Taking Jasmine Walker


Finally Dana pulled the toy out of her cunt and her pet and leaned in for a kiss. The kiss was tender and passionate. A minute later Dana stood up and teased, "You can't reach multiple orgasms, hey?"

Jasmine replied still in shock, "I can't believe you made it happen."

"I am a miracle worker," Dana smiled.

"That you are," Jasmine smiled back, just as her phone rang again.

"Shouldn't you get that?" Dana asked.

"I should," Jasmine replied, "but I don't want to yet."

"Good answer my pet," Dana replied, "because I heard three times is the charm."

"Oh my God," Jasmine gasped, "You can't be serious."

"I never joke about orgasms," Dana responded, before adding, "plus I can have at least a half dozen, although usually not at the intensity of those first two you gave me.

"There is no way I could reach another," Jasmine said, the thought absurd.

"Isn't that what you said about two?" Dana asked, grabbing two vibrating eggs. Turning them on, she slipped both into the still handcuffed sub.

"Oh fuck," Jasmine moaned, "You can't be serious."

"Deadly," Dana smiled, heading to the washroom.

Jasmine sighed and closed her eyes realizing she was at the utter mercy of the redhead goddess. The double buzzing in her cunt was keeping her feeling good, a constant tease.

Dana returned a few minutes later and said, "Do you want to fuck me?"

Just hearing the words made Jasmine tingle. "Yes, Mistress."

"Good," Dana said, finally releasing Jasmine from the restrictive restraints.

Once the handcuffs were off, Jasmine stood up and stretched.

Dana returned into her bag and pulled out the last toy, a double-ended, vibrating strap-on. Dana came to her pet and promised, "This is going to be fucking intense."

"I think we hit intense a long time ago," Jasmine smiled playfully.

Dana pressed a button and both sides started vibrating and she slid the smaller four inch side inside her pet's already full cunt.

"Oh my god," Jasmine gasped. The vibrating dildo inside her making the other two balls ricochet inside her like pin balls in her box.

"I know," Dana purred with a smile, "they say all good things come in threes."

Dana strapped the harness onto her literally vibrating pet who was clearly overwhelmed with the triple sensations inside her.

"Shiiit, this is fucking intense," Jasmine moaned.

"Just you wait," Dana foreshadowed, oddly putting on a t-shirt. She grabbed another and put it on a confused Jasmine. "We are about to make our third orgasms epic, my pet."

"Kkkkk," Jasmine said confused.

"Follow me," Dana instructed, her devilish smile a warning of something outrageous.

Jasmine followed, each leg movement bringing new sensations inside her very full cunt, as Dana went to her 16th floor balcony and opened the glass door.

Jasmine gasped in shock. "You can't be serious?"

"Get your ass out here slut," Dana ordered, knowing an aggressive push was needed, adding, "It is so gorgeous out here, unlike anything you have ever seen.

"Sorry, Mistress," Jasmine replied, mortified by what was expected of her, but realizing they were on the top floor and no one was likely to see them. Jasmine had to agree as all she could see was crystal blue ocean.

Dana smiled, "It's the same color as your eyes, my pet."

"Thanks, Mistress," Jasmine blushed, loving any sort of flattery given to her.

Dana moved to her railing and bent over offering her pet the picturesque view of her sweet back end. Dana turned around, looking directly into Jasmine's blue eyes and asked, "What are you waiting for? Come and fuck your Mistress."

Jasmine moved onto the balcony and behind her beautiful Mistress. Seeing such perfection her nervousness disappeared and her eagerness to fuck the redhead became all she focused on. She held her eight and a half inch black cock and rubbed it between the crack of Dana's ass.

Dana smiled and asked playfully, "You want my ass, do you?"

"I've never fucked someone in the ass," Jasmine admitted, even though that hadn't been her intent, she was just trying to position the cock properly but from this position she could not get a good view.

"Another first," Dana quipped, but then you better go back and get the lube.

Jasmine suddenly excited to fuck the green-eyed temptress, turned and went to get the lube, each step bringing intense teasing to her.

