Taking Matt


Matt was the athletic type. Just over six foot of lean muscle with close cropped dark brown hair, a square jaw and annoying cute dimples to complement that cheeky grin he regularly wore on his stubble covered face. Captain of the Queenstown soccer club and top goal scorer too as he regularly liked to mention. He was one of those guys that's was frustrating in that not only was he good looking but also that he was everyone's friend because he was always so jovial and positive. He was also the messy, happy go lucky, forgetful and spontaneous colleague and house mate of mine.

I kind of fell for him when we first met. We were both new starting graduates at a major construction company who'd been posted to Queenstown, Tasmania. Not my ideal location after being ripped from the busy Sydney lifestyle I'd been accustomed too, but quite fine for country boy Matt with his rough country Australian accent and boyish persona. Anyway, as the only two new starters the Human Resources lady used her excellent settlement assistance skills to tee the two of us up in a two bedroom townhouse in northern Queenstown and quickly get back to checking her facebook feed. So I awkwardly shook his hand and we drove together to pick up the keys to our townhouse that we moved into the very same afternoon we started work. Quite the hectic first day.

Anyway, I really should introduce myself. I'm Ash, Matts afore mentioned house mate. I pretty much personify average. Five foot 8 inches, 135 pounds, mousey brown hair at shoulder length and a smattering of freckles across my round face. I do have a particularly good nose if I say so myself. It's straight and just that little bit upturned at the end. And my eyes are a mysterious shade of green. At least that's what my last ex used to say, and I like to tell myself.

I'd been living with Matt several months when a series of events kicked off. I'd even managed to get use to the bomb site he left in the kitchen after cooking meals for himself and the piles of books and papers he left scattered around the living room. I'd even managed to overcome the unprompted visits of his blonde bimbo girlfriend Kim who apparently acquired a key for herself. I'd regularly find her sitting on the couch wrapped in just a towel with a dazed smile plastered on her face and a big fat fake greeting upon my arrival of hey Ash, fancy seeing you here! This was generally followed by what she obviously thought was a cute little laugh. I admit my first few reactions probably were more akin to grimaces of pain then the eyebrow raise and hearty grin I manage to come out with now.

Matt and I didn't go out together much, he went out drinking with the boys from his soccer team and I would have casual drinks with a couple of the other office girls from work occasionally. However, the night in question was a compulsory work function, and sharing a taxi home seemed the best option. The work function plied us workers with free alcohol and everyone found themselves quite intoxicated as the proceedings wound up. We stumbled into the cab giddily with the silly drunken laughter that seems to overcome people after too many drinks and made our fairly uneventful way home.

We stumbled through the door at which point, I clumsily tripped falling into Matt and resulting in us ending in a heap on the ground with my double D breasts pushed firmly against Matt's chin and my thigh caught firmly up against his crutch between his legs.

"Wow Ash, you've got a pretty well-endowed rack there, you should show it off more", Matt smirked.

I hurriedly pushed myself up and blushed the colour somewhere between a watermelon and a plum. Matt seemed to think this reaction was quite amusing and pushed me gently on the shoulder with a wink saying "Relax Ash I'm just playing with ya."

"Well, I wish I could feel the same about what my thigh felt when it was caught up against your crotch" I quipped before really even thinking. I nearly passed out in shock that I'd just said what I said but Matt's reaction was a response I'd never seen. He just stared wide eyed straight back at me. I'd never seen him without a clever response before.

"Relax Matt, I'm just playing with ya" I said with a wink and pushed by him towards my room. I should drink more often, I'm kind of funny I thought to myself before his arm shot out and grabbed me by the waist and spun me around and stared at me with a half grin, his eyes crinkled in a mixture of amusement and something else I couldn't quite pick. He pushed me hard through my door back onto my bed as I stared up at him in shock and fear.

"Cute joke Ash" said Matt as he fell forward onto my bed his arms pushing my shoulders back and pinning me under his weight. He pressed his lips hard against me as his left arm pinned both of mine above my head and his right hand pulled up my shirt and searched up my chest. I struggled against him without avail and tried to tell him to stop, but I'll be honest, I was half hearted in my attempts.

