tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTaking My Darling Maria Ch. 01

Taking My Darling Maria Ch. 01


Hey guys :). This is my first submission here, so I apologize for any grammatical/spelling errors. I tried to look it over as best as I could, but I may have missed something here or there. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy and please leave a positive comment or constructive criticism :)


I sprinted down the hall, running for my life. The sound of my chuck taylor clad feet slapping the ground bounced off the walls, echoing eerily.

"Maria... Maria..." It was a male's voice... I didn't know who he was and I didn't know what he wanted. Either way, things probably weren't going to turn out well for me if I let him catch me. I felt a little sweat beading in my hairline as my thick, wavy mane streamed behind me.

"Maria... Maria..." He was gaining on me. With every step, every breath, every heartbeat. I almost sobbed as I ran down the long, echoey corridors of the abandoned warehouse, leaping over piles of debris and hoping to god I didn't trip.

I had been snooping around, exploring the old welding factory after I'd heard some rumors about a human-bat thing supposedly seen coming and going from this place. I had been inside the decaying building for about ten minutes when I heard a horrendous cacophony; someone broke down the door I had blocked and began calling my name in the silky, disgustingly fake sympathetic voice.

"Maria!" The proximity of the voice brought me out of my thoughts.

He was only a few paces behind me!!

The corridor was coming to a dead end. I thought all hope was lost, but I saw one last open door on the left. It could be my only salvation... A chance to turn around or find something I could use as a weapon to fight back.

I reached out to grab the door handle, both as an anchor to redirect my momentum and as a way to slam the door shut in the face of my predator.

I felt an arm wind around my throat, jerking me off my feet from the sudden stop and choking me in the suffocating grip. I thought it was a police officer or something like that, until I felt cold, inhuman breath on the side of my neck.

"At last..."

The man shoved me into the room, my feet tangling into various cords and wires littering the floor, he wrenched the door handle shut behind him. The room was lit by an old, dim, flickering lightbulb suspended by a thin wire. The room appeared to be an old workshop. Shelves lined the upper parts of the walls with damaged and rough counters underneath. Tools of all sorts littered the place along with rusty generators decaying by some of the outdated power tools. In the middle of the room stood a solid work table the size of a king-sized mattress, metal shavings scattered into the old creases of the over-worked wooden surface. Lengths of heavy duty, rusty chains draped tiredly over the upper half, almost waiting for someone to finish a project they started.

I turned to look at my captor after regaining some of my balance, but my right arm was yanked behind my back, forcing me in the opposite direction of the door. I was roughly thrown over the table, the man gripping me roughly and bending me so my face was mashed into the metal shavings and splinters of the work table, making my eyes water with the sting. I blinked a few tears away. In a shaky voice, I asked.

"What... do you want... with me?" The man pressed himself against me, leaning over me and completely covering my smaller frame with his.

The man brushed the hair off the back of my neck and nuzzled my flesh before replying in that same, horrifying purr:

"You poked around in the wrong places... And then I smelled you. Your scent was the sweetest I've ever smelled and it drove me..." He pulled his mouth close to my ear and spoke the last word in a breathy, smooth voice, "... crazy."

"...m-my smell...?" My voice cracked on the word 'smell,' much to my dismay. My captor chuckled evilly, obviously enjoying my ignorance.

"Yes, darling. Your smell." What the fuck was he going to do... Eat me...?I struggled wildly, my pinned arm loosing circulation in the vice grip and my other stuck between my torso and the table top.

The man laughed heartily, yanking me up from the table and pressing my body against him. He captured both wrists in one hand in a crushing grip, forcing them behind my back. His other arm snaked over my chest, his rough hand gripping me just under my jaw. His lips were almost touching my ear, cold radiating from them and raising goosebumps along my skin.

"This can be easier for both of us. If you're good, I can be nice and gentle." He pressed his lips against the racing pulse beneath my ear, "or I can be rough and unpleasant if you fight me." He bit the soft curve connecting my neck and shoulder, two particularly sharp teeth almost piercing my skin. I cried out in pain and jerked, shaking a laugh from him again. He shuffled forward to the table again, forcing me to bend over it painfully, this time sparing my cheek from the metal and rough wood. He spoke again, the chill of his breath causing the small hairs all over my neck to stand on end.

