tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTaking Pictures Again Ch. 04

Taking Pictures Again Ch. 04


"That, my dear, was definitely one of the hottest sequences you have ever done." Tom said.

"You think that was hot? Put that camera on the log over here and turn the video on then get your ass over here so I can show you what hot is." she purred, slowly spreading her legs wide and resuming her pussy play activities.

Tom worked quickly to follow her orders for fear that she would lose her nerve. In seconds, he was naked at her side. She took him in her arms and they shared a passionate kiss, hands exploring each other's bodies. Tina began to moan as Tom's fingers encountered her pussy and clit. He slid his finger across her clit into the folds of her lips and back out very slowly. Tina spread her legs to give him easier access. She moved her hips, pressing her pussy firmly against his hand in rhythm to the movements of his fingers. She wound her fingers into his hair and guided his mouth from her lips to her neck. Tom took her hint and gently began nibbling and sucking on her neck in all the spots he knew she loved. Tina began to moan in pleasure and played with her nipples, pinching and pulling, rolling and squeezing them.

Tom wrapped his hand in her shoulder length brown hair and firmly pulled her head back as he left a trail of kisses and love bites from her neck down to her breast. She gasped as he took a nipple in his mouth and sucked on it strongly, nibbling and strumming it with his tongue. She reached between her legs and moved his hand down to her pussy. Then she firmly stroked and circled her clit with her own fingers. Tom began to finger fuck her pussy in rhythm to the motions of his tongue and teeth on her nipple. Soon he felt Tina's pussy clench his fingers as her hips began to buck and she moaned very loudly as the orgasm washed over her.

Immediately after the orgasm finished, Tina pulled away from Tom and motioned for him to take her place on the skirt. Then she turned to face the camera and placed her pussy over his cock and slowly settled down onto him in one motion. She leaned forward slightly, placing her hands on the ground on either side of his legs and began to move her hips very slowly. She looked directly at the camera as she began to move more quickly.

Soon her eyes were closed and the pleasure was apparent in her face, in her erect nipples, in her moans. Tom leaned his back against the tree and grabbed her hips to help her move. She sat up and placed her hands on his, squeezing her approval. Then she stopped moving and leaned back against Tom, placing her feet flat on the ground. Tom moved his hands from her hips to under her ass and she began to bounce up and down on his cock. She began to play with her clit as she bounced. Soon it was too much for Tom and he groaned as his cock exploded into her pussy.

Again, Tina wasted no time as she changed position, pulling herself up off of Tom's cock. She reached down and dipped her fingers into her pussy and quickly spread their combined juices on and around her asshole. Then she placed Tom's cock at her entrance and slowly settled down onto it, driving his still hard cock into her ass to the hilt.

"Play with my tits, hard." she purred, guiding his hands to her nipples. As he played with her nipples, pinching, pulling, and rolling them in his fingers, she reached between her legs and once again played with her clit. She played slowly at first but that didn't last long as the action of Tom's fingers on her nipples began to have the desired effect. Soon she felt the next orgasm building so she stoped moving her ass and concentrated on her clit and nipples. She moved her fingers faster and faster on her clit. "Ok now, both nipples, pinch and pull, hard!" she exclaimed.

Tom did as he was told and he immediately felt her reaction in his cock as Tina's ass clenched repeatedly as her pussy exploded with the power of her best orgasm of the day, nearly squirting all of his cum out in a few quick blasts. Tina screamed as the orgasm hit her.

She was still breathing hard a few minutes later when she looked at the camera and crawled toward it on her hands and knees, purring provocatively, "Mmm. Now that was fun. Was it hot enough for you? See you next time. Muah!" she finished by blowing a kiss to the camera before she turned the camera off.

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