His hand adeptly unclasped my bra and firmly squeezed my left breast so much so that I let out a gasp. He lifted his head off my lips and grinned at my reaction. I struggled harder against him as I realised the direction this was taking. He slammed my arms back down above my head hard as I tried to raise them up. My eyes widened as his right hand now wondered down my body and up under my skirt to rub between my thighs.

"Matt, no" I gasped. "What about Kim?"

"Fuck that bitch, right now, I'm taking you Ash, I know you wanted me when we first met, now you'll get your fill..." Matt said as he pulled my skirt. Again I struggled and managed to break free and push him but it was no use, he flipped me on my back and pinned me down.

"There's a good girl Ash, now I've got you where I want you."

"Matt, no" I whispered as he let me go to rip my skirt and underwear down off my legs. I jumped up with my momentary chance of escape but in my drunken state fell over the underwear tangled around my feet and fell to the ground. Matt didn't need a second chance; he jumped off the bed onto me and knocked the air out of my lungs in the process, ripping my shirt over my head where it got tangled around my eyes and in my arms. I was truly in trouble now. He picked me up and threw me onto the bed, my arms desperately attempting to untangle as he ripped the underwear from my ankles and threw them to the ground. He pushed my face into the bed and used his knees to spread my legs. I gasped into the pillow "No Matt we shouldn't!"

"Sorry Ash, that was a bit muffled, I couldn't make it out" was all Matt said as he slammed my face down into the bed. "Enough talk Ash, I'm gonna make you scream now." I tensed up in fear and anticipation as he slid his fingers into my soaking wet pussy. "Hmm Ash, it's almost like you want my cock inside you, I think you're pussy wants me...To bad it's not going to get to feel my hard cock." I relaxed for a split second at the thought that he'd stop his game and leave me alone until I felt his fingers slide up from my pussy to my butthole. I clenched in fear and struggled as hard as I could and escaped his grasp spinning around with one fist hitting the side of his face and the other grasping towards his mid-section. My right hand brushed off his face while the other one missed his mid-section and grabbed his cock. In surprise I let go and my eyes widened as I glanced a full gaze of him.

His torso was chiselled as I'd seen as he'd walked around the house topless, six pack and pecs on display, but it was the size of his cock that made me let go and my eyes widened at. To compliment his Adonis body Matts cock was equally inspiring. At least 8 inches long and the thickest I'd seen. In fact I don't think I'd ever seen one that big. That moment of surprise cost me dearly as in that lapse of concentration he spun me round and pounded me hard down onto my bed. It actually hurt this time as my nice straight nose was squished at an angle it was unaccustomed too. Again I clenched in fear as I felt his thick, hard cock pushing against my anus. I yelled into the bed to no avail. My poor butt had never had anything inserted inside of it and I felt that his penis would tear my ass apart as inch by inch it stretched around his cock. When he fully penetrated me he grasped my hips tightly and began to vigorously thrust in and out of me. I groaned into the pillow as he pumped me hard for what felt an eternity, his occasional grunts of "fuck yeah I love this tight ass of yours Ash" interspersed only by his groans of pleasure. Finally he came and filled me with what felt like a bucket of his cum. I lay sore, exhausted and defeated on the bed, his cum slowly dripping out of my ass.

"Thanks for the ride Ash, nice tight ass you got there" Matt whispered into my ear before getting up, squeezing my left butt cheek and leaving the room.

I cried a little. I was sore for the next few days and could hardly look at myself in the mirror. Matt carried on from the next morning like nothing had happened. He rode his motorbike to work as usual, albeit a little earlier than usual so he missed seeing me. At work though, he walked into the office chipper as ever, gave me a wink as he said good morning.

"Morning Ash, slept in after the work party last night aii? Have a few drinks to many? You don't look like you're sitting to comfortably" he chuckled as he walked by. Shanae, the other girl in my workspace laughed.

"Matt's right Ash, I don't think I've ever seen you hungover, you can hardly sit straight" she grinned. Little did she know the reason I couldn't sit straight was because my butt was so sore, even walking normally was a struggle.

