tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTaking the Good Girl

Taking the Good Girl


He was determined to have her tight little ass tonight, but she had no idea what he was planning.

Liz lay reading, as usual, and had quickly set aside her book when she'd felt his hand stroke her thigh. She had quiescently lifted her gown up and off, giving him a moment to look at her breasts and belly, before reaching to turn off her bedside light.

He'd removed his t-shirt and boxers as his eyes had adjusted to the moonlight shining into the room through the half-opened window. When he had leaned over to kiss her throat, he heard her typical sigh, and his fingers rubbing over her nipples had elicited the expected soft gasps. She had even wrapped her hands around his hardening cock as he began to lick and suck on her nipples, and then spread her legs for his hand to slide up and down along her soft, wet slit. She mewed slightly when he slid two fingers deeply into her and allowed his palm to press and rub over her swollen clit. She'd already been very wet, and only became more so as he continued sucking her nipples and fondling her pussy.

She'd not even made a token protest when he had lifted his head and removed his hand, wetting one hip with her own juices as he turned her over. She allowed him to pull her up to her knees, and reached her hands to rest on the headboard. She knew how he liked to have her torso stretched long for doggy style, so he could easily lean to kiss her neck, rub her nipples, and move his fingers over her wet clit.

After she positioned herself, he ran his hand from her clit all the way around to the tight little hole of her bottom. He smiled when her lower back dipped, lifting and opening herself to him even more. His fingers gently spread her wetness all around this tightest of holes. She moaned with her pleasure, and he was not surprised, knowing how much she loved these caresses, but only when the room was dark. She couldn't realize how the moonlight shone upon her wetness, highlighting the puffy lips of her labia, the pulsing demand of her pussy, and the softening of her little asshole as it began to relax with caresses. He slid his hand to gather more juices, rubbing, and then pressing his thumb at the center of her star. She gasped, arching her back further, feeling the slightly reluctant moue widen and transform as his thumb eased in.

It had only been a few days ago that he had introduced her to such unexpected touches. His initial success had much to do with the three glasses of wine she'd had at a neighbor's dinner party. He had known she was ready for sex, but had been surprised when she'd removed her panties in the car, and then unexpectedly raised her skirt and bent over the couch as soon as they'd entered the house. She'd been tipsy enough not to protest his slippery fingers gliding from her pussy to that small rosebud. Tipsy enough, that he was able to watch it pucker under his caresses by the light next to the couch. So tipsy, in fact, that he was able to feel the strong suck of the muscle along his finger as his cock moved in and out of her pussy.

It wasn't until the next morning that her sense of appropriateness had returned. Then, he'd lain behind her, rubbing his morning cock along her warm pussy, while kissing the back of her neck and pinching her nipples. She'd turned in his arms, pressing her hard, swollen nipples against his chest, and lifting a leg up and over his hip. His hands moved to her hips, but it wasn't until his cock was all the way inside her that he began to spread the globes of her bottom, and move fingertips over her asshole.

She stopped kissing him, and began to shake her head in protest, saying, "Tony..." in that corrective sort of voice. He didn't give her a chance to speak further, but kissed her aggressively and increased the friction of his sliding fingers. She tensed, hands tightening along his arms, and then softened slightly with the unexpected pleasure.

Her real protest happened when he began to press a finger to her hole. She pulled her head away, pushing at his arms with a sharp, "No, Tony!" But although inward push of the finger halted, he didn't stop entirely. His finger remained in place as he leaned forward to kiss and nip at her neck. When his mouth neared her ear, he whispered, "Relax and let me really fuck you."

His "let me" was mere politeness, because both his tone and his finger at her asshole were implacable. He resumed kissing her neck, and probing her with his finger. She was tense and very tight, giving a slight gasp of pain as he persisted. It wasn't until his finger was completely buried and he began to move his cock that he felt her soften and stretch. He had never heard her moan as she did that morning when he had her by her pussy and her ass. Later, with his finger sliding and wiggling, she came in a great gush that covered his cock and the sheets with her juices.

Since then, she'd allowed him more liberties with her ass, but only in the dark.

He felt the pull of her muscles as he removed his thumb, and her further widening as he replaced it with two wetted fingers. Her legs unconsciously spread as he began to move his fingers in and out, spreading them wider the more she relaxed.

He had decided he would take her ass tonight.

His cock was hard and already dripping pre-cum. He knew she would protest. She'd conceded to fingers, but when he'd rubbed his cock over her pursed rosebud, she would squirm away, once leaving him to finish himself off in the shower.

He reached his other hand to rub her dripping pussy, and heard again that special moan of surrender. He leaned in to lick her wet pussy, fingers slowly moving in and out, in and out of her asshole. She gasped as his mouth covered her clit, tongue flicking in the same rhythm as his fingers. Her thighs quivered around his face, as she moaned continuously. He felt her tense, and softly nipped at her swollen clit. She gave a sudden small scream before he felt her pussy gush over his face and the muscles of her asshole contracting around his fingers. He continued sliding his fingers in and out as she released the headboard, allowing her head and chest to fall to the bed pillows, knees still spread and ass still lifted.

