tagBDSMTaking Dictation: Weekend Surprise

Taking Dictation: Weekend Surprise


"Surprise Me" was all she saw when the Friday print-out icon appeared on the screen of the outer office monitor. After laying awake most of the night, Cynthia finally had an idea, but it would require getting up an hour earlier and getting to the office before He did.

When she stepped out of the elevator wearing a light-weight wool coat buttoned from hem to neckline the janitorial staff paused in surprise and gave her a long - slow - once-over. Cynthia pretended not to notice and shut the office door without uttering a word. The three women simply shrugged and returned to their cleaning.

Once inside, Cynthia quickly put away her things and slipped into His darkened office. It took her a few moments to unbutton the front of the coat. The task of folding the material was accomplished considerably faster before placing it in the bottom drawer of the filing cabinet. She checked the small digital clock on His desk, and hurried to slip out of the black sweater and black/white hounds tooth skirt set. Not surprisingly, she wore nothing but a sheer black lace teddy and stockings underneath the outfit.

It shouldn't be much longer, she thought. Glancing down, Cynthia decided to leave on the lace patterned thigh-hi stockings. They almost matched the sheer lace of the teddy she'd found at Victoria's Secret. She did a slow turn in front of the mirror on the wall across from His desk. The crimson heels really popped against the black, and both highlighted the creamy paleness of her complexion. Cyn tucked the sweater and skirt in the same drawer with her coat, and closed it with a little nudge of one stiletto tipped heel.

The sound of a key being inserted into the door lock sent her scurrying around His desk. She dropped to her knees, and backed up until her bare bottom was pressed against the wooden panel that blocked the front of the desk. The door opened to the sound of His voice humming softly. Cyn bit her bottom lip to hold back a nervous giggle.

The surprise would be ruined if He found her under the desk this early in the game. Her plan was simple, unzip Master's pants after he sat down and settle in for a morning of sucking. The plan was without a single flaw, or so she thought.

Then just as the chair began to roll back in preparation of his sitting down, there was a quick knock on the door. Mr. Walters paused, then pushed the chair back under the desk. Cynthia heard the door open and what sounded like gruffly whispered greetings, then a pause before she saw two pairs of highly polished shoes step out into the hall and the door closed again.

Perplexed, she placed both hands on the carpeted floor and started to crawl out from under the desk. But the sound of the doorknob turning stopped her and she quickly pressed back against the desk front again as close as she could get. When the chair finally rolled out from under the desk, Cynthia's shoulders sagged with relief. Unsure whether or not she should put her plan into action, Cynthia licked her lips and waited.

She could hear the pushbutton tones of a number being dialed on Mr. Walters' office phone. When he began to speak, she realized he was ordering a light lunch for two to be delivered at 11:30 sharp. She smiled at his thoughtfulness. When she heard him request champagne, whipped creme and fresh strawberries it was all she could do not to moan with remembered pleasure of the Saturday a few weeks earlier.

Master had positioned her on the desktop, and used her body as a serving dish. Pouring the fizzy champagne over her breasts and belly, then licking it off. He'd pushed a whole berry into her hole ... point first ... then eating until nothing was left but the sticky juice. When the last berry was gone, he'd licked until she had cum screaming, and he growled that the taste of her juices were sweeter than the freshest strawberries.

The memory of that day sent chills from her fingers to her toes, and left her wet, shaking in need. With that need riding her hard, she reached up and wiggled a finger under the tip of the zipper tab . Then she finally closed two fingers on it and began slowly working it down. She'd expected him to react to her touch, and was a bit surprised that he didn't. So she kept tugging until her fingers reached the bottom and were able to wiggle themselves past the zipper opening.

In fact, Master merely spread his knees, and scooted down a bit more in the chair. This gave her room to lean up and ease his semi-hard cock through the opening she'd created. Resting her chin on the bunched fabric at his crotch, she opened her mouth and guided the flared head between her lips. Sucking lightly caused it to harden, she curled one hand around the base and began to slowly stroke until the first drop of precum formed on the tip.

Moaning at the salty flavor, she closed her eyes and latched on and began to work her lips up and down the long hard shaft. So intent on getting what she wanted, Cynthia merely followed as he began to slowly ease the chair back away from the desk. She opened her eyes as he stood, her mouth noisily sucking on the head. When he tangled one hand in her thick mane and began to rock against her, she whimpered around him.