"What's it going to be, my pet?" Bile rose to the back of my throat as he whispered 'my pet.' I refused to respond, scared out of my mind and stubborn enough to want to fight. After a few seconds of silence, the man growled in frustration. He dragged me up onto the table, flipping me so I was on my back. He motioned to the chain with his finger and a length of chain sprang to his command. It wound around my bruised wrists tightly before two links on each end opened up like the jaws of an angry snake and clamped into the old wood, making a sickly crunching sound like that of breaking bones; after sealing themselves into the table top, they went lifeless, just like they were a few seconds ago. My arms were securely bound above me, putting me in a somewhat vulnerable state and cutting off any hopes I had of escape. My chest heaved as I panted in fear, my eyes searching for the face of the man behind all this.

I turned my head to my left and there he stood.

The most beautiful sight I had ever seen.

He stood probably around 6'7, dwarfing my smaller stature of 5'4. He was medium boned, muscular, and pale as the moon. He wore a charcoal gray hoodie with a lighter gray graphic tee beneath. His face was sculpted, not overly so, but enough to eliminate any boyishness. Pale, perfect skin and a symmetrical face... and eyes with blood-red irises and light-absorbing black pupils. Black, spiky hair crowned his horrifyingly handsome face, making a mixture of terror and lust course down my spine, coating every nerve ending and focusing all my senses on him.

He casually leaned over me on the table, speaking in a low, dominating voice.

"Have you changed your mind, darling?" I gaped up at him, his face mostly a silhouette due to the crappy lightbulb hovering above. He raised an eyebrow at me in expectation.

I blinked and closed my mouth, regaining enough of my stubbornness to turn my head away and close my eyes, as if trying to deny his existence. I heard him hiss in a deep, threatening way.

"So be it. I'll have you, either way... And when I'm done, you'll be begging for more." The hairs along my arms rose again, his words stirring something deep within me.

He lept up onto the work table, kicking my legs apart roughly and settling between them. His hips rested against mine and he ground them into me, bringing to my attention something very hard between us. He dug his cold fingers into the neckline of my white tshirt, ripping it from me, jerking me off the table and startling me with the brutality of the force he used. He gazed down at me, his hands caressing over the lacy white bra. He mumbled "White for purity... White for virginity..." My spine turned to ice. How did he know I was a virgin...?

Then he leaned down, taking the fabric between the cups into his mouth. He yanked back and it sprang free, the bra snapped in the middle, ruined. I was completely bared to him, unable to cover myself or hide from those crimson eyes. My captor cursed under his breath before almost violently attacking my right breast with his mouth. He bit the nipple between his teeth, flicking his tongue over the hardening peak before sucking the soft tissue into his mouth. My back arched off the table and I gasped involuntarily at the onslaught. His hand gripped and roughly kneaded the other as he worked over my breast with his mouth. I felt his sharp teeth sliding over my skin threateningly, knowing at any moment they could rip into me if he wanted. My heart pounded with a mix of fear and a rising, unknown desire within me.

He released my breast from his mouth with a wet smack, his dangerous eyes glaring into mine.

"Your heart is calling to me..." He moved forward so that his face was at my neck. He nuzzled the throbbing pulse near my throat, sighing.

"How does it feel... knowing I could drink you dry if I wanted?" He squeezed my breast hard, stealing a gasp from me. His tongue caressed the flesh over my racing pulse; I involuntarily angled my head to give him better access. He murmured appreciatively.

"You smell so delicious..." His teeth scraped over my pulse, drawing a shiver out of me. He chuckled a little, the sound a deep, throaty sound. He spoke softly,

"I could kill you if I wanted... Tear open your throat and drink away your life."

He kissed over my pulse again, lingering and letting his tongue snake out again to caress the sensitive flesh. A small whimper of fear and something else escaped my trembling lips.

"Tell me what you think about that, Maria." My name sounded strange on his tongue.

I licked my dry lips, noticing how his eyes followed my tongue. I spoke, hesitantly, in a quivering voice.

"I think... if that's what you really wanted, you would have done that already." He was inhumanly still for a moment, before a slow smile spread over his perfect face.

"Smart girl."

