussed much, I bet.

This is the best part, watching his cock ease out of me as thick white globs of spunk stick to his shaft. I'd suck it all down but I'm really still too queasy about tasting my own ass. Pussy is no problem but ass...

"OH baby, you just know how to excite me." He moans as his dick slides out of me.

"Maybe, if you're a good boy, I'll have a surprise for you this weekend." I say as I stroke his still hard dick.


"I wish we had gotten to know each other sooner, I really am going to miss you." I tell Vika.

How exactly am I going to do this? Maybe, I should just ask her if she wants to come over and we can fuck Daddy together. Somehow, that is a bit too bold, even though my panties are soaking right now.

"I know what you mean; I would love to have had a sleep over with you......and your father too." She so casually says.

OH My God, can I really do this? It's just waiting to be said, ask her to come over Saturday night. What better way to spend a Saturday night than getting you're brains fucked out.

"How about Saturday?" I ask with butterflies in my stomach.

"That would be perfect." She so coolly replies.

I wonder if she knows what I'm setting up; maybe she doesn't understand exactly what I'm suggesting. Did I make a mistake here, if any of this ever got out, Daddy and I could be run out of town. Maybe, even arrested, is fucking your daughter who is eighteen a crime?

"I can't wait for your father to slide that big dick inside me. It's been so long since I've been taken care of; my pussy is so wet right now." She tells me as my mouth drops open in awe.

Guess that answers any questions I had, a sense of relief comes over me. She must have read it on my face. She is wise beyond her years, I wonder if all girls in Russia are like that. Now for some fun.

"How do you know he has a big dick? I ask so innocently.

"Remember last month when I came over? The short skirt I had on and bending over when you were upstairs showed me all I wanted to know about your father. He liked looking at my pussy and so did his dick." She says as we both start giggling like little girls.

"One thing though, no sex with him until Saturday, he has two women to take care of now." She says to me.

Walking around the house naked seems the norm for me now, I know I have to be careful but luckily out yard has built in privacy with the trees and the stockade fence. It still excites me so much what I'm doing, I know so many would think it immoral but how can I resist getting fucked by Daddy's big dick. What woman could fault me, especially if it was them getting their pussy stretched wide apart by that monster.

"No sex until Saturday." I say to him as he is coming out of the bathroom.

He just looks at me in disbelief; his hard on says all that he wants to say without uttering a word. I reach down and stroke him so slowly, just a tease of what he'll get from me and Vika.

"Vika is going to stay over Saturday night, she's going back to Russia next week and I figured it was time we all got to know each other a little better." I say to him.

"Is that wise?" He asks me.

"She showed you her pussy last month with that short skirt, what do you think? I ask.


I always wondered why guys were so fascinated with porn, isn't doing it better than just looking at two people fucking. Seeing Daddy shooting cum out of his dick as he watches his little Tiffany Holiday being ravaged is exciting, but nothing compared to what I'm looking at right now.

"Fuck her Daddy, fuck that tight little pussy." I whisper in his ear, and then put my mouth on his ear as he moans with pleasure.

Watching Vika's pussy take each thrust right down to Daddy's balls has me rubbing my clit waiting for my turn. I guess I never realized how much of a turn on it would be to actually see two people fucking. Especially, one being my own father.

With Vika's ass on two pillows and her legs raised high as she can lift then, it's a perfect view for me to watch Daddy's cock just impaling her with each thrust. Actually seeing another girl's pussy being stretched wide-open stroke after stroke has my head spinning.

He'll last a while the way he's going, giving him a blowjob first guarantees that for sure. We planned it out carefully for maximum fucking tonight; he's going to ride me for an hour after he cums in Vika. I can't wait for him to slide that big dick inside me, no washing either; I want her juice inside me too.

Sharing his cum when we blew him before was so alien to me, she maybe my age but she seems so much worldlier in regards to sex. I never thought I could get so excited kissing another girl, especially one who is sucking my father's dick.

"Fuck me Daddy; you fill me so much I think I'm goanna cum soon." Vika moans.

Thick white globs start oozing out of her pussy, but Daddy is still fucking her like he's not the one who is cumming. Is Vika's pussy excreting cum that looks just like a guys? Is that possible?

"Is my pussy creaming yet." Vika moans.

It looks so thick, do I cum like that too? I'm so wet and looking at her pussy coating Daddy's dick is driving me wild.

"Russian girls cum too, my sister." She says to me.

Reaching in, I stroke Daddy's balls as me starts to fuck her harder, he wants to cum now. I know how his cum tastes but what about Vika's? I have to know, I need to taste it, and I want to taste it.

Sliding my hand up and down his shaft as he pumps her faster and faster, I'm rewarded with thick globs that looks just like a guys cum. Bringing my fingers to my mouth, Viks looks at me as I lick each finger so seductively.

She smiles and says, "When Daddy cums in me, I want you to suck his dick dry and then suck all his cum out of me. Then you are going to make me cum too."

So bold, and so in charge, it's like she's eighteen going on thirty. I like being told what to do, I can't explain it but I do.

"OK girls, here it cums, tighten that little Russian pussy around my dick you little slut. Squeeze the cum right out of my balls." Daddy moans as he begins to cum.

I love this part in videos, but this is a million times better. Who cannot get excited watching thick globs of cum wrapping around his dick as he strokes slowly in and out of her. The truth is, I can't tell who's cum I'm looking at right now. It doesn't matter though; soon I'll be sucking it down my throat.


Last night had to be the most exciting sex Daddy and I ever had, Vika seemed so familiar with all the movements and just propelled us further to new levels. We have a week before she leaves and every night is going to be an orgy of pleasure.

It's funny how Vika said to me that I have to take care of Daddy when we first started to be friends. When Mom was in the hospital a few days before she died, she said the exact same words to me. I wonder if this is what she meant.

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