tagBDSMTaking Her

Taking Her


As I open my door I see her standing there with a smile on her face. I roughly grab her by the hair causing her to give a little yelp and drag her into the living room throwing her by her hair in the center of the the room. A tear falls from her eye as I look at her with a stone cold look on my face.

"Strip bitch," I yell at her.

Hey eyes watering as tears stream down her pale face. Her head hurting from me throwing her in the room. Her face full of fear as my eyes stare at her with no emotion. As her body shakes she starts to unbutton her shirt letting it fall open. Her bra exposed as she wiggles her hips letting her shorts fall down her legs falling limp to the floor.

"Your bra and panties too whore," I command her.

She reaches behind her unhooking her bra letting it slide down over her breasts. Her nipples instantly hard from the cool air in the living room. Then she pushes her panties down her thighs stepping out of them as they fall to the floor.

"Rub your tits for me."

Her hands reach up as she slowly rubs over her breasts as I stare at her.

"Pinch your nipples hard," I scream at her.

She pinches her nipples very hard as she squeezes her breasts. Her face winces as her nails dig into her breasts.

"Feel good," I ask her.

"Y...Yes Mistress," she sputters out. All the time moaning form the pain of her breasts.

"Who's my dirty bitch?"

"I am your dirty bitch Mistress."

"Who's my filthy whore?"

Her body shakes as she keeps pinching her nipples. "I...I am your filthy whore Mistress," she replies her mind racing as she softly moans.

"Who is my slutty piece of fuck meat?"

She moans, her mind completely empty other than repeating what I ask of her, feeling me take hold of her. "I..I am your slutty piece of fuck meat Mistress."

I undo the tie on my black silk robe letting it fall off my shoulders pooling at the floor around my feet. Revealing I am only wearing matching sheer black panties and bra. I walk over to the couch and sit down. "Get on your hands and knees slut."

She lowers herself down quickly to her hands and knees as she looks up at my perfect body.

"Now crawl over here to me," I say and motion her with my finger.

She crawls across the floor towards me. Her back arched as she slides slowly to my feet, where she belongs.

I spread my legs revealing my sheer black panties to her as she smells a light scent of my pussy as my arousal builds. "Lick and suck my pantie covered pussy skank." The smell of my goddess like scent filling her lungs, moaning as she breathes me in deeply. My sheer black panties get damp as she pushes her face down against them. Opening her mouth as her wet tongue soaks them, her mouth sucking against them. I grab her head my fingers running through her soft blond hair holding it tightly against my pussy my head thrown back over the couch as I thrust my pussy upwards to her waiting mouth. "That's it soak my panties you fucking tramp, good girl." My hands holding her head down in place firmly as I hold it hard against my panties.

Her spit soaking them as they pull tight against my slit. Her mouth covering my lips as she sucks the lips into her mouth savoring the sweet taste of my juices. Moaning loudly as she hears me call her such awful names and then tell her how good she is. Her tongue sliding out licking over my swelling clit through my soaked panties.

I reach to the coffee table and grab my cat o' nice tails. I begin to whip her ass as she keeps licking over my panties leaving welts but not drawing any blood. She screams loudly into my pussy as I whip her. Her cheeks turn bright red as I slam down hard onto them. Her mouth sucking harder on my panties soaking every inch of them.

"That's enough." I roughly push her head away from my crotch. I stand up in front of her still kneeling at my feet picking up my 10 inch strap-on from the coffee table I roughly grab her hair and hold her head back and start jamming the strap-on in her mouth and down her throat. "Yeah that's a good little slut." I take out the strap-on from her mouth and strap it on my body. I look down at my pet and spit on her face. "You fucking whore," I say. "Suck me off slut." My thick warm spit coating her pretty face as she feels so degraded as the strap-on runs over her lips. She opens her mouth and begins to suck the strap-on moaning as she does so.

"Tell your Mistress what you are."

More tears fall from her eyes. "I am your filthy piece of slut meat, your complete and total slave, your nasty little whore, your kinky dirty slut."

I smile knowing I am breaking her. "Yes good girl. C'mon suck me harder show me the whore you are." She takes my thick strap-on deep down her throat opening up her throat to take it all the way inside her. Deep throating it as she stares up into my eyes sucking it so fast and hard. "That's enough now stand up." She stands up slowly my spit running down her face, long strands running up from my strap-on. I slap her with my right hand causing her head to snap. "Fucking cunt. Suck my sheer bra, soak it skank and stroke my face cock while you do it." She leans in her lips instantly on my full breasts. Sucking against my nipples through my bra as the spit from her face soaks it. Her mouth wraps around my tit as her hand slowly strokes my strap-on. "Yeah good baby soak your Mistress' bra, stroke my fake cock." She switches from breast to breast soaking each of the cups her hand stoking the strap-on.

I throw her head off my tit. I reach back to the coffee table picking up a black scarf and tie it over her eyes blindfolding her. I can feel her body shiver a bit from the fear and not seeing what is coming next. "Open your mouth." She nervously open her mouth wide, obeying me without question. I stuff her dirty panties in her mouth. Then I reach to the coffee table picking up the 4 clothespins I have placed out there. I attach one to each of her nipples and one to each of her cunt lips hearing her scream through the panties. All the while her body shaking from not seeing anything.

I pick up the handcuffs from the coffee table and drag her by her hair into the kitchen. I sit her down on a chair pulling her arms behind her handcuffing her hands together. Then I walk over to the fridge opening it and take out the champagne bottle. I begin to pour the champagne all over her naked body. She whimpers through the panties from the coolness of the champagne then with my warm wet tongue I begin to lick it of her body. As I lick all over her body I tug on the pins attached to her nipples and cunt lips making her squeal. Tears fall down from her blindfold.

Then I pick her up from the chair and throw her over the kitchen table still blindfolded, gagged and handcuffed I line up the 10 inch strap-on and in one thrust I slam the entire 10 inches up her cunt raping her fast, hard and deep. I grab her hips pulling her back and forth roughly over my fake cock. I take out the panties from her mouth causing her to gasp for air as I continue to pound her hard. Juices running down her thighs her pussy opening wide for my thick cock. Her body starts to shake I know she is going to cum soon. I rake my nails down her back still not drawing any blood. Roughly pulling my strap-on out of her cunt before sliding it in her tight ass raping it hard. "Oh yeah your ass is so tight. Take it you good for nothing slut." I spank her ass hard several times. "Dirty fucking whore." She screams loudly tears falling from her face. I reach under her roughly ripping off the pins from her cunt lips and her nipples. Then I roughly rub her cunt trying to get her to cum all over my hand. Her pussy gives way with a thick torrent of cum flowing all over my hand as her body shakes violently. I undo the handcuffs, then turn her around to face me and take off the blindfold. Then I run my cum covered hand all over her face before kissing her softly on the lips.

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