tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTaking Pictures Again Ch. 06

Taking Pictures Again Ch. 06


"Mmm hmm! It is going to be so tough to top this weekend. I can't believe we have another day after today." Tina said softly into Tom's shoulder.

"You sound tired baby. Wanna go back to the hotel?" he asked as he slowly slid his left foot back to find out where the edge was. He slowly stepped back and put both heels on that edge and adjusted Tina in his arms.

"No way baby! I wanna keep playing in the woods. I could even be converted to a country girl if you promise it's like this every time we go camping." she said before kissing him and hugging him tighter.

"Good. I don't wanna go back yet either. But I do wanna do this!" Tom exclaimed.

"What? What are you doing Ohmygod! Tom!!" Tina exclaimed as he let himself fall over backwards into the deep pool at the foot of the waterfall. They hit the water with a big splash.

Tom immediately searched for firm footing and when he found it he stood up quickly with Tina still in his arms, though in a different position. He now had her as if he were carrying her across an imaginary threshold.

"You. Are. An. Asshole." Tina sputtered as they stood in the chest deep water.

"Ha ha ha. Well you love me anyway, don't ya baby?" Tom answered.

"You are SO lucky that I do, mister. Now put me down so I can swim over there and lie down for a bit, maybe give our audience a closer look at me." she whispered and winked.

"You noticed him too, huh? Do you want to help him out if he still needs it?" he asked as he let go of her feet.

"No, I'll let him finish himself off but I have no intention of touching him or him touching me." she said, looking Tom in the eye.

"Good answer." Tom said, chuckling.

"Why don't you take a few pictures of me and my voyeur? Maybe I'll do me while he does himself." she purred.

With that, Tina turned her back and walked over to the opposite edge of the stream. She walked up and down the edge of the water, looking for a good place to lay out. She finally settled on a large flat rock at the water's edge. The sun was hitting it full on and it was nice and warm. She brushed some dirt off of it and lay down in the sun. She lay still for a few moments, listening for any movement in the forest. She was soon rewarded with the sign she was listening for. She opened her eyes and looked toward the sound.

"We let you watch us, now why don't you come on out here and let me watch you. Come on, honey. he doesn't mind. Come get a closer look." she purred as she began to play with her nipples again.

It wasn't long before a man carefully stepped out from behind a tree. Tina was pleased to see that he had his cock in his hand and it was apparent that he had been playing with himself for a while. She met his eyes and motioned for him to come down to the edge of the water.

"Oh look at you, sweet thing. That sure is a nice cock you have there. Come on over here and stand at my feet where I can watch you play with that thing. I'll tell you what...you play with you, I'll play with me, when you're ready we will cum together. Doesn't that sound like fun?" she purred seductively as she slowly spread her legs and gave him a good long look at her swollen pussy lips and clit.

He took his position at her feet, eyes glued to her body and pussy. He slowly stroked his cock for her as she continued to stroke her clit in a slow, deliberate circle. He gripped the base of his cock with one hand while he stroked with the other hand. Slowly he matched her rhythm. When Tina's fingers got faster, so did his hand. When she slowed, he slowed. His eyes slowly traveled up her body from her pussy to her tits. He watched as she twisted her nipple between her fingers and pulled on it. She moaned and he looked up to her face. She met his eyes and slowly licked her lips. She chewed her lower lip and closed her eyes as yet another orgasm rose slowly through her loins.

"Are you ready, sweety? Are you going to cum for me? Are you going to cum with me? Let's go sweety! Right now. Oh, cum with me!" she exclaimed as her fingers became a blur on her clit. She looked at the strangers cock as she came again, her pussy clenching on itself, her fingers making squelching sounds from the juices her pussy expelled. The stranger watched and held off as long as he could then he groaned softly at first as his cock spurted cum all over Tina's chest and belly. She rubbed it into her skin as he continued to cum.

"Oh that's right honey...let it go. Give it all to me." she purred as his orgasm waned. He stroked as long as his cock was hard. He finally released it and simply stood there with his cock out, hands at his side, breathing hard. Tina stood slowly, carefully an wavering legs.

"Thank you. My name is Tina. My husband's name is Tom. What's yours?" she asked.

"Jake. My name is Jake." he stammered.

"Nice name, it's kinda sexy, Jake. Do you have an email, Jake? My husband and I like to share the pictures we take with those who get dragged into them. Would you like to stay in touch?" she asked.

Jake surprised Tina by reaching into his back pocket and pulling out his wallet. He removed a business card and handed it to her. "Of course I'd like to see those pictures and keep in touch. Here's my card. My private email is on the back side. Use that one. Thank you very much, Tina. You are an incredibly sexy woman. One of a kind to be sure. I hope this is the beginning of a great friendship for all three of us." he said as he gave her his card. Then he turned to Tom, "You are one lucky son of a bitch! Hope to hear from you guys soon!" he called out to Tom. Then he looked Tina up and down one last time before putting his cock back in his shorts and disappearing back into the woods without a sound.

