tagGroup SexTaking Tess (Complete Version)

Taking Tess (Complete Version)


Taking Tess (Part 1)

Tess has been a student of mine for a few years. She was just one of many who I teach Latin Dance dance to. This includes things like the Mambo, Rumba, Samba, or a number of others you've probably seen on DWTS. I don't mind giving the shoutout since that show nearly doubled the number of students since its debut. Needless to say, my studio has been doing very well.

The girl, to be honest, was just one of many. I remember one time bumping into her at the mall. She came up to say hello, and it took me an agonizingly long second to remember her name. The next time I saw her in class, I overcompensated by specifically calling her, "Tess," at least a dozen times. "It's okay," she told me at the end of class, obviously embarrassed. I was too and apologized. "I'm fine, I'm used to it."

That didn't make me feel very good. But to be honest, I've got two groups that I know well: Those who are outstanding and can compete, and then there are those who are just awful. I pay attention to them just so they don't embarrass me by saying they learned to dance from me. As a result, the majority who range from fair to pretty good are neglected. My assistants or top tier students will work with them.

Tess, unfortunately, was pretty good. That changed when I took a break. Nearly everyone else was taking a break or done for the day. Christina, a rail thin blonde and my best at only fifteen, was working with Tess. In that moment, I saw a flash of brilliance in the fluidity of her movement and rhythm. I remember thinking, "She could be better than Christina with some work."

After that, though informal, I grouped Tess with my top tier dancers. She was intimidated and told me, "I'm not as good as they are," indicating the others in the group. Tess was right. But I assured her that she would be. I then watched her carefully, and saw her climb the ladder, passing by other students one by one. Within three months she was able to keep up with Christina.

The difference though, was that Christina had plateaued. She was good, but the girl was too stubborn and arrogant to believe that she could be better. The blonde thought she was the best and always would be. I disagreed and saw that Tess was not limited by hubris. At the end of a long lesson, I called Tess aside. She looked at me as if she'd done something wrong. "Everything is fine," I assured her. "I've seen your progress and think I can get you to the next level."

"I don't understand," Tess said sincerely. "I want to work with you. You're not ready yet, but if you work with me one on one, you'll win some competitions," I explained.

"Oh," Tess responded. "Talk to your parents-"

"I don't need to. I'm eighteen."

I'm sure I blushed. I then thought of how humiliating it must have been to have someone three years younger giving her pointers. "I'm so sorry," I said.

"I'm used to it," Tess said, looking down a bit. I felt bad, but thought it was adorable and caught myself staring. I'd been watching Tess but only focused on her as if she was a machine, looking for the way she held herself as her feet and body flowed. I now looked at her as a person, and the shy girl was stunning. Her eyes are blue, and though I usually only saw it up, I knew that her raven hair was long and wavy. She stands at five foot two, with breasts that were on the high side of a B cup or maybe the lowside of C.

As I drank her in, I was surprised to feel my heart beating a bit faster. "You shouldn't be used to it," I told her. "Yes or no. This is a real commitment. If you're not sure, the answer is no."

"Yes," Tess said, smiling broadly. "Of course." I then gave her a hug, which is normal. But while doing so, I realized that this was the first time we'd ever touched. I also noticed how natural it felt, as if we were intimate lovers. We both released. I could feel myself getting aroused, and fought it off. Tess' porcelain skin turned a shade of red. Apparently it had gotten to her as well.

I then watched her leave. I didn't mean to, but my eyes wandered down to the girl's tight athletic ass and muscular legs. "She's gorgeous," I thought.

As I was having that thought, my girlfriend came up to me and asked, "Who's she?" I looked at Camila, knowing I'd been busted.

"Tess," I said. Cam looked at me with her dark brown eyes, as if to tell me to go on. We'd been together for three years. I was thirty two, she was twenty eight. "You caught me," I admitted. "But come one, compared to you?" I was telling the truth. Cam immigrated from Honduras as a child. She was a touch shorter than Tess, but was a D cup- I think she's bigger though; she spills out of her bras.

I met Cam after an injury. She's a physical therapist, not a dancer. We developed a rapport and was immediately attracted. I won't insult you and say that her body had no influence on it. She was insane about her workouts, going hard six days a week. When not at the gym, Cam runs, with two sports bras to keep the ladies in place. The second I wasn't her patient, I asked for her number and we'd been a couple ever since.

