tagLesbian SexTaking Her Home Ch. 02

Taking Her Home Ch. 02


Another chapter for you! This starts and ends with sex, with some nice fluff stuck in the middle bit. Fair warning: there are elements of pee play.


Some time later, Eliza and Sofia arose from their cuddling (and napping). The piss had cooled and their juices had dried, leaving them cold and sticky. Giggling, they raced for the bathroom. Eliza was distracted by the younger girl's assets jiggling vigorously, but Sofia didn't know where the bathroom was, so the race was fairly equal.

Finally, nearly tripping over the other's long, bare legs, they stumbled into the full bath in the hall. The taller girl quickly stepped past Sofia, leaping into the tub before turning and dragging Sofia in after her.

"How do you like your shower," Eliza asked, grinning excitedly. Her eyes sparkled with delight and laughter.

"As hot as I can stand it," the darker girl shot back, a matching grin stuck on her face. Eliza nodded and spun the red knob all the way to the left. The center handle was set pointing up and the rightmost blue one given a couple short turns. Water sprayed from the shower head, and after a moment, the girls stepped in.

Sofia gave the taller woman a quick peck on the cheek before grabbing the soap and getting to work. She began rubbing the soap along Eliza's smooth, soft torso, sensually rubbing the suds along the skin. The hands worked their way up, massaging Eliza's perky tits. The nipples stiffened, water pouring off of them in two tiny streams.

The pale woman moaned quietly in anticipation as Sofia crouched down. The wandering hands began to work themselves along Eliza's thighs and into the thick flesh of her ass. One finger slid lightly into her crack and gently massaged her rim.

Finally, Sofia's hands began to rub and stroke the pale, quivering quim. Eliza moaned loudly, leaning forward into the motion. One hand slipped on the soapy wet flesh, sliding knuckle deep into her cunt. "Wow," Sofia murmured, "You're loose as hell."

"Yeah, and your hands are fucking tiny. And hot as shit. Oh god, don't stop," the taller girl grunted out. After rinsing the soap off of the other girl's twat, Sofia finally leaned forward and began to lick Eliza's swollen twat.

The older woman gave a long, drawn-out moan, punctuated by a sharp yelp as Sofia puckered her lips around Eliza's clit and made a hook motion with the hand still inside of her vagina. Sofia's second hand reached down and began rapidly frigging her own throbbing cunt.

Once of Eliza's hands was massaging her tits and pinching her nipples while the other began trying to shove the darker girl's head into her crotch. She leaned forward, nearly hitting her head against the shower wall, screaming in joy. It didn't take long for her to cum with a yell that kept the neighbors from going to sleep, nearly kicking Sofia with her orgasmic shaking.

Sofia stood up and Eliza held her close for several moments, the pale breasts sitting just above the smaller, darker ones, their skin sliding together in the water from the shower head. Sofia kept gently licking and kissing the skin of the other girl's tits.

Finally, Eliza let the other girl go and, with a grin, she knelt down. Slowly, she teased along her thighs with her tongue and fingers, making Sofia squirm in her arms. Her small, black nipples pebbled into tiny points between her fingers as Sofia moaned and squeezed Eliza's head in her thighs.

Eliza began to work the juice black cunt above her with her tongue, ignoring the way Sofia's thighs stopped her from hearing anything. Her hands clutched the pert ass that quivered and shook just on the other side of Sofia's hips.

She felt Sofia's shaking build to a crescendo, her thighs tightening almost painfully. Finally, just before the other girl reached her peak, Eliza let go off her firm cheeks and the slapped her ass.

Sofia came with a screech that Eliza only just heard from between her chocolate thighs. Her hips bucked and thrust against her face, grinding on her nose. Above Eliza, Sofia's hands twisted and pinched her hard, tight nipples.

A moment later, as Sofia began calming down, liquid began gushing from her throbbing twat. Yellow piss poured onto Eliza's face, only taking a moment to begin filling her mouth.

Eliza reared back, spitting it out. "That tastes horrible!"

Sofia giggled. "Sorry! That's alright. I'm not a huge fan of it either." They climbed out of the shower and walked into the living room hand in hand. The couch looked to be nearly dry, but yesterday's clothes still seemed wet, smelly, and unappealing.

"I... I think I might have some of my old clothes from when I was around your age in a closet somewhere. They might be a little out-of-date, but they should fit you." Sofia nodded cheerfully and gestured for her to lead the way.

After a minute of rummaging through a closet, I came out with a set of dark green undergarments, an old long-sleeve Beetles shirt, some ripped jeans, and black and white striped socks. "Damn, you used to dress cool! I love the beetles," Sofia exclaimed.

I glanced over at the turquoise dress, white socks, yellow underwear, and black leggings I had gotten out of my current wardrobe for myself. "Oh, hush. I don't normally dress like that. I have a luncheon with some cousins later. Mum thought it'd be nice if they came over to visit me while she went to visit her siblings."

Sofia winced, then brightened, and then looked downcast. "What's up, girl?" Eliza asked, noting Sofia's expressions and gently stroking the younger girl's cheek.

"I was thinking, 'Yikes, that doesn't sound fun,' but then I had the idea of you introducing me to them, but..." she muttered, trailing off.

"But you don't know who I'd introduce you as." Eliza finished. Sofia nodded, looking down at her feet and rubbing her toes on the carpet. "Well, what do you want to be introduced as?"

Sofia looked up into Eliza's warm, blue-grey eyes. "Um, if you don't mind, maybe I'd like to, uh, stick around for a bit longer?"

Eliza grinned teasingly. "You don't sound very sure about that. As a matter of fact, I would be glad to have you. Though, do you mean to, as you said, 'stick around' romantically or as a friend?"

