Taking His Dreamgirl


David could only stare and drool as Kim's two coveted breasts bounced slightly in front of his eyes. The firm young breast structure defied gravity. Only a girl this young could possess such big and heavy breasts and keep them from falling to her knees. They didn't sag a single inch. Her nipples were not too small, but certainly not too big, just ideal for hours of sucking.

David licked a bit of drool off the corner of his mouth.

"A-arch your back sweetie," He said with a disgusting perverted tone.

Kim obeyed and arched her back, staring at the ceiling, imagining it was a hot hunk standing in front of her looking at her fabulous assets, instead of a dirty old scumbag. Though she had to admit, showing her boobs unwillingly to this disgusting pervert surprisingly excited her a bit, maybe because he was so obsessed with them. She pushed her breasts out even further, and David's cock was ready to explode.

"Ooo yes, look at that. I've never seen tits this perfect... not even in photo-shopped dirty magazines. Finally my prayers have been answered... so round, so firm, so big, so fucking young... you are all mine now."

David let his pants fall down, and he grabbed his cock through his underwear. He pulled a couple times and groaned "hmmm, what an impressive rack... time to feel what a hot cheerleader's tits feel like."

From outside the house you could see two shadows through the closed curtains. The one on the right was a slender figure with two obvious large breasts on a small frame while the one on the left was a much fatter body with a crooked back. The one on the left was closing in on the right one. Fat hands reached forward to touch the round balloons sticking out into the open air. They actually looked more like silicone enlarged breasts from outside if you didn't know the girl was so young and still had her youthful firmness.

Inside, the spectacle was too horrible and unbelievable to perceive. The town's most ugly and perverted man was reaching out unperturbed to the magnificent breasts of one of the most beautiful girls anyone has ever seen. The old wrinkled and fat hands were now coming dangerously close to the firm 18 year-old teenage melons standing out proudly from her chest.

"N-no please, don't do this. Please don't touch me... I'm so proud of them, please don't touch my breasts... let me go now... you had your fun right. I beg you.. noooo!"

Her whole body shook in disgust as David took both breasts in his hands. Her young boobs were obviously too big for his small thick hands as her young flesh spilled over and in-between his fingers that were pawing deep into Kim's firm round flesh. He started kneading her soft tits while drooling all over the carpet. David was in heaven; this was everything he'd ever dreamt of.

"O my god, your boobs are even better then I imagined. So incredibly firm yet so soft and malleable. Ooo yeah... so soft... so young... hmmm."

He rolled her nipples between his fingers, pulling on them and making her squeal. He weighed her massive tits in his hands and pushed them together, creating a mouthwatering cleavage. His old hands on her proud bust made her feel disgusting, but none of this compared to his next move..

He let go of her breasts for a few seconds and pushed her golden hair from in front of her shoulders to behind her back, now seeing her front-side in full view. He crooked his back a little more, which reminded Kim of a hunchback, and he lowered his face towards her chest. He smelled her young teenage odor up into his nostrils.

"Nooo, not that, keep your filthy mouth away from my boobs. Please... Nooo... you filthy old pervert!"

Despite her protests, she knew she could not refuse him. She only hoped her pleas could change his mind.

Paying no attention whatsoever to Kim's pleas he pushed his smelly old face between Kim's large cushiony breasts. Pushing her breasts together with his hands he almost crushed his face between her massive globes. With his rotten drooling mouth he slurped as much of her left tit into his mouth as possible, sucking ravenously on the teen's firm boobs and salivating all over them. Slowly the sound of slurping, sucking and kissing filled the room as Kim stood there crying silently with her arms stiff next to her body and her fists clenched while the disgusting old man licked, kissed, sucked and squeezed every inch of her breasts.

"Sweet Jesus! Slllllrrrp... my dream is coming true... Ssshhmk... Your breasts taste amazing... So good... Shlllrrp... So soft and so unbelievably big. Hehe finally your tits are mine, and mine alone!"

Kim just stood there frozen, mumbling now. "Y-you bastard... I-I could be you granddaughter... You dirty old... fat.... ugly... pathetic little man."

