tagInterracial LoveTaking One for the Team

Taking One for the Team


I'm in my junior year of college. Due to an ankle injury I suffered in high school my career as a walk on consists of holding for place kicks, the hands are still great, and charting the opposition offense. Along with that I've been helping tutor some players. One of them is a senior offensive tackle named Truman, he has brothers named Jefferson, Kennedy and Roosevelt, who if his luck holds out should be a late round pro draft pick. With our common football interest we're good friends.

Well late in the season Tru asks me if I would do him a huge favor, huge being the optimal word since Tru is 6-7 tall and 340 pounds. "Can you help a brother out Kyle?" he explained, "You know we've got two games left and I need to really be at full strength to finish the year and I've got this groin pull. The trainer says I can't afford to make it any worse."

I knew about Truman's injury which is why he only does light drills. Now I'm ready to help the team any way I can but I'm not seeing any way that I can or want to be involved with a groin that size. So I said, "Huh?"

"No man it's like this" he said, "My girlfriend is well in need of some attention and I can't afford to get it on with her and get hurt worse so could you help a brother out and show her some good times?"

At first I thought he was jacking with me but Tru isn't a real jokester. Then this leapt to the top of my all time strangest moments list because I know Tru's girlfriend and while LaVonna and Tru are a great match my match with her wouldn't exactly be perfect.

LaVonna is a fine looking black girl 5-11 tall with thick wavy black hair with blonde highlights, broad shoulders, big round breasts, a narrow waist, fabulously wide hips, a big full round firm butt, thick thighs, massive calves and checks in at 225 pounds. She puts the shot and throws the javelin on the track team. I, the well tanned white former free safety, now place kick and clipboard holder, on the other hand am all of 6 feet tall and weigh 180 pounds.

Lincoln was very insistent, "I can't ask just anybody and you're such a good guy. LaVonna really needs some action and she likes you. She thinks you're a smart funny guy and you think she's hot right? Come on Kyle."

I've never been with a woman close to the size of LaVonna and she is attractive, like I'm going to tell Tru anything else. So what am I going to do but say, "Well you're asking a lot but I'll give it my best shot."

With that Truman gives a huge sigh of relief and hugs me and says, "I can't tell you how much this helps me out Kyle. I knew you would come through for me. LaVonna is expecting you at 6:30 tonight. Do her right and thank you man."

So flash forward to 6:30 and there I am greeted by LaVonna at the door. She's wearing sweats, school spirit and all, and no denying looks fabulous but man she is thick, I mean dwarfing me everywhere you can see, feel or imagine.

As I enter and close the door behind me I am immediately engulfed in a hug by LaVonna who staring into my eyes and says, "Oh Kyle I am so glad you are here to stand in for Truman. With his injury we just can't risk him not being able to play and his future and all but damn I've got needs and you're a real friend to step up for him."

If I didn't fully intend to enjoy the living fuck out of myself I would consider myself a hero taking one for the team. With that LaVonna tilted her head and kissed me, the long wet tongue dance that kicks off a hot evening then came the first surprise of many.

As we were kissing and I was rubbing her broad back LaVonna had her arms around me then cupping my ass with both hands she lifted me off the floor. If it wasn't obvious I was in for a new experience that nailed it for sure.

As my feet returned to the floor LaVonna squeezed me and said, "Now let's get you out of those britches Kyle, can't do much with them on."

I unbuttoned my khaki's and LaVonna helped me out of them while I took off my shirt. LaVonna stood and I took the next logical step I gently slid her sweatshirt up and over her head. Hot holy damn not wearing a bra there were LaVonna's massive full firm fat jugs. Fuck, without a doubt they're the most awesome pair I've ever seen!

Stunned as I was I had enough wits about me to slide my hands around the waistband of LaVonna's sweat pants and lower them past her wide hips and down her legs. Of course no panties so as I squatted in front of her I softly kissed her neatly trimmed bush and continued to lower her pants down her long rock solid legs.

As I stood LaVonna put her hands at the sides of my waist and said, "Now let's unveil my new best friend and star of the evening." She then lowered my boxers down and off.

