tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTaking Sandy Down Ch. 03

Taking Sandy Down Ch. 03


I turned my head and cried softly, the tears wetting my upper arm that was stretched and cuffed high over my head. I tried to hold my body as high as I could to prevent the dildo from fully penetrating me, but it was no use. My thighs were strapped into the table and added to my weight was more than my arms could hold up for very long. Finally I resigned myself and gasped as I stopped trying to hold myself up and sunk to the saddle like surface, the dildo forced all the way in me.

"Oh, please " I groaned as I felt fingers part my slit and nest my clitoris into the cup attached to the dildo.

"Just wanted to make sure you get the full effect, Bitch," the white guy said as he stepped back behind me. I braced myself, but nothing seemed to happen for a few seconds, then I gasped a large gulp of air as the first slight feeling of warmth touched my nub. For a few seconds it was hard to tell if it was my imagination or the cup and dildo were really getting warmer, but soon it was almost, but not quite too hot.

I could feel the heat inside my vagina and on my clitoris. "Please " I begged, "Don't burn me."

"Don't worry Bitch, it won't burn you, but the heat adds to it. The last whore passed out because the orgasm and the heat were too much for her to take."

The vibrations took me by surprise. My thighs stiffened against the straps holding them to the table as the gentle movement forced my clitoris to move with the cup. "Oh, no, no, please, please" I gasped in a panicked whisper as the movement against my sex increased in intensity.

My eyes widened as the dildo slowly began to move in and out of my vagina, adding even more to the sensations caused by the vibrations. I tried to fight the feeling forced upon my bound body. I tossed my head from side to side as I felt my body respond and a flood of wetness coat the inside of my sex. Through the sexual stimulation I tried to force myself to return to reality, the reality that I had been raped, and forced to cum against my will, but it was no use. The white guy must have done this many times because he seemed to know where my mind was in relationship to my body. Every time I almost slipped back to reality he varied something the machine was doing to me. The results were devastating to my version of reality and after what seemed like hours, but was only about ten minutes, my mind merged with my body's sexual needs.

I was moaning steadily, my entire body taunt as a bowstring against the bonds, my skin glistening with perspiration as the sexual torture continued. I couldn't stop the stimulation and my whole being began to tremble as I felt the first wave of an approaching orgasm deep inside me. I threw my head back and wailed in frustration and need as I felt suction on each nipple. The two blacks were nursing on my breasts as the orgasm began to gather strength. "Oh, oh, please, please " I screamed as the combination of the stimulation drove me right to the edge of the cliff. "Yes, YES, YESSS" I screamed only to suddenly have the stimulation withdrawn at the last possible moment. "Oh, oh, oh, Please, please----don't stop, not now, no" I sobbing in sexual need.

I could help myself; my sexual need from the forced stimulation over rode all reality and I begged them to let me cum. I have never been in such sexual need that I didn't care about anything except my satisfaction. My breathing was ragged as I hung there, my body backing away from the orgasm that almost engulfed me, as the white guy walked around in front and faced me. He placed his hands on my breasts and rolled both nipples between his thumb and fingers. His face was smirking when he asked if I wanted the three of them to fuck me. I had recovered somewhat by this time and said "You bastard!" as I spit in his face. The look he gave me truly scared me and I cringed as he tightened the grip on my nipples and said, "You'll pay for that Bitch! I'm going to make sure that you'll fuck anything before I'm through." With that, he motioned to the two blacks and stepped around behind me again.

The blacks started to tease and nurse on my nipples again and soon I closed my eyes as I felt the nubs harden. I swallowed hard and tensed as I felt the dildo begin to work it's way deep in me only to pause when it was fully inserted and then begin to pull out again. I braced myself for the vibrations on my clitoris, but when it started I couldn't help myself and moaned as the stimulation started to take me where I didn't want to go. With more bravado then I was feeling I screamed at them, "You bastards, you can't handle a woman on your own----Oh, oh, please, oh, ah." Both the speed of the dildo and the intensity of the vibrator were turned to the maximum and my body betrayed my reason.

Every tendon in my body tightened and stood out as I fought to keep my sanity. My face and neck were flushed with unwanted sexual excitement, my body shone with the perspiration from a combination of the heat in the room and the stimulation inflicted on me. Again the wave of a forced orgasm began to build within me until I knew that I was approaching the point of no return. Just when I was sure that my body couldn't take any more, the stimulation abruptly stopped and I was left moaning with desire, my body stretched tight as I stranded for what I by now desperately needed. "Anything, oh, oh, please, please anything, anything," I sobbed, my reason and will almost gone, replaced by an overwhelming need for sexual fulfillment.

Again the fat white guy came around to face me. This time he lightly brushed his fingers over the cup on my clitoris and I couldn't help the shudder that betrayed my need as he again asked the question. "Really for us to fuck you?" My head hung and my chest heaved as I gasped for breath, my breathing rapid and ragged as I fought for control.

