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Taking Cupid's Arrow


‭"‬Happy Valentine's Day, ‭‬baby‭!"

Lilly squeezed Dani's thigh, as she pulled into the long private drive leading up to the Victorian mansion she had rented for their special weekend.‭ ‬For the last year,‭ ‬the two women had made each other very happy---‭ ‬especially in the bedroom.‭ ‬Introduced by a mutual ex-girlfriend last Valentine's Day,‭ ‬they found no end to the things they had in common,‭ ‬including a love of Victorian role play,‭ ‬southern Gothic horror,‭ ‬and a near limitless thirst for pleasure.‭ ‬When Lilly saw the ad for a special play rental,‭ ‬she didn't think twice about maxing her Master Card to make it happen.‭ ‬She couldn't help but envision a TV commercial, and ran the scene in her head--‭ ‬Cost of Karma Sutra Weekender kit,‭ ‬$29.99‭; ‬cost of new toys,‭ ‬$255‭; ‬cost of rental,‭ ‬$1,500‭; ‬the look on Dani's face when she is cumming harder than she's ever dreamt possible‭? ‬Priceless.

Dani's eyes were wide with wonder at the idea of playing for the weekend---‭ ‬she couldn't believe her good fortune at finding another woman who would want to go the whole route.‭ ‬Sure,‭ ‬she'd had some girlfriends who would agree to spank her now and then,‭ ‬or may even appreciate her wearing the corset,‭ ‬and calling them Mistress,‭ ‬but none of it seemed to ignite their flame.‭ ‬They seemed more like they were doing it as a favor to Dani.‭ ‬But Lilly--‭ ‬damn,‭ ‬it's like they were made for each other.‭

Lilly parked the car and proceeded straight away to get out,‭ ‬picking up the suitcase and overnight bags from the trunk.‭ ‬Dani sat transfixed,‭ ‬eyes wide with excitement.

Lilly walked to Dani's door and swung it open,‭ ‬eyebrow arched.‭ "‬Why are you keeping me waiting‭?" ‬Lilly's sharp tone brought Dani back to the present,‭ "‬Sorry,‭ ‬Mistress.‭" ‬She hurried out of the car,‭ ‬eyes down turned,‭ ‬and in a posture most contrite,‭ ‬hoping to make amends for her lapse of attention.‭

They walked up on the grand porch that wrapped around the front side of the mansion.‭ ‬Getting to the front door,‭ ‬Lilly worked the combination on the lock box to retrieve the house key.‭ ‬She heard the heavy bolt slide and walked in.

The walls of the foyer were papered in a deep red‭ brocade,‭ ‬heavy burgundy velvet curtains‭ ‬draped the entrance into the parlor.‭ ‬The women walked in quiet awe for a moment,‭ ‬taking in the visual grandeur.‭ ‬The smell of roses and violets wafted pleasingly through the warm air.‭ ‬Dani could already feel herself getting flushed at the thought of the‭ three ‬days ahead--‭ ‬she was the proverbial kid in the candy shop.‭

‬Lilly was delighted‭ ‬---‭ ‬it was going to be every bit as good as she thought.‭ ‬She had noticed that Dani was flushed and breathing kind of heavily--‭ ‬and they were only several feet into the house.‭ ‬The parlor‭ ‬continued the lush décor of brocade and velvets.‭ ‬There were matching velvet chairs, and a love seat‭ ‬with dark wood legs, carved to look like the talons of a gryphon.‭ ‬There was a wrought iron candelabra, standing more than‭ ‬4‭ ‬feet tall in the corner,‭ ‬holding seven red tapers.‭ ‬Lilly bit her lower lip in anticipation as she pictured Dani tied sweetly to the love seat,‭ ‬pleading for release.‭ ‬She shook her head to clear the vision.‭

"Dani,‭ ‬you were thoughtless in the drive,‭ ‬making me wait.‭ ‬You know how I hate that sort of sloppiness.‭"

"Yes,‭ ‬Mistress,‭ ‬I am very sorry to have let my attention wander.‭ ‬I was just so taken with the house,‭ ‬Mistress---‭ ‬I won't let it happen again.‭"

