Taking Mom


The bitch might have thought she was my "mother", but all she was was some whore my father married. I put up with her shit until one night I had finally had enough.

"Damn, your mom's hot!" Devon exclaimed.

"You want some?" I replied after thinking for a few moments.

"What do you mean?" he asked dully.

"I mean, you want so of that shit?"

Devon just stared at me.

"Bring over Brian and Alex and we'll have a party in her pussy tonight."

I could tell Devon didn't believe me, but he was always up for a good party so he called the other guys and went home until 7:00. I knew Dad was with his girlfriend so he wouldn't be home until late.

"Mom" came downstairs looking better than I remember ever seeing her. She was a sexy forty year old, short with long brown hair and nice tits. Her best feature was her smile, and she gave me a big one when she asked what I was going to do now that school was out. Ever since I turned 18 I had waited for graduation. Now that it was here I wasn't in any hurry to get a job, which I guess pissed her off.

A little before 7:00 the doorbell rang. I let Devon, Brian, and Alex in and we all went to the kitchen where "mom" was cleaning up after dinner.

"Get up something to drink," I demanded, feeling it already.

"Josh!" she replied, surprised at my tone. Then she moved closer to me. "You don't have to show off in front of your friends, okay?"

That was it. I was tired of her shit and now she really pissed me off.

"What are you doing? Going to a movie?" she asked nicely as my three homeboys stood in the kitchen waiting for me to do something.

"No, 'mom'," I snapped. "We're having a party."

"Did you ask your father?" she answered.

I laughed.

"I don't think he wants to know about this party!" I snapped back.

"I better call..."

My voice interrupted her.

"The only thing you better do is strip, bitch!" I replied, smiling at her.

"Josh!" she retorted, her eyes wide.

"I don't think you get it, 'mom'," I snapped back. "You're the fucking party!"

"Josh!" she repeated, her voice rising.

"Get her arms!" I snapped to Devon and Alex. Before she could move the two eighteen year olds had grabbed her by the arms. "Move her over to the sink." They pulled my now-struggling "mom" against the counter.

"I always wanted to know what you had under there," I smiled as I unbuttoned the top button of her white blouse while she struggled with her ass against the countertop.

"Josh!" she exclaimed. "I'm your mother!"

I shook my head.

"No. You're just a bitch to me!" I snapped and popped the top button free.

"Devon, Alex," she began to yell. "Let me go!" But they held on and I slowly began to work the next button free.

"Damnit, Josh!" she yelled. "This is not funny!"

"It ain't meant to be funny, 'mom'," I replied as I slid the middle button free. "It's meant for us to see those tits."

She continued to struggle as I pulled on the bottom button. She struggle so hard it popped off.

"Time to see what dad sees in you!" I laughed. Devon and Alex fought to hold her struggling arms as I reached in.

"Stop it Josh!" she screamed as I lifted up her white bra. "No!" she screamed again as her 34Cs popped free.

"Now I know what he sees in you," I laughed as I took hold of her nice tits with both hands. I started to squeeze them and leaned down to whisper in her ear. "In a little while I'll get to 'see' what else is in you." I watched her eyes grow wide.

"Stop it now, Josh," she snapped. I squeezed her love sacks tighter. "Ouch! Damn it stop it!" she screamed.

Her tits were so soft and nice I just get holding them. Then I smiled. I guess she knew what was coming.

"Please, Josh," she began to beg. "Stop now and I won't tell Tom."

"I don't care if you tell him," I replied laughing and squeezing again. "I don't think he really gives a fuck. You do know where he is tonight, don't you." The vacant look in her eyes told me she had no idea he was cheating on you.

"I guess you aren't that great a fuck," I laughed again. Then I reached down to the slide of her pants. "But I'll figure that out for myself."

"NO!" she screamed as she felt my fingers fumble on the slide of her pants. She tried to kick me but I stepped out of the way and slapped her across the face.

"You need to chill out, baby," I snarled as I started to slowly work down the zipper. "It's gonna happen so you might as well enjoy it." Then I caught her legs between mine and began to push her pants down off her wide hips.

My eyes widened as her white silk panties were revealed. I leaned in again.

"Does he make you shave it?" I asked. Then with a hard shove I pushed her pants down her full round thighs. I always liked looking at her thighs when she would wear shorts, but now I got to see all of them. They were nice!

"What do you think, guys," I then asked. "You think the cunt shaves it?"

Brian and Alex laughed "yes". Devon stood dully without making a sound. He was still staring at her tits. I couldn't believe it – he had never seen a woman's tits before.

"Ten bucks she's hairy," I replied. Then, staring in her eyes, I let my hands move up her thighs to the waistband of her panties. "You want to do this or should I?" I asked.

"Stop it now!" she screamed, trying to kick at me. But her legs were wedged together by mine and she couldn't free them.

"You assholes owe me ten bucks!" I smiled as I pulled her panties down and her full, nicely trimmed bush of dark hair came into view.