Her big brown eyes, long straight hair and the way she laughs are all reasons for why I love her. But what really made me want to date her was her quick mind and sense of adventure. We've done things in both bed and life that I never dreamed of doing, let alone enjoying.

"Good save there Dance Boy," Cam said. "She does have a nice ass. I looked too so relax."

"Of course you did," I said, shaking my head with a laugh. "Grab some dinner?"

When we got home, I jumped into the shower and washed up. When I got out, I saw Cam, and came to a stop. I was mesmerized: she was on the bed, naked, her legs open, and was rubbing her wet pussy and rubbing her dark nipples with her left hand, moaning. "I've been so fucking horny, baby," Cam said. My cock immediately grew to its full eight thick inches.

"I want to suck your cock baby," Cam breathed. Who was I to argue? I walked over and felt her tongue glide under my hard shaft. Cam moaned, and i did too. I was getting close to cumming, so I pulled my cock out. "Baby, you never cum in my mouth," she whined.

"Hush girl," I told Cam. I then moved between her legs. Her fingers were rubbing her clit fast and hard. My sexy girl was close to cumming. I grabbed her fingers out of the way having to use a bit more force than I thought.

"Baby that's not cool," Cam breathed in frustration. But the second she finished saying that, my tongue was on her clit, lightly licking and sucking. She started breathing quick and shallow, put both hands on my head, and pulled me into her as she thrust upwards. I took the hint and flattened my tongue and let her grind her clit and sweet wet pussy against my tongue. "Fucker... gonna cum..." She said. Cam's rhythm and speed increased. I then heard that low telltale growl of hers and knew that she was cumming. The grinding of her clit against my tongue gradually slowed and then came to a stop.

I crawled up and kissed her deeply. Cam giggled. "You like that a lot, don't you?" I asked.

"I love how I taste," she said. "Now I'm going to taste you."

"No," I said forcefully. "I'm not done with you." I then grabbed her long hair, tied in a ponytail and pulled her to me for another kiss. I then easily pulled her onto me.

"You want to fuck me baby?" Cam asked. I still had my hand gripping her hair and pulled her to me and kissed her deeply in answer. When we broke, she whispered, "Fuck, how do you do this to me? You want me to ride your beautiful cock baby?" I kissed her again, hungrily.

While we passionately kissed, Cam took my cock and pressed it against her wet pussy lips. She was more wet than from when she'd cum. Still, Cam's pussy was very tight. "You feel so good," I whispered, feeling her sweetness wrap around my hard cock. Even though we'd fucked nearly every day for three years, I still had to let her control the pace. Her tight pussy slowly gave way as I inched into her.

I'd released her hair and allowed her to sit up. "Should have never told you that.." Cam groaned. She was talking about the way I'd grabbed her hair. That was her weakness. Cam is sassy, but she loves it when I take control in bed. "Makes me so fucking wet," she groaned as I rubbed her nipples.

"You look so sexy," I whispered as she bounced up and down. Her heavy breasts were moving up and down, "Come here," I told her. She obeyed, and then I took hold of both breasts and licked and sucked each nipple, her dark tanned skin taking on a reddish tint. My balls ached, desperate to explode. I was able to hold back, but just barely.

"Close," Cam said raggedly.

"Me too," I groaned.

Cam then said, "I was thinking about the girl we checked out..." Cam breathed. "Imagining her playing with us..." And then she gasped and gave the low growl, telling me she was cumming. I couldn't hold back and pulled her to me. I kissed her as my cum streamed into her tight sweet pussy. I didn't know what to say. I wanted to say I'd timed it, but the truth is that when she mentioned Tess in a threesome, that set me off.

"That felt so good," I whispered, both of us sweating.

"See?" Cam asked. "That's why I don't jump into the shower first thing. When you learn Dance Boy?" I smacked her ass pretty hard. "Fucker, that hurt!" And then she started to laugh, climbed off me and we showered. ------------------------------------

It's strange how Cam's sexy talk influenced me. Yes, I'd checked out Tess and thought she was good looking, but I didn't think of her sexually, or at least not at that level. After that, I was. I'd never been with a student or former student for obvious reasons; relationships like that led to jealousy, suspected favoritism and the like. Not only was it bad for business, but it was unprofessional. And now here I was, thinking of Tess like that.