"Yes,‭ ‬and to help with that,‭ ‬I think that I should try to impress the importance of this matter into your backside without further ado.‭ ‬Remove your outer garments.‭" ‬Dani's hands hurriedly released her from her tailored white blouse and short lacy skirt‭; ‬she stood before Lilly in her white corset,‭ ‬white garter belt with red ribbons,seamed-stockings,‭ ‬and her three-inch heeled ankle boots.‭

"Now, light the candles ‬and await my return on your knees,‭ ‬facing away from the door.‭" ‬With this instruction,‭ ‬Lilly took their bags into the hall closet,‭ ‬finding just the right tools for the moment.‭ ‬She returned with a small tote bag of toys,‭ to find Dani waiting,‭ ‬just as directed.‭ ‬Lilly grabbed a handful of Dani's hair and pulled her forward,‭ ‬Dani scrambling to keep up.‭ ‬She pushed Dani face down on a velvet foot rest,‭ ‬and pulled her arms sharply back,‭ ‬tying her wrists together with a length of white cloth from the tote.‭ ‬When her hands were bound,‭ ‬Lilly pushed her forwards,‭ ‬tying her legs spread the width of the stool,‭ ‬Dani's ass and cunt at the edge‭ -- ‬accessible and exposed.‭

With no further warning,‭ ‬Lilly repeatedly slapped Dani's ass, very hard.‭ ‬Dani's entire body tensed under the assault (‬while it is safe to say that Dani anticipated a good hard spanking,‭ ‬she wasn't expecting it to start with such intensity). ‭ B‬y the sixth slap,‭ Dani yelped.‭ ‬Lilly continued reddening Dani's ass until she counted twenty hard slaps,‭ ‬shared between both cheeks.

‬Dani's ass was a fiery red,‭ ‬and Lilly brought out the stiff bristled brush to add a little texture.‭ ‬Lilly drew the brush down Dani's ass,‭ ‬deepening the color,‭ ‬and causing Dani to whimper as the tender skin was so roughly abraded.‭ "‬Oh,‭ ‬Dani,‭ ‬your ass is a magnificent fuchsia,‭ ‬darling.‭ ‬Such a nice rosy glow.‭" ‬Dani was biting her lip to keep from crying out as Lilly pressed hard,‭ ‬scratching into her already sore ass.‭ ‬When the scratching stopped,‭ ‬Lilly's hard hand came down in another punishing volley of slaps.‭ ‬This time,‭ ‬Dani couldn't hold back her voice,‭ ‬and screamed out as her ass blazed.‭ ‬After‭ half ‬a dozen slaps,‭ ‬Lilly stopped,‭ ‬and lightly ran her cool hands over Dani's burning cheeks,‭ ‬bringing forth a deep sigh from Dani.‭

As Dani's body began to relax,‭ ‬Lilly grabbed her by the hair again,‭ ‬and jerked her upright.‭ ‬Dani's small breasts were well displayed in the half-cups of the corset.‭ ‬Lilly reached around Dani to stroke and caress her breasts,‭ ‬bringing Dani's nipples out to hardened ruby points.‭ ‬Kneeling behind Dani,‭ ‬Lilly‭ ‬began kissing,‭ ‬sucking,‭ ‬and nipping her neck.‭ ‬Dani drank in her Mistress's affection,‭ ‬sighing,‭ "‬Oh,‭ ‬Mistress,‭ ‬I love you so---‭ ‬I am yours.‭ ‬Possess me, Mistress--‭ ‬I give myself to you on this Valentine's Day.‭"

"Yes,‭ ‬sweet Dani,‭ ‬I will take you,‭ ‬and bring you to new heights of passion.‭ ‬Before we leave this place,‭ ‬you will feel the keenness of Cupid's Arrow more sharply than ever before.‭" ‬Lilly punctuated her claim by pinching Dani's nipples,‭ ‬tightening her hold and twisting,‭ ‬pulling outward until Dani's little tits were ‬elongated.‭ "‬MMMMmmmmmmm‭"‬,‭ ‬Dani moaned as her Mistress hurt her tits.‭ ‬She was so turned on,‭ ‬she was afraid her juices would begin to drip from between her outstretched thighs.