He squeezed my breast hard again, extracting a gasp from me, opening my mouth to him. He leaned down, capturing my lips with a strange hunger I'd never known before. My mind went completely blank as he pulled away to see my reaction. I blinked, my brain feeling a little hazy as I stared back at him. I bit my lip, replaying over in my head what had just happened. Is this what a kiss was really like? Then it seemed to dawn on him.

"That was your first kiss?" He looked taken aback for a few seconds. Then his pupils dilated a bit and he growled deep in his throat before leaning back down and taking my lips again. My current situation forgotten, I lay there, trying to sort out how to react, the first time today when I was completely at a loss for words or action.

I let instinct take over. He claimed my bottom lip, sucking gently. I pursed my lips together a little, putting a bit of pressure on his upper lip. His hips ground against me again as he deepened the kiss, his tongue pushing against my lips. Not knowing what else to do, I let him in and he swirled his tongue around mine, the sensations rendering my mind blank and my body limp. He whispered against my lips,

"That's it... don't fight me." He kissed me passionately, his hand starting to knead my breast again, flicking and rolling my nipple with his thumb while the other slipped beneath my head, gripping the back of my neck as his fingers intertwined in my hair. He began kissing along my jawline, moving back toward my neck. Each kiss kindled the fire growing just under my skin and I began to feel a thirst within my body I had never known before. His grinding began to feel good and I moaned beneath him as he sucked on my neck. My arms struggled against the chains, wanting to touch him. He spoke, his words muffled by the sensitive flesh of my throat against his lips.

"Not yet, my darling." He worked his way down my neck, pausing at my breasts again. His face moved away from mine as he maneuvered himself lower over me. He kissed the soft skin above my belly button, his hands shredding my dark-gray, knee length leggings. He flung the remnants of clothing off the table, dipping his tongue in my belly button before kissing lower. Distress began to filter through the haze in my mind.

I mewled a soft,

"Wait..." My captor paused at his task.

"Trust me, pet." He resumed, kissing softly above my panty line and my hips, silencing any protest I may have had. I felt his hands gently pushing my knees apart, giving him access to my sacred part.

I felt him blowing a steady stream of cool air over me and realized that he had somehow slipped my underwear off me while I was distracted. Before I could protest, he latched onto my sensitive nub and sucked softly, drawing a moan from me. My back arched from the sensation, my mind completely hazy as I felt his mouth in the place I had never been touched before. My legs quivered and my knees spread a little more, my body inviting him in without my permission.

His tongue swirled around my clit, awakening each nerve ending and setting them each ablaze. I didn't understand what I was feeling, and under present circumstances I didn't care.

He paused and I felt his eyes on my face. Through my panting, I managed to choke out,

"Please... don't stop... ohhhhhh..." His tongue slid up through my folds, turning my legs to jelly and my words to unintelligible moans and groans.

Then I felt something probing uncomfortably at my entrance. I bit my lip as I felt him touching me and stretching me a little.

Then I felt him suck on the sensitive little bud again and I completely forgot any discomfort. My belly was tightening in a weird way, but the way he made me feel I didn't want to care. He drew on my clit repeatedly and I gasped, moaned, and writhed beneath him. I felt him insert his finger inside me and he stroked my inner walls, adding a new dimension to the sensation he was forcing onto me. The tightening within me kept growing with each second.

He flicked my nub with his tongue as he simultaneously swirled his finger inside me and the tightness exploded within me, unleashing a torrent of pleasure. My senses barely noticed the brief bit of pain as they were overcome by the intense sensation. I heard myself whimpering softly as the cascade of pleasure began to ebb after a few moments. My heart no longer pounded with fear; the negative emotions temporarily gone as I basked in the glow of the new contentedness I suddenly felt. Then, I became aware of something wet on the inside of my thighs and dripping down my bottom onto the table; I thought that perhaps I had peed myself and felt my cheeks grow hot with shame. I opened my eyes as I felt a shadow loom over me.

Piercing red eyes studied my face as my heart began to beat normally. He smiled and I noticed his lips were shiny and wet.

"You are absolutely exquisite when you come..." He leaned down to me again, kissing me gently. He tasted different. I swallowed hard,

"What just happened? ...what did you do to me?" I raised my head and looked down between us. His clothes were now gone and he was settled between my legs again. What I saw protruding from him made my eyes widen. He continued, seemingly unhampered by my attention on other places.