"Good girl," I sneered. "I like my pussy hairy."

I couldn't wait any longer.

"Bend her over the sink!" I snapped. Devon and Alex turned her around and forced her face down into the sick. I looked at her ass and gave her panties a yank. Her ass popped out nice and big and round.

"Damn!" I chortled. "I gotta have me some of this now!"

"No!" 'mom' screamed when I knelt down and yanked her pants and underwear down her strong legs. Then I made a show of opening my zipper loudly so she knew what was coming.

"Please Josh!" she begged when I leaned against her and she felt my hard cock. Her ass was nice and soft and I knew I couldn't hold out any longer. I spit in my hand and wiped it on the head of my dick. Then I took it in my hand and set the head between her hairy lips.

"You've been asking for this!" I snapped.

"NO Josh!" she screamed. "Oh god no!" she screamed again when she felt my head start to move her soft lips apart.

"Oh yes, 'mom'!" I smiled as I felt my spit-wet cockhead start to work its way in between her cunt lips.

"Ungh!" I grunted as my cockhead finally popped into her dry vagina.

"Oh god please don't do this Josh!" she cried.

But there was no stopping me now, not after I felt how tight the opening to her cunt was.

"Ungh," I grunted again as I pushed a little more in.

"Please Josh," she began to beg as she cried. "Please don't fuck me."

"Does dad know you have such a gutter mouth?" I sneered as pushed another inch in.

I could hear her starting to sob as I started to fuck her. Her pussy so tight I was having a hard time getting it in. I started to slowly fuck her with the first inch, trying to work more in. She was trying to push me out, but that wasn't happening."

"Just take it, bitch!" I snapped. Then I shoved.

"Aaahh!" she moaned as she felt another two inches being forced into her. But as I knew would happen her cunt started to get wet inside. I know she wasn't liking it, but I knew that was just nature – the same thing happened with Becky when I fucked her in the pool.

"Please," she moaned softly.

"Since you asked for it!" I mocked and began to fuck her in earnest. I could hear her crying as I began to work more cock into her impossibly tight snatch. She was as tight as a virgin. I know – Becky used to be one before I took care of that problem for her!

Feeling it now I reached up and grabbed her tits. I used them for handles as I fucked her cunt. I wanted to slam-fuck her for everything she did to me, but I decided slow and steady would be worse for her. And I wanted it to be the worst for her.

"Please, just stop. I'll never tell anyone."

"You think anybody would believe you?" I laughed. Then I slammed my hips forward and finally got it all in. Her cunt was wet now and I started to slow-fuck her while she cried.

"Please!" she begged.

"Since you asked nicely!" I laughed, mocking the way she would talk to me, and started a nice fuck rhythm while my hands worked over her soft tits. They felt good in my hands and I almost stopped fucking her.


"I'm gonna come in you, 'mom,!" I screamed as I felt it build.

"NO!" she cried out.

But it was too late. My cock started spasming and then I came deep and hard up her cunt.

"Ungh ungh unghhh!" I moaned as I came deep and hard in three long spurts. Then, exhausted, I collapsed on her soft back with my cock buried all the way inside her.

"You're a great fuck, 'mom'," I whispered into her ear just before I pulled out.

"Damn you," 'Mom' cried out when I pulled out.

. I laughed – and slapped her ass.

"Your turn!" I smiled at Brian as I put myself back in my shorts.

"NO!" she screamed, for the first time realizing I was going to let them all fuck her pussy.

"Oh yes, 'mom'," I laughed. "You have to be polite to our visitors," I mocked, again using the words she would use to talk down to me.

Brian shoved his jeans down and shoved it right in her cum-filled pussy.

"Oh god Brian, please!" she pleaded.

Damn, he went right at it! I gotta say, the young man knew how to fuck a whore! He twisted and squirmed as he fucked 'mom'. I could tell he was into it – and could tell by the way she was balling she did not like this one bit.

Too bad.

Brian started to moan and I knew he was coming. Surprise me that the little shit couldn't hold out the way he was fucking her.

"Stop, please," 'mom' cried when she felt Brian pull out. Instead, I told Alex it was his turn. I watched the cum start to flow slow out of her cunt as Alex pulled his cock out of his pants.

"Oh please, Alex..."

But he wasn't listening. He shoved right in. I thought if anyone would have been a fuck-virgin it would be Alex. But it turns out he fucked his step-sister the night I did her in the pool. I guess she was so upset she just didn't care to tell anyone about me, and he found out and made her fuck him too.

I started laughing as I watched him trying to get it in. Shit her pussy was so full of come a baseball bat could have slipped in! But he finally figured it out and started to fuck her too.

By now 'mom' stopped trying to get us to stop. She just lay there bent over the sink while Alex fucked her. Asshole took forever, but finally he started squealing like a girl and shot his load in her too.

Then it was Devon's turn.

"I want to come in your mom," he said in another one of his stupid comments.

