tagRomanceTaking Care of Everything Ch. 03

Taking Care of Everything Ch. 03


Chapter Three - Love - Life

I would like to recognize and graciously thank shygirlwhore for her assistance in the edits and encouragement.

Please know in this chapter there is a small amount anal sex.

For your enjoyment and the flow of the story, I recommend that you start at the beginning, Chapter 1. This story is based on real life events. I hope you enjoy - kb

September 1988

For Mary and me it was a crazy sixteen months. We were working and establishing ourselves in our new jobs and careers, planning our wedding and honeymoon, and somehow remember that each other was the center of our lives. We were never without love, her family and our friends. Dave and Shelly married in a quiet ceremony with their family and us shortly after we graduated. I stood with Dave and his brother and Mary stood with Shelly's sister.

They now have a beautiful baby girl, Katy, and she is just the center of their lives. I ask you to understand, that my parents had passed away a few years ago and as an only child I had my small inner circle of friends. Most of them lived in different parts of the country, old Army buddies you could call them. My life and outlook and need for friends are very different from those of most people.

With everything planned, it was finally here. On a cool September afternoon, just north of Baltimore, with Dave standing by my side and standing with Mary were her older sister and Shelly, we pronounced to the world and community our love for each other. Mary's nephew was the ring bearer and Katy, with a lot of help from Shelly, was our flower girl. During our planning for the wedding, I asked Mary for a small but fitting tribute to my parents. I asked that on the day of our wedding would she carry two white roses in the center of her bouquet of red roses, one for each of my parents. The ceremony and reception was nothing short of amazing.

With less than one hundred people at our reception, we greeted and socialized with everyone as much as possible. At the stroke of 9:00 pm, we were escorted out as we headed to our suite for an evening of passion. We exited the elevator still holding hands, absolutely thankful that our friends had taken care of some details like our room, luggage and refreshments in our room.

Unlocking the door, I pushed it open slightly, propping it open with my foot.

I took a moment and looked down at my bride. At 5'4" compared to my 6"3", I soon realized that at that moment, she was the most beautiful woman I have ever laid my eyes on. I bent down, lifted her off the ground into my arms literally sweeping her off her feet. I pulled her close and with a coordinated effort, I kissed her deeply and walked crossing the threshold into the suite. I set her down gently on her feet, trying not to break the kiss.

"My dear, we now continue together as one."

I kissed her once more; I said that if she didn't mind I could really use a shower prior to us going to bed. But more importantly, I told her that I wanted her to join me. Mary nodded. I slowly turned her around and started to unbutton her gown. With patience and care coupled with a whole lot of teasing, I continued to unbuttoned her dress. I bent down allowing her to use my shoulders for balance as she stepped out of her gown. Seeing Mary in a Pittsburgh Steelers branded garter belt and stocking of pure white lace gave me an instant erection. I slowly kissed up her legs, passing her sweet cleanly shaven peach up to her stomach and eventually to her mouth.

Pushing me back, Mary unbuttoned my shirt allowing her hands to roam across my chest coming to rest at my belt. Mary moved to her knees undoing my belt and similar to me, she gave me her shoulder to use as a brace, while I stepped out of my pants and boxer shorts. Standing I took Mary by the hand and walked into the bathroom to enjoy our first shower as husband and wife.

As the warm water flowed over us, I took Mary gently into my arms, kissing her deeply, as we lathered each other's bodies without any inhibitions or secrets. This was my beautiful bride and she has given herself to me fully.

I slowed my touch caressing her body and turned Mary to face me. As I caressed her breasts, she stroked my hardening cock as we looked deep into each other's eyes. Mary turned, bent forward, and reaching behind her grabbed my cock pulling me towards her womanhood. With both hands now against the wall, I teased my cock up and down then across her opening.

Drawing back and forth across her outer lips, I backed out and moved forward entering Mary for the first time as my wife. Slowly making love to my bride as we stood in the shower, I moved my hands up searching for her nipples knowing they are an immediate trigger for her. Finding them harder than pebbles, I flattened my hand against her breasts as I pumped in and out.

