Taking Jasmine Walker


Seeing the hunger and awe in Jasmine's facial expression, Dana purred, "Go ahead my pet, play with my breasts."

Jasmine cupped Dana's breasts in her hand. Her awe was obvious as she said, "They are so heavy, how do you carry such a load?"

"It is the curse of the large breasts," Dana smiled.

"My tiny breasts could fit in one of yours and still have room for friends to visit," Jasmine joked.

Laughing, making her mammoth breasts jiggle, Dana offered, pulling Jasmine's mouth onto her erect nipple, "Go ahead my pet, take them in your mouth."

"Thank you, Mistress," Jasmine whispered, opening her mouth and taking Dana's stiff big nipple in her mouth.

"You love my big tits, don't you my pet," Dana moaned, her nipples overly sensitive.

"Hmmmm, they are so lovely," Jasmine moaned, focusing on the biggest breasts she had ever touched.

"You want to worship them?" Dana asked.

"God, yes," Jasmine answered, swirling her tongue around Dana's stiff nipple.

"Your tongue feels so good, my pet," Dana complimented; the pleasure from her pet's nipple play bringing sensations directly to her burning cunt.

Ten minutes of Jasmine kissing, licking and nibbling both breasts proceeded with Dana continuing to talk softly to her. Finally, her cunt blazing, Dana shifted to dirty talk. "On your knees, slut."

Jasmine quickly obeyed, even though she could have spent an eternity pleasuring Dana's voluptuous breasts. On her knees, she was reminded of the egg that had been vibrating in her cunt, having gotten relatively used to the buzzing sensations.

Dana grabbed the bag and ordered, "Follow me, my titty lover."

Jasmine had written many stories where a character had been forced to crawl on their knees, but she herself had never did it. As fantasized, the real life scenario was as exhilarating and humiliating as she imagined. She crawled on the carpeted hotel floor to the bed.

Dana put the bag of toys on the bed and considered her options. Grabbing the strap-on cock, she put it around her waist as Jasmine watched from her subservient point of view. Dana looking down at her pet asked, "Does my MILF slut want to be fucked?"

Being called a MILF flattered Jasmine and the egg buzzing in her cunt for an eternity had her eager to come. "Yes, Mistress, I would love you to fuck your slut."

Dana loved her pet calling herself names as she reached down and pulled the egg out from her pet. "Clean it off my slut, it is soaking wet with your cunt juice."

Jasmine opened her mouth and cleaned her own juices, something else she had never did before, other than from her own finger. Surprisingly, my own taste was salty sweet and she knew she would be tasting herself more when alone at night writing her naughty tales.

A moment later, Dana took the toy back and tossed it on the bed. "Crawl onto the bed, my pet," Dana instructed.

Jasmine pulled herself up onto the king-sized bed.

Dana lay down on the bed, her cock standing straight up. "Straddle me my pet. I want to watch you as you ride me."

"Yes, Mistress," Jasmine obeyed, even though she hated the on top position, always feeling uncomfortable at being watched, her insecurities always getting the best of her.

Dana noticed the trepidation in Jasmine's tone. "Are you uncomfortable on top, my slut?"

"Usually," Jasmine admitted, as she began to straddle the naked redhead.

"But you will do it for me, won't you?" Dana asked.

"Yes, Mistress," Jasmine answered, her cunt slowly lowering onto the big plastic cock.

"Because I own you, don't I my slutty teacher?" Dana questioned.

Jasmine moaned as the cock slowly filled her while lowering herself onto it, "Yes, Mistress, I'm your slut teacher, your pet teacher, and your whore author."

"I think this will be a good story, don't you think?" Dana asked, watching the beautiful woman's facial expressions as the cock filled her.

"Fuck, yes," Jasmine moaned, the eight inch cock now completely in her cunt.

"Fuck, yes, you will write the story; or fuck, yes, the cock is deep in your slut box?" Dana asked to clarify.

"Both," Jasmine whimpered, as she began to slowly move up and down on the plastic cock, her eyes closed.

"Open your eyes, Jasmine, let me look into those crystal blue eyes. I want to see your hunger," Dana instructed.

Jasmine opened her eyes and looked down at the beautiful young woman. Suddenly her insecurities disappeared as this moment seemed so perfect. She began moving faster, her perky breasts beginning to bounce, as she rode the plastic cock.

"That's it, my cunt-pleaser, fuck yourself. Let loose and be the submissive whore you have always craved to be," Dana ordered.

Jasmine continued riding the plastic cock, not used to bring on top it took a while to get into a rhythm.

Dana suggested, "Use my tits for leverage, my pet."

Jasmine leaned forward, each of the green eyed beauty's massive breasts, holding up Jasmine's weight. This new position gave Jasmine the perfect position to lean forward and move her hips back and forth with smoothness.