"Be my guest!" I replied. "Is that alright with you 'mom'?"

"Why are you doing this Josh?" she replied. It took me aback – she was more angry at my words than she was at me raping her. But I didn't know anything about love – I proved that when I just went ahead and popped Becky's nineteen year old cherry - so I really didn't get it.

When Devon finally pulled out 'mom' collapsed against the countertop, crying.

"No," she pleaded weakly as I pulled her to me. "Just leave me alone."

"No way, 'mom'," I sneered. I made her open some beers for us and we sat around the table watching her.

Then I made her step out of her pants, and take off her shirt, and took I my pants off, and made her sit naked on my lap. Damn she felt good! Her ass was so big and soft, and her thighs were soft too.

Pretty soon I got hard again.

"It's show time, 'mom," I laughed.

"Oh please, Josh. Please. I swear I'll never tell anyone." She began to cry again.

I started to poke my cock at her pussy.

"Please Josh," she begged softly. "It hurts."

There was no way I was stopping.

And it wasn't her cunt I wanted this time. Before she could move I pushed her up over the table.

"Oh please!" she begged. Then she realized what I had in mind.

"No! Oh god Josh NO!" She tried to escape my hold when she felt my cockhead against her cum-slick asshole. "NO!"

I realized the my dad – or some other dude in her past – had tried to butt-fuck her and she didn't like it. Tough shit. She's getting it now!

I stuck it in her still-cum-wet pussy and got it all nice and juicy. Then I pulled out and put it up against the tiny pucker I was staring at. Damn it looked nice! It looked like it was waiting there just for me. I told Brian to get her hands.

"Oh god Josh please!" she began to beg. Then I realized how much she must have hated anal when her voice dropped barely to a whisper. "I'll suck you off."

"You're gonna do that anyway, mommy," I laughed and started to push.

"Aaahhh!" she wailed as my cockhead started to force her tiny butthole open. AAAHHHH!"

"You should a been nice to me, 'mom'," I snarled. And pushed harder against the tight assring.

"Aaaiiiieee!" I heard her squeal as my cock head popped into her ass.

"Damn," I thought as I started to assfuck her. Her asshole was even tighter than Becky's! Oh, did I forget to tell you? After I took Becky's cherry I pulled out and stuffed my cock in her chubby ass. I put my hand over her mouth when she started complaining and fucked her ass like I'd never fucked an ass before. Which made sense, because I never had!

And now I was fucking Rhonda's ass and it was tight. I mean it felt like it was going to pull my cock off! I leaned over her back and pressed my feet hard against the floor for leverage as I worked my cock into her vice-tight ass. The cum on my cock made it go in quick and she screamed "mother fucker!" as a full half of my cock flew in effortlessly.

"Damn you got a filthy mouth, 'mom'," I mocked again.

"Bastard!" she screamed.

"I guess this makes me a 'mother fucker', 'mom'. You were right about that!" I laughed as I started enjoying her buttery ass. I got a nice fuck going, nice and slow. Damn it was good!

She stopped crying after a few strokes. I knew she wasn't liking it and didn't care but at least it must not been hurting as much. I didn't really want to hurt her, but when I saw that big round ass I just had to have it. And now I was and it was great.

"We're gonna have to do this again sometime, 'mom'," I whispered as I felt her ass pulling on my cock with each stroke.

She didn't say anything, she just laid there over the table and let me fuck her.

Remember, I had just come in her pussy a little bit ago so I was able to fuck her ass a long time. I started moaning her ass felt so good, all hot and steamy and buttery. With Becky it had been in and one stroke and I came. With 'mom' it was a good ten minutes of slow ass reaming.

Then I started to feel in.

"Here I come 'mom'!" I squealed. Then I couldn't resist. "I bet you don't let dad come in your ass, fucking whore." All my pent up hostility toward Rhonda exploded in those words. I shoved once, hard and deep. She screamed. I came.

God damn did I come!

"Unnghhhh!" I moaned when I felt my cock shoot hard up her shitter. "Unngghhh!" I screamed, feeling my come pump deep in her ass.

'Mom' didn't make a sound when I shot my thick load up her ass. I pulled out, and laughed at the wet "plop" sound it made.

"Go clean that shit and change your clothes and get your ass back down here. Dad'll be home soon," I commended. I loved being able to order her around! Then I whispered something in her ear. She went upstairs to clean herself.

I gave the guys high-fives. Then all thanked me and told me they'd love to fuck her again.

"Could be," I replied knowingly, then they took off before dad could get home from his girlfriend's house.

Dad entered the house to me sitting on the couch watching a chick-flick with 'mom'. 'Mom' was sitting right next to me in sweatpants and a sweatshirt – I guess he couldn't tell she didn't have a bra on – with her head on my shoulder.

"Good to see you two getting along," he smiled. Then he went upstairs to the shower to wash Miranda off of him.

It gave me just enough time to make 'mom' give me a blow job.

To be continued – if you like it

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