Growling, he looked across the folder and paper littered desk top and said, "See what a good little cocksucker she is, Reggie?"

Stunned, she turned her head and precum trailed across one cheek. Sitting in a chair on the opposite side of the desk was a man she'd never seen before. As she watched in shock, he stood up and walked around the end of Mr. Walters' desk. Confused, she pushed back against her Master's legs as if trying to hide.

"Open the front of his pants, pet, touch his cock. I want to watch you." She heard from overhead.

Hesitantly she reached out a trembling hand and unhooked the fastening at the waistband of his slacks. They immediately fell open, and she knew he'd unzipped them while he sat watched her suck on the cock rubbing in slow circles against her cheek. Curling her fingers around the top of his boxers, she pulled down the elastic waistband and the heavy shaft of his cock sprang free. It was an inch or two shorter than her Master's, but thicker around in girth.

Master's hand tightened in her hair as he guided her mouth towards the dark red mushroom shaped tip. "Lick it, pet. Show me how it looks when you taste me."

A muffled groan escaped as her lips parted and the unknown man thrust his hips forward, filling her mouth with thick hard cock.

"Oh fuck! Her mouth is so hot and wet around me!" the man growled. He held perfectly still, it was as if he were savoring the feel of her tongue cradling his shaft. After a few moments, he finally spoke. "Will you allow me to use her?"

Her Master nodded, "I will allow you to use any part of her, except her ass. That belongs to me, it was virgin until I took it and it will remain virgin to everyone except me. And most importantly, my property is valuable and must be treated with the utmost care."

"You have My word that she will not be abused in any manner. Such beauty should never be permanently marred, or scarred." was the rather obtuse answer the man gave.

Unable to believe what she was hearing, Cynthia saw them shake hands just above her head, as if closing a deal ... with her as part of the contract.

"My pet, Mr. Khan and I have been business associates for many years. You will submit to Him as if to Me. Do you understand?", her Master said gravely.

"Yes Sir.", she answered softly with the faint hint of fear woven through her words.

"Very good, pet. Now, you will address him as Master Khan when you are required to respond to a command. Is that clear?" Mr. Walters waited for her response.

Nodding slowly, her voice almost a whisper when she finally answered. "Yes Sir."

"Stand up, little one. Take off the teddy, but leave on the stockings ... and the heels are a very nice touch." Master Khan said as He eased back slowly, withdrawing His cock from her mouth.

"yes, Master Khan." Cynthia said, as she arose from her knees. Reaching back, she carefully slid the straps off her shoulders, then slowly shimmied out of the sheer fabric and laid it in a tangled heap on the desk.

"Good girl." Her Master murmured before he walked around the desk, sat down in a chair beside the drapery covered window and crossed his legs.

Beckoning her closer, Master Khan took her hand and led her around to the other side of the desk as well. A briefcase sat on the floor beside the chair where he'd been watching. He picked it up and laid it on the desktop. The sharp click made her jump when he released the twin locks. Curiosity made her lean a little to the side, so that she could peek at what was inside the case. Her eyes widened in shock, and she quickly glanced back at her Master. He merely smiled reassuringly.

Inside the opened briefcase were a couple sets of shiny new handcuffs, some coiled lengths of red and white nylon rope, several different sized vibrators, and a black flogger made of suede. Any one of which would have made her wet and ready, if her Master had been the one whose hand held it. She looked up at the man she did not know, but whom she would be serving for her Master's pleasure. Fear hovered on the fringes of her mind and she trembled.

He turned with a set of 'cuffs in one hand and held out the other. She hesitantly took His hand and a faint sound escaped her lips when the cold steel locked around her wrist. He led her over to the conference table where she knew re-position able O-rings were attached to all four corners, and in the middle along each side. Locked into any two would put her in an even more subservient position. Obviously he's been here and done this before, she thought. The look on Mr. Walters face confirmed her suspicions, as he continued to watch in silence.

Locking the other wristlet through the O-ring, he moved to the other side of her body and locked the second set of cuffs around her wrist, turning her, so that the swell of her asscheeks pressed against the table before he locked the wristlet into it's corresponding 'ring. By this time, she was placed in such a position that both arms were extended out to each side. The handcuffs would keep her relatively immobile, yet upright. Tugging carefully to test the strength of her trap only confirmed that she was completely at the mercy of this man, this Master Khan.

