tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTaking Pictures Again Ch. 07

Taking Pictures Again Ch. 07


"Ok. Give me the bag. I'm going to get dressed...sort of." she said. Then she bent down and took a few items out of the bag. "I have a few surprises for you in here. Have you been digging?" she asked.

"No. Not outside of what was necessary to get the camera out and such." he answered.

"Good boy, then you shall be rewarded with your surprises eventually, but not yet. Turn your back and don't turn around until I tell you to." she ordered.

"Yes ma'am." Tom answered and did as he was told. He patiently waited, looking out into the woods as Tina got dressed.

"Ok, you can look now." Tina said after a few moments.

Tom turned around, expecting to see a new outrageous outfit or something. He was confused when she was wearing the same outfit she wore on their way there and for the first set of pictures they took. Tina giggled at his expression again.

"Oh honey. Sometimes the expressions on your face are simply priceless. Don't worry, you'll get your reward. Now let's go up to that overlook the signs have been talking about." she said as she stepped past him and started working her way back to the trail.

He followed her and they concentrated on getting up the trail and reaching their destination, taking only a few pictures of Tina and the surrounding views, none of which were revealing in any way.

"We have to have at least a few pictures we can show the parents." Tom explained to Tina's giggling. When they finally reached the overlook platform, Tina was impressed with the view. She could see for miles and the platform afforded views of three different valleys. The platform was triangular in shape and had two benches on it. It was perched on a hillside with the flat side against the ground and the point 10 feet away and five feet off the ground below it. They stepped onto the platform and went to the point. They stood there, side by side holding hands as they looked out at the expanse of forest and prairie before them. They spent a few moments taking in the sight then Tom stepped back and started taking pictures. He started with a series of pictures to create a large panorama from left to right. Next he returned to his favorite subject, Tina. They took a series of pictures to 'show the parents' and then Tina started posing more provocatively, showing more and more skin.

She would raise her skirt little by little then switch to teasing at the edges of her blouse. She untied the blouse from her waist and let it hang loose, revealing her breasts, yet just covering her nipples. She chewed her lower lip innocently as she fingered the buttons of the blouse, sometimes looking at the camera alluringly, sometimes coyly looking off into the distance. She turned her back to Tom and, one shoulder at a time, she shrugged the blouse off her shoulders and very slowly lowered it before, looking over her shoulder at the camera, dropping it to the deck. She crossed her arms across her breasts as she turned to face Tom. She smiled provocatively at the camera as she uncrossed her arms and cupped her breasts. She closed her eyes as she began playing with her nipples, rolling and pulling on them. As she played, a flush crept across her chest. She opened her eyes and leaned back against the railing of the platform.

"Well baby, are you ready for your surprise?" she purred as she slowly lifted herself up to sit on the eight-inch wide rail. Once situated safely on the rail, she crossed her legs at the knee and patiently bounced one foot while she waited patiently for Toms answer.

"Damn baby." Tom exclaimed quietly as he stepped in front of her and wrapped his arms around her. She responded by wrapping her arms and legs around him. They kissed passionately for a few moments before Tom pulled back and looked her in the eye. "Welcome back." Tom said, releasing Tina slowly and allowing her to return to her position on the rail. He slowly backed up and brought the camera up. "Now give me my surprise." he said, smiling.

Tina smiled and bit her lower lip again before slowly spreading her legs and placing them on the rails on either side of the point she was sitting on. As she spread her legs and her skirt rode up toward her waist, Tom saw sunlight glint off something between her legs. Tina giggled at the expression on his face before he brought up the camera to focus it between her legs.

"Well, what do you think? Do you like the jewels?" Tina asked sensually as she played with one of the strings of white jewels framing her pussy. "I bought these panties, if you can call them that, the same day I bought the dress. In fact, they both came from the same store. So what do you think?" she asked again as she slowly slid off the rail and started to slide her skirt down her legs.

"What does the back look like?" Tom asked, motioning for Tina to turn around. He took pictures as she slowly turned for him. Tina had on a jeweled G-string which was made up of strings of jewels reaching from hip to hip then down each side of her pussy and meeting in the middle forming the G-string which was nestled between her cheeks, leading back to the hip string. "Wow. That's all I can say. Wow. So when are you going to take me to this new store you found?" he asked, chuckling as he continued to take pictures as she posed at the railing.

"I don't know. It depends on how these pictures turn out. The sweet little thing that sold me these said I had better bring pictures back because she wanted to see them on me. I don't know if I want to take you along when I take her the pictures. What if it turns her on and we get it on?" Tina purred, slowly bending at the waist as she pulled the G-string down her legs. She spread her legs and proceeded to play with her pussy as she spoke to Tom. "You see, hon, the ladies at this store wear the outfits they sell. They will even model it for the customer, man or woman. It's an upscale store that sells lingerie, toys, videos, etc." Tina explained.

She paused to step back and put her foot up on the lower rail, thus opening her pussy wide. As she resumed playing with her pussy, Tom knelt and began to take more pictures. "I even got my saleswoman, Tracy, to demonstrate the toy I have back at the hotel. She really got into it. I wouldn't have bought it if it hadn't made her cum. Oh what a screamer she is too. I'm getting horny all over again just thinking about what that thing did to her. I really can't wait to show you." Tina said as she slid her middle finger between her now glistening pussy lips and deeply into her pussy.