This time it was LaVonna squatting in front of me and she kissed the head of my eight inches which was as hard as it has ever been. Taking my dick gently in her hand LaVonna led me to the bed and laid me down in the center. She climbed up and kneeling between my legs took my stiff cock in her mouth and got things going.

LaVonna's head bobbed up and down as she quickly took the full length of my shaft between her lips my head was spinning but all I could think was, Damn this girl can suck cock. I was enjoying one of the finest blow jobs I had ever experienced and doing my best to hold out but after a good five minutes LaVonna's talent for giving head won out and I couldn't hold back any longer.

I shot my load and after swallowing LaVonna licked my balls sucking on one then the other before crawling up over me until she was sitting on my chest and said, "That was a pleasure Kyle you are one sweet piece of meat. Now it's your turn to show your stuff, I just love to climb on for the muff dive."

Staring at LaVonna's pussy was as inviting as being aware of her massive thighs on either side of my face was intimidating but I was ready to give it my best shot. Taking a deep breath I said, "I'm game so let's not waste time getting to it."

Then I reached around and grabbed two handfuls of LaVonna's solid ass as she slid forward so her pussy was at my chin and I got to it. With my head surrounded by LaVonna's thick thighs it was like being in a tunnel and all I could hope to do was to lick my way to the light at the end.

At first LaVonna was sitting on my chest and I wasn't sure how long I could keep going but my efforts must have been to her liking because soon enough she rose up on her knees and hovered over my face. I was probing my tongue into her slit finding her clit while massaging the backs of her solid thighs and her big round butt. I took a break to kiss the inside of LaVonna's thighs causing her body to shake so that must have hit the spot.

I returned to lapping away at LaVonna's pussy and she shook enough that I knew she came. I wasn't trying to keep track of how many times but at that point she sat back on my stomach and said, "Damn Kyle you sure know what you're doing down there. I'm out of breath."

Likewise, I thought with LaVonna atop my stomach but she quickly slid off to my side and reached down to stroke my recharging dick. It didn't take much coaxing from LaVonna's strong left hand for me to be good and hard again. "Ooo you are a regular comeback kid Kyle, your sweet dick is ready for more."

LaVonna rolled a condom on my dick then flopped onto her back and spread her long strong legs wide. Hoping I was up to the job I eased myself between her legs and slid my dick into her pussy. I was taking my time and trying not to put too much force into my efforts but LaVonna had other ideas, "Come on now Kyle I'm a big girl so I need the man sized effort. I need it hard and you've got to go deep. Man up and pump it in there good, I just know you can pound pussy, now come on and give it to me like I need it."

Now knowing the score I took a deep breath and said, "Here it comes girl, all the way with all I've got." I just had to hope 180 pounds was enough for the task at hand and began really pumping my cock into LaVonna's pussy. All I had must have been enough because true to her word she got off on getting pounded hard and deep.

LaVonna had her eyes closed and was turning her head slightly from side to side as she rolled her hips in the opposite directions. laVonna was squeezing her fat tits with both hands while I had my hands braced on her knees. I was just glad to be able to hold up my end of the bargain.

At that point Lavonna planted her feet firmly on the bed and began humping her big butt off the bed and her hips up at me. I had to match her motions to stay inside of her and just managed to do that as LaVonna used her powerful legs to fuck me as much as I was her.

With all that going on under me I was getting winded. Finally I couldn't hold back any more and shot my hold before falling forward with my head between LaVonna's fat tits. She stroked my hair and said, "I hope you enjoyed that as much I did Kyle, it was fan-fucking-tastic."

Enjoy it? It was nothing short of mind incredible. Catching my breath I kissed LaVonna's tits and told her she needed a massage, not mentioning I needed a chance to recharge, then had her lay on her stomach. Straddling her back I began at her broad shoulders then worked my way down her powerful back.

As I got to her lower back I had moved back and just sat down on LaVonna's big butt figuring she wouldn't have a problem with that. I paused and settled myself when sitting there I realized how much bigger and more solid LaVonna's ass was than mine. As I worked her lower back LaVonna actually flexed her ass muscles causing a shiver to run up my spine, as well as the blood to flow to my dick. Damn, I thought, this girl has got one awesome body and knows how to use it.