She looked down for a second, seeing her old neighbor's bald wrinkled head squashed between her proud breasts. His tongue licked all over her round tanned skin, which made her tits glisten with his stinking saliva. She almost gagged before looking back up.

He sucked for over 20 minutes on her nipples, switching breasts from time to time, as if nursing himself on the teenager's rack. Lapping his tongue one more time over both tits, he dropped to his knees. He reached up and grabbed both of her flawless butt cheeks in each hand and squeezed. As he did this he moved towards her crotch and took a big sniff of her panty-covered pussy.

"Mmmm... such a lovely smelling young cunt. I can't wait to taste it, hehe."

"No... please... noooo not there... you can keep sucking my boobs, just d-don't touch me down there..."

David continued to ignore her pleas as he let go of her ass and reached up to grab the elastic waistband of her dainty thong panties. He slipped them down her hot legs to her ankles revealing her last hidden treasure. Realizing he wasn't going to budge, Kim lifted each foot one at a time to step out of her panties. David grabbed them and tossed them to the far corner of the room so that he could keep them as a trophy and a tool to use for his future masturbation sessions.

"Oh sweetie... mmm... god your young shaved pussy looks so delicious," the horny old man said as his wide eyes stared at her private part. It was a sight he could barely comprehend... Kim, his ultimate fantasy, standing naked in his living room with her big tits covered with his saliva, and her shaved pussy waiting to be kissed. He wanted to see that amazing butt of hers too.

"Oh god... you're a thing of beauty. Turn around... oh yes turn around and show me that perfect ass."

Kim with tears still in her eyes turned around.

"That's it... bend over. Oh... bend over and touch your toes."

Kim followed his order. Being a flexible cheerleader in perfect shape, she easily bent over and touched her toes. Her long blonde hair cascaded to the ground below her, and her young firm tits amazingly didn't sag much even when bent over.

David looked desperately horny as he pushed his sweating face into her young shaved pussy. He now started eating her out as both hands took the courtesy of exploring her soft smooth buttocks. Squeezing her bum and tasting her sweet innocent pussy made him loose his mind completely. David's tongue founds its way in between her labia and tasted the pureness of a sweet teenage vagina.

His tongue lapped on her young pussy for several minutes while he grunted like a pig and she remained bent over. He occasionally lifted his chin up and spread her butt cheeks so he could examine her sweet puckered little asshole. He was so dirty that he would lick all the way from the hood of her clitoris, up between her labia, and finally to her asshole, and back down again. He repeated this over and over until his face was covered with his own saliva and drool.

While clawing his hands into her perfectly formed ass, he attacked her pussy with his tongue once more time before making sure Kim was now wet enough for his next move. Kim actually started to enjoy his movements a little as a short moment of pleasure went through her young pussy.

He stood up and took off his shirt. Kim finally stood up, beginning to get exhausted from bending over for him. She looked at David and was disgusted by his big fat belly full of hair and red pimples. Then he pulled his underwear down, revealing a short but very thick cock looking dangerously at Kim from under his protruding paunch. There might have never been a more opposite pair of naked bodies together in one room before.

Kim's naked body could easily be plastered on the cover of Playboy, while David's naked body was comparable to a walrus.

He knew he didn't have the strength to take her like this before collapsing, so he sat down in his large chair full of spotty pillows and food stains. It looked like his whole body filled up every space of the chair as his fat drooped down in every hole, almost as if he was one with the chair. Under his giant belly his thick cock stood proud and erect.

"Now come sit on daddy's lap sweetie." As he said this he pulled the lever to recline the chair.

David licked his lips as she slowly came closer with tears rolling over her cheeks. As she stood before him he ordered her to climb up on over his hard member and lower herself onto it.

"Y-you bastard... you will be hated by everybody! I'll make sure of that... nobody wants you here anyway... y-you dirty pig... your life will be a living hell, you hear me!"

Though while she said this she noticed her pussy was moistening with anticipation, giving her a feeling she might not hate this entirely. Sure David is disgusting, but sex was always a huge turn on for her. She shivered as she looked down at David's penis.

"Hehe I don't give a damn thing about that because I about to fuck the town's most beautiful and sexiest girl. Any man would want to be in my place right now. In my mind we'd fucked thousands of times before... now it's time to take you for real you sexy little cunt, now lower yourself!"

