tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTaking Jaime Ch. 02

Taking Jaime Ch. 02



Jaime was livid. She was sad but most of all she was empty. Landon looked like he was genuinely sad that he had hurt her but that does not diffuse the fact that he violated her body and hurt her and on top of that he kidnapped her and threatened her family. Today was officially the worse day of her life so far.

Feeling bummed about her position in life she looked at the pictures that she could see around her. Some of these pictures went as far back as her prom in high school. She was holding on to her date Robert who was a very handsome man. He was the same milk chocolate color as her with nice white teeth smiling at the camera. She looked at another picture of her at the library studying with a couple of her college friends. The pictures got worse, some were of her sleeping some of her in the shower. The longer Jaime looked at the photos the more she got freaked out. This man has been following her for at least five years. She tried to check her memory to see what she did to lead this man on but she couldn't think of anything. Looking at the amount of pictures he had of her she summed it up that he was never going to let her go. She was never going to see her family again and she would never get to live out her dreams. A light bulb went of over her head: when the people from Vogue Italia found out she didn't make it there then they would have to call her parents and then her parents would be looking for her! There was always a silver lining. Smiling, her eyes got heavy and she drifted off to sleep with dreams of running to her parent's open arms.


He was tossing and turning all night not able to get any sleep because he was racked with guilt and he missed having her in his arms. He got up and headed downstairs to see if his lover was still awake like he was. He didn't cut the light on just in case she was sleeping but the lamp beside her bed was still on. She was so beautiful when she was sleeping. She looked so uncomfortable sleeping with those restraints on so he took them off for her. She sighed and rolled over to her side. He felt his heart clench at the sight of her. He was so in love with this young woman and she didn't even know it.

He doesn't know how long he stood there looking at her but his legs started to ache from standing too long so he headed back upstairs to get some rest before he had to make it to a meeting. Stopping to look at the time on the wall he rushed upstairs to his room because it was already past 10 am. Where did the time go? He got in and out of the shower and got dressed within minutes and headed out the door making sure to turn on the security system.

He had a top-of-the-line security system. No one could get in and no one could get out. He hoped Jaime would appreciate the lengths he took to make her safe and he also hoped she didn't try anything crazy. He knew his Jaime wouldn't try anything stupid especially since there were no phones in the house. Shrugging his shoulders he headed to the office to make his meeting.


Jaime woke up with a terrible ache between her thighs. She was so sore she thought if she stood up she wouldn't be able to walk. Slowly she got up realizing her hands and feet weren't bound anymore. She rubbed her wrists and took a look at the pictures she wasn't able to see last night. Those pictures were near the door so she peeked around to see if the door was open or at least unlocked. Smiling she ran up the stairs because the door was cracked showing a peek of light behind it. When Jaime made it to the top of the stairs she entered the kitchen and immediately went to the door leading outside. It was locked and it didn't have a lock on the inside where she was. Her hand fell from the doorknob and felt the happiness drain from her again. It dawned on her that if he left her home alone then there was no possible way she was getting out. Letting out an audible sigh she decided to look around. She came into the what looked like the family room that held a huge plasma television and comfy looking furniture. Anger coursed through her veins because she didn't want to look at this man as normal.

She saw a staircase on either side of the room leading up to another level. When she made it to the top of the floor she went left to look in the hall of rooms. All of the doors were locked so she went back down the hall to the other side to check the other rooms. The first door on her left was a bathroom and the door adjacent to the bathroom was his bedroom. His bedroom was huge and had a picture of her and him on his bedside table. Jaime remembered taking that picture with him about a year ago at her parent's annual party. She remembered a photographer took it for them but her parents never had a photographer at their parties. This man was psychotic. His hand was around her waist and while she was looking at the camera smiling, he was looking down at her as if he was in love. Seeing that picture made her feel sick so she ran to the bathroom in his room and threw up. Rinsing her mouth in the sink she looked at herself in the mirror. She saw out of the corner of her eye the same picture from his bed side table and she threw up again in the sink. She had enough of his room so she quickly cleaned up the sink and left the room how she found it. There was a white door down the end of the hall which was weird because all the other doors were brown. She stopped in her tracks because she had seen all the movies where the stupid girl opens the forbidden door and she somehow dies or opens up Pandora's box. Figuring things couldn't get any worse than they were now she set her shoulders and made it to the door.

