tagNonHumanTaking the Plunge

Taking the Plunge


Arabella whistled softly to herself as she sped down the road to the old Whitman Bridge. Her parents had allowed her to borrow the old station wagon on the condition that she be home by two o'clock in the morning. She had told them that she would be going to a party at Janie's house and then heading straight home. Like most stories told to parents on Halloween, that was a lie. Arabella was meeting David, a fellow senior, and her boyfriend of one year. David was going to take her bungee jumping off the bridge and into the ravine. That was one of the things Arabella loved about David- his creativity. How many eighteen year old seniors went bungee jumping under the full harvest moon on Halloween?! David was an avid jumper and went regularly with his parents. Arabella's parents on the other hand were disproving of such dangerous activities. But now she knew enough about the sport to appreciate the safety and planning that went into each jump.

The two love birds had picked the old Whitman Bridge about two weeks before. They had carefully analyzed and tested the jump for length, cord tension, and also the area where they could hook in. David had done most of the work, but he had gently explained every step and why it meant that this would be an unforgettable experience. It was a remote location and the bridge had long been closed to rail traffic. There would be nothing to stop Arabella from having a good time tonight.

Arabella reached the dirt road turn off and carefully scanned the road in front of her, looking for any sign of oncoming traffic. The old service road was off limits to trespassers. The chain lay loosely on the ground, just as David had promised it would. Once the coast was clear, the young brunette turned onto the dark unfinished road. It was very dark beneath the tall pine trees and only her headlights kept her from plunging into the brush. Arabella drove slowly not wanting to risk any damage to the vehicle. She was leaning intently forward as the car slowly climbed the small embankment to just beneath the bridge. In the distance, Arabella caught the metallic glint of David's Jeep. She was almost there.

She had just started to relax when something large and dark swung across the windshield. Arabella was startled and slammed on her brakes, eyes scanning for some sign of what had just happened. Seeing nothing, she chided herself for being so jumpy. It must be the adrenaline for the jump, Arabella thought to herself. As she pulled in beside David's Jeep she noticed that he had already unloaded his stuff and headed for the bridge. She did likewise, gathering her small backpack and jacket and darting up the little path until her feet hit the solid wood planking of Whitman Bridge. As she ran, her flashlight etched a zigzagging line of light in front of her, keeping her on her feet. It wasn't long until she reached the middle of the bridge. David's rope was already hung and his gear was missing. Arabella was a little angry that he had already gone once without her. She peered over into the darkness searching for some sign of her boyfriend. She yelled down hoping for some sign of where he was. It did not take long for him to reply.

"Come on down baby! We'll go again together after." His voice echoed off the steep rocky walls, repeating the phrases over and over until they faded into the darkness of the night.

Arabella quickly set her harness and tightened down the straps. She fondly remembered how liberal David's hands had been when tightening the ones between her thighs and over her chest. Perhaps he would help resecure them after they were finished. Once she was sure it was on properly she attached her rope to the drop line and her harness and climbed to the top of the thick wooden beam overlooking the ravine. Arabella stared down into the bottomless darkness and then glanced skyward just as the pale yellow moon broke free of a thin trail of clouds. "Here I come!"

And then she jumped.

For a few seconds there was nothing as her body lay out suspended in air. Then the sudden rush of wind as gravity took hold of her. Down she flew, the wind whipping through her hair and the whistle of the rope as it dived with her. Seconds passed and as the rope began to slow her something ghastly and pale appeared on the ravine floor. Arabella let loose a scream of terror as she realized it was David.

His body was stripped naked and bent impossibly across the flat surface of a stone. His penis was erect and a trickle of blood had spilled down either side of his mouth, forming a grisly grin. The image froze in Arabella's mind as she was ripped back away from the ground and carried upward into the darkness. The freedom from the nightmarish vision was short lived as fire sprung from the ground beneath her, with David at its center. A huge burning pentagram spread up the hillside, completing its star just as she reached the peak of her recoil.