It was no use. I couldn't take much more without loosing myself completely in this world of perversion. Slowly I nodded my head and whispered, "Anything, please, I'll do what you want, but please take it out of me." Tears came as I realized that I had given in and that these perverts had broken my spirit.

"Good, Sandy! OK John, let's see if she's serious about it." One of the black men got on the table and positioned his crotch so it was level with my face. He unzipped his pants and pulled them down, his erect black cock inches from my lips. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head against the tip, leaving a wet place on my cheek. Twisting my head so that the tip of his cock was against my lips, he tried to force himself deep in my mouth. I knew what they wanted, but I just couldn't do it. I twisted my head away, tears dripping off of my cheeks and begged them not to do this. "OK Bitch, let's go through it again." John stayed where he was, his fully erect cock inches from my mouth. "I'll stop when you begin to suck that cock Sandy."

I started to say something when the cruel forced stimulation began again. I cried and pleaded, but to no effect as my body was again forced to undergo the sexual torture that threatened to turn me into a whore that would do anything to cum. He could tell from my actions and flushed face how close I was and he started to turn the machine on and off for short intervals of time. He never turned it off long enough for me to regain sanity and never left it on long enough to force me to orgasm. I screamed and moaned as the man played with my body, my chest heaving for air as the other black continued to nurse on my nipple.

Finally the sexual stimulation became too much for any woman to endure. I had reached the point of no return as the movement of the dildo and the vibrations on my clitoris pushed me until I couldn't go on. "Yes, yes" I gasped and started to open my mouth to suck John's black cock when the orgasm hit me. I couldn't believe the force of the waves of pleasure that washed over my bound body. I cried and moaned, my body straining against the bonds that held me in place as my vagina contracted over and over around the plastic dildo that continued to fuck in and out of me.

Helpless, I hung there as the orgasm went on and on. Finally in desperation I realized that I was approaching my limit of endurance and through my sexually fogged brain that the stimulation was continuing unabated. "No, please, please stop" I screamed as the by now familiar drive toward another orgasm started again. It was a much shorter period this time as again my body was carried to the edge of a massive climax. I couldn't tell when one stopped and the other started, but I screamed and begged as I lost control and the spasms in my vagina and the tightening of my body carried me to almost completely exhaustion.

I didn't realize for a short period that the stimulation had stopped. I was jarred back to reality when I felt the tip of the black cock push against my lower lip. Defeated, I sobbed softly as I opened my mouth and felt the erect cock run over my tongue until his crotch pushed against my lips. He grabbed my hair on either side of my head and forced me to bob back on forth on the hard appendage. I heard him growl in a low, menacing voice as he tighten his grip, to suck him good. Helpless I sucked as hard as I could as he fucked his cock in and out of my mouth. After several minutes I heard him grunt and felt the tip of the cock swell slightly. He was about to cum in my mouth and I panicked. I turned my head and pulled my mouth off him just as his first contraction shot a stream of white cum. The shot hit my chin and dripped down on the swell of my breasts. He tried to force his spraying cock back in my mouth, but I quickly turn my head to the side as the rest of his cum hit my cheek and ran down on my neck.

"Damn, Bitch," John said as he tightened his grip on my hair and pulled my head toward his cock. I tried to pull away, but his grip kept me there as he wiped the tip of his cock across my lower lip leaving a shiny wet spot. I almost gagged when I felt the viscous cum on my lip, but managed to hold my stomach in check as the black man let go of my hair.

I heard the white guy from behind me say, "Well, shit lady. I thought we had you broken, but you 're going to be a little tougher than I thought." He turned to the two blacks said something I couldn't make out. I heard the electric motor start and my body lifted off the saddle. I moaned as the dildo slide out of my vagina. The table was moved away and I was lower to the floor. The three men wasted no time as they untied my hands and carried me to the mattress. I tried to fight them, but my body was exhausted from the multiple forced orgasms and stiff from the position that I was held in. When they laid me on the bed I tried to roll away but they were ready and I felt my hands again bound to rings at the end of the mattress.

"OK, Get the pillow and put it under her ass. Might as well see if we can knock her up while we're at it.. Sort of give her something to remember us by. " He laughed as he started to take his pants off.

The two blacks grabbed my ankles and raised my legs as they slide a large pillow under me elevating my ass. I shook with revulsion and fear at the thought of carrying one of the rapists baby. Suddenly the fact hit me, my husband had a vasectomy and I was unprotected, I babbled out, "Please, please don't, don't get me pregnant. I beg of you." I turned my head to the side and tightly clinched my eyes shut as I felt the bed shift when the first man mounted me. I tried to bring my legs together, but it was no use. He was already between my thighs and I couldn't dislodge him.