Moving around to the side of the stool,‭ ‬Lilly yanked Dani forward by her nipple,‭ ‬pulling her‭ ‬once more,‭ ‬face down.‭ ‬While pinching Dani's nipple tight in her left hand,‭ ‬she abruptly slapped Dani's ass with her right.‭ "‬Oh‭!!!!!!" ‬When Dani's body tensed and arched with the stinging blow,‭ ‬she inadvertently aided to her own pain by pulling hard on her pinched nipple--‭ ‬and Lilly wasn't about to let go.‭

"Silly girl.‭" ‬Lilly chided.‭ "‬See what happens when you try to pull away‭?" ‬Lilly twisted Dani's nipple viciously.‭ "‬Let's try that again." Continuing her hold on Dani's sore nipple,‭ ‬Lilly's hand came down hard on Dani's exposed pussy.‭ ‬Dani squealed with the impact,‭ ‬and couldn't save herself from the tensing and jerking that only added to her discomfort.‭ ‬Again the twisting of her sore nipple brought tears to Dani's eyes.‭ ‬She wanted to do better,‭ ‬but it was hard not to respond when her Mistress's hand stung her ass and pussy so‭!

Dani tensed all of her muscles,‭ ‬pushing herself down onto the stool,‭ ‬bracing herself for the next stinging slap---‭ ‬which Lilly landed again on her dripping pussy,‭ ‬not a moment later.‭ ‬Dani did much better this time--‭ ‬staying still enough that Lilly felt they could progress to the next steps.

‭"‬See darling one‭? ‬It's all about teaching you to be open to what I bring you,‭ ‬and to trust me.‭ ‬When you resist me,‭ ‬it doesn't feel good.‭ ‬Certainly that's easy to understand‭?"

"Yes,‭ ‬Mistress.‭ ‬I will try not to resist,‭ ‬Mistress,‭ ‬it's just that sometimes my body‭ ‬--‭"

"Hush,‭ ‬you impudent,‭ ‬sniveling thing‭! ‬You will learn to keep your body under strict control until you have permission to do otherwise‭!" ‬Pulling Dani's hair,‭ ‬she jerked her upright.‭ "‬Let's see if you can stay perfectly still while I warm things up a bit,‭ ‬eh‭?"

Lilly walked to the candelabra,‭ ‬selecting a taper from the bottom tier.‭ ‬Holding the burning candle,‭ ‬Lilly grabbed a fistful of Dani's hair and pulled her roughly back,‭ ‬exposing her face,‭ ‬throat and breasts.‭ "‬Now be still....‭" ‬Lilly crooned to Dani as she started to pour the red melted wax in big drips onto her collarbones.‭ ‬Dani gasped to feel the drops of flame on her tender skin,‭ ‬willing herself to be still and let the sensations pass through her.‭ ‬Lilly was drawing a line of wax down between her little breasts.‭ ‬And though she did not move,‭ ‬she could not suppress a scream as Lilly target the molten drops at her already tortured nipples.‭ "‬Ayyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,‭ ‬oh Mistress‭!! ‬Oh lord,‭ ‬Mistress,‭ ‬it burns‭!!!"

Lilly smiled.

‭"‬That's right,‭ ‬Dani,‭ ‬love burns.‭ ‬The love you have for me burns in your breast,‭ ‬always--‭ ‬now it is made tangible.‭ ‬Look at your love for me‭!" ‬Lilly shoved Dani's head forward,‭ ‬and Dani saw the peaks of wax covering her ruby tips---‭ ‬the lines of wax outlining her collarbones and breastbone.‭ ‬The red wax against Dani's ultra pale white skin reminded her of a sort of Valentine's Greeting,‭ ‬and realized that this was exactly what Lilly intended.

‭"‬Thank you for the beautiful Valentine's greeting,‭ ‬Mistress.‭"

Quite pleased with her handiwork,‭ ‬Lilly responding by kissing Dani hard.‭ ‬Lilly's tongue urgent,‭ ‬probing‭; ‬her teeth nipping hard at Dani's lips.