"Nice positioning, Reggie, very nice indeed." Mr.Walters murmured approvingly.

His words only reinforced her feeling of helplessness as Master Khan placed both hands on the table, one on either side of her. This forced her to lean back slightly, as he was quite a bit taller. When she tried to lean away, He followed. The smile on his face seemed to grow darker as he peered down at her.

"He won't rescue you, little one. As you can see, he has given you to Me for the day, and I am allowed to take pleasure in your submission." Master Khan whispered softly. "And I give you My promise that I will take great pleasure in using your delectable little body in many different ways."

Cynthia didn't even attempt to hold back the whimper. As he straightened, his hands cupped her breasts ... squeezing slowly. She gasped as the pressure increased, along with her heart rate. The tighter he squeezed, the faster her gasps became ... until she finally cried out. When she did, His grasp slowly relaxed.

"Very good, little one.", as he bent to gently kiss the deep red finger marks left on the firm globes that still rested in his open palms. The light brush of his lips, combined with the stinging ache, teased a moan from her open lips. "You have trained her well, my friend."

Master Khan sank to one knee and wrapped his hands around her stocking covered ankles. Very slowly he guided the red heels forward until her elbows and forearms, resting on the table, were all that kept her from falling to the floor. Cynthia groaned at the awkward position, but made no attempt to stand back up. Not even when he began to slide her left foot further away from the right. He continued to separate them until her knees were a little more than a shoulder width apart. Then he sat back and looked up at her flushed cheeks.

"She is the image of beauty ... unlike anything I have ever beheld." Master Khan said, as he turned to look at her Master. "I have no doubt of your answer, but I must ask ... Would you consider giving her to me, Mitch?"

Cynthia held her breath, the flush paling slightly as she waited for His answer. "My friend, you do not own anything as valuable as this woman is to me. Therefore, I must decline the compliment of your offer."

Master Khan nodded with a faint smile. "It is as I expected, but you will not think less of me for offering. She is a prize that any man would wish to possess."

He slid both hands up the inside of her spread legs, pausing to lightly strum his fingertips across the backs of both knees. The teasing movements caused her thigh muscles to twitch, and she shivered hard as her hands clinched into twin fists. Watching, Her Master chuckled softly at the familiar reaction.

Grasping her knees firmly in his hands, Master Khan spread them wider and pushed his face between her thighs. Taking an audible deep breath as he pushed up, grinding the bridge of his nose against her mound. Cynthia cried out as the scalding tip of his tongue snaked out and wiggled it's way through her tight-lipped slit, twisting and stabbing at the tender flesh.

Shifting onto both knees between the red heels, Master Khan reached between her legs and cupped her ass. He forced her against his mouth, while keeping her off balance enough to accentuate how helpless she was to resist his command. The staccato thrust of his tongue against the opening to her vagina began to stir the desired results. Moisture slowly formed, drops leaking onto his tongue as it pushed and pulled between her rapidly swelling lips.

"Master, please!", she gasped suddenly as her body tightened.

Master Khan pulled back and growled up at her, "Do not cum, little one. not even a drop. I have not given you permission to cum. DO.....NOT......CUM!!" He snarled softly.

"Ohgdd, please Master Khan, please let me cum!!!" she begged between sobs.

His only response was to pinch her clit between his right thumb and forefinger. Her body jerked at the stinging ache, and her hands curled around the lip of the table edge to keep from falling.

Gasping, she began to beg, "Please Master Khan, I'll be Your good girl. Please let Your good girl cum, it hurts so much. Please Master Khan, let Your good girl cum for You." as the tears began to slowly slip down her cheeks.

Peeling her pussy lips apart with his thumbs, he leaned in and hissed against her clit. "Cum, little one, cum for Master Khan." As the last syllable crawled across her damp skin, his lips locked around her vaginal opening and he began to suck. The combination of his words and the pressure sent her rocketing over the edge. Screaming wildly as her body jerked and thrashed against his mouth, her sweet juices spilled in a rush across his tongue.