I saw him again a couple of times around site that day laughing with his co-workers. Dam engineers, think they're so great. I got home early but Matt had already beat me on his motorbike. His boss always seemed cool with him knocking off a little early. Sure enough he'd already managed to make a small mess in the kitchen and leave some papers on the table. How can one manage to drop avocado in four different locations?

"Matt you've made a mess everywhere in the kitchen, can you come clean it up already!" I yelled.

"Hey Ash, welcome home, chill out its OK, jeeze whats gotten up your ass lately?" he winked as he walked past me.

Asshole I thought. I had to get this upstart jerk back somehow. He'd take my anal virginity and laughed about it. I was going to conquer him, somehow.

The next few weeks went by as normal, albeit Matt did slap my ass a couple of times and make a couple of dickhead jokes. Nothing at work though. He carried on as normal, popular and funny. Kim continued to regularly come around and make her general snide comments about me into Matt's ear.

"Matt your housemates so plain and dull, how do you put up with her?" she'd whisper.

"Oh she's OK Kim, she has some pluses, even if she does act like she's had something stuck up her bum recently" he'd whisper back while smirking at me as I overheard.

I knew how I'd get this jerk back. I'd do the same thing he did to me, except a little bit bigger. The idea came to me when I was talking to Shanae. She liked to go on about her lesbian lover but I usually just switched off until one morning I overheard her talking about a strap on.

"What Shanae, how does that even work?"

"Ash where have you been, are you such a prude? You just strap it around your waist and it lets you fuck someone just like a guy would fuck a chick."

"I see..." I muttered.

I knew what I had to do. I had to fuck him the same way he fucked me. I went to the local sex shop that afternoon. I even saw Kim there which just infuriated me further and I ducked around a corner before she could see me. I nearly jumped into the wall but as I turned to look at it I realised I'd found what I wanted. A ten inch strap on dildo. I was gonna make that asshole bleed, and I couldn't wait. I peered around the corner to see Kim looking at handcuffs. Good thinking bitch I thought to myself. After she left I went to the bonds section. I bought rope and handcuffs. I smiled to myself as I walked out the door. It was only when I got home and saw Matt wander through the house shirtless that I realised my problem. I couldn't overpower him.

Little did I know the answer to my problem would be solved the very next day at work. My boss had just dropped by the pharmacy on the way to work to do his drug addict pick up. Sleeping pills, half a dozen different painkillers, diuretics, he was on everything. But it was the sleeping pills I needed. I smiled as he left the bag on his desk, I ducked into his office and snared a bottle. Take 1 before bed. Warning, very strong, do not take twelve hours prior to driving. Excellent. Matt was fucked. Literally. I smiled more than I'd smiled in a long time.

Friday night Matt came home late from work for once. He came in in a huff.

"Broke up with Kim, crazy woman wanted to handcuff me" he said.

"Sounds tough, want a beer?" I said. I'd been acting like nothing ever happened between us. Matt hadn't forgotten though, carrying on with jokes about it when we were alone. I can't believe I thought he was a nice guy once.

"Hells yeah girl, bring me one" he shouted.

Time to pay asshole. A crushed sleeping pill awaited him in his beer which he readily gulped down. I smiled at him as he drank.

"Reminiscing on fun times Ash?" he smiled at me.

"Oh no... Just thinking of the fun times to come" I replied chirpily.

"Err... Righto"

A few minutes later it started to hit him. "Man I'm so tired" he said as his head started to droop. A couple of minutes he was out cold. Time to shine I thought. It was a real bitch dragging him to his bed, made easier only by the fact I didn't care about the bumps he got along the way.

First I tied him up, just in case he woke up sooner than planned. All that girl scouts as a child had taught me a few good knots that would hold him nicely. How thoughtful of Matt to have thick bedposts as well. Soon he was spread eagled on the bed, face down. I lifted his head and began my fun. Make up time, pretty boy. I shaved his beloved stubble first. I cut him a couple of times, but this I felt was good, make him look like he's incapable of shaving. Then I did the cover up. His skin was quite flawless but I thought I'd go all out. I made him a couple of shades lighter. A purple velvet lipstick came next, mmhmm, sexy boy. Then the eyeliner and mascara to complete the look and a gag in his mouth. I'd rubbed it against my sweaty after work pussy first to give it some added flavour. He now looked like a real transvestite and bitch with both gag and make up. I left the room for a while after setting up the video camera and putting it on. I made sure it was capable of getting a good couple of hours of footage, I didn't wanna miss anything. Then I went and made myself a lovely dinner, with a glass of wine to cap it off. He should be awake by now I thought as I walked into his room. Sure enough he was, although he did appear quite groggy.

