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Taking My Husband


I doubt there are many women who can say they've raped their husbands. Husbands are usually bigger, stronger, more authoritative, etc., as is mine. They're usually the pursuers, not the pursuees, being that most men have stronger sex drives than women. That's where my problem comes in, because, in our marriage, the reverse is true.

When Erik and I were married, along with the public vows we took, I took a private vow to Erik: that he would be the most sexually satisfied man in the Western Hemisphere. I've made sure to honor that vow. I never deny him. He gets at least three blowjobs a week, frequently more, and I always swallow. About half the time when we're having intercourse, I have him pull out before he cums and finish in my mouth, and I swallow then, too. During the day, I frequently call him at work and tell him the nasty things I'm going to do to him when he gets home. I've told him there's not one sexual thing I would deny him, as long as it doesn't involve piss, shit, pain, or other people. In short, Erik is a very satisfied man.

For the most part, I, too, am very satisfied. Erik mastered eating me before we were married (we wanted to wait until marriage, but slipped up and ended up in bed before then), and after I made a couple adjustments to his other technique, mastered regular fucking, too. He gives it to me almost every time I want it, and pretty much does what I want in bed, when I want it. I guess he recognizes that I have the stronger sex drive and lets me take the lead in what-and-when.

The problem, though, is that twice a year, he has to take a 2-week trip to the west coast for client meetings, and I spend those two weeks climbing the walls. I have some toys I use to tide me over, but it's like taking a baby aspirin for a toothache--it only takes the edge off. That only works for the first week. The second week is pure torture. I swore to Erik that I would never, ever cheat on him under any circumstances, and I never will. But sometimes I debate whether that pledge should only apply to men. If it doesn't apply to women, there's a neighbor whose panties I sure wouldn't mind getting in. But, until now, I've always figured that would be cheating, also, so I've stayed away.

On one particular trip, I went through my usual routine to keep the itch scratched, using my vibrator, causing the Great Texas Battery Shortage. I sent him email, voicemail, videomail, and we talked on the phone every night. I made sure he knew he was going to get his clothes ripped off when he got back home.

Problem was, this return was going to happen in the middle of a visit from my family. My parents and a sister were passing through in the middle of a trip and, since we live a long way away and don't see each other much, were going to stay a few days. To me, all this meant was I was going to have to get Erik upstairs before I ripped his clothes off, and we'd have to be quiet. I didn't realize Erik felt differently.

On the day Erik returned, my family and I were relaxing in the living room, just chatting and watching TV. Well, they did the relaxing; I did the pacing and wall-climbing. They realized how much I missed him and understood. When he called from the airport to say he had landed and would be home in about an hour, my pacing increased. I told my family they knew where the refrigerator was, handed them the remote control, and told them I'd be busy when he arrived, and they'd have to amuse themselves for a while. They understood.

The sound of the garage door going up was heaven to my ears. I rushed out to the garage to grab Erik. He had popped the trunk and was about to head back there to start fishing his luggage out when I intercepted him.

"Leave it, leave it!" I told him, dragging him by the arm toward the house.

I usually wanted lots of foreplay, with some licking and sucking first, but this time, I just wanted him inside me immediately. I figured, with travel time up the stairs, time to rip his clothes off and get him hard, I could have him inside me in two minutes, maybe three.

I pulled him toward the stairs, but Erik pulled toward the living room. Being stronger, he won.

"Honey," I implored, nodding toward the stairs, "let's go."

"Your family are here. It wouldn't be polite."

"Fuck polite," I hissed. "Be polite later. Let's go."

After all this time, I still had no idea of his misplaced sense of propriety. He'd been without as long as I had, knew I needed it, and still felt it was proper to play host to my family, even though they'd been there a couple days already.

"Honey, they know where everything is, and they already know I need you for an hour or two. Let's go."

"Jill," he said, now stern, "we have company. Upstairs will have to wait a while."

"Honey, they're not company, they're my family and they can amuse themselves for a couple hours. For the fourth time, LET'S GO."

Erik turned and headed straight into the living room.

"Hey, Dan," Erik said, sticking out his hand. My father got up and shook it.

"Good to see you, Erik. How have things been?"

