tagLesbian SexTaking Jasmine Walker

Taking Jasmine Walker


Summary: On summer holidays Jasmine is seduced by a young Mistress.

Note 1: This is a summer 2012 contest story so please vote.

Note 2: A special thanks goes to MAB7991 and Bill for copy-editing and LaRascasse for his plot suggestions.

Note 3: This story is dedicated to the real Dana whose breasts are really 36G and fabulous and was the mouth for this naughty tale of submission.


Jasmine was having an early afternoon glass of wine and enjoying the summer breeze at the little quaint pub she had discovered when she and her husband arrived in Palm Beach two days ago.

Jasmine enjoyed being able to see the ocean from where she was and the fresh coastal air was refreshing in a way she couldn't quite explain. She read the paper, checking how her Canadians were doing in the summer Olympics. Currently in twelfth place, not bad for a country that is best known for hockey, skiing and snow. When her husband surprised her with a week in Florida she was giddy with excitement. She loved her kids, but a week of no fighting; no, Mom she did this or Mom he did that was much needed. Yesterday's couple's massage was also amazing as was the lengthy sex session with her often on the road husband.

Jasmine watched people walking, like she often did, wondering what their stories were. Were they happy? Were they as sexually perverse as she was? If you looked at Jasmine you would never know this school teacher, this sweet soft spoken woman, this conservative dressed woman was a popular erotic writer. She looked as sweet as apple pie and yet underneath her sundress she was wearing thigh high stockings, and nothing else. Going commando was just one of her naughty perversions, as was thigh high stockings that she did to feel sexy underneath her business-like front. She grabbed her iPad, tapped on her notes app and continued typing a story she was hoping to have ready for the Halloween contest on Literotica.


Dana was about to walk into the pub for an afternoon cocktail loving the freedom that goes with being on holidays when she was stopped in her tracks. It wasn't the woman's face that caught her eye but two other things. First: who wears nylons in Florida on a day that was bubbling just below a 100. Second: the dress...it was identical to the dress in the picture of a popular erotica writer she had been reading the past few days at the recommendation of a friend, having orgasm after orgasm over the sexy plots of submission between women. Dana not wanting to stare went inside the pub and pulled out her phone. She quickly went to Literotica which she had bookmarked and although she couldn't completely remember the author handle she did remember the story that had her pussy dripping wet...Pet Teacher. Once she found the story, she clicked on the author and then the author's biography. She was right...it was the exact same dress. Of course that didn't mean it was her, but she was about the same age as described in the bio.

Dana had emailed the author complimenting her on the Pet Teacher series and had learned that the author's first name was Jasmine, she was married, a Canadian and a submissive by nature. Remembering the Canadian bit, her hopes dissipated but she figured she would have to ask.

Dana, at nineteen was a complete bombshell. Her flaming red hair got her a lot of attention, as did her dazzling green eyes, as did her 36G breasts that were impossible to not notice. But it seemed to be her disarming smile that had pulled in so many older women over the past couple years. Although Dana didn't have much problem getting a man when she needed one, older woman had been even easier, more fun (as older submissive women were easily the best pleasers), as she seemed to have an aura about her that drew older submissive women to her. Going to her e-mail, she quickly looked at her last correspondence from Jasmine, a few days ago. In it, Jasmine admitted she had been going through lesbian withdrawal and that she and her husband would be going on a trip in a few days...the possibilities were good that this woman was the one and the same.

Dana quickly typed an e-mail.


How is your holiday going. I hope you find some hot young thing to dominate you like you so eagerly crave.

Luv Dana...a young woman who would make you her pet like you couldn't even begin to imagine.

Dana clicked send and watched impatiently with bated breath to see if the pretty brunette sipping on a glass of wine and pecking away on her iPad was by some miraculous twist of fate at the same pub. If she was, Dana was going to go in for the kill.

Dana waited a couple of minutes and realized the obvious. The pretty potential prey was already on her tablet, if she got a new e-mail Dana could not tell. Dana decided to just go join her. She quickly ordered herself a glass of wine and walked over to the woman immersed in typing away on her tablet...maybe, just maybe, the author she thought she was.

Reaching the table, Dana asked, "Hi, may I join you. I hate drinking alone."

Jasmine looked up startled and quickly hit something on her tablet and closed it...looking guilty, although she was a little wet, from the sex scene she was typing just getting to the good part. "Um, sure," she said, keeping with the polite stereotype of Canadians.

