tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTaking Pictures Again Ch. 02

Taking Pictures Again Ch. 02


"If the rest of the weekend goes like this, we're going to need to go back to work just to rest." Tina said with a smile on her face as she tucked Tom's penis back into his shorts and zipped them up.

"If the rest of the weekend goes like this, to hell with going back. The jobs can go on without us and we can have Mom & Dad bring the kids to us here." Tom said then they burst out laughing. "Seriously though, we need to get back on the road if we're going to get there at a decent time." he continued as they got back into the car after Tina rearranged her skirt and blouse.

"So you're saying I have to behave for the rest of the drive?" she asked, pouting.

"No, I'm just saying that if you feel the urge to have fun, it's going to have to be while we're going down the road at 75 mph. Somehow I don't think that'll put too much of a dent in your playtime." Tom said, smiling as they got back on the highway.

Immediately after they were rolling along the highway once more, Tina turned slightly toward Tom and opened her skirt. Spreading her legs, she gave him a private and unobstructed view of her fingers gently massaging her pussy and clit. She didn't say a thing, just smiled and moaned at the pleasure she was giving herself. She would close her eyes and nibble on her lower lip as the orgasms washed over her. She purposely kept them small and manageable. She wanted to save the big ones for Tom and for later in their weekend of fun.

"Well, well, well. Look who we are catching up to again." Tom said with a smile on his face, pointing to a spot about a mile ahead of them.

"It's not. Can't be...can it? How did he get past us?" Tina asked. In the traffic ahead of them was the same truck that had started their game.

"Well, Honey, you spent quite a bit of time working up to that little explosion in the quarry back there. Here, take the camera. I'll slow down long enough for you to take his picture when we pull up along side him." Tom said as he reached behind Tina to get the camera out of the back seat.

"I'm going to do better than take his picture. He's already seen my pussy and he has my panties. I might as well show him the whole package." she said as she untied her blouse and flung it open wide. Then she took the camera in her hands and turned to face the right hand lane. As they gained on the truck, she began playing with the chain connecting her nipples again so that by the time they were even with the truck, her nipples were standing hard and tall, protruding from the clamps on the ends of the chain.

Then they pulled even with the truck and Tom slowed down and held the car steady along side. It took a moment for the driver to look down and realize they were back but Tom knew the moment it happened. The truck drifted toward the shoulder momentarily. Tina was laughing as she took 4 pictures of the driver before he could get out of the view. Then she blew the driver a kiss.

"Step on it." Tina said. "Let's make some time. I'm tired from all this playing and coming. Do you mind if I take a nap?" she asked as she reclined her seat again.

"Sure baby. Get some rest, we have a long night ahead of us yet." Tom replied, reaching over to pat her leg. When his hand encountered bare skin, he glanced over and realized that she had left herself completely exposed. "Um honey, not that I don't enjoy seeing you like that, but don't you think you should over up? I don't mind giving truckers a thrill but I don't think the soccer moms we pass will appreciate little Johnny seeing a naked woman on the highway." Tom said.

"Oh you know I didn't even think about that. You have a good point." Tina said as she quickly wrapped her blouse and skirt loosely the way they were supposed to be, leaving a small gap at both pussy and breast so Tom could get a glimpse whenever he wanted. "There, now Johnny can't see anything but you can look whenever you want. Love you babe. Make some time but don't get any tickets." Tina said as she closed her eyes once more.

Tom goosed the gas a bit, causing her blouse to shift open a little further and causing her to smile. Then he reached down and turned up the music a bit and settled in for the drive.

Two hours later, Tom gently woke Tina as he pulled up to their hotel. It was a quaint little bed and breakfast with a great view of the huge lake and the hills surrounding it. The clerk behind the desk helped them to their room, explaining to them that they were the only ones scheduled for that side of the house for the entire weekend so it should be pretty quiet. They spent some time admiring the view from their balcony and unpacking the essentials. When Tom grabbed the bag that Tina had packed, she stopped him.

"Honey, that is my wardrobe for tomorrow. I would like most of it to be a surprise to you so please, hands off." Tina said as she took the bag from him and placed it on the floor along her side of the bed.

They changed clothes and went for a drive around town, looking for a place to eat. After driving round for about half an hour they decided on a small place off the beaten path that came highly recommended by many of the locals they spoke to. It had outdoor dining on a large deck that offered a great view of the entire town. After they ate, they decided to head back to their room. The length of their drive and their activities during the drive had taken its toll on both of them.

When they got back to the room, they took turns slowly undressing each other. Once naked, they stepped out into the still warm nighttime air and took in the view of the lights along and on the lake. Tom wrapped Tina in his arms and pulled her tightly to him. She leaned her head back on his shoulder as he gently kissed her neck. She reached back and took his ass in her hands and pulled him tighter to her yet. Soon Tom's hands began to wander over her belly and up to her breasts. She had removed the nipple clamps and chain to accommodate the outfit she'd worn to dinner. When Tom's fingers reached her nipples, she gasped as he very gently played with them while he gently sucked and nibbled on her neck. Soon Tina noticed Tom's cock growing in response to his playing with her nipples. She turned and guided him backward to a chaise lounge on the balcony. Tom sat down on the lounge, intending for Tina to end up on his lap. She had other ideas and knelt between his spread legs. She took his cock in her mouth, slowly, lovingly licking and nibbling on the entire length. It wasn't long before she sensed he was getting close to the end, so she stopped and closed his legs. Then she straddled them and guided his into her pussy and slowly dropped until she was sitting on his hips and his cock was buried to the hilt in her pussy.

"Mmm, baby. I do love the way your cock feels inside my pussy. Let me just sit and enjoy this for a moment." Tina whispered into his ear as she leaned forward and rested there, her breasts on his chest and her breath on his neck. Soon, she began to slowly rock her hips forward and back, left and right. She kept up the slow rhythm right on through the orgasm that rocked Tom hard enough to curl his toes. When she was sure he was finished, she stood up and stepped to the side of the lounge. Tom stayed put for a moment. She looked down and looked at his cock glistening in the moonlight. She bent cleaned their mingled juices with her lips and tongue. Then she helped him up off the lounge and into their bed. Neither of them changed position during the night.

To Be Continued Soon...

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