tagAnalTaking My Ass

Taking My Ass


It's a warm, sunny Sunday afternoon and we are lying in the park. I have my head in your lap, listening to you reading snippets from a magazine as you lazily stroke my hair. My eyes drift closed and I start to get lost in the sound of your voice, your touch, and I think of what I what I want you to be doing to me. I open my eyes just the slightest bit, focus on the shape of your lips and am mesmerized. Your lips can leave the sweetest kisses, yet elicit such desire as they burn across my body. You look down as a small smile plays across my lips, and know that I am thinking wicked things. I slide back into my thoughts as your fingers caress the side of my face, over my lips, gently teasing me.

I think back to earlier this morning, us stirring in bed until you were curled behind me, one hand cupping my breast. I was in between sleep and arousal, comfortable, but with you so close to me my nerve endings were tingling. Your fingers tightened around my nipple, coaxing it into hardness and a soft moan escaped me and encouraged your touch. I arched my back just the slightest bit and felt your hardness swell as my pussy tingled in anticipation. Your hand slid down my stomach, over my hip and between my thighs, lightly running your fingers over my pussy lips, teasing me until you made contact with my clit.

I raised my leg up allowing you better access and you stroked my button until I was writhing against your hand, so close to cumming. I wanted to feel you, reached behind me until I had your glorious cock in my hand. As always, I loved the thickness, my hand felt so tiny wrapped around you. I slid my hand up and down your rock-hard shaft a few times, trying to reach down to stroke your balls, too. I wanted to feel you deep inside me, I think you knew this as you pulled my hand away and slid your hips forward until I could feel the tip of your cock, the heat radiating off of you.

With your hand on my hip, you slowly filled me, your thickness creating sensations like no other, it was as if I could feel your pulse radiating into me. You kissed my shoulder as you began to slide in and out of my pussy, whispering into my ear, "I love how wet you get for me."

Knowing that you were as aroused as I was only turned me on even more, and I found myself arching into your thrusts, trying to get more of you in my greedy hole. I lifted my leg up, and you seemed to hit deeper, a totally different angle. I felt myself sliding closer to cumming, soft moans escaping my lips. With barely a motion, you rolled and had me pinned on my stomach beneath you, straddling my legs. The sudden change in friction set me over the edge. "Oh, John, I'm cumming! Oh, my God!"

I felt the warmth exploding inside me as wave after wave of ecstacy rolled over me. I threw my head back, managed to find your lips as you thrust into me, and the pleasure shot up my body. I loved the feel of your weight surrounding me, the tightness and friction as you slid into my wet pussy even more forcefully, spurred on by my orgasm. I, too, wanted more, and met each thrust, feeling the afterglow of an amazing orgasm growing into another storm. "Do you like me on top of you like this, Baby?" you growled into my ear. "Do you want to feel my hot cum filling you?"

I moaned in response as I slid my hand beneath me, finding my sopping pussy and engorged clit. I drew circles around my clit with one finger, and could actually feel you swelling inside me as you cried out that you were cumming. I felt waves of another orgasm rip over me just as streams of your cum filled me. You collapsed onto me, your hands wrapped in my hair, both our breath ragged and out hearts thumping. After a few minutes resting, I giggled softly, and you asked, "what are you laughing about?" I turned my head and you could see the grin on my face as I answered, "I'm thinking how amazing it would be to be in this position with your beautiful cock somewhere else." You let out a soft moan of consent and had a grin, too, thinking of things to come.

So here we were a couple hours later, lazing in the sun, sated and happy. My thoughts were wandering back to my statement earlier this morning, how badly I wanted you in my ass, but have been afraid to. I worried I would not be able to handle your thickness, your length, but wasn't that precisely what had me so preoccupied and wet any time that I thought about it? We had talked about anal sex, knew we would try it at some point, it was just a matter of when. I thought now was the time. I reached for your hand, pulled it to my lips and began kissing your palm, lightly licking a finger down to the tip, which I gently sucked into my mouth. You smiled down at me, one eyebrow raised in a questioning look, knowing that I was feeling naughty. "Take me home, John, I want you," I whispered, "I want you to take my ass."

"Are you sure, Baby?" you asked, turning our hands around until now you were kissing my fingers, teasing me. I sat up, leaned into you and kissed you deeply, my hand curling around the back of your neck as our tongues entwined. I could not believe how turned on I was just from thinking about our time together earlier this morning, and my passion clearly amused you. You could tell how badly I wanted you.

"I'm sure. I've been laying here thinking of how you touch me, how I want you to touch me," I whisper against your lips. You respond by pulling me in for a deeper kiss before breaking away to stand up, offering me your hand to help me up. The walk back to my place, although only a few blocks, seems to take forever. Your fingers twined with mine are so warm, keeping the heat between us. You push me against the wall as soon as we got in the door, I love how your body feels, pinning me against the wall, your lips capturing mine. Your hands slide down to my breasts, my nipples already hard from your kisses. You pull away long enough to lift my shirt over my head and I take the opportunity to pull your T-shirt off as you unhook my bra and it slides to the floor. You bend down and flick my nipples with your tongue, then gently blow, sending shivers down my spine as the cool air contrasts with the heat of your touch. You return to my breasts, your fingers teasing the sensitive skin of the undersides as your teeth clamp onto a nipple, the mix of sensations making me weak in the knees.