She opened the door to see a child's room. It was beautiful in here, the walls were a happy lime green with everything a child would want in their youth. There was a picture of Landon holding a baby in his arms. The child was cute with big blue eyes and a smile on his or her face. She didn't know he had a child. Hell she didn't even know he had a wife. If he had a wife and a child, where were they? And why haven't she ever seen them before? If he had a family then surely they would be here in anytime! She closed the door and headed downstairs as her stomach growled. Making it to the kitchen she made herself some breakfast even though it was a little after 2. After eating she felt a little lethargic so she hopped on the couch and cut the tv on. After a while she wanted to wash his scent off of her even though he did wash her last night. She walked to his room and got in the shower which had shower heads on every side of the wall and had all of her usual toiletries in his bathroom. Yes, this man is definitely on the crazy side. Taking a deep breath she started to wash herself under the pleasant spray of water enjoying the warm water against her skin.

Jaime was still sore from the invasion of her body last night and was sad she couldn't wash it away. No matter how hard she scrubbed her skin she couldn't get the feel of him off of her. A wave of depression swept over her and she dropped to the floor as she cried. She couldn't believe she was in this predicament. Why her? She tried to avoid this break down. She didn't want him to see she had lost all hope, she didn't want him to see her cry to know he has broken her.

Jaime sat in the shower crying feeling bad for herself but she refused to be that person who didn't fight for her freedom. She stood up and cut the shower off using his towel to dry herself. She rummaged through his drawers and picked out an oversized Black Sabbath shirt and a pair of sweat pants that she had to roll on her waist 4 times. She made it back downstairs and she got a snack and laid on the couch watching tv. She nodded off on the couch because she was just too tired to even lift a finger.


The meeting went well and it was nice and short. After the meeting Landon headed to his private jeweler so he could buy her a necklace. He got her an 18k gold heart necklace with a lock in the middle. Landon just knew she would love it. He stopped by the florist so he could get her a dozen roses and he also planned on making her dinner. It was already 6:30 and he has been missing Jaime something terrible and he couldn't keep his mind off of her all day. It was usually like that every day but now that he knew he had her at his...their house, he couldn't stand being this far from her.

He hoped she didn't stay down in the basement all day but knowing his Jaime she stayed because she didn't want to be rude. He gasped and his eyes went wide, she probably hasn't even eaten all day. He couldn't cook fast enough and he couldn't take her out yet. Damn he was constantly doing the wrong things. Why couldn't he get anything right? This was supposed to be perfect like he visualized it in his mind. Well he was going to fix her a fabulous dinner and he was going to woo her and then make sweet love to his angel just like how she was supposed to have it for her first time.

Landon walked through the front door to his house and stopped abruptly when he heard some talking. Closing the door quietly he crept to the family room and saw the television was on and his lover was sound asleep on the couch. She looked so peaceful so he left her there and went to the kitchen to start dinner, after he cut the security back on. He couldn't wait to feed his lovely Jaime.


She woke up to the smell of something that made her mouth water. Maybe this was his personal chef and she could coax them to let her out. Tossing her legs to the floor she walked to the kitchen to find Landon placing some noodles on two plates along with some french bread. Jaime let out a breath that she didn't know she was holding.

"How was your day doll?" She heard Landon ask.

"Fine" she mumbled.

"I hope you like chicken alfredo because that's what I made for you. I didn't know if you have eaten today or not." Jaime just stood there. "You can have a seat while I pour us our drinks" Landon pointed to a chair.

Jaime sat in the chair feeling all hope was lost but she wasn't going to show him that she was going to ask him some questions seeing that she was stuck here for a while.