Then down, towards the lifeless form of her boyfriend she flew, the terrible sight once again filling her vision. His arms were flat out from his shoulders until they reached the elbows. There they were bent backward and up, clearly broken. His legs were dislocated at the hips, and twisted into a diamond shape, until his toes reached each other. It was as if he had been transformed into some monstrous marionette. The downward dive seemed to carry her into the depths of the pentagram and her rope stretched farther then it should. Instead of pulling her back it let her fly closer and closer until she had to turn her head away from the onrushing form. The hardened tip of David's dick brushed against her cheek and she was flung skyward again. The touch haunted her as she was flung upwards, back into the horrors of the night.

There would be no respite for the young virgin. A creature from a different realm had chosen her to carry its child and her boyfriend had provided the necessary sacrifice. Now that she had been touched by the sacrifice, the night was his. On leathery wings he swept downwards, his unearthly eyes glowing a soft green as they scoured the night and chose their approach.

Arabella felt something heavy and hot hit her back. Whatever it was, it was big and the smell of sulfur seemed to confirm its satanic nature. She began to scream uncontrollably as it hissed into her ear, a long tongue slipping from between the lipless opening and tracing a wet line over her cheek bone. The creature's feet laced around her ankles and its hands clawed at the neck of her sweatshirt. The heavy cotton material tore, too easily, beneath the powerful grip of the monster. The creature's tongue continued its dance, over her cheek and to the side of her lips, tasting her fear and saliva as Arabella continued to scream. Once her sweatshirt was fully torn, the clawed hands gripped its base and ripped it downward, timing the motion with the last seconds of another plunge. The sweatshirt went flying off and landed beside David's corpse.

For all her might Arabella tried struggling and fighting against the hellish attacker, and when she found no success, she simply tried to curl in a ball. Her abdominal muscles proved insufficient for the job as the creature used his legs to keep her straight. The rebounding motion of the bungee had begun to slow and Arabella now swung wildly across the ravine as she battled for her life. But the spin was short lived as the nightmare's wings once more beat to life and pulled the two forms back up into the darkness. Arabella felt the creature's claws move to her sweat pants. She regretted now not wearing jeans, and a belt, but she had hoped that David would want more after the bungee jumping. She wanted to give him her virginity and now he was slaughtered. The sweats slid easily over her squirming thighs, the bungee cord still keeping her ankles locked together. Once they were low enough the creature clutched them with his feet and yanked them the rest of the way. Arabella was now exposed, except for the orange bra and panties she had bought specifically for this Halloween. High in the sky, the two forms hovered, the moon defining their silhouettes. Arabella tried screaming again, now that her struggles were proving useless, but there was no one for miles. She and David had chosen the site of the jump well. The creature was growing tired of toying with her and as midnight approached it knew it was running out of time. The thickly corded arms of the monster spun their captive around forcing her to stare into the green horror of the monster's eyes.

The monster's face was unlike anything that Arabella had ever seen. It was as if the skin had been flayed off a living creature to expose the still functioning vessels and muscles beneath. There was no nose or openings between the glowing eye sockets and the mouth. A row of sharp fangs and an inhumanly long tongue flashed in and out as it opened and closed its jaws. Arabella's screams became ones of shear panic- short bursts of high pitched sound, uninterrupted by breathing. She tried punching and hitting and pushing the creature but it just stared back at her, its tongue darting in and out and its eyes pulsing. The beast carried them to the maximum height of the nylon cord and once again went to work on its task.

The long talon tipped claws tore at the narrow sides of her panties, until they sat pinned only between her thighs. One hand pulled them free, with a sudden whipping motion and let them drop back into the air beneath them. They fluttered down, as Arabella stared after them, into the ravine. Another powerful rip of an arm and her bra went after them. Arabella was naked and vulnerable and beaten. Her screams stopped and she whimpered softly into the darkness. But it was Halloween and the beast owned the realm, at least for another thirty minutes.