She let herself slide over his thick penis, her tight pussy stretching for his 56 year old cock. David started to breath very heavy, as she was now sitting on his lap with his penis deep inside her. He looked up at her, pulling her towards him while thrusting up and down, now actually fucking the young babe. Her large hooters again forced in his face, he lost his mind completely. Attacking her incredible soft tits, he stuffed one into his mouth, dribbling all over it.

Kim now pulled herself up a little bit so he had more space to fuck her. The sooner he came, the better, to make an end to this horrible experience. He took a handful of her golden hair and pushed her face down. The moment she wanted to say 'no' he pushed his tongue right into her sweet mouth and started kissing her and playing with Kim's tongue. While he enjoyed her delicious teenage mouth, she almost puked from the foul taste and old tongue.

"Hmmmmpfff, hmppppfff... mmmmhh," Kim could only mumble things through his rough kissing and slobbering over her mouth. Then he stopped kissing her and increased his fuck speed, grabbing her waist and attempting to bounce her on his lap. He was grunting and groaning as the chair squeaked. Unfortunately she was still in tears and not putting forth the effort he wanted. David was in no physical shape to do all the work.

At this moment, the mailman came by with the early newspaper. As he walked by he heard familiar sounds from David's house and noticed the silhouette of a woman riding the fat old man in his chair. Since when does he have the money to get a whore in there? The small crack in the curtain made him want to look inside as he slowly walked closer.

The shadow of the peeping mailman was spotted by David who, in contrast to Kim, had a good view of him looking.

'Damn it' David thought, fearing someone was going to ruin this experience, but he immediately recognized the peeper as his mailman. He knew his mailman was a dirty man, as he often tried to steal David's dirty magazines that came in the mail. David had also seen him several times trying to peek through Kim's bedroom and bathroom windows while on his route.

Instead of screaming at the mailman for peeking through his window, David thought of something brilliant.

"Kim, stop crying! I want you to pretend to enjoy it and work harder, otherwise I'll never come and you'll have to spend your entire night here... hehe!"

That was the last thing she'd want, so she wiped off her tears and mascara, and she started groaning and riding his cock. It took all her imagination to make her fake enjoying this. Though deep down she was actually beginning to feel some enjoyment as she took over and controlled the pace, pounding her 18 year-old pussy on this nasty old man's cock, the way she usually liked it.

Slowly she submitted to her imaginations and started to ride David's old cock even harder. Beginning to accept what was happening (and imagining someone way hotter than the man she was actually fucking) she wrapped her athletic body around her old neighbor's wrinkled skin and started to wiggle and ride his old shaft as best she could. Her bountiful chest danced in front of his face, and she moaned loud and uncontrollably.

David spanked her ass cheeks several times as she rode him. Her arms wrapped around his neck and she let him kiss her again, but this time she kissed back, knowing the sooner he comes the better.

It was at this moment the mailman was close enough to look through the window. He almost had a heart attack from what he was witnessing. This was not happening... Kim?! How could she? How in the world could he ever get her?? The girl of his dreams... hell, the girl of everybody's dreams! Fucking this fat ugly old man, and it appears she even enjoys it too! Was this the reason she almost never goes out with a guy? Does she like older men? But this one is hideous! Her beautiful slim and flawless body compared to the old, fat and hairy one was almost an outrage! The mailman knew he himself was a gross older man too, maybe Kim wants to fuck him as well?!

The mailman envied old David, as the fat old perv was obviously having the time of his life. He could only see Kim's smooth tanned back with her long blonde hair waving to the rhythm of his fucking, and her perfect ass looked mighty fine sitting there on David's white hairy lap.

'Damn, I always wanted to see her naked! God I want to see her tits,' He thought. The closest he ever got were the times on his mail route when he snuck off to the side of Kim's house and peeped through the small gap in the curtains of her bathroom window to catch glimpses of her exiting the shower with a towel wrapped around her or sitting on the toilet with her panties pulled down to her knees.

David saw the mailman was looking for a better view so he decided to give him exactly that.

"Arch your back sweetie, and lean back a little." Kim obeyed, having her eyes shut the entire time, still trying to picture some hunk while she was fucking.