"You just had an orgasm. It happens when you feel really good." He paused and licked his lips, the shiny stuff disappearing. I blinked, raising my gaze back to his face, and my cheeks felt hot again as I asked quietly,

"...did I pee?" He laughed.

"No darling. It happens when you have an orgasm." I nodded.

My attention went back to his hips. He answered my unspoken question.

"That, Maria, is my cock and it will go inside you where you felt me touching you a bit ago." I swallowed hard.

"...go inside me?" He kissed my neck softly.

"Yes. I'm going to take you, pet. I'm going to fuck you with my cock." Before I could respond, he shifted his hips and used his hand to guide himself. I felt it pressing against me. I squirmed against him, whispering in fear,

"H-how is that going to fit in me??" I twisted my hips away, trying to close my legs as I felt a little panic. The piercing eyes stared daggers into me. I felt his hands on my hips grip tightly, holding the yielding flesh in a vice like grip. He leaned closer to my ear, whispering threateningly,

"You will not deny me entry. If you submit, I'll be gentle. If not, I can make this more painful for you then it will already be." He pressed his hips forward, the pressure increasing as he illustrated his point. His eyes seemed to pierce directly into my soul; there was no give to his will and I knew there was no way out of this. After a few seconds, I forced myself to relax, opening my legs to him again. He sighed, his legs trembling.

"Good girl."

Before I could protest, he captured my lips as he thrust his hips forward. I felt a pain like a sharp rubber band snap and I opened my mouth to yelp, but he absorbed my cries with his mouth and kissed me passionately. He moaned deep in his throat, his body shaking above me. He broke the kiss, drawing in a sharp breath and cursing,

"God you feel so good..." He kissed my pulse again and slowly rotated his hips. I winced at the discomfort; I felt like I was being split in half. He kissed my neck firmly, pulling away briefly enough to apologize.

"I'm sorry love... It's going to hurt for a little bit." There was only one solid question in my mind.

"Is it really inside me?" He moved his hips again and I could feel it moving in me. He began slowly moving his hips back and forth, pulling out a little and then going back in. It hurt at first, but it soon started to feel good like before. The man was still shaking. He murmured,

"You're so tight... So good... I want to ride you hard but you aren't ready... God damn..." He did pick up the pace, however. When he pulled out, I felt a new kind of emptiness that was soon relieved after he surged back in, gyrating his hips. He hit a really sensitive spot inside me and I moaned again, wrapping my legs around him as he moved within me. He cursed under his breath and pumped faster, harder. It felt so good inside me and I soon wanted him to fill me more, get deeper, go harder. I struggled against the chains binding my arms down and he lifted a hand, gesturing like he did before. The links disintegrated around my wrists like sawdust and my arms sprang free and wrapped around his shoulders. My hands roamed over his smooth, muscular back. He hit that spot inside me again and again and my nails dug into his cold flesh. He cursed sharply and pinned me, thrusting inside me harder. His eyes borred into mine and his lips curled into a snarl. My back arched and I cried out in ecstasy as he kept stroking over that spot. I started lifting my hips in time with his thrusts, hearing his thighs slap against my ass as he buried himself inside me.

He began to furiously fuck me at that point. I writhed and moaned, mewled, whimpered, and groaned beneath him, the way he was taking me so brutally adding fuel to the fire in my core.

"God damn it, Maria!" I clawed his back as he stroked over that spot inside me, my eyes nearly rolling back up into my skull.

Moving as fast as lightning, he gripped my wrists and pinned them above my head, staring into my eyes with a new intensity. He slowed his thrusting and stopped; I groaned in frustration and tried to grind my hips to get friction inside me. He leaned his weight onto my wrists a little, capturing my attention completely.

"Listen to me, Maria." He growled out, his muscles trembling. He began punctuating the words with his thrusting into me, "You. Belong. To. Me." One of his hands gripped my breast again and he loomed over me. His voice grew more intense.

"You. Are. Mine!" I moaned as his words called up a strong desire in my soul, my orgasm, as he called it, building within me.

"Say it!" He ground his hips hard against me, driving his point home. I

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