"You have an accent," Dana noticed, sitting down strategically beside and not across from the brunette.

"I do?" Jasmine asked surprised to be told she has an accent.

"Canadian?" Dana asked, hopeful.

"Is it that obvious?" Jasmine asked with a smile.

"A little bit," Dana replied, her own English accent obvious.

"You have an accent too," Jasmine observed.

"You caught me," Dana replied playfully. "I am on holidays from London, but was born and raised in Paris."

"Explains why I couldn't place it," Jasmine replied, adding, "it is very exotic."

"Thank you," Dana flirted, her sexy smile attempting to pull in the pretty older woman.

"You are welcome," Jasmine replied, taking a glimpse at the younger girl's larger than life breasts.

The glimpse did not go unnoticed by Dana who greeted, holding out her hand, "I'm Dana."

"I'm Jasmine," Jasmine replied, shaking the young redhead's hand.

Dana was giddy with possibility as she continued the harmless conversation, the evidence growing more and more, knowing the seduction in her mind had to be played slowly. "So what brings you here? Business or pleasure?"

"Just a trip without the kids," Jasmine replied.

"Oh, a romantic getaway?" Dana smiled.

"Something like that," Jasmine agreed, returning the smile.

Dana now convinced the woman was the writer asked, "Where is the hubby?"


"Leaving you all alone?" Dana questioned, her tone just the slightest hint of teasing.

"Oh I like it. I hate golf and I love wine," Jasmine answered, going along with the harmless flirty banter.

Dana suggested, "Well you should have another glass."

"Yes, I should," Jasmine agreed, enjoying the conversation with the very pretty woman.

Dana made eye contact with a waitress who came over and Dana taking control for the first time ordered for Jasmine. "My friend here will have another glass of wine as will I."

The waitress disappeared and for the next few minutes the two chatted about life in Canada and London. Finally Dana asked another question to confirm her suspicions that this Jasmine was the same Jasmine who wrote lesbian submission stories. "What do you do for a living, Jasmine,"

"I teach high school," Jasmine answered, oblivious to the young girl's intent.

"A teacher?" Dana repeated, "Wow, you must have the boys in a tizzy."

Jasmine blushed, but answered, "I don't think that happens too often."

Dana her tone light and flirty countered, "Oh, I bet it happens more than you think." Changing the topic Dana asked, trying to confirm any lingering doubts this was the same woman who wrote such subversive stories as "Bedding the Babysitter", "Pet Teacher", "Training Teacher" and "Spanked to Submission" she asked, "I have to ask. It is driving me crazy with curiosity, why are you wearing pantyhose in almost hundred degree weather?"

Jasmine feeling comfortable with this girl decided to show a little of her hidden naughtiness . "I'm not," she smiled coyly.

Dana knew exactly what Jasmine meant, but feigned innocence. "You are not?"

Jasmine finished her second glass of wine, feeling just a tad tipsy. "No, I am not," she repeated.

The waitress showed up and before Jasmine could respond, Dana said, "Please get my friend here and I each another glass of wine."

Jasmine protested, "No, no...."

Dana cut her off. "I insist, it's on me."

Jasmine never one for confrontation agreed reluctantly, "Ok, what the hell is one more, I'm on holidays."

"That you are," Dana smiled, her tone growing flirtier. "So back to your denial. You are still saying you are not wearing pantyhose?"

"Correct," Jasmine answered, feeling a bit of sexual tension building between the two of them, a spark she had not felt between herself and another woman for quite some time. Feeling playful and naughty she teased the younger woman, although her indent was still harmless.

Dana acting confused, took the opportunity to move closer and make her initial move as she put her hand on Jasmine's stocking-clad leg. Leaving it resting there, Dana said, "Yes you are."

Jasmine felt a sudden heat warm her body at the younger girl's touch. Distracted, Jasmine stammered, "N-n-no, they are not p-p- pantyhose."

The waitress returned with the drinks and smiled knowingly as she placed the drinks down.

As soon as the waitress left, Dana confidently moved her hand under the older woman's dress to the top of her thigh high stockings.

Jasmine held her breath but didn't stop the pretty redhead shocked by the forwardness of the green eyed beauty and a bit tipsy enjoying the attention.

"Ooohhh, stockings, you naughty girl," Dana purred, slowly caressing Jasmine's leg.