"Fuck you are the sexiest slut teacher in the world," Dana complimented. "Could you imagine if your students had any clue what kind of whore their teacher is? You would have boys forcing you to suck their cocks, you would have girls forcing you between their legs and you would be used as a complete cum bucket. You would like that, wouldn't you?"

Jasmine was riding the cock furiously now, her desire to come all that mattered, and the dirty thoughts of being used by her students only built on her desire to come. "Fuck, yes, I would love to be a teacher slut," Jasmine screamed, verbalizing her naughtiest dirty fantasy, flashes of so many ex-students she would love to submit to...guys and girls...jocks and nerds...she fantasized about them all.

"Close to coming, my teacher whore?" Dana questioned, although her pet's facial expressions made the question redundant.

"Sooooo close, Mistress, may I come?" Jasmine requested, her orgasm on the brink.

"Lean forward, slut," Dana instructed.

Jasmine reluctantly obeyed, but was thrilled when she felt Dana buck her ass up and began fucking her hard. "Oh yes, Mistress, fuck your slut, fuck her haaaard."

"Come now my slut," Dana demanded, as she thrust hard into her pet.

"Thaaaaaaank yooooooou," Jasmine screamed, the all day building orgasm exploding like she had never felt before. Her whole body tingled as she held onto Dana's breasts for dear life.

"That's it, slut, come for me," Dana said, continuing her hard upward thrusts into her coming pet.

"Yeeeeees, Mistress," Jasmine squeaked out, her breathing erratic as the greatest sexual pleasure of her life poured through her.

"Come harder you fucking slut, you cunt-licking whore," Dana ordered, trying to make her pet's orgasm even more intense, confident the name calling enhanced her pet's pleasure.

"Oh my fuuuuuucking goddddddddd," Jasmine screamed, loud enough for the neighbors next door to know exactly what was happening. Sensation after sensation after sensation wracked through her body, bringing a delirium of pleasure she didn't think possible. Each nasty name only seemed to increase the pleasure. "Tell me you own meeee," Jasmine begged, wanting to be belittled, to be used like the whore she always wanted to be, like the whore she always wrote about in her stories.

"I own every fucking piece of you my fucking slut. Your sweet ass, your tight cunt, your tiny titties, your slutty mouth and inside your head I own your thoughts, don't I Jasmine Walker?"

Hearing her full name made the scene even more humiliating, bringing her back to the reality of her sin, but she loved every second of it. "Yes, I'm your bimbo, think for me Mistress, tell me what to do," Jasmine declared, the orgasm finally beginning to dissipate.

Dana rolled Jasmine onto her back and shoved the shiny cock into Jasmine's mouth.

Jasmine needed no instructions as she sucked her own cum off the plastic fuck-toy. Although awkward on her back, she bobbed back and forth as best she could, Dana's knee placed firmly on her still slowly pulsing cunt kept her in exotic desire.

Dana pulled the now clean plastic cock out of her slut's mouth and unbuckled the strap-on from her waist. She reached into her bag of toys and grabbed her handcuffs. Moving to the side of the bed, she ordered, "Raise your hands, slave."

Slave was a new derogatory term for Jasmine, another one that again turned her on. She obeyed, even though the thought of being handcuffed did not appeal to her at all.

Dana again noticed her sub's apprehension and asked, "You don't trust me, slut?"

Jasmine stammered, "N-n-no it's not that. It's just I have never been handcuffed before."

"Hmmmmm," Dana purred, "I love when I am your first." Dana handcuffed her sexy pet to the bed. Dana returned to her bag of toys and pulled out a vibrating butt plug. She returned to the bag and grabbed the lube.

"Ever had anything in your ass, slut?" Dana asked.

"Yes, Mistress," Jasmine admitted, still recovering, and feeling uncomfortable in her restrictive position.

"Details," Dana asked as she applied generously lube to the butt plug.

"My husband has fucked me there," Jasmine explained, thinking of her husband for the first time in a while.

"Ever been double penetrated," Dana asked, with a smile.

"No, Mistress," Jasmine answered.

"Do you want to be?" Dana asked, even as she moved back to her sexy pet.

"Whatever you wish, Mistress," Jasmine said, before adding, "but I must inform you that I cannot have multiple orgasms."

"You have never had multiple orgasms?" Dana asked, surprised as she was a coming machine herself.

"Not without a few hours in between," Jasmine sighed.

"Challenge accepted," Dana smiled, spreading Jasmine's stocking-clad legs apart.

"It's impossible," Jasmine informed Dana, having tried herself and with her lovers for years.

"We will see about that, my little slut," Dana responded, confidence vibrating in her as she rubbed the lubricated toy at the pretty teacher's rosebud. "Beg me to fill your ass, my slut."