Tina turned and looked at Tom, who smiled from ear to ear. "Tell me you got all of that. Way cool." she said as she made her way across the water.

"Got every second of it baby! Ok, so what is next?" Tom asked as he handed her his shirt to dry off with.

Tina dried her tits, arms, and legs and handed Tom the shirt as she turned her back to him. He took the hint and dried her back as best he could with the shirt. As he put the shirt in their bag, he watched Tina bend over with her back to him and put on her sandals. He couldn't help chuckling.

"What are you giggling about, mister?" Tina asked as she turned to face him as she brushed her hair. Then she stepped close to him.

Tom smiled and put his arms around her waist, pulling their crotches together. She slowly moved her hips up and down, effectively stroking Tom's hardening cock with her pussy while she nibbled on his neck. He moved his hands lower and squeezed her ass firmly then he picked her up.

Tina took the hint and spread her legs and wrapped them around his waist as he slowly lowered her onto his cock. He held her in place as she moved her hips around, slowly fucking him while he held her. Tom leaned back and looked her in the eye as they stood there, locked at the waist.

"You are one hot, wicked, sexy, evil woman. The guy was right when he said I'm one lucky son of a bitch. Unfortunately, if we keep this up, we are never going to make it out of these woods before dark." he said as he lifted her off his cock and allowed her to stand again.

Tina pouted when he put her down. As he turned around and bent down to pick up his clothes, she smacked him hard on the ass, causing him to yelp in surprise.

"Ow! What the heck was that for?" Tom asked, smiling as he pulled up his shorts and handed Tina her clothes.

"That was for putting your rock hard cock in my extremely horny, hot, wet pussy and not finishing the job. Now I am going to have to finish it myself, not that I don't enjoy it...but rubbing my clit and pinching and puling on my nipples just isn't the same as feeling your hard cock rubbing my G-spot." Tina purred as she absently ran her fingers between her pussy lips.

"Sweet Jesus, woman, I've said it before and I'm saying it again...you are going to kill me. Now come on, we really do have to get going if we are going to get in a few more pictures before it gets dark out here." Tom said, as he put the camera around his neck and started taking more pictures.

"Then why are you taking more pictures, babe?" she asked provocatively.

"Just getting some impromptu candid shots. Now are you going to get dressed or are you going to walk around the woods naked?" he asked, smiling.

"Hmm. I think I'll walk naked. You can take some of your candid shots of that. When we get to the edge of the woods, you go look and if you don't see anyone out there, I'll even go out into the open naked. Maybe I'll even just lie down in the middle of the trail and rub my pussy til I cum for the sun. What do you think of that?" she said as she turned and headed up the trail.

"I think that is an awesome idea." Tom answered as they made their way up the trail toward the open prairie. Tom would occasionally tell her to stop where she was and suggest a pose.

Just before they reached open ground, Tom heard voices from around a bend in the trail. There was no time to get Tina dressed so they hurried to find some cover before the people came around the bend and caught them. They quickly and quietly climbed a short rock face that had a ledge at the top of it. Tom discovered that the ledge was deep enough that they wouldn't be spotted if they lay down at the back edge of it. They just got themselves situated on the ledge when the first of the strangers came into view. They lay down side-by-side and quietly giggled as they tried to listen to the conversation on the trail below them. It sounded like there were quite a few of them down there so Tom carefully lifted his head to peer over Tina's breasts at the trail. That gave him an idea for some more pictures, so he whispered into Tina's ear and explained to her.

"There are six people down there. They're just standing right below us, taking a break and drinking some water, it looks like. The rest of the rock face above us puts us in a shadow but it lets the sunlight shine down toward them. I think if I sit up against this wall, I can get both you and them in some pictures. We should be far enough away that they won't hear the camera. We'll try one picture and see if they react to it. If not, I'll get a few more. Start with you looking at me, one hand on a nipple. You game?" he asked.

Tina answered him by gently grabbing his cock and licking her lips. She assumed the pose he suggested with one exception, she put her hand on her pussy instead of her tit. Tom smiled as he sat up against the wall and focused the camera. He took the picture and sat still to see if the people on the trail reacted. There was no reaction at all. They just continued to talk.

Then one of the women apparently took good-humored offense at a comment one of the guys said and she squirted him with her water bottle. That started an all-out water fight involving all of them and soon they were all drenched.

Tom smiled and motioned for Tina to look over the edge. She carefully leaned up on her elbows so she could see the trail. Just then, two of the guys pulled their shirts over their heads and began to wring the water out of them. Soon the remaining guy followed suit. The guys just stood there, bare-chested and laughing at the girls who were complaining that it wasn't fair that guys can do that but women can't. One of the guys told one of the girls that there was nothing stopping her. He said it was just the six of them in the woods so why not? She looked at him for a moment then at the other girls. They shrugged their shoulders. Then much to Tom and Tina's delight, the girls just took their tops off as well. Two of them had bikini tops on under their shirts but the one who started the water fight didn't. She stood there with her tits on display with nipples piercings glinting in the sunlight for all to see as she wrung out her shirt, smirking at the expressions on the guys' faces. She wiped her face and dried off her chest before laying the shirt across her shoulder and standing with her arms on her hips. The other girls looked at one another and one of them said 'When in Rome..." then they took their tops off as well.

