tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTaking the Babysitter

Taking the Babysitter


Julie was the girl next door. She was sweet and innocent. She began babysitting when she was sixteen. She was always pretty. Even now at eighteen she still has the cutest breast. They are perky C's. She has always stayed in good shape. She has long beautiful blonde hair and the cutest blue eyes you had ever seen. She makes all the guys hard just by walking in the room.

She began working for Sandy and Bill when she was just sixteen, and worked for them for at least two years. Sandy was a MILF. She had red curly, flowing hair, the brightest green eyes, and a body to die for. Bill was a taller man; he stayed in good shape and kept his head shaved.

One day Sandy had a late meeting and it was Bill's night out with the guys, so Julie was babysitting. Bill came home early. He seemed a bit out of sorts so Julie asked if she could do anything to help. He grabbed her and shoved her against the wall. "You're eighteen now, I've wanted you for two years," he said as he ripped her top into two and let it fall to the floor.

As she began to cry he took her breast in his hands. He was surprisingly gentle as he caressed each tit and ran his fingers over her nipples through her bra. Julie could smell the alcohol on his breath and tried to fight him, but he was to strong for her to get away. Tears streaked down her cheeks as he let his hand drift down to her pants. "Please stop, I'm a virgin" this gets Bill going. Se could see the hunger in his eyes. He picked her up and carried her to his room. He shoved her onto her knees and whipped out his cock. He was huge. He made her take the whole 9 inches deep in her throat on the first thrust. Knowing she had no chance of getting away and praying he was only going to make her suck him off she began to give move in motion to his thrust until he finally filled her throat with his cum.

He then lifted he up ripping her jeans off of her, he put her on the dresser. Holding her legs open he shoved his face into her little pussy. It felt so good. She began cumming and he didn't stop. He stuck his tongue into her pussy and she cried out in ecstasy.

Just as she cried out Sandy walked in the room. Shocked she started to scream at both Julie and Bill. Then intrigued when Julie started crying but Bill wasn't stopping. Julie screamed out again that she was a virgin to please don't. Sandy snapped. She ordered Bill to throw her on the bed. She then took her clothes off as well. She climbed up and sat on Julie's face. "Eat me you slut" Julie began licking Sandy's pussy for all it was worth. Sandy's pussy was trimmed neatly; she had a few freckles on her thighs that were just so sexy. Sandy opens Julie's legs and stared at the beautifully shaven pussy and told her husband to pop the bitches cherry. As Julie opened her mouth to scream Sandy forced her pussy down onto her to muffle her. Bill stepped up and shoved his cock in full brink. He could feel her cherry burst and her blood drip on his cock. This made him mad with hunger and her began fucking her harder than Sandy ever seen him fuck anyone.

Sandy was so angry he never fucked her like that. He never held that hunger for her. She wanted to further punish Julie. She got up and made Bill stop. Julie began crying, she didn't want it to stop. She needed it. Sandy made her roll over. She then told Bill to fuck her in the ass. Julie began to protest as Bill rubbed the head of his cock on her ass hole. He didn't stop. As he entered her ass Sandy began playing with Julies tits. They were so cute and perky, and perfect C. Sandy couldn't help herself; she reached down and put one in her mouth. Bill again began to wildly fuck Julie and she began to rock in with him as she began to cum. Finally exhausted Bill fell on the bed. As Sandy lay between them, Julie curled up and began to nurse on Sandy's tit.

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