Jasmine was already a bit tired from the last fucking and once she had an orgasm she often lost the fire of desire, but she begged, "Please fill your slut's ass, Mistress."

Dana could tell that Jasmine had lost the fire she had before she came and the submissive convinced herself she could not have multiple orgasms. Dana would have fun being the first to get her off twice, maybe even three times. She turned the vibrating plug on and slowly began pushing it in Jasmine's sexy ass.

Jasmine whimpered at first, having not had anything in her ass in a long time. Although not painful, it was also not pleasant as it slid inside her. Quickly though the buzzing in her ass, another first, began to get her feeling good. Frustration immediately began inside her knowing that the pleasure may drive her mad with ecstasy, but the dam would never break, she would be stuck in perpetual sexual limbo.

"Fuck, your an ass slut too, Jasmine," Dana smiled, once the medium sized plug was completely lodged in Jasmine's ass. Crawling between the handcuffed sub's stocking-clad legs Dana purred, "I have wanted to taste you directly from the source since I first saw you Jasmine. Do you want me to lick you?"

"God yes, Mistress," Jasmine answered, seeing the luscious red hair, green eyes and dazzling smile between her legs making her hot.

Dana leaned forward and tasted her pet's sweetness.

Conversely, Jasmine let out a moan as Dana's tongue began licking her.

"Hmmm, you taste as good as you write," Dana complimented, "Sweet perfection."

"Thaaanks," Jasmine moaned with a soft chuckle, the pressure on her pussy lips mixed with the buzzing in her ass bringing sensational teasing bliss.

"You are not leaving this bed, my pet, until you have that impossible second orgasm," Dana informed her bound pet.

Jasmine joked, "Well, then I guess we will be here for a very long time."

"How long before your husband gets suspicious?" Dana asked between long, wide licks.

Jasmine pondered the question. The phone hadn't rang in a while, but he must be getting worried by now. "I don't know. He must already be wondering. It's not like me to not answer my phone or be waiting when he gets back."

"You are a submissive wife too, aren't you," Dana assessed.

"Not handcuffed to a bed with a vibrating plug in my ass submissive," Jasmine smiled naughtily, before adding, "but yes, I usually do as he tells me in the bedroom."

"You suck his cock?"

"Of course."

"You swallow his load?"


"You are a very obedient wife," Dana teased, while swirling her tongue around her pet's clit.

"Yeeeeees, I suppose so," Jasmine moaned as her clit was teased.

"But now you are my submissive, my pet, my slut, aren't you?" Dana asked.

"Yeeees, I am yours," Jasmine moaned, Dana's tongue making her feel so fucking good.

"Fuck I could eat your box all day," Dana said, diving back in and really lapping Jasmine's wetness.

If Jasmine wasn't handcuffed to the bed, she would have grabbed Dana's head and pulled her even deeper inside, but of course she could do no such thing. Instead, she just laid back and enjoyed the teasing pleasure, accepting it was going to be the longest tease of her life.

After a few minutes of licking her pet's cunt, Dana returned to her bag of toys and grabbed the double-ended dildo. Returning to her handcuffed submissive, Dana asked, "Ever used one of these?"

"Nooooo," Jasmine replied, as Dana rubbed the toy up and down her pet's wet pussy lips.

"Another first," Dana smiled, as she slid the wide dildo into Jasmine's wet cunt.

"Aaaaaaaah," Jasmine moaned, the big toy enhancing the buzzing in her other hole.

Dana smiled, as she ordered, "Move onto your side, my dp slut."

Jasmine struggled to move into the instructed position in her bound position, but eventually did.

Dana put the other end of the double-ended pleasure toy in her own eager cunt and slowly moved herself closer to her pet, taking more of the long, wide cock inside herself. Soon Dana was completely filled and moaned, "Fuck it's all in me, baby. Now it's going to fill you full, my ass-whore."

Jasmine felt the cock slowly fill her as Dana's legs moved between hers.

"Relax, slut," Dana instructed. "I want our pussy lips to be kissing each other."

"Kkkkkkkk," Jasmine whimpered, beginning to feel fuller than she ever thought possible, the toy buzzing in her ass adding to the fullness. Every time she thought she was completely full, Dana filled her deeper until their cunts were touching and both girls were filled with cock.

"Ready for the greatest sensation of your life?" Dana asked.

Jasmine moaned, feeling a new euphoria she had never experienced, "Yes, Mistress."

"On the count of three, buck your ass up," Dana instructed.

"Yes, Mistress," Jasmine replied, her body again burning with lust.

"One," Dana started. "I'm going to fuck the hell out of you, Jasmine."

Jasmine was dying to see what Dana was going to do next. The two toys currently inside her bringing such pleasure she thought she may pass out.

"Two," Dana counted. "I'm going to give you the multiple orgasms a horny, teacher lesbo slut like you deserves."