The creature bent at the knees and pushed Arabella's upper body away from its'. The long tongue danced free of its gaping jaw and flicked across her lips. Arabella's eyes stayed close as the tongue stroked at her cheeks and then fluttered downward. The saliva of the creature was thick and wet and dripped off of her chin to her breasts and stomach below. The tongue found her right nipple and flicked at it, causing it to jump to attention. Arabella started clawing at the beasts' chest as the tongue wrapped around her breast and began to slowly squeeze. Her whimpers increased in intensity as her fear faded and disgust replaced it. The tongue was hot and was skilled- it never left the nipple alone long enough to allow it to fade. The clawed hands found her buttocks and gripped them firmly pressing, her crotch into his. Still the tongue danced, from one breast to another, until they were both soaked in its saliva. Arabella found herself growing aroused as the tongue lashed her chest and her naked vagina was pressed into the heat of its groin. The skin of the creature was as moist as its tongue and as hot as it too. The sensation of the rippling surface of the exposed muscular structure and the heat of its fluid covering was eliciting an unwanted response in the depths of her stomach.

The creature knew what it was doing. It had practiced this dance for thousands of years and it needed her to give in to its wants. Arabella's eyes stayed close, unwilling to admit to the horror she was grinding on. They would flutter open when something began to emerge from the space between them. At first it was just a gentle pressure on the lips of her cunny. It reminded her of David's finger as it sought to find her moist hole. The small pressure only grew, though. She stared down to the meeting of the monster's crotch with her own. There, something was growing from beneath some of the folds of muscle. It extended at a constant pace into her. The tip was sharply angular and wedge shaped and perfectly designed to part the moist folds of the virgin girl. The cock continued to grow, unending, into her cunt. The thing burned with an impossible heat and Arabella felt little pain as her hymen surrendered its passage to it. Arabella's whimpering again began as she sought to fight the growing need within her belly. By now the cock was stretching her to her maximum and still it grew. At its longest it was twelve inches and at its base it was eight inches around. Arabella flung her head back and let loose a long low moan as it ceased to grow within her.

The thick tendrils of its muscled shaft rippled and shifted across the softness of her pussy. The creature did not move, allowing its pulsing cock to enchant its prey. Arabella hissed to herself and fought desperately to resist the urge to move upon the cock. But the burning sensation filling her with pleasure was too much. Seconds later she pressed her hips down on the cock and pulled herself into the torso of her rapist.

That was the surrender the creature needed and its wings folded behind it. The two forms now joined as one plunged back towards the earth. The creature gripped its legs behind its knees and began to fuck into the virgin grip of the girl's folds. The long rod stroked in and out of her, bringing Arabella to previously unknown levels of pleasure. She was blissfully unaware of the wind rushing through her hair and across her naked body as her pussy reveled in waves of heated desire. The creature's thrusting was slow, but once the rope hit is maximum stretch, the cock was driven into the back of Arabella's cervix, causing her to let out a squeal of surprise.

Then they were flying back up through the air again, the creature fucking back into her. Arabella tried driving her crotch back down onto the invading member wanting to gather as much of the explicit heat into her as possible. The creature grunted as the smooth wet grip of the inner folds of the girl's twat devoured him. It cock had not experienced the wonders of human cunt since the previous Halloween and it was loving its return. The creature was now lost in its own reverie as the bungee carried the two up and down through the cold air of the ravine. The beast's thrusting was more urgent and it knew it would soon fill her womb.

Arabella's juices were flooding her crotch and her thighs and pouring down her stomach as she hung upside down. She was yelling unintelligibly as she drove her pussy over and over upon the cock within her. She wanted the beast to fill her and take her. She wanted the pull of the rough surface of the cock as it vacated her pussy before it would come plunging back in. Her head was tilted back, her breasts bared to the ground and David's sightless eyes. The creature used the last of its energy to carry them back into the sky, once again pulling the bungee tight. There he fucked at a more frantic pace until he felt his cock twitch and jump within her. Soon he could take no more and the hot demon seed flooded her pussy and its passageway. His cock kept pumping the fluid, releasing a year's worth into the young eighteen year old's twat. Arabella was sent over the edge as her clit was ground into his groin and his cock poured into her.