At that first lesson, nothing happened. I quashed the thoughts as best I could, but Cam was rightz; Tess really was sexy. I caught myself imagining taking off her clothes, and exploring the shy raven haired girl's body. My cock started to get hard as we went through some moves. I pushed back and was fine.

I almost lost the battle towards the end of the lesson. We were alone and Tess was having trouble understanding the steps and movements I wanted her to make in quick succession. As I'd done many times before with many students, both male and female, I put both hands on her waist. "Like this," I said. I then counted and directed her. Everything was fine, but then she stopped when I expected her to step forward.

The fault was mine; Tess was supposed to stop. The end result was me bumping into her- or more specifically, my slightly hard cock. The contact lasted a second or so. Tess said, "I'm so sorry, I thought-" She stopped talking because I was laughing. "What?"

"My fault," I said. "I fucked it up. You were right."

Tess looked at me silently for a moment. I'd covered my face, embarrassed. I then heard Tess say in a different tone, "Oh."

I didn't catch that. "I think we're good for today. Wednesday?" I asked. Tess nodded, smiling at me. I thought that was a bit strange. I then looked down and noticed my cock was pushing out for more than I'd thought.

Had Tess seen? Had she noticed? For a fact, my cock had never reacted like that before. What the hell was wrong with me? I wanted to blame Cam, but the truth was that Tess was turning me on. Now what?

As our lessons progressed, Tess and I became less formal. I started to notice the little things about her which I'm generally oblivious to. I complimented the way she'd done her fingernails which brought a genuine smile. We also seemed to have more, "mishaps." I know I initiated some of them, but not all. With each time we made contact, it seemed like we both would linger a bit longer.

After nearly two months, we made contact again, but it wasn't a misstep. Instead, I had her by the hips and she stepped back just a bit. My cock reacted and soon I was half hard. Both Tess and I were well aware of the game now. She could feel against the the top of her ass, getting harder.

I continued on as if this was completely natural. I explained what I wanted her to do. "Are we good?" I asked.

I was about to let go and step back, but Tess asked, "Once more?" I saw her expression in the mirror. Tess was quiet, but had just the hint of a naughty smile. I could feel my cock growing. With that, I could see her smile grow with it. I was fairly sure that Tess enjoyed this game of ours, but now I was positive. I also knew how much. Admitting to it or acting as if this was anything but profession was not the right move. We'd go no farther than this, but I was happy to let the game continue. With her pressed against my now completely hard cock, I explained the move again. I then felt Tess raise herself using her toes and rub against me. "Much clearer," Tess said innocently.

I was at a loss for words for a few seconds. Since we were surrounded by mirrors, I didn't even try to hide adjusting myself. I pointed my cock up so that it wasn't so obviously straining through my thin gym shorts. The only downside- or plus I now think- was that in the process, Tess saw the head of my cock for the briefest of moments. She'd have only seen if she was looking for it. I heard her whisper, "Oh fuck." Yeah, she saw. She'd been looking for it. I pretended to not notice, but my cock remained hard for the rest of the lesson. Tess and I seemed to be out of sync, but we weren't. I liked feeling her and she liked feeling how hard she'd made me.

Even with these unnecessary delays, Tess was ready. It was time for her first competition. ----------------------------

Tess still lived at home. Her family was well off, and her mom insisted on paying for everything. She'd booked the rooms for us at a very nice hotel. She even insisted on me taking a rental and she'd reimburse me. Who was I to argue?

The competition was four hours away. So that Tess wouldn't be tired and would have a chance to brush up, we left on Thursday in the early afternoon. The drive was four hours, so the two of us for the first time had a chance to talk. We covered a variety of topics, with us mostly discussing the competition.

By the last hour and a half of the drive, we were both far more comfortable and talked about our personal lives. "How'd you get into dance? You don't look like-" Tess stopped as if she'd insulted me.

"No," I told her, "It's fine. I know, I don't like a dancer," I said.

"It's not bad," Tess said. "You look more like a rugby player I'd say."

"Very good," I replied, honestly impressed. "That was my first sport." It didn't take a genius to see it though, I guess. I'm five foot eight, have broad shoulders and a low center of gravity- all good qualities for a sport that knocks you around.

"How'd you find Latin Dance?"

"My shoulder kept popping out," I explained. "I then met a girl I liked, and she was taking a class so I did too."

"Cam?" Tess asked.

"Nah. This was long ago. I asked this girl out, but she said no."

"Oh, that's dreadful," Tess said.