As Mary was now approaching her orgasm, I moved my hands rolling her nipples between my thumb and index finger. Pushing deep into her she moaned as I now pulled and twisted her nipples. Crying out in lust and passion I felt Mary clamp down on my cock as she shuddered and came. I slowed my pace and gently released her nipples allowing her to recover. I wrapped my arms around my bride and held her tight as she relaxed.

Kissing her neck and pulling my cock from her I let the water cascade down onto her. Leaning forward I shut off the water opening the glass door I reached for a towel to wrap Mary in. As we stepped out of the shower and with Mary wrapped in a towel, I knelt in front of her drying her legs and bottom. Standing I lifted my petite bride and carried her to bed. Laying her down, I grabbed a towel and dried myself. As I climbed back into bed, Mary was waiting for me with open arms and legs.

As I slid into bed, Mary wrapped her legs around me, kissed me deeply and whispered that it was her turn to pleasure me. She asked that I lay back and enjoy as she climbed on top of me feeding me her bountiful breast. Rocking backwards my throbbing cock found her entrance with assistance from her hand.

Grinding back and forth as I suckled on her magnificent breast and nipple, Mary brought me to an orgasm that certainly shook me to the core. With arms wrapped around each other, we continued our love session until we fell into a slumber loving sleep.

Making love to Mary that night and morning will last forever in my mind as one of the most amazing times I have ever had. It was filled with true love, passion and kindness but most importantly it was focused on the other. We wanted nothing but the purest satisfaction for each other.

The next morning came early as Mary and I had a full day scheduled. We strolled hand in hand into a well-known tattoo parlor. This adventure was all about us starting our marriage our way, but just as important was the outward sign that would show how long our love has lasted. This was to be more of an outward symbol besides our wedding bands. This would become our annual anniversary tradition.

Mary wanted, and I agreed, that on the day of our wedding she was to have a beautiful vine containing our names along with our wedding date written in script tattooed on her chest just below her breasts. Growing out of the vine would be a rose for each year we were married. The first rose, in partial bloom would grow from the center to the vine between her breasts. It was my wedding gift to her; it was what she wanted.

The design idea which we both drew was stunning. We agreed that we would add a rose in full bloom for each year we were married. The tattoo was amazing. It would surround her breasts growing up her sides as our love grew. The artist kept it low enough so not to expose the rose when she was dressed for work but it would be visible when wearing anything else. After a long and I am certain extremely painful day on the table, at 4:00 pm Mary, my beautiful bride and I set out on our honeymoon.

That evening, we arrived at the beach house. We slowly settled in unpacking and then took a deep breath. I asked Mary to join me on the deck that overlooked the ocean. Mary emerged from the house wearing a T-shirt that covered her beautiful bottom. Sitting next to me, I handed her a glass. Pouring her a glass of chilled wine, I placed the bottle in the bucket of ice. Taking my glass, I looked deep in her eyes and promised to love and cherish her forever as she is my everything. I leaned forward, kissing her. As we broke our kiss, we enjoyed our glass of wine.

A short time later, I placed my glass down, reaching into the bucket, I took a few pieces of ice into my hands, moving a pillow that was earlier strategically placed under the chair, out and between her legs, and I knelt down. Looking up, I winked and told her to sit back, relax and stare at the stars. Lifting her T-shirt over her legs, I exposed her bare thighs, and lower body. Flattening my hangs on her thighs, Mary gasped and screamed as the ice made contact with her skin. I moved my hands forward, slowly lowering my head, planting kisses from her belly button lower to her outer lips.

Mary slide forward further in the chair granting easier access. Opening my mouth, I fully cupped her outer lips allowing the ice cube that was left in my mouth to come into contact with her. Mary screamed and grabbed my head off of her peach. As she released my hair, I moved back down my ice cold tongue on her nub. Slowly stroking her wanting her to enjoy fully my love for her.

Slowly making love to Mary with my mouth, I wanted her to achieve her orgasm. Mary's hands moved to my head, slowly moving me where she wanted, directing me to she wanted allowing me to learn more about her body but letting me take care of her. As Mary started breathing heavier and deeper, she pulled me deeper then suddenly squealed as she flooded my face with her honey.