What followed was five minutes of the most inane chitchat I could have imagined. I wouldn't have minded normally, but at the time, I had an itch 6 inches inside me and I needed it scratched immediately. I decided to work on the other side of the problem instead of Erik.

"Dad? Can you two catch up on chitchat later? I need my husband for a while."

My father's sharp enough to know the score, and he thought I'd have hijacked Erik and we'd be upstairs already. He really hadn't expected to even see Erik yet.

"We can catch up later, Erik. Why don't you and Jill spend some time together for a while?"

"We can do that later," Erik said, heading over to a recliner. I knew if he made it to that recliner, I'd be screwed, but not in the way I needed. I made it to the recliner ahead of him and blocked his path.

"Honey," I said, still with a reasonable tone in my voice, "plenty of time to hang out later. I need to see you upstairs, to talk about the plumbing, know what I mean?" I pushed against him with all my weight, but he has about 40 or 50 pounds on me and didn't budge an inch.

"Jill," he said, grasping my wrist in his hand and actually applying some pressure, "I said later."

"We'll be ok, Erik," my dad told him, thankfully on my side. "You two have been apart for two weeks. Go on."

"I can't be rude to company, dad." Erik said.

"Ok, honey," I pretended to capitulate. "Catch up with my family for a while. But I need a couple minutes first," I said, motioning him toward the kitchen. Erik looked a little annoyed with me, but followed. Just before we got out of the room, I stopped and grabbed my purse. I reached in and pulled out my stun gun and tossed my purse back where it was.

"Erik!" I said, quite loudly, brandishing the stun gun, making sure he could see and hear the electric current between the forks. "GET UP THOSE STAIRS AND OUT OF THOSE CLOTHES!"

Erik looked back toward my family, who saw and heard everything, a look of utter disbelief on his face.

"Jill," he said, turning back to me, "you put that thing away, NOW," he ordered.

Our wedding had been a very traditional one, with traditional vows, including the part about me obeying him, and I had always taken that seriously. In fact, I highlighted that part of the vows. During the ceremony, my maid of honor took my bouquet and my bridesmaids helped me to my knees, where I knelt in front of him at the altar and vowed in front of all the witnesses to obey him. My bridesmaids then helped me back up and I took my bouquet back before the ceremony continued.

I had never disobeyed him.

There's a first time for everything.

"You don't think I'm serious?" I took a swipe at him with the stun gun. He jumped back, shocked. I didn't miss by much. "Erik, I mean it." I took a second swipe at him. He swiped at my wrist, knocking it aside. But even with his greater strength, the odds were on my side. I only had to connect one time.

My father, the voice of reason, spoke up. "You'd better go, Erik. I think she means it."

Erik looked back at my father, who was now again on his feet. Erik had a stunned look on his face, but he had come to the same conclusion I had, that if I landed just one swipe with the stun gun, he'd be sorry. He made one attempt to snatch the stun gun away from me, but I easily thwarted it and almost nailed his wrist. We both looked back at my family. My father was on his feet, and my mother and sister were still seated, but just barely, looking on, aghast.

"Upstairs," I ordered, threatening another jab with the stun gun.

Erik brushed past me, turning sideways to keep an eye on me as he went, a look of disbelief on his face. I followed, making sure to keep more than an arm's length behind him--one of his arm length's. At the top of the stairs, he turned on me. That he held the high ground added to his size and weight advantage. I negated that by lunging at this legs with the stun gun. He leapt back, the fear of being zapped keeping me in charge. I ran up the rest of the stairs before he could regain his balance and composure. Now we were on the same level again.

"Don't do that again," I warned, again letting him see and hear the current of the stun gun. I motioned with the stun gun toward the bedroom, and he complied. As he crossed the threshold, I rushed to get my body inside the door so he couldn't close it and lock me out. No way was I going to be denied.

Once inside, we faced each other. "Strip," I ordered. He complied. I used one hand to unbutton my blouse. When he was naked, I ordered him to lay on the bed. His penis was still flaccid, and it leaned over to one side. I had to stand and admire it. I started lubricating.

With him laying on the bed, it gave me an added advantage. To get to me would take the extra time and effort of getting up. I set the stun gun on the dresser and got out of the rest of my clothes.