Dana startled her when she grabbed another egg from the bag of pleasure. "If you got double pleasure earlier, I think I should get the same opportunity, don't you think?"

"Whatever you wish, Mistress" Jasmine replied, following Dana back outside into the late afternoon heat.

Dana resumed her submissive position, and Jasmine watched as Dana slid the egg inside her cunt. "Are you going to watch me all day or fuck my ass, baby?"

Being called baby was a turn-on for Jasmine too, a reminder of the intimate connection they now had, so much more than just submissive and domme.

Jasmine generously coated her plastic cock and added some extra lube between her Mistress' ass cheeks.

Dana moaned at the feeling of Jasmine's fingers at her back door. "While we are like this, you are in control, ok, baby."

"What?" Jasmine asked confused.

"Mistress Jasmine, please fuck my ass," Dana begged, a complete role-reversal.

Jasmine instantly understood and sliding a finger into Dana's ass asked, "Is that the best you can do?"

"Sorry, Mistress," Dana whimpered, her often neglected back door being filled for the first time in a long while. "Mistress Jasmine, please take your slut's back door. Make me your little ass slut."

"Much better," Jasmine said, wiggling her finger inside Dana's ass, preparing it for insertion.

"Are you widening my ass, Mistress, like you wrote about in those Blackmailed cheerleader stories?" Dana asked.

"Yes, my slut," Jasmine said, inserting a second finger in. "Promise me you will come and meet me up at Canada when I am speaking one day where you can be my personal English slut pet."

"Fuuuck, yes Mistress Jasmine, you give me a place and a time and I will be here with stockings and a collar on," Dana declared and screamed, loud, but on the sixteenth floor balcony no one heard a sound.

Two fingers in, Jasmine turned her hand slow widening the redhead's ass. "You get your ass fucked often, my English slut?"

"Seldom," Dana admitted, usually not a big fan of back door play, unless she had reached her sexually euphoria, like she had today.

"But you want me to pound your slut ass?" Jasmine asked, spreading her fingers inside Dana's tight ass.

"Yes, Mistress, I want you to own my ass," Dana declared, similar to earlier declarations from Jasmine.

Jasmine pulled her fingers out and in one fluid motion slid the plastic cock deep into the redhead.

"Fuuuuuuuuck," Dana screamed, completely surprised by the sudden deep penetration, a mixture of pleasure and pain.

The cock buried in her pet's ass, Jasmine reached under and tapped Dana's clit. "You are such a fucking whore, aren't you? Allowing a stranger to ravage your ass."

"Fuck yeeees," Dana agreed, "a dirty whore like her Mistress."

"Touché," Jasmine laughed and moved her hand to Dana's hips and started slow strokes. To her own amazement, each forward thrust caused chilling sensations of pleasure to her cunt as the two eggs and vibrating dildo collided into each other at full force.

"Fuck, yes, Mistress Jasmine, your cock feels so fucking good in my arse," Dana screamed.

"Arse," Jasmine repeated, "you really are from the island."

"I'm your English slut, your French whore, your teenage dream," Dana declared, even though she was in her early twenties.

Jasmine continued fucking her teenage dream, yet another fantasy of hers was becoming a reality. Although she was mostly submissive and a born pleaser, once in a while she fantasized of domming a young girl, disciplining a student who had pissed her off. Imagining Jenna, an eighteen year old student from last semester who was a pain in the ass submitting to her had occurred a few times and now Jasmine had her own teenager to dominate. These thoughts had Jasmine thrusting hard and deep into her slut's ass, each deep forward thrust causing her intense pleasure as well as she was literally fucking both her pet and herself.

Dana loved to role play and as much as she loved the power of being a domme, submission brought her pleasure in a completely different sort of way. The hard thrusts from Jasmine and the buzzing from the toy in her cunt had her orgasm on the rise. "Oh yes, Jasmine, pound my ass, make me your bitch," Dana grunted.

"Jasmine, what, you fucking cunt?" Jasmine snapped.

"Mistress Jasmine," Dana quickly corrected, impressed by Jasmine's quick shift from submissive to dominant.

"Better, slut," Jasmine said, spanking Dana's ass.