I knelt straight up, moved forward and kissed her deeply returning to my chair to allow her to rest as we finished our wine. I don't know why, but that night I remember just sitting there under the stars holding her hand in her post orgasm bliss. That memory of pure love and peace has stayed with me all these years. We finished our wine, I stood, offering to help my bride, and walked back into the beach house. We relaxed lying on the couch and then the bed arm in arm, hands wrapped around each other touching, feeling, and just being in love.

The next morning as I opened my eyes, I witnessed two of the most beautiful images of my life. One was the absolutely amazing body of Mary lying next to me. There was a smile on her face that was priceless. She was lying so peacefully I didn't want to disturb her but yet she was a perfect picture of Aphrodite wanting to be loved. The second image was the morning sun peeking through the drapes of the bedroom. At that moment, I realized that I was lying there with the love of my life.

I gently untangled myself from Mary as Mother Nature was beckoning. Returning to bed, I brought with me the scented baby oil we had packed. Sliding back into bed, I rolled Mary on to her back and filled my hands with oil. I started caressing her skin, running my hands all over her. Exploring her body, finding the spots which made her moan, squirm, squeal or relax. It was about exploring her.

Reaching her lower back I added more oil and focused on her bottom. I had admired it for months before buying her that first cup of coffee. Caressing her beautiful bottom, I moved down her legs so as not to miss any erotic zones. Moving back up her legs, Mary opened herself to me, spreading her legs open. Adding more oil and paying attention to her signals, I moved my hands closer to her love tunnel. I grew harder and rubbed my hard cock against her legs as I continued. Spreading her ass I leaned forward licking the now dripping honey from her opening. I licked up to her puckered rosebud then back down.

Continuing higher up her back, my cock came in contact with her tunnel.

"Please." Mary begged as I heard her exhale. "Please Ken take me this morning."

As I guided myself forward, the tip of my cock entering her. Our oiled bodies seemed to become one as we made love. Suddenly, Mary squeezed me, and started to shake then pleaded for me to continue as her orgasm overtook her.

Moving up onto my knees, I grabbed at Mary's hips pulling her up onto her knees with her ass high in the air I entered her again. This was no longer making love, Mary and I were fucking. She was moving back against me as I thrust forward into her. I paused, reaching forward to find her breasts. I started rubbing her breasts and chest then continued fucking her as she climaxed partially falling to the bed.

I laid down on top of her, my cock still solid and rock hard. Rubbing between her legs, when spreading her legs wider, I lifted up. Grabbed the baby oil laying on the side of the bed and coated my cock. Slowly I dropped baby oil into the valley between her cheeks letting it pool some around her rosebud.

Applying slow and gentle pressure, my finger slid past the ring and was granted access. Mary continued to move her peach against my crotch, rubbing it. She paused and lifted up, back onto her hands and knees. I leaned forward kissing her neck and back while sliding my finger in and out.

"More." she breathed.

I pulled my cock to her peach entrance and entered her soaking tunnel. Slowly I stroked her ass using a second finger to open her virgin passage. I covered her ass with more oil and removed my cock from her pussy. Setting the head of my cock on her virgin rose bud, Mary begged for me to be gentle. And true to her request, I slowly pushed in and as the head of my cock entered her ring, I stopped. Adjusting myself and allowing Mary to become accustomed to the girth, I reached forward with one hand slowly stroking her back and sides.

"I love you with my whole heart and soul, my dear Mary." As I was calming her, I pushed forward and continued to caress her body. Repeating these actions several times, I was finally in to the hilt.

Pulling Mary up so her back was touching my chest and without withdrawing my cock, I kissed her neck, cheeks, back all the while caressing her breasts and then I started moving in and out. For a few short minutes of anal lovemaking was tremendous but slow, but now I needed to finish. Returning to our hands and knees, I withdrew and added a significant amount of oil and continued. Reaching around and massaging her nipple with one hand and her clit with another, she supported my weight as I began to thrust in and out. Not hard, but enough to drive her forward hearing her grunt when our bodies met. Shortly after her orgasm, I grabbed her hips slapped her ass three times and drove in deep cumming in my beautiful brides no longer virgin ass.

We fell to the bed exhausted. After a few moments of catching our breath we went to the shower enjoying each other while washing the sweat and oil down the drain, getting ready for another day of love and passion.