Sofia blushed. "R-romantically."

Eliza giggled and kissed her nose. "You're adorable. Kissing me, eating me out, even pissing on me was fine, but asking to be my girlfriend makes you blush and you can't even say it straight! Or, rather, say it gay."

Sofia snorted at the pun before remembering that she was newly not-single. With a high pitched, "Squeee!" she hugged Eliza with all the strength in her admittedly-thin arms, burying her face in the other girl's still-bare tits. She looked up hopefully, her chocolate brown eyes meeting blue. "So..., I'm coming with you?" Eliza just nodded.

They finally got dressed and headed into the kitchen. "Shit!" Eliza exclaimed. "It's already a quarter til noon and I said I'd meet them at half past. We're meeting at the new rooftop cafe across town, and it's a half-hour drive."

They rushed out of the door and flew into Eliza's silver Subaru. She was down the drive and on the road almost before Sofia managed to get buckled. "Damn," the other girl grumbled. "I wanted to get food before we left. I wasn't kidding about only getting a few scraps last night. Oh well, I guess I can eat when we get there."

Traffic being what it is around noon on Saturday, they arrived at the Cafe with only minutes to spare. After a long (and mostly boring) lunch with Eliza's cousins, the new couple climbed back into the car. "Well," Eliza grunted, "That wasn't as bad as I had expected."

"Yup!" Sofia chirped happily. "I think they liked me." She leaned over and gave the other girl a peck on the cheek. "So..., what now? Wanna head back home for some... fun?" she leered suggestively, rubbing her chest across Eliza's arm and nearly pitching face first into her pale cleavage.

Eliza tilted her head, considering the question. "That sounds nice, but we can always do that later, and I kinda want to go to the park. There's a nice one with a small patch of woods and a lake about halfway from here, and it's toward home too."

Sofia grinned. "Sounds great!"

They arrived at the park not long later to find that it was nearly empty. "One of the benefits of living in a small town with actual woods only a few miles away," Eliza laughed. The cute pair ran down the path hand in hand, exploring the park together as if neither of them had ever seen it before.

Eventually, they flopped down onto the grassy bank by the lake together, panting from excitement and exertion. "Liz," Sofia panted. "I think-"

"Hang on!" Eliza interrupted. "Liz! What's this?"

Sofia giggled. "A nickname, what else?"

"Well what am I supposed to call you? Sof? Sofi? Sofa?" Laughter was her only reply. Suddenly, she remembered a chocolate chip waffle landing in front of her. She had ordered it yesterday at the restaurant, only now remembering it. "I know! You're my little chocolate chip. Like on the waffle from yesterday."

Sofia giggled and blushed. "That's... thank you, that's sweet. I was wondering why you ordered waffles at half past seven, though. I got a lot of funny looks when I told them to fire up the waffle maker."

It was Eliza's turn to blush. "I was distracted and you know it, you little minx!"

Sofia turned away and looked down. "Anyway, what I was about to say is that, well, I think I'm beginning to really like you."

"Well, no need to look so disappointed! I'm not that bad, am I? Don't worry, little chocolate chip. I'm pretty sure I like you too."

The other girl's face darkened and she remained silent for several moments. Finally, she broke the quiet tension with, "I need to pee."

Eliza started laughing hard, shaking and crying, until she finally rolled over into the dirt, lying there shaking for several moments until she recovered herself. Eventually, she sat back up. "Well, after all the water you drank at the cafe and all that running around, I wouldn't be surprised. I need to go to. That was a nice laugh."

Sofia glanced around. Seeing no one nearer than the road nearly half a mile away across the lake, she turned to Eliza and said, "Let's just do it here."

Eliza grinned at the suggestion and nodded. She pulled her dress up and they both slid their pants/leggings and panties down. They sat in the grass and, only a moment later, piss began gushing from their bare twats with a gurgling hiss. The pale gold liquid swirled and pooled on the ground for a moment before soaking into the dirt and running down the bank towards the lake. Their streams mixed together a few feet away.

Eliza finished first and continued to sit, content to watch Sofia's bladder void itself into the grass. Sofia let out a long, low moan as her piss finally ended, reaching over and swiping any drops off of Eliza's cunt. She gave her now-wet hand a seductive lick, staring Eliza in the eyes the entire time.

Eliza shuddered with lust and reached over to do the same, though she wiped her hand in the grass instead of in her mouth. She began to get dressed and had almost pulled her panties and leggings up when Sofia's hand went for her crotch again, stopping her. Her thin, brown fingers slipped into the pale pussy easily, making Eliza gasp and arch her back.

Eliza slid closer to her lover, returning the favor with her own hand. After a moment she grabbed Sofia and pulled her on top of her, frenching her vigorously.

Their hands moved rapidly and they bucked and twisted against each other. Sofia nearly ripped Eliza's dress with her spare hand, grabbing on to one pale tit and kneading it gently. Eliza's spare moved down to grab at her lover's ass, squeezing the flesh as it tensed and twitched.

As she came, Sofia almost ground her face against Eliza's, muffling her moans as she attempted to fist the bigger girl at a rather odd angle. Somehow, the forceful manipulation of her twat, the hand on her boob and the tongue in her mouth was enough to push Eliza even closer to the edge.

She flipped the wildly-gyrating pair over, thrusting and grinding against Sofia's pelvis, the black girl's hand stuck between the two sopping pussies, until she finally came with a near-silent screech and a sharp back bend. Sofia gasped, panting, as Eliza collapsed on her.

It was some time before they managed to untangle their legs and leg garments, pull the garments up, stuff Eliza's tit back into her clothes and leave.

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