tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTaking Miss Brown Ch. 02

Taking Miss Brown Ch. 02


Elijah's older brother Tyler, whom I had the distinct displeasure of teaching last year, is now standing at my door. He wasn't as overt in his sexual harrassment as Elijah is, but he definitely let everyone know he wanted me. He's about two inches taller than Elijah, more muscular, and just as apathetic about school.

He looks on approvingly as his little brother chokes me on his huge black cock. "Whoa, bret, never thought you'd actually get her. She's a little slut too, gagging on that dick. Pull out a sec, though, E. I wanna get a good look at her."

I'm dizzy, almost nauseous, from having my head slammed against the wall repeatedly, and from choking on that monstrous cock. A confused sense of groggy relief fills me for a moment, at least until two pairs of big, rough, black hands pick me up and set me on the lab table.

Tyler examines me roughly, poking and prodding and squeezing all over. Elijah is typing- probably texting- on his cell phone a few feet away.

"Mmm, Miss Brown, I always wanted you, but I never knew what I was missing. Look at these tits. They're huge for such a little body. And your ass, damn it's fine. That's the juciest goddamn pussy I've ever seen. Nice and smooth, shaved like a little slut's cunt oughta be. And you're so wet. You want to get fucked. Don't she, E?"

Elijah puts his phone away. "She says she don't wanna fuck, but her little cunt is all wet and begging for some black cock up in there."

"Did you make the call, E?"

"Yeah, I spread the word. Now in the meantime, it's time to spread Miss Brown's sexy little legs. Heads or tails?" He pulls out a quarter.

"Heads," Tyler says.

The coin lands in Elijah's hand. He brings it to show to me. "Tails," he jubilantly announces. "Do you know what that means, Miss Brown? That means your cherry is mine."

Oh no. Oh god no. This isn't. . .this isn't supposed to. . .no. Just no.

And they bleed into the room, twenty of them at least, almost the entire male population of my sixth and seventh period classes. God no. Why are they all here? Like clockwork, pants hit the floor, and cocks pop free from the confines of boxers.

"Spread your legs, whore."

I'm frozen in fear. I couldn't move even if I wanted to, even if I had the presence of mind to.

Tyler's giant hand comes down on my face with a cracking sound. The burning, fiery pain spreads across my cheek. My legs scoot apart involuntarily, and my eyes fill with tears. There are several moans of approval from the guys.

Elijah grabs my ponytail and pulls me onto my feet on the floor beside him. "She's cherry. She just got her face fucked for the first time. And I'm gonna take her cunt in a minute. After I bust her, she's fair game. Fuck her face, her tits, her ass, her cunt, do whatever the fuck you want with her. She says she don't want this, but the truth is, she's a slut. She wants it so bad. And it's our job to give it to her."

I'm crying, full force now. My tears sting the cuts on my face. My whole body is shaking. I don't want to be fucked. I don't even want to be touched. But my legs are wide open, my pussy is wet and puffy, my nipples are hard, and my whole body is tingling. I. Don't. Want. This. I really, really don't. But my body is begging for it. Maybe I am a slut. . .

"Richard, come here a sec, bret."

Richard, a smaller, quieter boy than Elijah, comes and stands by his side. Richard makes decent grades, and is usually pretty silent in class. But now I see him differently: hungry eyes, erect cock, staring intently at my pussy.

"Rich, I'm gonna bust her, but see, I got a policy. I don't eat no pussy. But we need her to cum, that way she'll be a good slut for me when I fuck her cunt. Now word on the street is, you lick clit better than anybody else. So do me a favor, get her horny for me."

"Sure. God, she's got a hot little cunt." He examines me closely, heightening my arousal with the gentle way he opens my folds and explores my insides with his fingers. "Look how wet she is."

Richard leans close to my pussy and inhales deeply through his nose. He lets out a long, sexy moan and I squirm a bit. Elijah is stroking his cock. "I'm gonna cum now while Rich eats you out, that way I'll last longer when my cock's in you. I'm gonna cum on those juicy little tits."

I'm not really able to think about how afraid I am of his cock, because Richard's hands feel so good on my aching, swollen pussy. He's making little circles around the hole with his fingertip while blowing gently on my clit. It doesn't even really occur to me that this shouldn't be happening, or that it's inappropriate or wrong, or anything else, really, except how good it feels. My hips are involuntarily rocking back and forth, and little moans are beginning to escape from my lips. My hands are shaking, and my pussy is so wet.

My moaning turns to shrieking as he kisses my clit. He's licking and sucking every inch of my throbbing pussy, and I know I'm getting close. My hips are thrashing now.

I scream. My body is overtaken by violent spasms of pleasure. Nothing has ever felt this good, nothing has ever come close, god I've never felt anything like this. I am screaming at the top of my lungs, and my body is bucking against his face, and I don't care. I don't care that my students are watching. I don't care that I'm a horny little slut. God, this is incredible. I'm dizzy, my pussy is gushing, and my body is on fire.

I feel something hot and sticky hit my chest. "Now," Elijah says, "time to bust that slut."

(To be continued…)

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