"Not really," I explained. "I'm competitive, so I wanted to go from being the worst in the class to the best. I did that, and so my mentor insisted I continue. I declined, returned to rugby, my shoulder popped again, so then I was like, 'Well fuck it. I guess I'm a dancer now.'"

"What happened to the girl?" Tess asked.

"She's married to a doctor," I said. "She was terrible at dancing too. Like no rhythm." Tess laughed. She asked if Cam danced. "No. I've never dated a dancer."

"I see," Tess said, sounding slightly disappointed.

That was interesting. I then asked her about boyfriends. "I only had one."

"What happened with him?"

"I didn't think I was worth much," Tess said. "When I realized I was, I broke it off."

"Never think that," I told her. Tess smiled. I then thought about it and remembered seeing a guy sometimes pick her up a few times after I'd moved her up. And then he was gone after that. I realized I was the one who made her feel like that. I liked it on one level; on another, I was worried that she was crushing hard on me, as in she wanted to be my girlfriend.

Yeah, that wasn't going to happen. She'd made me horny, resulting in great sex with Cam, but that's all it was. And if I'd turned her on and she'd gotten off to it, so what? It was sexy, but no we were not going to go any further.

Tess then got us back onto safe land and asked me about Cam, how we met, and all of that. I told her, and stopped as I started to tell about the first night we'd had sex. "No, please, I don't mind. I want to hear."

Well fuck it, right? I told her. The girl asked for details. I couldn't believe this shy girl was being so bold. Apparently she really had broken out of her shell. I felt comfortable, and answered all of her questions. I wasn't ashamed, and if Tess wanted to know if Cam was giving blowjobs, so what? As I drove, I talked, concentrating on the road.

I glanced over briefly and in that moment I saw quite a bit. Tess was wearing her dark wavy hair in a pony tail. I noticed both hands running up and down the inner thigh of her jeans. I then noticed that her braless bare nipples were straining against the material of her shirt. Tess didn't see me looking, but I saw the look in her eyes and that she was slightly flushed. Her pussy was getting wet, which made my cock begin to stiffen.

That was interesting in a good and bad way. Part of me wanted to get more detailed, but better judgement prevailed. I shifted the topic from me and Cam to her. "So was this guy your first?"

"No," Tess said. "I've never had sex."

"Marriage? I can respect that," I told her. I actually thought it was stupid, but explaining to an eighteen year old how stupid that is would be pointless.

"God no," Tess said. "We were going to, but he was too drunk each time."

"That's the last thing I'd be drunk for," I said without thinking.

"Really? Even with..."

I paused. I couldn't admit it as much as she couldn't finish the question. "Tess, you know the answer already."

"I suspect I do," Tess said. We left the matter there since we'd arrived at the hotel. We got our rooms. Tess realized that they were connected by a door, and knocked. I opened it and she had a big smile on her face. "It's like one giant room now!" Her bright blue eyes lit up with excitement that I'd not seen before. I know we should have kept the door closed. I didn't want to so they stayed like that all three nights.

Tess and I went and got dinner, talked more about dance and then returned to our room(s). "Sleep now. I own you in the morning. The afternoon is yours," I said sternly. She gave me a look that was naughty. You know something? I really should choose my words more carefully.

I jumped in the shower. I was really turned on, thinking of how hard Tess' nipples had gotten. I knew that I could have just scooped her into my arms at any moment and she'd be mine. But I didn't. She was my student and I love Cam. I tried masturbating to relieve the pressure, but that just doesn't work for me. Girls and a lot of guys can play in the shower, but I can't.

When I stepped out, I found tell in my room. She was wearing black panties of lace. I know because her thin shirt stopped short of her navel. Tess was sitting on my bed. I was already a bit hard; seeing her like that made my cock strain against the towel. No amount of adjusting could hide it. I decided it wasn't my fault; she wanted the door open and she was in my room dressed like that.

"I'm so sorry," Tess said, averting her eyes. "I thought you'd dress in the shower."

"I will next time," I told her. Tess and I argued on who's fault it was. But in the end, we agreed it didn't matter. Tess and I were laughing and she stopped averting her eyes. I had certainly not stopped looking at her. I don't know if Tess knew or not, but I could see her nipples harden and the elegant form of her breasts. Her legs were parted a little. Parts of har lacy panties were sheer, and I could see that she neatly trimmed the black hair above her pussy.

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