He continued to suck and lap at her soaked slit until her body sagged weakly against his mouth. Slowly his hands moved away from her pussy. One cupped her ass, the other moved up to twist and pull at her nipples. Each sent a shiver throughout her already trembling body. Mr.Walters smiled as he watched his deliciously erotic little sub pant and shake as Reggie continued to torment her quivering body. She whimpered and begged brokenly, but he had only begun to enjoy the sweetness of her tight little pussy.

Biting his way down the inside of her left thigh, Master Khan worked the red shoes further away from the table. Every inch put her more off-balance. He could hear the strain in each breath she took. He smiled at the deliciousness of the soft sounds as her chest heaved, causing the faintly bruised globes to sway.

Once she was positioned perfectly, Master Khan stood and half turned to look at her Master. "I'm going to fuck your sweet little sub, Mitch. I'm going to take her deliciously wet pussy and spill my seed into it."

Cynthia cried out, "Please, Master! Please don't make me do this!"

Her eyes sought out those of Mr. Walters, but he merely nodded and said, "Give him your best, pet. You are Mine and Mine alone. There is nothing he can, or will, do that could change that. You are Mine."

Without a word, or any sort of warning, Master Khan stood suddenly and stepped into the spread vee of her thighs. His cock was hard and ready, and as his hands grasped her hips in a bruising grip ... it thrust full force into her opening. Startled, she could do nothing more than scream at the almost brutal spearing of her tender flesh. With a series of guttural grunts, he pounded her body until she felt a hot gush of fluid spew from the head of his cock, flooding her bruised walls. Holding still, he panted against the column of her throat as his cum leaked out around the shaft still embedded in her throbbing hole.

"Now, little one. I will take you as one with your beauty should be used.", he whispered against the lobe of her ear.

Stepping back, his cock slid wetly from her body ... allowing the rest of his cum to dribble down the insides of both thighs. Wrapping his hands around her waist, he lifted her up until she was leaning against the edge of the table on shaky legs. Tears of shame gathered in her green eyes as she looked up and found Mr.Walters watching her closely. He arose from the chair and walked across to where she stood, as the tears slowly rolled down across her flushed cheeks.

Mr.Walters gently kissed away each tear. "You are perfection, pet. Following my wishes is the greatest compliment you could give to your Master. Never forget that."

Swallowing her sobs, she did not struggle when Master Khan released the handcuffs and turned her to face the conference table. She didn't fight when he re-locked her wrists, placing her in the exact opposite position she'd been in earlier. She continued to submit when he stepped up behind her and used the toe of his boot to separate her feet once more.

She closed her eyes and bit her lip to hold back the shuddering sobs that threatened to escape when she felt his hand against her back, pushing her forward against the chilly table top. Her hair spilled forward, hiding the flushed and tear stained cheeks from the two dominants behind her. Two more well places nudges and her legs were spread lewdly apart.

"Remember Reggie, her ass belongs to Me, and only Me." Mr. Walters said as he walked slowly around the conference table to take up the position in front of his pet's face. "Look at Me, pet, I wish to see your lovely face when you cum again."

Shivering in anticipation, she looked up at His face. "Yes, Master.", she breathed softly.

No matter how she tried to relax, when the fabric of Master Khan's slacks brushed across the skin of her legs ... her body tightened painfully. She was prepared for the burning pain of the first hard thrust into her vagina, she was even ready for the sharp sting of his hand against her asscheeks. What she was not ready for, was the gentle stroke of fingers across her nipples when Master Khan leaned against her back and reached around to cup the full mounds.

Murmuring against the back of her neck, "Such a sweet little submissive. You have given me a great deal of pleasure today. Your Master has much to be proud of in you, little one." as his lips nuzzled the soft skin just below her hairline. "Because you've pleased both your Master and Myself, I'm going to make you cum many times, little one."

She felt his cock push between her spread legs and began to stiffen against the pain to come. "Shhhh, relax little submissive, I promise I will not hurt you again. Relax for your Master."

Mr. Walters' finger slid under her chin, lifting it so that her gaze locked onto His and He smiled gently. Her lips trembled, but she slowly began to relax. As her body loosened up, Master Khan's cock began to rock slowly along her cum slick pussy lips. He didn't attempt to enter her vagina, he merely rubbed a little slower each time.

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