She slowly finger-fucked herself with one hand as she circled her clit with the other. Then she did something Tom hadn't seen her do in a very long time. She removed her finger from her pussy and slid it into her ass. As she gained speed with the fingers on her clit, she matched that speed with the finger in her ass and it didn't take long for her to orgasm again. Tom struggled against the urge to stop taking pictures and start ravishing her right there on the platform.

As Tina recovered from the orgasm, she looked back between her legs and grinned at Tom. "Hmm, baby. Did you like that little story? It sure looks like you did. I can see your cock trying to escape your shorts. Why don't you let me help you with that?" she purred, turning around and getting down on all fours. She slowly crawled toward Tom as he smiled and put the camera down on the bench next to her blouse and skirt.

Tina was about to reach for his cock when they both heard some laughter coming up the trail from the direction they had just come from. They scrambled to collect their things and get off the platform before they were spotted. There was nowhere for them to go but under the platform, so that's where they went. They crawled under the edge just as one of the couples they had already nearly encountered came out of the forest below them.

Tina carefully pulled the skirt back on and was just buttoning her blouse when the couple stepped onto the platform. Tom lay down on his back, looking up between the boards, silently thanking the maintenance crew that took care of the platform for thoroughly clearing the grass from under it. He was worried at first about spiders or snakes living there. Instead, they encountered very short clipped prairie grass. Tina quietly crawled up next to him and lay down beside him. Tom put a finger to his lips and motioned for Tina to be quiet and listen to the couple above them. She nodded and together they listened and waited.

"Oh wow, what a view, huh honey?" the girl said to her man.

"Yeah, what a view. I can't believe you took off your shirt in front of them. I loved their faces when they saw your nipples though. None of them thought you would ever do something like that." said her man.

"I know. It just seemed like a good time to blow their minds. I'm surprised at Jill the most though. I didn't think she'd take the bait and get her tits out. I have always told her she had a great set of tits but she always blew it off. Maybe now she'll believe me. Did you see the way Tim was looking at her the rest of the way to the stream?" she asked.

"Yeah, I thought he was going to blow in his shorts when she untied that top. I still think you have the best ones though." he said as he stepped up behind her and put his arms around her. She turned to face him.

"The best what?" she asked with a spacey look on her face.

Tina felt Tom jolt slightly when the girl turned. He discovered that the girl was still topless. Her man was playing gently with the rings in her nipples.

"The best tits babe. I love playing with these things." he said as he continued to jiggle the hoops in his girls nipples. She closed her eyes and sighed, letting him play. Soon her chest began to get flush and her nipples stood out more than they already were.

"Well if you don't stop playing with them, you're going to have to deal with the consequences very soon." she purred.

"What would those consequences be?" he asked as he lowered his mouth to one of the nipples.

"That I will make you fuck me right here in the open where anyone walking around these woods can see." she said as she reached down and pulled his face away from her breast and brought it to her face. They kissed passionately.

As the couple on the platform played, Tom reached around to Tina's chest and unbuttoned her blouse. He slid one hand inside and began to play with her nipple. Tina responded by pressing her butt back against Tom's growing crotch and pressing his hand tighter to her chest.

"Ah yes. As exciting as it would be to fuck you right here and now, out in the open where anyone could see, it would be just my luck to have a bunch of kids on a field trip coming down that trail. We'd end up in jail and that would suck." he said as he pulled away from her. He took his hands off her chest and took one of her hands in his as they took one last look out over the prairie and forest before leaving.

"Don't you worry, baby. I am so horny that I might not wait until we get back to the hotel to get naked. I might have to masturbate while we're going down the road. What do you think of that? Want to watch me rub my pussy on the way to the hotel?" she purred as they stepped off the platform.

"Lady you keep talking like that and I will have to take you right here in the woods." he exclaimed.

"That's not an answer to my question." she said.

"Well I think the answer is obvious, but since I have to spell it out for you, hell yes! I want you to be naked all the way back to the hotel, but here's the catch...if you do, you can't cum in the car. I will make you cum when we get to the room. So what's it gonna be?" he asked.

"I guess you'll have to wait and see, won't you?" she said as they disappeared into the forest.

Tom and Tina listened to this exchange in silence, quietly playing with each other's bodies as they waited for the intruders to leave. They crawled out from under the platform a few moments after the couple entered the forest.

Tina looked around as she buttoned up her blouse. Tom watched her with lust in his eyes.

"You know what? I think that sounds like a good idea. What do you think, honey? Should I be naked for the ride back into town?" Tina asked provocatively.

"I think you should wear those jewels and nothing else from the time we get into the car to the time we walk into our room. I'll shoot a bunch of pictures and we can use them if you ever get comfortable with sharing again." Tom answered as they turned and started down the trail into the forest.

"Now that sounds like fun. It's a good thing we have a private entrance, huh? I'd hate to get arrested like he said." Tina said. Tom answered with a laugh.

They walked the rest of the way to the parking lot with Tina fully clothed, taking more of their 'family friendly' pictures. When they got back to the lot, Tina noticed another trail leading in the opposite direction they had first chosen.

"Where does that one lead?" she asked, pointing out the trail to Tom. He walked over to the sign that showed a map of the trails and looked for a few moments before returning to her.

"It's a short loop that leads to an observation tower. It looks to be about a quarter mile loop and it's paved. What was that look for? You just got an idea, didn't you?" he asked as the grin crossed Tina's face.

"Well I had planned on heading back to the hotel and modeling some outfits for you and demonstrating the toys I was talking about, but now I have an idea for the last remaining outfit in the bag. You wait here, I'll be right back." She said as she took the bag from Tom and headed for the bathrooms at the head of the trail.

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