tagRomanceTaking Me Ch. 01

Taking Me Ch. 01


You watch me cook dinner in the kitchen from the doorway. I'm in a tight, tank top and loose, flowing skirt, no underwear or bra, and my hair let down for once. I feel your eyes on me and I look over to the doorway out of the corner of my eye, seeing you grinning with a lustful look in your eyes. I look back at what I'm doing trying to ignore what I know you're planning silently to yourself. You slowly step towards me, wrap your arms around my waist, and start to gently kiss my neck.

I let out a giggle.

"I'm cooking dinner babe, not right now." I tell you.

You don't care. You reach over me and turn the stove off. Then continue to kiss my neck. You start to press my hips against the counter as I feel your hard cock against my ass through my thin skirt.

You turn me around to face you. You're looking deep, and lustfully into my gentle, tired looking eyes. You start to kiss me softly, our bodies melting together, as you slip your tongue into my mouth. You take in the sweet taste of my soft lips against yours. While you are kissing me, you walk me over to the wall and press me hard against it. I let out a sigh. Your hands begin to touch my body.

Slowly stroking my face, telling me with your touch "Now you're mine."

Your hands travel down my neck, taking in my soft, vulnerable skin. Your touch is gentle yet powerful, and you feel me surrendering myself to you. Your hands travel further down my body, caressing my shoulders, down my arms, to my hands where our fingers intertwine as you press them against the wall. Ours bodies press tighter together, I feel your now harder cock against me through my skirt. As you continue to kiss me, I wonder to myself if you know how wet your touch has gotten me.

You pull away from me, releasing my hands; you start to touch my hardened nipples through my tank top. You grab and pinch at them, stopping to grab my whole breasts every now and then. I bite my lip so I don't moan from your touch. I want you to take me so bad. You start to nibble my ear and suck my neck as you continue to tease me through my shirt. I can't help but to allow a soft moan to escape. You stop to grin sinfully at me, making me blush. You then pick me up, and I wrap tightly around you as you carry me to our bedroom.

When we get to the bed, you throw me down on it. You take off your shirt and slowly crawl onto the bed. You then rip off my tank top exposing my hardened nipples and soft breasts. You graze your hands up my smooth legs, causing me to tremble from the touch of your fingertips like you're sending lightning from them. Your hands creep further up my legs until you reach my bare, smooth pussy. You grin at me at the fact I have on no underwear and how wet you have gotten me already.

You lift up my skirt to take in the sight of my bare pussy and start lightly caressing it all over. Then roughly sliding my skirt off, you spread my legs apart to get a better look; you let out a soft sigh at the sight. You kiss up my thighs, and then I can feel your warm breath on my exposed pussy. You're lips touch my clit, causing me to let out a gasp. You then start to gently lick me. The taste of me causing you to lick faster and faster, making me squirm under you. You then reach up with one hand and grab my breast hard, as you slide your tongue into my pussy; I let out another moan as you start to fuck me with your tongue. As my moans and sighs get louder, you pull your tongue out replacing it with a finger. You slowly start to kiss me up my body, stopping at my breasts to suck and kiss them for a bit. You're still fingering me gently, feeling every inch of my soft, wetness.

I'm writhing under you wanting so bad for you to take me. You know I'm close, so you kiss me roughly, then go back down to my now dripping wet pussy. You start licking me wildly, fingering me harder now. I run my fingers through your hair and press your face further into me. I'm moaning loudly now and starting to tremble and tighten under you as I cum hard. You slowly remove your finger from my hot, dripping pussy and kiss it a few times to take in my wetness.

You get up to take off your pants now, revealing your hard cock, as you look at my face that is now drowned with ecstasy and beauty. You get back on the bed and start to jerk off on top of me as I'm still subsiding from my orgasm. I watch you and imagine you deep in me.

You notice I have calmed from my orgasm as you eye my wet and inviting pussy. You slowly guide your cock to the opening of my pussy, letting the head rest on my entrance. I try to lift my hips up to push you into me but you placed a firm hand on them to stop me.

"No, not yet. I'm in control," you say, causing me to moan in protest. Then, in one gentle thrust, you enter me, making me moan in pleasure as I feel you fill me with your hard cock. You bend down to kiss me allowing your tongue to enter my mouth, making out with me passionately. I start to try to rock my hips against you but you press your body harder against me so I cannot move. You then pin my wrists down on the bed as you look down at my vulnerable beauty.

You start to slowly fuck me as I gasp with pleasure feeling your hard cock plow in and out of my soft pussy. You fuck me slowly, savoring the sensations we are both feeling, going in and out slowly and deeply with every inch of you. You then bend down to nibble at my breasts while retaining your grip on my wrists and continuing to fuck me slowly.

You then kiss my lips gently and whisper in my ear, "Tell me you want me to fuck you."

Knowing that if I want you to go faster I needed to tell you; so without hesitation I whisper to you, "I want you to fuck me...I want you to take me."

You grin at me with your lustful eyes and without warning you do a hard, deep thrust causing me the moan in pleasurable, pain. You release my wrists, then lift one of my legs onto your shoulder. As you begin to fuck me harder and faster, I start to move under you to match your thrusts. Our bodies are moving in unison now, our breathing matching each others in one another's ears, our eyes meeting and hearts pounding wildly under our chests. We begin to pick up the speed, fucking each other faster and faster.

I'm digging my nails into your back. You feel my body start to tense under you as I feel your cock begin to pulsate in me. My tensing, grabbing, and moaning excites you more causing you to fuck me even harder and faster. With one more hard thrust, we both cum together, you cumming deep in me; our bodies in pure ecstasy. You collapse on top of me while we both wait for our orgasms to subside and our breath to steady. As we calm, you slowly pull out of me making me sigh.

You then lean down to kiss me gently, then whisper in my ear, "I love you baby."

I whisper back, "I love you too."

You lift up off of me, and stand by the bed, taking in my tired, yet still beautiful body.

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