Taking Tess Pt. 01


That made it impossible for my cock to relax, but at this point, i thought, "Fuck it." The girl knows she makes me hard, so what was the point in hiding it. I then asked, "Tess, is everything alright?"

"Yes," Tess said. She was looking me in the eye, but every so often she'd glance at the bulge straining against the towel wrapped around my waist. "Should I let you get dressed?"

"Nah," I told her. "I usually sleep naked?"

Tess' eyes widened a bit. "Oh my," she said. "Why?"

"It feels good," i replied. Yeah, I was teasing her, but she deserved it.

"Should I try that?" I was intrigued. She saw that and said, "I think I will."

"You'll like it..."

"I suspect so," Tess said, "But back to me intruding. I just wanted to thank you for everything you've done. I've never felt so good about myself. I never thought..." Tess paused. "I never liked what I saw in the mirror. Now I do."

"I'm sorry for not seeing it sooner," I replied. "You're an amazing dancer, smart, charming, and very beautiful. Any guy would be lucky to have you." Tess blushed. I expected her to say that I was exaggerating or being nice. But this time, Tess surprised me by jumping from the bed and giving me a hug. It wasn't a polite one either, but a full one where she pressed her body tightly to mine. I could feel her lower abdomen pressed against my hardness, and her neck in the nape of my neck. I held her tight too, and kissed the top of her head.

When we released each other, Tess surprised me again by asking, "Did I cause that or were you thinking of Cam."

I shouldn't have admitted to it, but the word came out before I could stop it: "You."

Tess smiled broadly. She then came and whispered in my ear: "Good. You've been doing that to me for months. The raven haired girl then kissed me on the cheek and said, 'Good night." I laughed a bit at myself, and then caution screamed, "What are you thinking?!" I took off the towel, dried off and was curious if Tess would pop in. She didn't. I turned off the light and stroked my cock, thinking about how much I really did want to fuck Tess. I didn't mean too, but might have groaned a bit as I came.

I wiped the cum off that had shot all over my stomach with tissue. I felt much more relaxed. I closed my eyes to sleep, but before I did, I could hear Tess sighing in pleasure. That just made me hard again. I wanted to peek, to watch her rubbing her pussy, but I resisted and fell asleep. I awoke in the middle of the night hard. I regretted doing the right thing. I fell back asleep.

The alarm went off at 6am. I wanted to work with Tess from 8 to 11. I got up, went to the lobby got coffee and browsed on my laptop. At about 715, I went back up to the room. I expected Tess to be awake, but I glanced in and she was dead to the world. I walked into her room. I then saw the black panties and shirt she'd had on. Tess was naked.

She then shifted a little and was on her back. The covers shifted down, and I could clearly see her dark nipples and breast through the sheet. I couldn't pull my eyes away, feeling myself getting turned on again. I retreated and called from my room, "Wake up sleepy head." Tess asked what time it was. I told her. She said she'd be ready.

I heard movement after about ten minutes. I gave another five then walked into her room. "Shit," I said. "I'm sorry." Tess was naked. We were in the same situation as the night before.

"It's fine. Let's be honest; we both know what the other looks like and like what we see," Tess said. "Stop being silly and open your eyes." I did. I took in Tess' lithe body: her narrow waiste, petite build, the trimmed hair on her pussy, the angles of her face, blue eyes, and hair that was in a ponytail. Yes, I liked what I saw very much. "I like how I look. I like that you like it too."

"Very much," I admitted.

"Let's stop being so formal," Tess said. I agreed. She then started to slowly get dressed. I told her the plan, and almost laughed when bent over giving me a clear view of her smooth pussy and muscular ass. I wanted her bad. Tess knew this and enjoyed showing off. Of course I was hard long before she was facing me and pulling on her shirt. I accidentally made a disappointed sound as her breasts were covered. "What?"

"I was enjoying the view," I whispered. But actually, I really didn't have much to complain about. She'd only put on the panties and shirt she'd worn the night before. We weren't leaving the room, so she didn't need much else. Fuck, she could have remained naked for all the difference it made.

In a teasing voice, Tess replied, "You'll see more tonight. And if you're a gentleman, you'll return the favor."

"I'm always a gentleman," I replied with my eyes locked onto hers. I then snapped out of it and said, "Shall we?"

"Let's," Tess said. We then cleared a small space. We took it slow and easy as we rehearsed her dances. I sat on the bed and offered corrections. Her nipples and my hard cock made it difficult to concentrate, but we persevered. It was 1030 now. "Can we use this last bit so that you can show me exactly how to move?"