At the end of the kiss,‭ ‬Lilly cut the bonds holding Dani's legs in place and pulled her to her feet.‭ ‬Kissing down her neck,‭ ‬her shoulders,‭ ‬Lilly peeled the wax away from Dani's nipples,‭ ‬as she wanted them exposed for further stimulation.‭ ‬Taking a velvet cloth from the ornate table,‭ ‬Lilly stroked Dani's little breasts.‭ ‬Dani's flesh raised with goosebumps as her skin responded to the velvet texture.‭ ‬Lilly caressed Dani's breasts through the velvet,‭ ‬alternately tickling and pinching her jewel-like nipples.

‭ ‬Dani let out a long, low moan.‭ ‬She felt her juices running freely from her inflamed pussy,‭ ‬and wanted to be taken hard,‭ ‬then and there.‭ ‬But she knew Lilly too well to really expect that‭; ‬Lilly loved drawing out pleasure,‭ ‬letting it build until there was nothing left to do but explode. Dani closed her eyes, to help concentrate on remaining still.‭ ‬A low moan raised up as Lilly's mouth gently engulfed her tit and began to suckle gently--‭ ‬first one and then the other,‭ ‬her tongue swirling gently,‭ ‬soothingly,‭ ‬around her very sore nipples.‭ "‬Ohhhh---‭ ‬oooooooohhhmmmmmmmm‭"‬.‭ ‬Dani's pussy was so swollen,‭ ‬her need was all consuming----‭ ‬face flushed,‭ ‬she whispered,‭ "‬Oh dearest Mistress,‭ ‬you're bringing me such pleasure.‭ ‬Oh,‭ ‬Mistress‭! ‬I fear you will bring me to the crisis point‭!"

"Oh no,‭ ‬my dear,‭ ‬it's not that time,‭ ‬yet.‭" ‬Lilly held Dani to her for a moment,‭ ‬and felt her tremble.‭ "‬It's time to go outside.‭"

Lilly led Dani to the garden by her bound wrists,‭ ‬walking up to a section of ornate wrought iron fencing.‭ ‬When they stopped,‭ ‬Lilly cut the binding.‭ "‬Step up,‭ ‬and turn to face me.‭" ‬Lilly directed,‭ ‬and Dani stepped up on to a horizontal bar running about‭ six ‬inches off of the ground.‭ ‬A second bar ran across the upper part of the fence,‭ ‬about six feet above that.‭

Lilly picked up the shackle chained a couple of posts down,‭ ‬and secured Dani's left ankle.‭ "‬You're going to have to spread your legs quite wide to reach the other shackle,‭ ‬Dani.‭" ‬Seeing the other shackle several pickets away,‭ ‬Dani realized that even with both chains fully extended, she had to spread her legs more than three feet apart,‭ ‬straining her upper thighs.‭ ‬Dani complied quickly.‭ ‬Next,‭ ‬Lilly secured Dani's wrists in similarly placed shackles on the upper rail,‭ ‬pulling her firmly into the classic X position--‭ ‬open and vulnerable.‭

‬Lilly wasted no time.‭ ‬Her teeth and fingers worked together,‭ ‬quickly biting and pinching all over Dani's sweet lithe trembling body--‭ ‬nipples,‭ ‬belly,‭ ‬quivering thighs.‭ ‬Her hands delivering alternating gifts of soft caresses and stinging slaps.‭ ‬After several minutes passed,‭ ‬Dani's pussy was aching with arousal.‭ ‬As much as her chains would allow,‭ ‬Dani's hips began undulating with wanton need,‭ ‬giving voice to low moans and sighs.‭ ‬Before very long,‭ ‬Lilly returned her attention to Dani's sensitive nipples,‭ ‬gently licking and kissing one,‭ ‬while her fingers delivered cruel pinches to the other,‭ ‬and again,‭ ‬gently caressing one breast,‭ ‬while sucking at the other so hard she left marks.‭