The next few minutes the only sounds were Dana's mixtures of moans, grunts, whimpers, Jasmine's heavy breathing and moaning and the slapping of Jasmine's body crashing into Dana's ass.

Much to Jasmine's surprise she could feel the incomprehensible third orgasm building and demanded, "I want you to come with me, baby."

Dana smiled at the realization that Jasmine was close to a third orgasm and immediately moved her hand to her clit. "Tell me when to come, Mistress."

Jasmine continued the hard strokes as her orgasm continued building. "Almost there, baby, get ready. So close, so, so, so, fuck, I'm comiiiiing," Jasmine screamed as she slammed into Dana and wrapped her arms around the beautiful redhead.

Dana feeling the quivering sensations of Jasmine as she came, the vibrating cock in her ass, the buzzing ball in her cunt and her fingers recklessly rubbing her clit, Dana's orgasm followed a few seconds later. "Me tooooooooo," Dana screamed, feeling the heat of orgasm and the warmth and comfort of Jasmine's embrace.

Both beautiful women stood together, eyes closed, in the warm summer breeze as their third orgasms pulsed through their bodies.

Both past exhaustion, both reaching their greatest sexual euphoria, and both in a state of equilibrium, silence lingered a long time before Jasmine finally pulled her cock out of Dana's ass.

Both women staggered to the bed, their legs rubber, both getting the pleasure toys out of their over-stimulated cunts, before collapsing on the bed.

Both women were on their side staring at each other.

Both could not believe how good sex with each other could be; both couldn't believe it could ever be better than this.

Finally Dana spoke. "You know I expect you to keep your promises."

Jasmine tried to recall all she committed too during the throes of passion. "You want to be my online Mistress."

"No, you want me to be your online Mistress," Dana corrected.

"Yes, I do," Jasmine admitted, knowing she had to somehow keep this taboo relationship alive, regressing back into her submissive role, before playfully adding, "although sometimes i think you will need a little training too."

Dana laughed, "That I will, you sexy slut."

"I learn from the best," Jasmine smiled.

"And you will come to England?" Dana asked.

"Yes, I would love to," Jasmine admitted, before adding, "Although I have no idea how I will be able to afford it."

Dana smiled. "If you can create the excuse to why you are going to be gone a week to England, I will pay for it."

"I could never expect that," Jasmine protested.

Dana put a finger to the MILF's lips. "I wasn't asking you, was I?"

"No, but...."

Dana tapped Jasmine's lips to shut her up."Did I ever give you my last name?"

Jasmine tried to remember if she did, but drew a blank. "I don't think so."

"It is Winchester," Dana smiled, adding, "Of Winchester Estates."

"Oh my God," Jasmine gasped, the Winchester's were one of the richest most prominent families in England.

"So money is not really an issue," Dana assured, adding, "how many nineteen year olds can afford a penthouse suite like this on their own?"

"Good point," Jasmine said, her mind reeling.

"So you will come." Dana asked.

Jasmine replied, committing to a crazy week with Dana in the near future, and playing flirtatiously on the word come, "Many, many times I hope."

Dana smiled leaning in for a tender kiss, "You are such a good pet."

Jasmine returned the kiss as her phone rang again.

Breaking the kiss, Dana asked, pointing to her Jacuzzi, "Answer the phone or go for a little hot tub relaxation?"

"Well you do own me for a little while longer, don't you?" Jasmine asked, moving her mouth back to the breasts she was already addicted to."

"That I do, my slut, that I do," Dana smiled, wondering if a forth orgasm for her pet was possible.

The End

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by Anonymous

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by Rastanura12/04/17

So hot

Loved Dana and Jasmine, although I identify with Jasmine more. Let us know how the relationship progresses. Can't wait for the trip to the sorority.

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by Melmann200106/14/17

Fav Submission

Favourite Submission By My Favourite Author Silkstockingslover.
Don't Think I'll Ever Get Tired Readin This Over And Over Again, Gets Me Rock Hard Nd Beating Off Just By Reading The 1st Page Only.

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by Melmann200106/14/17

Fav Submission

Favourite Submission By Silkstockingslover.

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