"I'm going to turn you over my knee later, young lady."

"Promises, promises," I replied. He had done it before.

I picked the stun gun up again and advanced on him. I had to figure out how to get on him without giving him an opportunity to disarm me. If I had to stun him while I was in physical contact with him, would I get stunned, too? I didn't know.

I straddled his lower legs, getting my balance before moving up on him, keeping a good grip on the stun gun. I advanced little by little until I was astride his best area. I rocked a little so I could feel his cock in the right place, and so he could feel my wetness. I was counting on that to get him hard. Having to keep him compliant meant going down on him was out. I kept rocking, and sure enough, felt his arousal beneath me.

"There we go, that's a good boy."

I increased the swing of my rocks and added a bit of a hip swivel to increase his stimulation. He gasped slightly, appreciating the sensation. Being smaller and weaker than him, I couldn't afford to relax, though. It could be a ploy to get me to relax so he could throw me off him. I made sure he could feel the stun gun pressed against his stomach.

I could feel him lenghthening beneath me. When he was at full hardness and extension, I worked my pelvis around, looking for the right angle. Finding it, I lowered myself on Erik's beautiful manhood. We both gasped.

"You're still in for it later," he reminded. No matter how hard he disciplined me later, this was worth it. The itch of two weeks of frustration was being scratched.

His eyes closed. I took the opportunity to lean forward and place my hands on either side of his head, the stun gun still in my right hand. I saw him shift his eyes to look at it. I smiled down at him.

"Don't even think about it," I warned.

I rode him that way for quite some time, sometimes slow, sometimes fast. I would have liked to change positions, but had to keep control of the situation, so I couldn't.

After about fifteen minutes, I felt my climax building. I wondered if he would stay where he was if I leaned back so I could arch my back and pick up the pace. I could only go so fast in this position.

Looking at his face and hearing his breathing, I knew he was getting close, too. His eyes were closed and his hands were on my hips, urging me on, trying to get me to go faster.

His eyes opened.

"Honey," he implored, "put the stun gun away."

I smiled down at him. "It's been on the nightstand for ten minutes, honey." He turned his head and looked to his left, and saw it. I figured that, at this point, he'd make no attempt to escape. He wanted to come as much as I did. It had been two weeks for him, too.

Before I could even blink, he threw me off to the side, where I landed with a bounce. NO! I couldn't believe it. Surely after riding him for almost twenty minutes, he wanted it to end with bliss!

He jumped on me, pinning my arms over my head. What was he going to do? Surely, he wouldn't interrupt lovemaking for my spanking.

Then I felt his hard manhood between my legs. He was searching for the opening. He found it almost immediately and, thrusting hard, impaled me completely in one motion. Keeping me pinned, he jackhammered me with hard, quick, deep thrusts. It felt incredible. It had never felt so good.

I knew a hard climax was not far away. I arched involuntarily, my head tilting back. I saw nothing but stars. I felt nothing but my arms being pinned, Erik's wonderful weight on top of me, and the incredible bliss of his manhood. I heard him breathing heavy, and I knew he was about to come, too. I wrapped my legs around his waist and pumped against him, and came hard seconds later.

When my world returned to normal, I became aware of Erik's heavy breathing. He must have come, too. He had let my arms go, and I wrapped them around him. We laid like that for several minutes.

He stirred, and I turned my head to kiss him, but he was receding, getting up. Figuring he had to pee, I allowed myself to relax until he came back. I dozed off.

When I awoke, the amount of light in the room had diminished, and I knew it was evening. I rolled over, searching for my man, but he wasn't there. I turned on the lamp and looked at the clock. I had dozed for over two hours. Erik's clothes were gone.

I pulled on a robe and padded downstairs. I could hear the TV and conversation. Erik was downstairs entertaining my family. I padded into the living room, clothed in only my robe. Erik saw me and smiled at me. I crawled up into his lap and lay my head against his chest.

"Feel better?" my sister asked.

"Mmm-hmmm." was my reply. Despite the TV and the conversation, my world was at peace.

True to his word, as he always is without exception, Erik did turn me over his knee that night for raping him.

And then we made love again.

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