The heat was explicit and everything she needed in life. There, high above the ground, Arabella unleashed a scream louder then any before as her pussy was flooded with her juices. It exploded into a numbing orgasm that left her shaking and shivering in the creature's clutches. Her tight cunt gripped down on the thick rod of the cock and sucked as much of its juice as it was willing to give. The creature let loose a hellish howl as its cock finished its pulsing within her.

Then in an impulsive move, it slid down her waist and pulled the full length of the cock free from the grip of Arabella's hole. It scurried back up her body till its knees rested beneath her arm pits and beside her breasts. The grotesque cock now twitched and danced before Arabella's face. Looking up into the glowing green eyes of the devil, she swallowed him. Arabella had lost any sense of humanity or morality. She was lost in the realm of lust and sex and wanted to drink up the flavors of her mating with the beast. Her legs dangled beneath; her pussy lips beginning to release some of the fluid which had been stuffed deep within her. It dripped down her thighs forming a glistening hot trail on her skin.

Arabella sucked and licked and slurped over the skinless dick. Her small tongue was pressed to the bottom of her mouth as she thrust her head forward and back on its length. The same heat which had just filled her pussy with desire now filled her mouth. Arabella savored the tastes of the monster's cum and the mixture of her own blood and juices. One of Arabella's hands danced over the shaft with her mouth, taking the remaining length in a partial grip that taunted the creature's thrusting penis. Her other hand now found her own cunt and toyed with the juices spilling from her hole. She urgently pressed them back into her, using four fingers to bring herself back to the edge of arousal. The creature was nearing its second release and clamped down on the back of her head with its claws and pulled her impossibly far down its shaft. Moments later a second, smaller flood of juices poured into her mouth and down her throat. Arabella let out another squeal of delight as the cock pressed into her throat and the jizz washed over her tongue. This second orgasm exhausted the creature and its wings folded into its back.

Down the two hell-blessed lovers plunged, Arabella eagerly slurping on the dick of the creature as it wrapped its legs beneath her arms and around her back. She was so close to another completion as the air once again whipped up around her. The hot fluids of her mating with the demon poured over her hands as her fingers buried themselves between her pussy lips. Then the rope hit maximum coil and she was torn painfully back up, her jaw clamping shut and four inches of the demon's cock tearing free in her mouth. The beast only had a moment to ponder this sudden rush of pain, before gravity and momentum carried it downward. It would never have another thought as the cold rigid length of David's cock drove through its eye and into its brain.

Arabella climaxed, shuddering quietly in the darkness as she rode out the last of the rebounds of the bungee. When the rope finally stilled, she lay out, staring at the scene beneath her. The unnatural pentagram had started to fade the moment its summoner had died. David's face still stared up at the moon, the bloody grin ironically victorious. The demon's body lay unmoving, its head crushed in the dead boy's lap. Arabella spit out the hot chunk of cock and unhooked her body from the rope. She did not bother trying to clean any of the fluids from her body. She just knelt at the side of David's head and slowly brushed the hair from his eyes. As midnight passed the demon's body crumbled to ash, leaving the naked broken body of David at the bottom of the ravine.

Arabella would wake up the next morning, freezing cold and completely naked, her crotch crusted over with the devil's cum. Eventually, she would go for help and David would be carried from the ravine, where he had been sacrificed. She told her parents and the officers that she and David had been having sex while bungee jumping when he slipped free from the line and plunged to his death. Lacking any evidence to suggest otherwise, she was set free. Nine months later, Arabella would give birth to a beautiful baby boy. He had David's hair and skin and jaw. But the moment he opened his eyes to reveal a piercing emerald green, Arabella knew who the real father was.

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