Jasmine burned a mixture of embarrassment and horniness. She stammered, greatly distracted by the slow movements of the voluptuous breasted girl, "I-I-I um like to dress up for my h-h-husband."

"Not for me?" Dana asked coyly, the seduction now in full motion.

Jasmine took a long sip from her wine which was lowering her inhibitions as she tried to process the reality that she was being hit on by a younger girl, a beautiful younger girl. In her erotic writings it was one of her underlying plots...being seduced and dommed by a powerful young seductress. But fantasy is one thing and reality another.

Dana seeing that Jasmine did not push her hand away went for the final kill. "Jasmine, or should I say Silkstockingslover."

Jasmine gasped unable to fathom how she could know her writing handle. "What did you just say?" How did she possibly know that? No one knows my real identity, not even her husband knew of her literary prowess.

"You are the one and only erotic writer Silkstockingslover on Literotica are you not?" Dana asked, her hand slowly roaming up Jasmine's leg.

"How do you know that?" Jasmine asked, shocked to the core to being found out after over two years of complete animosity.

"Well it started with your dress. It is the same one you wear in that sexy profile picture of yours. And I got to say you are as beautiful in person as I imagined from your teasing profile photo," Dana complimented, slowly reeling Jasmine in.

Jasmine blushed, her pussy tingling from the young girl's touch and the anticipation of being seduced by such a beautiful girl. Yet, "Oh," was all she said as she looked down at her dress remembering vaguely the photo she cropped of herself over two years ago...a tantalizing tease to her readers she hoped.

"Then I noticed you were wearing stockings, which in this heat is crazy, even if you are a stockings' girl," Dana explained, adding, "which I usually am."

"Oh," Jasmine repeated, still in a daze at the sudden shift of this once seemingly harmless conversation.

"Then as we conversed you had the same name, which surprised me as I thought you would use a ghost name," Dana continued.

"Walker is not my last name," Jasmine admitted, although she was looking past Dana.

"Hmmmm, then I learned you were from Canada, check, and a teacher, check, and I was 99.99 percent sure you were the one and only Silkstockingslover, my favorite author," Dana finished, her hand moving slightly up, above the top of Jasmine's elastic top stocking, now just inches away from Jasmine's cunt.

Jasmine was a complete emotional mess, becoming one of her characters. On the one hand, she should get up and leave before this got out of hand; on the other hand, her cunt was making her so wet she wished she would have been wearing panties; on yet another hand, all her submission fantasies to a young girl were dominating her thoughts, controlling her actions or lack of actions. Desperate to act casual and keep her growing desires in check, even with the young girl's hand so close to her bubbling inferno, she joked, "You caught me."

Dana seductively replied, "Now the question is what to do with you."

"Pardon," Jasmine asked, even though she completely understood the implications of the words that left the young girl's luscious lips.

Dana moved her hand directly to Jasmine's cunt and was surprised to see the pretty older woman was going commando. "Hmmmmm, my pet is wet and not wearing panties."

Jasmine moaned uncontrollably at the forbidden touch. "I-I-I have to go," she stammered, her body quivering.

Jasmine began to stand up, but Dana quickly ordered, her tone staying sexy but authoritative, "Sit down, Jasmine."

Jasmine immediately obeyed, already weak from the redhead's touch, literally becoming like one of her own submissive characters she usually pleasured herself to.

"Good girl," Dana purred, her voice syrupy sweet. Her hand returned to her pet-to-be's cunt. "Why are you so wet, Jasmine?"

Jasmine was overwhelmed with the seductive voice of the green-eyed goddess and by her teasing touch. "I-I-I don't know," she stammered again, although she knew why...this is exactly what she had fantasized for years, long before she began writing her dirty thoughts for the world to read.

Reading the sexy, shy older woman's mind she countered, "I think you do know. I think you are submissive like so many of your stories...you are the protagonist of 'Pet Teacher' and a big part of you is added to many of your naughty, submissive characters in your stories. You would love to be Annie-girl and be dommed by a young girl like in your 'Spanked to Submission' story, wouldn't you?"

Jasmine couldn't deny any of the seductress's words. Her greatest fantasy was to be seduced by a young girl. She felt a finger slip tease her clit as she moaned her answer, still ashamed to admit the truth, "Yeeeees."