The mailman's mouth fell open as Kim was leaning back, her long hair almost reaching the floor, and her large firm breasts came into view. "Oh..my..god," He whispered silently. The most beautiful breasts he'd ever seen were only five feet away from him. Every man in town would want to see this!

As she was now leaning back even further he had a perfect view from behind at Kim's round and incredibly firm tits.

'Damn, how big are those things!?'

His cock started to harden as old David was letting him know Kim was his and his only. He slowly took both of her breasts in his hands and started kneading them, blocking most of her tanned flesh from the mailman's gazing eyes. He was cupping Kim's teenage knockers in his dirty old palms.

'That motherfucker!' he thought. Suddenly David looked straight into his eyes, smiling an evil grin. The mailman was startled and walked away quickly with a giant boner in his pants. Kim never saw a thing.

"O yes, go on baby... make me cum... I want to make you pregnant baby... you're mine now... ooo yeeesss, please push those puppies together sweetie."

Kim came back up and pushed her breasts together (though her tits were so well formed and firm they almost didn't need a push to be pressed together). This made her breasts appear even bigger and her nipples came very close together now as David locked his mouth on both sensitive nubs and sucked hard. Pushing his face deep into her cleavage, feeling her soft skin scraping his face as she rode him... he was in heaven. He took both of her buttocks in his hands and started hammering hard to meet her thrusts, while his mouth sucked and salivated on the giant teenage breasts.

"Look at me you young slut. Look at the old fart you always despised so much... taking you now... sucking on your precious boobs... pounding his old cock inside your young juicy pussy. How does that make you feel hmmm?"

Kim opened her eyes and came back to reality after enjoying it for a short period of time. She looked into his perverted eyes and his evil smile that showed some of his brown rotten teeth.

"I hate you... for the rest of my life... you don't deserve any of this you sick fuck!"

He grabbed the back of her blonde head and forcefully pulled her mouth to his as he began kissing her. Her breasts squashed against his own flabby chest. She returned the kiss while his cock drilled into her wet young pussy. He reached down to roughly grab her butt cheeks. After a few minutes heavy kissing, he pulled back and licked his way from her cheek, down her neck, and finally to her amazing cleavage.

She watched the horrible pervert as he opened his mouth even further and again brought his bald, sweating face closer to her chest. She saw, and felt, how her perfect right boob slowly entered his rotten old mouth. His tongue licked the lower part as he sank some of his teeth deep into her firm flesh, biting into the teenage Double-D tit as if he was going to swallow the whole thing.

"Aaah you pervert... is this what you want? You want to suck on a young girl's breasts you dirty ape? Then take them, suck them hard! It will be the last time you ever have this chance again you perverted freak!"

Slowly he stopped biting her large balloons and strongly licked them all the way up. He was pushing her heavy tits upwards a bit and letting them jiggle slightly as it came down again.

"Oooo yesss, here I come... look at me you slut! Hhmmmmm soo tight... you're sooo tight."

"C'mon then you sick pervert," she said leaning up and putting her hands on his fat chest, which pushed her impossibly big tits together. She then started to bounce ferociously on his throbbing cock as her own body was about to cum too.

"Fuck my tight pussy with your dirty cock you slimy pig. You dirty gross old bastard, using my big tits and tight pussy... you better enjoy it because you'll never touch me again, I swear it!"

Now pulsating over the edge, he shot a string of cum deep into her womb so hard and long it seemed almost impossible how much of sperm came out of that old thing.

"Yeaaaaahhhh... take it all!"

It was at this moment that Kim had an orgasm while feeling the dirty old man shoot his spunk into her belly. She continued to ride his cock as her orgasm passed through her body. He shot a few more loads of his dirty seed into her before he pulled her down on him and buried his head in between her teenaged cleavage.

This was it, he had fulfilled his dream. Unbelievable. He just sat there as if he was knocked out, as she let herself slide of his cock. He watched her beautiful body one more time as she dressed herself. She couldn't find her panties, but she didn't want to be in this gross house one more second longer, so she didn't even try to look for them. The dress pressed her breasts slightly up again as before, though now her cleavage was sticky and gleaming with drool. She gave him a disgusted look before running out of the front door.

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