As she panted, he moved behind her, pressing his cock into her wet cunny, pressing the head deep against her cervix before pulling it back and thrusting in and out. She moaned in surrender, allowing him to gain his pleasure.

He slowly withdrew his fingers, and then his cock. Her eyes were closed, but he heard her soft cry of protest as he spread the slick lube over his cock. He knew she would feel the brief chill of the lube at her still puckering hole, and worried she might suspect, but she simply sighed when she felt his fingers slipping in and out to spread it around.

She didn't even make an initial protest when he pressed the tip of his cock against her shiny red hole. Perhaps she thought he was simply probing with three fingers instead of two. It wasn't until the head of his cock pushed in with a slight pop that she seemed to become aware of her position.

She pushed against the bed up onto her hands, turning her head to look back at him. She could see him looking at the head of his cock surrounded by the tight ring of her asshole. She said sharply, "No, Tony!" and tried to crawl forward, but he was too quick. He leaned over, placing his hands on her shoulders, before wrapping a fist with her hair. He pulled her head back, stretching her throat and causing her breasts to softly rock, then whispered, "I'm going to fuck your ass." She shook her head and whimpered, too tense and stretched for coherent words, but he simply repeated, "I'm going to fuck your ass." Then, releasing her hair, he placed his hand between her shoulder blades and with a steady pressure, urged her head and chest back onto the pillows.

Liz was tense and panting, but she stayed in place when he removed his hand and lifted again to look at the tip of his cock in her ass. He placed his hands on her hips and heard her gasp as he pressed forward. He could feel the rubbery ridge of her sphincter tight and unforgiving. He placed his hands on the bed on either side of her, leaning over to kiss and lick her neck. "Relax, baby. Open for me," he kept repeating between kisses. He even moved her right hand to her wet pussy, saying, "Rub it baby. Make it feel good."

Her hand was over hers as she pressed her palm to her clit, rubbing back and forth. Then his hand was pinching her nipples. He felt her shoulders relax, and then a sudden lurch forward as her tight hole widened and the tip of his cock pushed deeper. She gasped and moaned, rubbing faster at her pussy. He lifted again to look at his cock, now a good two inches in her tight asshole. He grabbed her hips, watching his fat cock slowly move deeper and deeper into the grip of her ass. Liz had always loved the flare of his cock—how it widened at the bottom to really spread her pussy when he was completely inside her. Now, with one final push, he was all the way in, his balls pressing against her wet pussy, his cock pressing her asshole unbearably wide. Liz gave a sharp, aching moan, and he couldn't help leaning to her ear again to say, "You feel my cock all the way in your ass?" She nodded, and he continued, "You're a good girl for letting me fuck your ass." She simply whimpered.

When he came up on his knees again, he took the lube, squeezing generously at the tight hole surrounding his cock. There was a loud gasp as he slowly pulled his cock back a mere inch or two, and another distinct moan as he pushed it back in. Her asshole was hot and tight. He gritted his teeth and hissed with pleasure as he moved in and out, lengthening the thrusts. He leaned forward, hips still pistoning in and out, and began flicking and pinching her hard nipples.

"You love my cock in your ass, don't you?" he panted in her ear.

Her voice was strained and cracking when she said, "Yes! Please don't stop."

He reached his hand to cover hers, still rubbing over her clit. He slid her hand down, pushing two of her fingers and two of his into her dripping pussy. He could feel the plunge of his cock, back and forth, through the thin membrane that separated her pussy and ass. She gave an unearthly, keening moan, and then tensed, before beginning to shake and come. Her pussy spurted, and he felt her ass convulsing around his cock.

He sat back on his heels, gritting his teeth again, feeling the nearly unbearable pleasure around his cock. He gripped her hips, moving his cock in and out of her ass faster and harder. His balls slapped against her drenched pussy, and she lay supple and submissive under his thrusts. He pulled all the way back, seeing her tight hole opened like a hungry little mouth before slamming his cock back into her ass. He felt her lift herself, grasping the headboard again, and his balls tightened at the stretch of her back. She began to push back against his cock, wanting it even deeper in her ass, whimpering and moaning as he stretched her wider.

He leaned over her extended body, one hand pressing again into her sopping pussy as he bit at her shoulders. He felt her lower back dip, allowing him to press even deeper, and then gave shout when her felt the walls of her ass contracting around his cock. He felt a pleasure so sharp it was almost pain as his cock sprayed cum in her ass.

He lay sprawled over her back, both panting and gasping. He pulled her with him as he turned onto his side, his softening cock still in her ass. He felt her hips unconsciously move as he kissed her neck, fingers gently rubbing her nipples. Every few minutes a shudder would move through her body, he'd hear a whispery moan. He continued the soft, slow movements of his hands.

When he used his hands to draw her knees up, she moaned again, and then sharply gasped as she felt his cock growing in her ass.

"You're such a good girl," he whispered, as his hips began to pump again.

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