"And you have fantasized being a pet like the MILF's in your 'Lesbian MILF Seductress' series', haven't you my pet?" Dana asked, her finger now between the very wet pussy lips of the sexy MILF.

Jasmine was greatly distracted by the finger teasing her fiery cunt and was no longer thinking like a dignified woman, but as the submissive she was deep down. She again whispered in a moan, "Yees."

"Well consider me your Bree, just like the young seductress from that MILF Seductress series," Dana said, slipping her finger inside the submissive writer's cunt.

"Please, don't," Jasmine weakly resisted, "anyone could see."

Dana continued slowly moving her finger inside the ready to submit brunette. "Finish your drink, my pet, and we will take this somewhere more private."

Jasmine, her hand slightly trembling, shot the last half of her third glass of wine.

"You are an eager pet," Dana assessed, her finger giving one quick tap on the MILF's g-spot.

"Aaaaaaaaah," Jasmine let out much louder than she wanted and quickly looked around to see if anyone was watching. No one else seemed aware of what was happening under the table. Trying one last protest, she said, "My husband should be returning in a bit."

"This is not a negotiation, Jasmine. I want you and I always get what I want and besides," Dana paused and tapped the older woman's g-spot each time she used the word you, "you need this...you want it...you crave it."

Jasmine's head was a fog, her mind no longer her own as her body easily gave into the powerful pleasure she was currently receiving.

"Don't you, my pet?" Dana asked, her finger lingering inside the distracted pet-to-be's cunt.

For Jasmine being called pet, her most common used submissive term in her own stories, only added to the growing desire to submit to her. She stammered, "I-I-I don't know."

Dana growing impatient with Jasmine's weak resistance leaned into her ear and threatened, "My pet teacher, you either come back to my hotel so we can finish what we started, or I finger fuck you to orgasm right here and then make you crawl under this table and pleasure me." Dana tugged on Jasmine's ear before adding, "So what will it be, my pet, it's beginning to get busier in here?"

The hot breathe on Jasmine's ear, her weak spot, only added to the need to submit. Her unique and sexy French-English accent added to her growing desire to obey as well. The finger inside her had her desperate to come and the young girl's confident attitude was pulling her into the wonderful world of submission she had fantasized and wrote about for years.

Jasmine no longer had any resistance left, her desire to come overwhelming any sort of propriety she should have had. Finally, submitting like she had fantasized doing all these years, Dana's flowing red hair and exotic green eyes irresistible, she whispered, "Let's go."

"Go where," Dana asked, pushing the submissive writer.

"Back to your room," Jasmine whispered, embarrassed and excited by her words of submission.

Dana pulled her finger out of her pet's cunt and moved it to her mouth. "Hmmmm, you taste heavenly, Jasmine."

"T-t-thanks," Jasmine stammered, mortified someone could see what was happening between the two.

"Thanks what?" Dana questioned.

Jasmine knew exactly what the young redhead was expecting; she was literally quoting a submissive set-up from her own stories. Letting go unconditionally, she said the word she had craved to say in person and not on paper for years, "Thank you, Mistress." Saying the word was exhilarating to Jasmine, a liberation exuding out of her at giving herself to another, letting someone else be in charge of her mind and body.

Dana excited at getting the verbal submission she had been working towards for almost an hour said, "Let's go, my pet."

"Yes, Mistress," Jasmine responded without any hesitation, her brain and body now on the same journey.

The waitress returned at this moment and asked, "Can I get you ladies anything else?"

"Just the bill," Dana replied.

Once the waitress was gone, Dana slipped her hand back inside Jasmine's cunt and quickly pumped her finger in and out for a minute.

Jasmine's breathing began to increase and she worried she may come right on the pub's patio.

Dana instructed, "Don't you dare come, my pet. One of the many things I have learned from your stories is that the pet never gets to come before the Mistress."

"Yes, Mistress," Jasmine agreed, cursing herself for writing such words.

"And, of course, a pet only comes with permission, isn't that true?" Dana questioned, her finger stopped but lodged deep inside her beautiful author pet.

Jasmine couldn't help but smile at the reality she was being seduced and dommed by her own words. "Yes, Mistress," she again agreed, although knowing holding back from orgasmic bliss was going to be a challenge, as it was much easier written than done.

The waitress returned and Jasmine looked down. Dana slipped her finger out of Jasmine's cunt and took the bill allowing Jasmine's cunt scent to be noticed by the waitress.

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