He and Jaime ate in silence, he wanted to break the silence so he said, "I have something for you."

Jaime looked at him with expectant eyes, "Are you letting me go?" she asked even though she knew he wasn't.

Landon laughed at her sense of humor, "No, but good try. I bought you something to show you how sorry I am for hurting you last night. Close your eyes." Landon waited for her to close her eyes and he set the flowers in front of her and got behind her to place the necklace around her neck. "Open your eyes."

She opened her eyes and looked down at the necklace around her neck and the blood red flowers in front of her. She turned her head to look back at him, "Thank you" she said in a controlled tone.

He was excited to see if she liked it or not, "Do you like it?"

"They are beautiful" she said bowing her head.

"Then why do you seem so sad?" Landon was confused.

"Because Landon you took me away from my family and you took away my only precious gift that I was saving for a special day. You can't just give me nice presents and expect me to forget that you basically kidnapped me."

Landon smiled, "Nice presents? So you do like it. I'm so glad because I was so afraid you wouldn't like gold but gold is a perfect color for you, I mean your beautiful skin makes the gold necklace glow against you. I really didn't know if you liked roses, I know your favorite is the plumeria but they didn't ha-"

Jaime cut him off frustrated, "Is that all you heard? You kidnapped me and all you heard was that I said you got me nice gifts! Landon my parents will be looking for me when Vogue finds out I never made it to Italy. They will find out that you took me."

Landon sat down at the chair across from her and shook his head looking into her coffee brown eyes and pulling a delicate hand into his. He felt bad because he didn't want to have to tell her this but now that she thought her family would be coming after her he had to tell her, "Jaime, sweetie your family won't come looking for you. I made everything up about Vogue Italia. They never wanted you. I forged that letter as a ploy. You were never going to Italy, I just needed a solid reason to get you to be with me. You have to understand I did this for us. Baby we can be together now." He hoped she understood that he only did this for them. Because if he didn't do this then they would never be able to be together. Now they could start the family he always wanted with her. He waited for her, he waited patiently and he was not going to lose her.

Jaime said a weak "What?" and she started to cry. Landon wiped her face with the pad of his thumbs and felt the strings of his heart tug because of her tears. He didn't want her to be sad, he didn't want her to cry.

"Jaime honey please don't cry. I'm sorry for taking you away from your family but I had to be with you and I know you wanted to be with me too. Just give us a chance."

She looked into his eyes and he knew he saw love there. She was coming through and he knew she would. She just needed to hear that he did this for them. Pleased with himself he got her a box of tissues and went back to his seat. "Do you have anything to ask me?" he asked her.

She dried her eyes and looked down at the table, "I saw your nursery, where is your child?"

Landon was pleasantly surprised she saw the nursery but she must have missed something because he didn't have any kids. That room was for the kids he was going to create with her. "I don't have any children."

"But I saw a picture of you holding a kid with blue eyes in there."

"Oh, no that was one of my coworkers child. She is just a bundle of joy. How did you like the room?"

"Well it was beautiful."

Landon didn't want to stay on this topic too long because he didn't want to scare her by telling her he planned on her having his children. "I noticed you are wearing my clothes. I will have to get you some clothes since you didn't pack much."

"Sorry I just didn't feel like going back down to the basement."

"It's ok doll. But we will be going back down there right now. And tonight is going to be all about you." Landon got up to get a drink of water.

"Can we not do that tonight. I...I still hurt from last night"

Landon went into his cabinet and got a muscle relaxant pill and crushed it in some juice for her. He was rock hard from the time he saw her on the couch lying in his clothes. It took every ounce of discipline in him not to fuck her in the kitchen. "Sweetie just relax. Here finish drinking and I will clean up."