Lilly stepped back to take a long look at Dani.‭ ‬Her beautiful valentine,‭ ‬spread against the imposing wrought iron fence;‭ ‬her pale skin reddened at her belly,‭ ‬breasts and thighs from Lilly's attentions.‭ ‬She looked into Lilly's face,‭ ‬her eyes pleading to be taken,‭ ‬to be used and allowed release.‭ "‬Yes,‭ ‬my sweet,‭ ‬I think you are ready for more.‭"

‬Lilly's eyes twinkled as she pulled butterfly nipple clamps from her tote bag of toys, between the clamps ran a fine silver chain. ‬Lilly attached the calipers of one clamp to Dani's hardened right nipple. Dani winced,‭ ‬holding her breath,‭ ‬as she watched Lilly repeat the process with her left breast. Lilly reached into the bag again,‭ ‬brought out a little heart shaped box,‭ ‬tied with a pink ribbon.‭

"‬Happy Valentine's Day,‭ ‬precious.‭ ‬Shall I open your little box‭?" ‬Lilly smiled at her own pun,‭ ‬and untied the bow.‭ ‬She lifted out a silver heart,‭ ‬studded with glittering clear and red rhinestones.‭ ‬It was solid in construction and weighed eight ounces,‭ ‬with a hook at its top.‭ ‬Lilly took the shiny weight,‭ ‬and hung it on the center of the silver chain between the clamps, causing the calipers to cruelly tighten their hold.‭ ‬Dani moaned as the weight pulled and stretched her tender nipples.‭ ‬Lilly's mouth covered Dani's,‭ ‬kissing her deeply.‭ ‬Their tongues darted hungrily into each other.‭ "‬Take me,‭ ‬Mistress--‭ ‬oh beautiful Mistress,‭ ‬I am yours,‭" ‬Dani whispered in moans through their kisses.‭

Lilly spread Dani's pussy lips open with one hand,‭ ‬exposing her hot wet clit to the cooling breeze.‭ ‬Lilly slapped Dani's exposed pussy hard,‭ ‬and again,‭ ‬with little pause in between.‭ "‬Count‭!"

"Two,‭ ‬Mistress,‭ ‬thank you‭!"

The third came down,‭ ‬and the fourth--‭ ‬Dani calling out the number and thanking her Mistress for each.‭ ‬By the time Dani called out eight,‭ ‬her clit ached,‭ ‬and all of her muscles were straining to tighten,‭ ‬to somehow shield her tenderest areas from such harshness.‭ ‬The ninth was especially hard,‭ ‬and Dani screamed its number and her thanks.‭ ‬The blows stopped,‭ ‬but Lilly kept Dani's lips spread wide---‭ ‬she dropped to her knees to look closely at Dani's swollen sex.‭ ‬So wet--‭ ‬juices visibly seeping from her hungry vulnerable pussy.

Dani felt exceptionally exposed,‭ ‬her lips spread,‭ ‬knowing her Mistress was looking so closely,‭ ‬taking in all details of her open juicy sex.‭ ‬There was nothing to distract her from the feeling of being examined--‭ ‬no slaps,‭ ‬no bites,‭ ‬no caresses--‭ ‬just the painful dull pull at her nipples,‭ ‬and the throbbing need deep within her cunt.‭ ‬Feeling so vulnerable,‭ ‬Dani began to visibly shake--‭ ‬Lilly noticed that Dani was holding her breath,‭ ‬waiting to see what happened next.‭ "‬Close your eyes,‭ ‬my sweet.‭" ‬Lilly watched Dani obey before reaching into the tote to extract the next Valentine's gift‭ ‬---‭ ‬a very stiff crop with a small leather heart at the end.‭

"Oohhhhhhhhhhhhh‭!" ‬Dani yelped after each of the three rapid blows to her clit,‭ ‬each one delivered a little harder than the last.‭ ‬Dani's clit was huge,‭ ‬swollen and stiff,‭ ‬sticking well out from its hood.‭ ‬As soon as the third slap was over,‭ ‬Lilly gently licked and soothed Dani's throbbing button,‭ ‬sucking the sweet jewel into her mouth.‭ ‬Lilly softly swirled her tongue around and around it in loving slow circles.‭ ‬Dani softly mewed,‭ "‬yesssssssssssssssssss,‭ ‬oh,‭ ‬yeaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,‭" ‬in her wonderful sex kitten voice.‭ ‬Lilly was pleased to see Dani's hands clenched into fists,‭ ‬her eyes shut tightly,‭ ‬her body held rigid---‭ ‬each sinew taut and waiting for release.