There was no reason for it. We both knew it. Her moves were perfect. "Of course," I said. She then pressed herself into me as I held her hips and we went through the movements very slowly. I was grinding against her and she rubbed me right back. I lost track of time. When we finished, it was noon. "I'm sorry, we should have stopped an hour ago."

"Do you think I wanted us to?" Tess asked. No of course she didn't. Neither had I. "The afternoon is mine?"

"It is. Let's meet up no later than 6?" Tess smiled, and we hugged each other, lingering a bit. "I need to shower Tess said as she stepped back. I knew what was coming as she took off her panties and shirt.

"See? Happy?"

'Very," I said.

"I thought you said you were a gentleman," Tess noted. She was joking, but I decided to shock her.

"I am." I then removed my clothes as well, my cock erect. I saw Tess' eyes get wide.

"Oh my God," Tess breathed. "I guess we are informal nowl," she then broke her eyes from my cock and said, "I like it very much." I didn't know if she meant my thickness or the informality or both. Both is my guess. "You should shower too," Tess said.

"I will," I said, as I leaned down to pick up my clothes.

"Don't you care about the environment?" Tess asked. It was weak, but really, all she would have had to say was "Scrambled eggs," to get me to shower with her.

"You're right," I said. We stepped into the shower. I admit this was farther than I expected. It went far beyond that shen she asked me to wash her back. Tess had shampoo in her hair, and asked if I'd mind doing her front as well. No, of course not! But who am I kidding? Without hesitation I ran my hands over her body, spending quite a bit of time on both her firm ass and perky breasts. I stopped shy of her pussy. That was too far.

Tess did not agree, "You're not done," she said sternly, with a sexy new confidence. No! But then I found my fingers running up her inner thigh, across her pussy and clit. Tess shivered and said, "Oh fuck..." I kept washing and rubbing. "Don't stop," she whispered. The soap had long since rinsed off. My finger slipped into the gentle fold of her pussy and I curled it up. I was rubbing her clit, and with just a little bit of searching, I felt it: her G-spot. The instant I made contact, Tess pulled me to her and we were kissing as she came hard.

"I think you're nice and clean," I told her. Tess nodded and then started to wash me. Her soft hands felt amazing. She tried to get me to cum, but my cock refused to cooperate.

I told Tess that, and she said, "Well that doesn't seem fair." I explained to her that it just didn't work for me in the shower. "Interesting," the girl said. "Let's try this," and then before I realized it, she was on her knees sucking my cock. What Tess lacked in technique she made up for with enthusiasm. I was so turned on that I came in just a minute or two.

Afterwards we finished up and kissed some more. I held Tess against my semi-hard cock, my hands holding her tight ass. "Now what?" I whispered, not wanting to let go.

"Nothing," Tess whispered. "This is just between us. I don't want people I got here because of this." I didn't either. I definitely wanted it to stay quiet. Cam was my girlfriend. I was risking it all. This was fun, I'd decided. But this was it. We then released each other. "I need to get dressed and do some shopping," Tess said. "Keys?" I was the only one supposed to drive, but fuck it. I gave them to her. I watched her get dressed, still naked.

"I'll see you tonight," I said as she finished. I then started to dress. She gave me a hug as she walked by and played with my cock a little, making it harder.

"Yes you will," Tess said. And then she left.

I spent the afternoon looking over the guide for the competition and the profiles of the different participants. I knew most of them. They were good, but Tess could beat them. At this point all I could do was let things flow. Tess was as ready as I could make her. She still hadn't reached her full potential, but that was good. As long as she finished in the top ten or twenty, I'd be happy. She'd need to be consoled, but that was for everyone who didn't meet their own high expectations.

Tess returned at 5. She had several bags. "What'd you get?"

"Some things I wanted for a long time but was too..." Tess paused. "I wasn't ready. I am now." I didn't understand and she didn't explain. We went out, ate a light dinner. I asked her if she wanted to do something. "No, let's go back to the hotel." We returned and then Tess said, "I need to close my door." I was disappointed. Tess saw it, and giggled. "Relax, it's just for a minute or two."

"Okay," I said. On one level it felt like we hadn't fooled around. On another, it felt as if it were just the start. Whichever it was, I wasn't thrilled. I wanted Tess, but breaking my own promises was just as bad. And Cam of course, would dump me, and I loved her. No matter what, I had this feeling that I was going to lose. I was fucking up. Yeah. It stops. Had to. Tess and I were back to our previous relationship.