Jasmine prayed that Dana could do the impossible because if she didn't reach orgasm soon she may explode with frustration.

"Two and a half," Dana teased. "Are you ready, Jasmine?"

"Yes, Mistress," Jasmine whimpered, adding, "use me please."

"Three," Dana announced and both girls thrust at the same time.

Jasmine screamed as the dildo in her cunt penetrated her deeper than anything ever had in her life. "Oh my fuuuuuuuuucking god."

Dana screamed in unison, as she too was filled completely.

Both the pet and the trainer bucked back and forth, grinding their cunts into each other, literally fucking each other.

For ten sweaty grind filled minutes the two women became one as they used each other for ultimate pleasure. Jasmine so close to orgasm, yet unable to cross the threshold was rambling incoherently. "Oh my, fuck, yes, shit, fuck, fuck, fuckity-fuck-fuck, soooooo good, aaaah, fuck, oh my, shiiiit."

Dana smiled at her pet's delirium confident the impossible second orgasm was imminent.

"Will you obey any order I give?" Dana asked.

"Fuck, anything," Jasmine barely got out.

"I want you to come simultaneously with me," Dana informed.

Jasmine sighed knowing that was one promise she couldn't make happen. "Dana, please..."

"On ten you will come my slut," Dana demanded, her tone powerful and unwavering.

Before Jasmine could finish her sentence or protest, Dana began the count up.

"One, my slut. Tell me what you are?" Dana questioned, between panting, both their bodies shiny with sweet sweat.

"A slut, a dirty fucking lez whore," Jasmine replied, belittling herself.

"Two, my whore. What's in your ass?"

"A vibrating plug is in my ass," Jasmine whimpered, desperately grinding herself into her Mistress.

"Three, my tit-lover. What are you willing to do to have my tits in your mouth again?"

"Anything, Mistress," Jasmine moaned, her mouth salivating at the thought of the huge tits in her mouth and in her hands again.

"Four, my pussy-pleaser. Anything is a pretty big promise," Dana warned.

"I will do fuuuucking anything," Jasmine promised, her mind on sexual cruise control.

"Five, my submissive play thing. You will come and visit me in England this fall?" Dana asked.

Jasmine was surprised by question, but also knew that after today there was no way she could never do this again. She moaned, "I promise to come and see you and be your unconditional slave while I am there."

"Six, my slutty slave. You understand I will share you with my sorority sisters?"

Instead of being mortified, the thought of being used by English college girls only enhanced her promise. "Oh fuck, Mistress, I would love nothing more. You would make all my nasty whore dreams come true."

"Seven, my author cunt. You also promise to write our story and publish it for the world to read?" Dana questioned.

"It would be my privilege," Jasmine declared, feeling her orgasm bubbling just underneath the surface, her frustration driving her crazy.

"Eight, my married ass whore. I expect you to obey weekly tasks I will send by e-mail, is that clear?"

"Yes, Mistress, I am your slave forever, use my body and my mind," Jasmine declared, wanting to give herself body, mind and soul to the beautiful redheaded co-ed.

"Nine, my MILF lesbo. Who owns you?"

"Dana owns me. Dana owns my tits. Dana owns my lips. Dana owns my cunt. Dana owns my ass. Dana is my unconditional Mistress," Jasmine declared, grinding her body against Dana's desperately.

"Nine and a half, my lover. Tell me you love me," Dana whispered.

Jasmine was startled by the demand but all her body felt was unconditional love for this dominant, yet caring young woman. Jasmine heard herself declare, "I love you, Dana."

Dana's orgasm was ready to explode and she announced. "If you love me Jasmine. If you are the obedient pet toy I know you are, come when I say the next number. Are you ready to be my complete pet, Jasmine?"

Jasmine could sense the impending orgasm in her and the dam had already cracked and was about to burst. "Say it Mistress, say it now," Jasmine pleaded.

"Ten my cunt-licking, dildo-fucking, tit-nibbling, ass-buzzing slave, ten, dammit, ten, come my slaaaaave," Dana screamed as her orgasm exploded.

Simultaneously, a sexual miracle occurred as Jasmine's orgasm triggered and she screamed, "I'm coooooooooming tooooooooooo, Mistress."

Both girl's shook, quaked and writhed as they had the biggest, most explosive, most body chilling, earth shaking orgasms of their lives. They collapsed onto their backs and allowed the pure ecstasy of the orgasm to flow through them. Dana, eyes closed, couldn't believe she had seduced and dommed the Jasmine Walker. Jasmine, meanwhile, couldn't believe she had achieved multiple orgasms after years of trying, the second orgasm hitting her with even more intensity than the first. Silence, other than heavy breathing, continued for a few minutes as both women recovered from a sexual experience like no other.

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