"Hello Matt" I said. "Have you seen yourself? You're looking just lovely tonight." I went and got him a mirror and showed him. "Can you see behind you Matt? There's a camera there. Look around, there's a good boy" I hissed as I forcefully turned his head around. He said something into the gag but I really couldn't tell what. "Sorry Matt, that was a bit muffled, I couldn't make it out. Wait I think I heard that before. That's right, when you fucked me. Do you remember that you piece of shit? Well, I got something to show you Matty boy." I went out of the room to return with the thick ten inch dildo I'd bought.

"Now I know your cocks a bit smaller than this, but I thought I'd get one a bit bigger than yours to fuck you with. After all, you're a big strong guy." I put the dildo in front of his face. His eyes ballooned and he bucked and struggled against the bonds. Excellent. Now he's wide awake. He'll feel every second of this.

"The great thing Matt about a strap on is... It never cums... so I can just keep going... and going. Now I'm a nice girl, like you said, so I'll lube you up." I got a blob of lube and stroked it gently against the end of his asshole. He quivered from the cold. "Oh darling, that cold is the least of your worries." And with that I shoved two of my fingers up his ass. He shuddered in pain and yelled into his gag.

"That's just the warm up bitch" I said. "Now it's showtime." I put the strap on on and slid it into myself. It felt amazing. "Mmmm I groaned. Now it's your turn Matty boy." I slid the massive dildo into his asshole. It was ridiculously tight. "Oh Matty boy what a nice tight virgin ass you have." Inch by inch I put it in, Matt moaning in pain the whole time into the pillow. When I got about eight inches in I couldn't go any further so then I pulled back and banged again and again and again. Matts whimpers getting weaker each thrust, I could even make out tears running down his face. "Oh Matty you're ruining your beautiful mascara!" I said as I rammed as hard as I could into him. Finally, after what seemed ages I pulled out as I climaxed in my own ecstatic pleasure as I came. "Mmm, you're a good boy Matt, a nice tight ass you've got there" I laughed.

I untied his right arm and right leg and flipped him over on his back. I noticed a trickle of blood on the dildo and smiled. "Aww did that hurt a bit Matty boy?" Even in his exhausted and beaten state it took all of my strength to retie his right arm and leg to the left bedposts, and then his left arm and leg to the right bedposts so he was looking up at me. I then sat on his cock, strangely hard from his ass fucking, and rode him hard. He had little resistance left and he cummed after less than a minute of me riding his huge cock. I smiled down at Matt "Mmm good boy, or good bitch I think is more appropriate." His eyes looked up at me dazed and pained. I let the last of his cum enter me before standing up tightly closing my legs to hold his cum inside me. I then lowered my pussy onto his lips and sat with my full weight looking down at his spent cock and smiling to myself and at the camera. Then I opened my legs and let his cum fill his mouth. "Clean me out Matt. Every. Last. Drop. Or I'll have to hit those empty balls in front of me with this big heavy dildo I got." He cleaned me. He licked hard and I moaned in pleasure as I added my own cum to his. Finally satisfied I lifted myself of his spent form, walked to the camera and took it out the room to a safe hiding place before returning to the room.

"Now Matt, just in case you think this is my revenge. You're wrong... It will never end. You will lick me out, I will fuck you, both your cock and your ass and I'll do it whenever I want. And if you ever think of saying no, all that footage, of you being my bitch, well, the world might have to see it. Oh and by the way, I think you'll make a great bitch, and the rest of our time living together will be a lot of fun. You can call me mistress from now on." And with that I cut his bonds and walked out of the room, his broken spent body sprawled across his cum stained bed.

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