Suddenly, I gasp with pain and heard the white guy whisper in my ear as he twisted my nipple, "Open your eyes Bitch. I want you to see who's fucking you." He twisted the reddened nub again for emphasis, bringing tears to my eyes. With mounting panic I looked at the second black man as he positioned his cock at my opening. I felt the tip push in me a few inches. I tried to flex my hips and dismount him, but it was impossible. I felt his body tense and then in a short swift----"Oh, oh, Ohhhhhhhhhh" I sobbed as the black man impaled me completely on his cock. I kicked out with my legs, desperate to stop this obscene breeding. I couldn't do anything as he placed his hands behind my knees and pushed my legs toward my waist. He pushed forward with a powerful thrust, burying his cock deep in me, the pillow under me forcing my pelvis up and against his hips.

I could feel the grips on my wrists tightened as the man begins to rape me with slow deep strokes. I gasped slightly each time to he pushed the cock deep in me. I felt the suction begin on my nipples again and turned my head to the side, my wet eyes closed. The rape went on for several minutes when I groaned as I felt a vibration on my clitoris. The white man held my wrist with one hand and ran a small vibrator over my nub. I was lost. My wrists held helpless, my legs on either side of the black rapist with his cock completely inside me.

In a few minutes the vibrations begin to stimulate me in spite of my realization that I didn't want this, didn't want to cum as a black rapist impregnated me. "Oh, please, please," I begged as the man fucked deep in me with each powerful stroke. My breathing was becoming ragged as the man speeded up, pushing his cock in further, hurting me a little because he was so deep. I gasped as the pleasure replaced the dread and sweep me along until I realized that my hands were free. I wanted to hit at the black man one moment and hug him the next. In the end, I did neither, as I bit the back of my hand and grabbed the sheet with the other.

Suddenly, I felt the man powerfully push forward, scooting me on my back several inches on the bed and forcing the vibrator away from me. At the moment when he was in me the furthest he grabbed my rear and pulled my sex to his crotch. "I'm going to fill your cunt Bitch." The first contraction of his balls and the resulting stream of cum that was forced in me jolted me and I began to struggle. Impotently I tried to buck and turn my body to dislodge him. I hit at his face with my free hands and tried to scratch him but it was futile. The other two men grabbed my wrists and held me on my back as the man shot his entire load in me.

Helpless, I sobbed as the rapist withdrew from me and wiped his cock on my thigh. I didn't fight when the white man crawled between my legs and ran his fingers over my soaked slit. I bit my lip as the cock tip easily pushed into my sperm covered vagina. He wasn't as long as the first man, but much thicker. I moved my rear to try to relive the pressure as he took up a slow, but steady rhythm as he raped me.

I cringed as he asked John if he wanted to get in on this and John said yes. The white guy quit moving, his cock buried in me, as he looked down on my reddened face. "Listen carefully Bitch. If you don't want to ride our toy all night, you'll do what I say. Understand?"

The thought of that machine forcing me to orgasm after orgasm truly scared me and in a small voice I said yes. When I agreed he pulled out of me, causing some of the sperm to leak out. He told me to get on my hands and knees and spread my legs. When I didn't move fast enough for him, he slapped my rear and forced his body between my legs. I hung my head as I felt the sperm run down my thighs and the tip of his cock push against my opening. My body shuddered as the cock pushed fully into me. Suddenly a hand grabbed my hair and forced my head up. John's black cock was inches from my lips, a smirk on his face as he pushed the tip against my lips.

"Suck him Bitch or do you want an all night ride."

"No, no. I'll do it," I whispered as I opened my mouth. He pushed the cock deep over my tongue and I tried not to gag as the tip pushed against the back of my throat. Broken I sobbed softly as the men raped me. Their movement complimented one another as the two cocks moved in and out. I couldn't do anything as they pushed my body back and forth with their cocks. I don't know how long they took me, but finally John couldn't hold back anymore and with a loud grunt came in my mouth. I tried to pull back, but his hands held my mouth firmly on the cock as he shot his cum over my tongue. I could taste the saltiness and almost gagged when I heard him shout, "Take it Bitch and you had damn well swallow every drop"

In fear of the machine, I swallowed several times. Finally as the white guy continued to rape me, John pulled slowly out of my mouth leaving a string of his cum from the tip of his cock to my lower lip. When it broke the end swung against my chin. I started to wipe it off when the hands on my hips tightened and held the cock deep in me. I knew that the second man had cum inside of me. Tears streamed of my cheeks as the man emptied himself in my cunt and then rolled off of my back. I hung on my hands and knees, sperm leaking out of me, my face reflecting the horror and shame I had been through when the white guy said to the others, "let her rest and then we can get her ready for tonight, I believe she will be the hit of the show." They snapped a pair of cuffs on my left wrist and hooked the other end into one of the rings in the mattress. "I think I'd sleep if I were you. You'll need the rest," John said as they walked out of the room.

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