We returned from our honeymoon joyful and deeper in love. After five days on the beach, soaking up the sun, loving each other in every possible way and learning more about each other, we were both ready to jump into work.

The transition was completed with us moving into our new apartment, as that was done prior to our wedding. We were focused on our careers but knew we would have challenges with them, balancing family, friends and future decisions. One thing we agreed to was to wait until after the first anniversary vine and partially open rose was added before we start a conversation about children.

Our first holiday season together wasn't too stressful. It was actually fun. However, Mary's schedule was extremely hectic as the financial industry works through December and heavily in January, doing end of the year stats and figures. I will never forget one of the worst nights of being married, it was a cold, and I mean a really bitter cold evening in late February when I arrived home seeing Mary sound asleep on the couch. She was so exhausted she must have sat on the couch before going back to the bedroom to change.

It was at that moment, I realized she needed a break. I picked her up and carried her to our bedroom, helping her undress and putting her in bed. There was a short mumbling conversation about dinner, but I wasn't going to fight her. It was right then and there that I needed to find us a getaway and relax. She was just so worn out from work and needed some tender loving care. My budget was tight, our income was nice but her student loans, the need for a better car and living had us slightly strapped.

The following Friday evening, when Mary came home I had our bags packed. As she walked in the door to our apartment, I greeted her with a hug and a loving kiss. Taking her satchel, I placed in the hallway and walked her back to the bedroom. Lying on the bed was a pair of sweatpants and a University of Maryland sweatshirt. I kissed her cheek, told her to change that we had a few hours drive ahead of us. Escorting my beautiful bride to my packed Blazer, she settled in as we started our six hour drive.

We arrived at our destination just after midnight. As I pulled into the parking lot and woke Mary, I welcomed her to Niagara Falls explaining we had reservations for Friday and Saturday night to get away and just be together.

Saturday morning there was soft knock at the room door. I thought to myself, it's here! Her surprise starts now. Our breakfast was delivered to the room. As I closed the door wheeling in a cart filled with coffee, juice, danish and other assorted things I walked to the bathroom and started filling the beautiful tub. Let me tell you, that tub could easily fit three or four people.

I poured Mary a cup of coffee. Turning empty handed to the bed; I pulled off the covers exposing Mary's body to me.

"Up, get up and go to the tub." I ordered. "A surprise this morning awaits you."

I then grabbed her coffee and some danish putting them on a plate, and then carried them into the bathroom sitting it next to the tub.

A naked Mary entered the bathroom kissing me and said with a look of uncertainty in her eyes,

"This better be good."

As Mary slipped into the warm tub which was filled with a small amount of bubbles and scented oils, I left getting my coffee. I returned to the bathroom, putting my coffee on a little table. I slipped into the tub sitting behind Mary with her leaning back against my body. I handed her her coffee and started to slowly caress her body washing her hair, rubbing her back, arms, neck and shoulders.

Now relaxed it was time for the surprise. I slipped from behind her and across the tub resting her legs over top of mine, massaging them. Mary stopped and pulled back.

"No, they aren't ... they are nasty and need a shaving."

"I know, just wait. I will take care of the lower legs after I do the upper legs and trim your peach."

Pulling her leg back and rubbing higher up and inside her inner thigh she said,

"No, no, no. You are not. Not now, not in the tub maybe later. You can lather me up then sit and watch and massage them afterwards but no. Baby, I love you but not now. I promise when we are at home relaxed."

I nodded and handed her the razor and shaving cream I had snuck into the bathroom. Mary handed me the shaving cream and stood, I filled my hand and as Mary directed me to her lower legs. Stroking her legs covering her in shaving cream, she bent forward starting to shave.

After a few strokes, she handed me the razor and asked, "Rinse please."

I did and handed it back to her carefully running my hands up her legs after she shaved them. We continued our erotic dance as Mary finished her grooming and I did the rinsing and caressing. When finished we stood, drained the tub and stepped into the shower.

We continued our dance of touching, massaging and caressing. I turned Mary so she was facing the water as I washed her hair, her back and bum then turned her washing her chest, softly tracing her tattoo, seeing the smile in her eyes made my love for her grow even deeper. She reached for my chest and as I finished washing her we embraced in a deep lovers kiss.

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