Landon started to wash the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen. He kept taking peeks at Jaime to see how the medicine agreed with her. Her body was slumped in the chair and he finally scooped her up to take her down to the basement. He laid her on the bed gently as she stared up at him. He ran his hand down her cheek and gave her a kiss on the lips. He parted her lips with his tongue. She didn't put up a fight this time so he stuck his tongue in her mouth exploring her. Landon pulled her shirt over her head and slid her pants down her beautiful toned milk chocolate legs. He kissed on her neck going down to her luscious breasts.


Her body felt funny and weak. She was still conscious but her muscles felt like lead. Landon was licking on her nipples now. Her traitorous body made her nipples get hard under his tongue. His hands roaming her body felt good but she still wanted him off of her. He moved down to her belly button making her stomach flutter from his kisses.

He smiled up at her and moved to her thigh kissing the skin closest to her sex. He licked the sensitive skin of her thigh making her core get wet. He made it to the other thigh teasing her with his mouth. He slowly dragged his tongue up her moist slit. She held back a groan because she refused to give him the satisfaction of pleasing her. He sucked her lips in his mouth and Jaime kept her gaze on the ceiling trying to think of a happy place. He started to suck on her clit flicking her bud with his tongue making her breathing get shallow. She fisted her hands at her sides so she wouldn't grab his head but she couldn't stop her hips from grinding in his mouth. This orgasm went through her slower than the last one. Her body got tense and her bones suddenly felt too big for her body. Her back arched off the bed and she was gasping for breath. Pleasure shot through her forcing a moan out of her. After a few seconds her high came down.....just to be started back up. Landon didn't relent with her. He kept on running his tongue over her sensitive bud. The friction was making her body tense up again when she felt the rush of pleasure go through her again. He kept going forcing her to cum again and again in his mouth. Her legs started shaking uncontrollable and she needed him to stop so she tried to lift her hands to push his head away.

It was hard to lift her arms but she needed him to stop this torture. She muttered a small stop and he looked up to her with a smile. He stood up and took his clothes off then crawled up her body. He kissed her letting her taste herself. She has never tasted herself before. He reached a hand down to fondle her clit making her grind her hips on his hand. As he sucked her hard nipples he guided his thick cock in her tight treasure. He bit his lip and closed his eyes moving slowly into her.


She was still unbelievably tight. It took all of his strength not to cum and he wasn't even all the way in. He had to pump into her very slowly so he wouldn't blow his load. Landon was determined to make this time special for her. He was making love to her. He could tell she was trying to hold back by the way she fisted her hands at her sides. He tenderly kissed her and unballed her fists and placed them on his back. She held on to him as he thrust into her with long slow thrusts. He sucked on her nipples as he made sweet love to his angel.

Her hands were digging into his back creating scratch marks that made him know he was making her feel good. The feel of her tight moist and hot center snug around his cock made his eyes roll in the back of his head making it hard for him to keep his balance above her. He stopped to pull her legs around his waist so he could be deeper inside of her.

She started to grind on his cock and he needed her to stop or he would really explode, "Baby you have to stop, fuck don't move." He grabbed her waist but she was wildly searching her release. If she was on the brink of cumming then he would give it to her. He sped up his pace as she moaned loud in his ear making his climax creep up his spine. He shot his seed deep inside of his love telling her he loved her. She came right after him with a scream/moan holding him close. He loved that she was holding on to him like he was her lifeline.

Landon pulled out and watched as their cum seeped out of her. This time he was sure she had to be pregnant. He smiled anticipating starting a family with her. Her hands fell from him and she turned on her side away from him. Seeing her turn away from him made his heart break. He tried entirely too hard for her to be treating him like this but on the other hand he did take her away from everything she knows. He cuddled up to her and pulled her into his chest so he could hold her while they slept.

He loved the feel of her soft ass pressed against his hardening cock but he didn't want to have sex he just wanted to hold her. Landon thought about how great it felt to cum inside of her. He has never came that hard before in his life with the other women who he has had in his old bed. He knew she was the one for him he knew they were meant to be together. Although he wasn't a particularly religious man he still sent a thank you prayer up to whoever made her. She doesn't know that she has him wrapped around her finger. Landon fell asleep with his lover in his arms.

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