And then the door opened. "Come here!" Tess called. I didn't hesitate. I figured she'd bought a dress or something. Nope. I watched Tess standing in front of the mirror, running her hands across the thin material she wore. The girl bought lingerie. She was wearing a sheer, one piece of mesh. "What do you think?" Tess asked, as one hand ran across her nipples and the other touched her ass. She then turned to face me.

"Amazing,' I said, immediately turned on. Her fair skin was the perfect contrast to the black. Tess smiled and beckoned for me. My feet were moving even though I hadn't told them too. "Touch. Feel how soft it is." My hands were now touching her skin and the material. They ran up and down her flanks. I then stepped closer and held her ass, pulling her to me. "Do you like it?" Tess could feel me. She knew I did. I didn't answer. I turn her around. I touched her breasts and nipples, pausing there, pinching them. "You're making me wet," Tess whispered.

"I don't believe you," I said. My left hand stayed on her sensitive nipples. My right hand went down and found her pussy. I rubbed her clit through the material. Tess moaned and I could feel the wetness. "I'm wrong," I breathed into her ear. I continued to rub her clit as I kissed her neck and ear. Tess moaned, and then pulled herself away.

"I have more to show. Back to your room." I reluctantly obeyed. She called me back. This time it was matching red panties and a bra. It showed more skin, but was less revealing. "I like the way you check," Tess whispered.

She didn't need to say another word. I squeezed her ass and pulled her to me as we kissed. This was what I wanted. If we weren't doing this, I'd have been disappointed; sad even. I was experiencing a high I'd never felt before. It was fueled by forbidden desire. I turned Tess aroun, and kissed her like i did before. But this time, I pushed her bra down as I slid my hand into her panties. "You're very wet..."

"Fuck," Tess whispered back. She breathed in, and let me rub her clit. "Harder," she exhaled. I did as asked, my finger now in her tight pussy. "Yessss..." Tess hissed. "Faster." I complied, and soon found myself holding her up as her legs squeezed in around my hand. She didn't say she'd cum. There was no need.

"Like that?" I asked. Tess nodded. She had two more sets to show me. I left and returned, kissing her and teasing her pussy and nipples each time. I couldn't believe I'd missed how sensual and erotic Tess was. But then again, she wasn't exactly the same. I understood what she'd said earlier. She had wanted lingerie, but lacked the confidence to buy it, let alone show it off.

After the last item, it was nearly 10pm. We had to get up at 5 the following morning. I told Tess we needed to get to bed. Tess reluctantly agreed. I went back to my room. I stripped and crawled into bed. My balls ached. I needed to cum. Just as I was getting ready to take care of myself, Tess knocked lightly on the door. "Busy?" She asked.

I turned the light back on. "No, come in." My cock was clearly straining through the covers. Tess them stepped from behind the door. "Fuck," I said. Tess was wearing different lingerie. This was navy blue and hugged her body, sheer enough so that I could make out her nipples. She also had on fishnets, held up by garterbelts. She wore no panties.

"Was gonna save this for tomorrow, but I couldn't," Tess said.

"You made the right choice," I whispered. "Come here," I said. Tess came closer. I took her hand and pulled her onto the bed. She didn't resist. I think we both kicked the covers to the side. I knew where this was going but I didn't care. I wanted Tess. I needed her.

She was now straddling me. Tess was as wet as I was hard. I grabbed her loose hair and pulled her to me. We kissed, lips hungrily kissing as her wet pussy made contact with my cock. It felt like electricity. She rubbed against my hardness, sliding up and down. "You feel so good," in between kisses.

Tess was a virgin. I didn't know where we were going so I let her have control. If she wanted to cum rubbing on my cock, I was fine with that. As I began to kiss her flushed neck and ears, I whispered, "You're pussy feels so good..."

"More," Tess whispered as she moaned. I looked at her holding my face in my hands. I stared at her, questioningly as she slid up and down my cock. "Fuck me," Tess said. I continued to look, "Pleeassee fuck me. Please?" I nodded, pulled her to me and kissed her.

"Take my cock and angle it up," I whispered. Tess nodded and then did as instructed. Her pussy was so incredibly tight that I didn't think we'd be able to. "A little at a time," I whispered. Tess nodded as she squinched her eyes, a mix of pleasure and pain. "We should stop," I said.