I pull your head up after a few moments for a kiss, then lead you up the stairs and into the bedroom where I undo your belt and let your pants fall to the floor. I ease your boxer briefs down and push you back onto the bed, hear you kicking off your shoes as I lean over and run my tongue from the base of your cock up to the tip, slowly swirling around the bulbous head before taking you into my mouth and gently sucking. I run my nails down your thighs lightly, sliding as much of your thick cock down my throat as I can. I love the sigh of contentment I hear from you, and drop to my knees, burying my tongue in your balls, then licking at your taint. You moan more audibly now and lift your knees, allowing me access to your sexy ass, so I flick my tongue at your tight hole, alternating between gentle licks and more probing strokes. I wrap my fist around your cock and gently stroke while I tease your ass.

You reach down for me and guide me onto the bed, kissing your way down my body until your tongue is flicking my clit and leaving me arched off the bed. You slide a finger into my pussy, slowly stroking in and out, then add another digit. Just when I think I can't take anymore, you slide your fingers out and down towards my ass. Using the wetness from my pussy you tease my little rosebud for a moment, then push gently, sliding past that initial resistance. Before I even realize it, you have your finger all the way in and are slowly sliding in and out, your tongue still lapping at my pussy then grazing over my clit. You slide your finger out, gather more wetness for lubrication, and then slip a second finger into me, both of us slowly savoring the invasion. I am stunned by the suddenness of the orgasm when it hits me, the feel of your fingers buried in my ass is such a special sensation so different from how you fill my pussy.

You are no longer being gentle, your fingers fly in and out of me roughly, but this just heightens my orgasm. "God, Johnny, I can't stop cumming!" The ripples of pleasure seem to go on forever as I grip your head between my hands and savor every sensation. You slow the strokes of your tongue along my slit, tasting the honey you have so expertly coaxed from me, looking up at me with such a devilish expression.

"Did you like that, Baby?" I nod slowly, nearly incoherent from pleasure. "Are you ready for more?" you ask, in a sultry voice that nearly sends shivers up my spine in anticipation. Again I am mute, and can only nod, pulling you up for a kiss, savoring the heat of your body, the taste of my cum still fresh on your lips. You move your hips, splaying my legs until I can feel the thick head of your cock as your move into me. I am struck again at how completely you fill me. You pause to kiss me, my legs wrapping around you to draw you deeper. I kiss and nip at your neck, eliciting soft moans as you arch to allow me better access to your sensitive spots. I kiss your ear, swirling my tongue along the shell of your ear, knowing you are enjoying this as your motions become more forceful. You break away, kiss me more softly, taking the pace down a notch before telling me to roll over. Our eyes lock, and we both know this is what we both have been waiting for, what we both want.

You pull away, allowing me to roll over onto my hands and knees, glancing at you slightly unsure over my shoulder. You stroke my ass cheeks lovingly, slide one hand down to my pussy and murmur, "so wet," almost as if to yourself. When your finger slides into my ass I am ready for it now, aching for it. I sense, more than feel, your body moving behind me. You slide the length of your cock along my slit, gathering lubrication and then I feel the thick knob nudging at what I imagine must seem like an impossibly tiny hole. My fingers find my clit, to tease and distract me. I have a moment of doubt that you will fit, I feel such pressure as you push into me, and then there is that inevitable release after you penetrate that first barrier. You pause, allowing us a moment to adjust, and I continue to lightly stroke my clit to east the pressure coming from my ass.

I slowly push back towards you, letting you know I want more, that I want you to fill me completely. I can feel you tremble slightly, sensations obviously overpowering you, too, as you slowly withdraw almost to the tip before sliding just a little deeper each time. There is silence in the room except for our breathing, my breath coming in short pants as your thickness overwhelms and excites me, my pussy getting wetter and wetter as you slide deeper into my ass. I can't believe how full I feel, how wicked, there is no other way to describe the sensation. I am amazed when you pause and I realize that you have your cock buried to the root. I slide my fingers away from my clit until they graze your balls, gently running my nails along your taint as you are resting tightly in my tush. You cry out and propel your hips forward just a little more until I know that you have now, completely taken my ass.

"Fuck me, Babe," I say hoarsely. You grab onto my hips and plunge into me more forcefully, in long, deep strokes that ensure I feel every long, thick, bit of you. I know I'm not going to last long and my elbows start to splay, my forehead supporting most of my weight now as I am becoming lost in sensations. I can feel your body tense as you pause while buried to the hilt, your breath becoming more shallow. I slide my hands around to my ass cheeks, pulling them apart more, wanting you even deeper now as I feel my body start to tremble with the first ripple of my orgasm. The sensation of me cumming and the sight of me begging you to fuck me deeper sets you over the edge, too, and our cries combine in the previously quiet room. "John, John," I just whisper your name, my hands slipping to the bed and gripping the sheets.

"Oh, Honey," you cry, and I can almost feel you grow larger, then streams of cum shooting into me. You pull out, letting a little cum dribble onto my freshly fucked hole before sliding back in, pushing me down onto my stomach. Your arms curl up to my shoulders, a finger twirling a stray lock of my hair as you nestle your head behind mine. Like this morning, our breath is ragged, our hearts are thumping, only now there is such a sense of satisfaction and completion. I lift my head, turn over my shoulder to kiss you, a grin on my face. My grin is not one of mischief any longer, but of great satisfaction, and I hope we have many more lazy days like today ahead.

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