Tom took the opportunity to get pictures of each of the girls and then he took as many pictures of all four of the women in front of him as he could before the group continued down the trail. Tina waited until they were safely out of hearing range before speaking again.

"Well that was a nice surprise, wasn't it?" she said, reaching for Tom's zipper and pulling his cock out. She stroked it a few times then bent over and took him in her mouth.

Tom surrendered to her actions and it didn't take long before he was cumming in her mouth. Tina stroked him vigorously and sucked his cock until it went soft again.

"I think one of them even had her nipples pierced, didn't she?" she asked as she pinched her own nipples hard. "Yeah. Actually two of them did." Tom answered as he picked up the camera and scrolled through the pictures he took and showed Tina.

"You know. Now that I think about it, I think maybe I would like to try that after all. I know I have said no way in the past...but all this nipple play this weekend has got me thinking it might be a good thing." she said as she continued to work on her nipples.

"Well, pinching your own nipples hard is one thing, honey. Having someone else shove a needle through them is entirely another." Tom said as he watched his wife pull on her nipples hard enough to lift both of her tits.

"Well let's do a little test right here and now then. My nipples are all hot and bothered right now so why don't you take over and see if you can find my limit? Go on, take my nipples and squeeze, baby. Squeeze them as hard as you want. I bet you say stop before I do." she purred as she took his hands in hers and guided his fingers to her nipples. Then she reached down with one hand to play with her clit and with the other she took hold of his growing cock.

"Damn, woman. I've never seen this side of you. I didn't think you liked pain in your pleasure." Tom whispered.

"Normally I don't like it, but this is not a normal weekend is it? Let's experiment with something new. Go ahead baby, gimme a try." she moaned as she tugged firmly on his hard cock.

Tom closed his eyes for a moment, rolling her nipples firmly in his fingers. Tina began to moan in pleasure at the pressure on her nipples. Tom added pressure as her moans increased. Soon she let go of his cock and used both hands on her pussy. One hand was holding her lips wide, stretching and exposing her clit to her other hand. She alternated rubbing and squeezing her clit in rhythm to Tom's actions on her nipples. Soon Tom was squeezing and tugging on her nipples so hard he thought for sure he was going to hurt her. Tina just got more and more excited. "Use your mouth baby. Suck on my tits. Nibble on my nipples." she whispered. She released her pussy and took his head in both hands, guiding his mouth to hers and kissing him firmly and passionately. Then she placed her pussy-wetted fingers on his lips.

Tom took the hint and opened his mouth and allowed her to stick her fingers inside. He swirled his tongue around each one, firmly sucking them clean.

Then she guided his mouth to her chest. Tom took a nipple in his mouth and firmly sucked and nibbled on it as his fingers glided down her body to her pussy. Tina spread her lips with her hands as Tom firmly rubbed her clit in rhythm to his teeth on her nipple. He nibbled harder and harder as he worked her clit. Tina encouraged him by holding his head firmly to her breast and thrusting her pussy against his hand. He forcefully thrust two fingers into her pussy and vigorously finger-fucked her while he pulled on her nipple with his teeth. That finally sent Tina over the edge and she thrust her hips against his hand again and again as the orgasm ripped through her body. Tom gently massaged her pussy and breasts as Tina's body calmed down. Soon she opened her eyes and smiled at him.

"See what I mean? I got tough nipples and it makes me so crazy hot when they are played with rough that I used to cum just from breast feeding Bryant. Why do you think I didn't mind breastfeeding him even when he was teething?" she explained and giggled at Tom's expression.

"Well, that explains why I never had to get up with him in the night." he laughed. "OK, when we get back home, we will go to Needles & Ink and see what they can do for you. How's that sound?" he asked.

"Sounds like a plan. Who knows, maybe I'll like it so much that I'll get my hood done too. I've heard stories that a woman can cum just wearing jeans and walking around the house with a pierced clit hood." she said. Tom's expression to that caused her to burst out laughing.

"Oh lord no. We would never get anything done around the house. You would spend the day running around and cumming in your panties and then spend the night attacking me until I couldn't walk the next day. Let's take this thing one step at a time. Speaking of which, the first step is to continue to get out of these woods before it gets dark. It's already 4 o'clock and we have an hour's walk back to the car even if we don't stop for anything else. But we have two more shoots to do. So let's go." Tom said as he put his cock back in his shorts and helped Tina to her feet.

"Ok. Give me the bag. I'm going to get dressed...sort of." she said. Then she bent down and took a few items out of the bag. "I have a few surprises for you in here. Have you been digging?" she asked.

"No. Not outside of what was necessary to get the camera out and such." he answered.

"Good boy, then you shall be rewarded with your surprises eventually, but not yet. Turn your back and don't turn around until I tell you to." she ordered.

"Yes ma'am." Tom answered and did as he was told. He patiently waited, looking out into the woods as Tina got dressed.

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