The harsh blows of the crop replaced the soothing strokes of Lilly's tongue with no warning.‭ ‬Another three blows delivered with no pauses.‭ "‬AAAYYYyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeee,‭ ‬ohhhhhhhhhhh,‭ ‬Misssstreessss‭!!! ‬You're making my little pussy sting‭!" ‬Dani's legs pulled hard at their restraints,‭ ‬as she wanted to close her thighs together,‭ ‬her body impulsively trying to shield her sore clit.‭ ‬Dani was panting,‭ ‬her rapid breaths causing the weighted heart bauble to sway,‭ ‬which in turn caused the pull on her nipples to grow, and the clamps to pinch harder.

Lilly's mouth sought out Dani's throbbing clit once more.‭ ‬This time there was no gentle swirling,‭ ‬no soothing caresses of her Mistress's tongue to take away the sting.‭ ‬No,‭ ‬this time Lilly was pulling on Dani's clit,‭ ‬sucking it hard into her mouth,‭ ‬grazing it with her teeth.‭ ‬She sucked harder,‭ ‬Dani felt like her little nubbin was going to explode in Lilly's mouth.‭ ‬The pulling sensation brought sharp pains throughout her pussy,‭ ‬while the pain‭ ‬/‭ ‬pleasure mix in her clit was nearly unbearable.

‭"‬AAAhhhhhhhhHHHHHH‭!!!!!!!!!!! ‬Oh,‭ ‬Mistress‭!"

And then,‭ ‬nothing.‭ ‬Lilly stopped touching Dani in any way--‭ ‬denying any sensation but the weight of the cuffs around her ankles and wrists,‭ ‬and the ever present pinching and pulling of the nipple clamps.

‭"‬It's time for your final gift. Open your eyes,‭ ‬my love.‭"

Dani looked at her Mistress,‭ ‬who was again reaching with her free hand into the tote,‭ ‬and retrieving the last package. "Dani, I give you ‬Cupid's Arrow".‭ ‬More than a dildo,‭ Cupid's Arrow was a work of art.‭ ‬Lilly had ordered it custom from a local artisan,‭ ‬as the lasting souvenir of this Valentine Weekend together.‭ ‬Dani's eyes opened wide at the sight of the large glass dildo,‭ ‬eight inches long,‭ ‬with a shaft two inches wide.‭ ‬The head of the dildo was an inverted heart,‭ ‬giving it the appearance of a heart tipped arrow.‭ ‬The glass was clear with gold and red swirls inside,‭ ‬catching the light of the afternoon,‭ ‬as Lilly briefly displayed it for Dani's appreciation.‭ ‬The heart tip was quite bulbous,‭ ‬with the widest part tapering to nearly three inches.‭ ‬Dani loved feeling full,‭ ‬and she especially loved the way glass filled her with its cool,‭ ‬completely unyielding smoothness.‭

Dani felt the cold hard tip just nudging at her hot opening.

‭"‬Happy---‭" ‬Lilly increased the pressure,‭ ‬and she watched the heart start to open Dani's sweet pussy.

‭"‬Valentine's--‭" ‬Lilly pushed hard on the dildo,‭ ‬urging the thick head forward past the resistance of Dani's tight entrance.‭ "‬Ohhhhhhhhhhh,‭ ‬god......‭ ‬yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss‭" ‬was Dani's hissed reply as she felt the sharpness of her pussy stretching‭ ‬.‭

"Day‭!" ‬Lilly shoved the dildo in hard,‭ ‬reaching the length of Dani's pussy,‭ ‬pushing hard against her cervix.‭ ‬She kept the pressure on,‭ ‬unmoving,‭ ‬waiting for Dani's pussy to stretch lengthwise,‭ ‬to accept the full length of Cupid's Arrow.‭

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