At that point I spun around facing LaVonna's feet and worked my way up from her rock hard calves to her massive thighs before pivoting again. Perched again on LaVonna's big butt I leaned forward and kissed the back of her neck.

This must have been a sweet spot because LaVonna gave kind of a deep low moan and her body undulated knocking me off her ass between her knees. She then looked back at me and said, "HOT damn Kyle you know how to push my buttons don't you? From that stiff dick I feel teasing me back there I can tell you're ready so let's have you saddle up and ride from the backside."

Then raising up on her hands and knees LaVonna turned her head towards me and said, "There's a whole lot back there Kyle, are you the man with enough to handle it?"

Turning my head as I sat up then getting to one knee I was dumbstruck. Even though I had been enjoying LaVonna's considerable charms, as she knelt in front of me the awesome task before me, namely her big wide butt and huge thighs stunned me. That, I thought, is one not only massive but strong woman to take on from that position.

I rubbed one magnificent ass cheek and said, "It's a big job but I'm going in and giving it everything I've got."

LaVonna laughed and said, "That's my boy cause you've got one hungry pussy that needs taking care of back there. Now roll one on and pump it in there."

So I rolled a condom on and moved forward slipping my cock into LaVonna's wet pussy. Knowing how LaVonna liked it I wasn't about to take it easy, grabbing some meaty hip in each hand I quickly began pumping the length of my cock into LaVonna's pussy, much to her delight if I do say so.

"Atta boy, ride it Kyle. Really put your ass into it, let me know you're back there. It's not too much for you to handle is it? You've got to really hump the big rump. Show me you're a big boy Kyle, really slam it in there like I need it." growled LaVonna.

I was holding onto LaVonna's hips with both hands and really fucking her hard. The thing is that meant that I was slamming my body into her big solid ass and man I was taking a pounding myself. Finally I couldn't hold back any longer so I wrapped my arms around LaVonna's waist and holding on tight shot my load.

LaVonna flattened out under me and I held on coming to rest on top of her. Rubbing her sides and kissing her shoulder I asked, "How are you doing there LaVonna?"

LaVonna just sighed and said, "Oh it's all good Kyle. You're a sweet treat."

That was good to hear and I felt plenty good myself but was drained and worn out from just trying to hold on while LaVonna enjoyed herself. She rolled over under me onto her back putting us face to face. I put my left arm under LaVonna's body and she swung her right leg over mine and we just melded together and dozed off in a clinch.

I was a couple of hours later when I awoke to the sweet pleasure of LaVonna sucking my dick. Looking at her I gently stroked her hair and she pulled back, kissed the head of my cock and said, "I knew when I got the little head up the big head would come around soon enough."

LaVonna rolled onto her back and motioned me to come forward so I climbed on top of her until I met her tits and began sucking on them.

As I enjoyed LaVonna's fat tits she stroked my hair and raised her knees on ether side of my body and pinched me between her thick thighs, basically hugging me with her massive legs. With me securely between her legs as LaVonna got off on my oral attention she slowly began twisting her lower body from side to side. She was feeling it and in motion with me between her legs along for the ride. It was intense being moved so effortlessly by such a powerful woman.

At that point I was about exhausted and almost relieved when LaVonna said, "Oh let's just cuddle up and take a little more nap Kyle, I am feeling sooooo good."

The sun was just rising when I kissed LaVonna and she said, "Oh let's get a shower so we can get this day underway."

I got to my feet and gave LaVonna a hand then she led me to the shower. That was yet another awesome experience. In the midst of soaping and rinsing each other I stood behind LaVonna and reached around to finger fuck her to orgasm then she gave me a well lubricated hand job.

After drying each other off we were dressing when LaVonna said, "Now I'm busy tomorrow night Kyle but I need you Thursday. I'll pick up some condoms you just make sure you're well rested and ready. I can't wait to get another good night's worth of banging from you boy."

Then she hugged me, lifting me off the floor in her arms and I said, "Thursday it is LaVonna, I'll give it all I got."

Giving my all to help out a teammate, got to be a team player.

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