"No," Tess growled like an angry kitten. I laughed. "It's not funny," she said, pressing down harder. If nothing else, the girl was tenacious. She was fucking just the tip of my cock with quick short thrusts. With each one, her tight pussy would grow a little more relaxed and I'd go deeper. Tess assured me she was fine every time I asked. Tess finally said, "Shut up. Fuck me harder."

I kissed her and thrust my hips up. Tess gave a small cry. "Slow down," I whispered. She nodded, her tiny pussy firmly against my balls. Tess then opened her blue eyes. She looked at me with need, desire. She then kissed me hard, raised her hips up, and brought them down going fast and hard. "You feel so good..."

"You're fucking me..." Tess moaned. "I can't describe..." the lust in her voice made me groan. "You feel amazing..." Tess whispered.

"You're amazing," I responded. I couldn't think of anything else, my head was spinning. I couldn't believe how badly I wanted Tess as she slid up and down my cock. "I'm going to fill your tight little pussy," I whispered. She then grunted like a tennis player, firmly pressing her warm softness onto me. I could feel her pussy and body trembling. That set me off, "I'm cumming," I told her. Tess responded by kissing me and wrapping her arms around me. I then felt my cum fill her pussy, my hands firmly on her ass.

We continued to kiss without moving. "I never thought..." she whispered.

"I didn't either," I told her, followed by more kisses.

"I should go," Tess said, as if she'd done something wrong.

I grabbed her arm as she started to get up. "No. Stay."

"Really?" Tess asked. I nodded. She gave me a broad smile and crawled back into my arms. I felt her nestle into my neck. I rubbed her back and kissed the top of her head. If she were a kitten, she'd have been purring. We didn't speak. I just listened, and stopped thinking of how wrong this was. I loved holding Tess.

I now just listened to the sound of her breathing. It had become steady and even. This beautiful young girl was asleep.


I woke up more than once that night and wanted to fuck Tess again. But the girl needed to sleep, so I let her. At about 4am, I could feel her sweet warmth pressed against my thigh. She was wet and was grinding against my leg. I got hard and then I felt Tess' hand stroking me. "You should be sleeping," I whispered.

"Can you fuck me? Please?" Tess asked sleepily? How could I possibly say no. We started to kiss and then I placed her on her back. I started to tease and play with her, and Tess, "No. Fuck me now. I want you in me..."

I placed the head of my cock against the soft lips of her tightness. I slowly began to slide in, pressing, but not too hard. I could feel myself inching into her tight pussy. The resistance wasn't what it had been the night before. She was also very wet. In just a few strokes, I was all the way in her. She was kissing me with raw desire as her nails dug into my back. "You feel so good," I whispered.

"I love your cock..." Tess said in a sigh. I picked up the rhythm, going faster and harder. I only then remembered that she'd fallen asleep in lingerie, but was naked now. Her smooth muscular legs wrapped around mine as her hard nipples brushed against my chest. The soft tightness was amazing. "I'm going to cum," I whispered. The feeling was overwhelming.

"Cum," Tess told me in between kisses.

"But you?" I asked.

"Just cum," Tess moaned. I tried to hold back, but couldn't. I felt my cum flow into her tight, silky warmth. I was half hard, and I think we both just enjoyed the feeling of me sliding in and out of her. "I got close," she whispered, "My pussy just wouldn't let me." I kissed her. I was going to go down on her,but it was close to 5am. We had to get up.

We showered. Tess was sore, so when I rubbed her pussy, I was very gentle. "That feels good," she whispered. She could feel me getting hard, but we both knew we didn't have time. Once out, we finished getting ready. Tess was dressed in her outfit. We were ready to go and walked out the door.

The competition went well. She made the cut for the upper division on Sunday. We grabbed a light dinner, got back to the room and stripped down. Tess was still sore, so we didn't have sex. I did hold her in my arms, and we kissed and cuddled. We talked about the competition and Cam and what this meant. We agreed that these fragments in time belonged to us, and us alone.

On Sunday, Tess did well. The fact that she was still a diamond in the rough showed itself. The girl was going to be a champion, but not that day. She finished in ninth, which wasn't bad considering the field. She was worried she'd disappointed me. Tess brightened up when I assured her that she hadn't. As we drove home, Tess was wearing loose gym shorts. We were talking like normal, but I found myself rubbing her pussy very gently. I toyed with her clit, and to the surprise of both of us, she came before reaching the rental car place.

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