tagNovels and NovellasTaking the Risk Ch. 07

Taking the Risk Ch. 07


This is a slow, romantic build to eventual hot sex in later chapters, between two lovers who find each other. Character based the story is about people who care and want to give pleasure to each other, in all aspects of their lives.

If you like romantic stories please enjoy, and please give feedback as the ending is not yet written! Just like in real life.


Froo stood at the kitchen counter, stretched up reaching into the cupboard for the coffee and the mugs, standing on one foot. As she did so she felt a pair of warm hands slid under her top and then glide up her skin. Moving from her waist to the side of her ribs, and then around to the front of her body, she then felt his body pressing hard against her back.

"Mmm baby you feel so good." and turning her round in front of him, Misha's head came down and took her mouth with his, his hands gliding up and down the sides of her body, slowly, up and down, each time getting closer and closer to her breasts.

Breaking the kiss, Froo leant back, her hands against his chest, "Misha, you said only a kiss."

Groaning deep in his chest he leant back down to kiss her again, deep and wet, his tongue teasing the inside of her mouth, his hands sweeping round to her back, holding her still, his hips pressing into her, her bottom pressing against the counter.

After some time, he broke the kiss, stepping slowly back, "See, just a kiss Froo,"

She stood there in front of him, her mouth swollen and wet, her face flushed, her eyes sparkling, and he stepped back up close to her and threading his hands through her hair, kissed her again.

This time he felt her hands rise up around his back, her hands grabbing the fabric of his sweatshirt, as if it was all that was holding her up. On and on the kiss went, until they both had to break apart to breathe.

"Wow that was some kiss baby."

Two arms snaked up around his neck, and an angelic smile looked up at him as she pulled his head back down, "Stop talking and kiss!"

A laugh rumbling in his chest, Misha obliged and the two bodies pressed hard into each other as they joined mouth to mouth, tongue to tongue, the coffee forgotten as they stood in the small kitchen. Connected to each other, the man totally aware of the soft female body in his arms, his body curving into hers, his hands moving to feel her curves under her baggy top, her waist, her back, her ribs and then round until his hand reached up to cup her breast, gently squeezing.

Froo felt his hand at her breast, the tips of his fingers reaching into the lacy cup, and sliding back and forth across her hard nipple. Electric warmth seemed to pulse from her breast straight down to her belly and then beyond, causing her to tighten her arms around his neck, and deepen the kiss, and suddenly she felt two strong hands reach around her waist and hold her, then lift her up until she was perched on the counter behind her.

Misha pushed her knees apart stepping in between, and then his hands on her bottom, pulled her forward, breaking the kiss, only to start kissing and nibbling down her neck, onto her shoulder, his hands reaching for the bottom of her sweater, his hips pushing hard against her crutch, his hardness obvious to her.

"No Misha Stop!"

The warm wet mouth at her neck continued to kiss and nibble its way down to the front of her neck, her head leaning back, "Misha, wait.........no.......stop."

Raising his head, his hands holding her sweater up around her chest, Misha's eyes were hot and heavy with desire. Standing still, every muscle in his body tight and ready, his breathing shallow and hot, he stood there in front of her waiting, his control on the edge.

"Just a kiss.......no more. Please. I'm not ready."

Still standing there in front of her, still and quiet, his blue eyes boring into hers, she felt him gather and gain control over himself, and then watched as he stood back, letting go of her sweater, and turning to the fridge behind him, where he leaned his head against his arms, face buried, his wide shoulders hunched.

A quiet apology escaped her lips, "I'm sorry......"

Muffled by his arms, "No sweetheart, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to come on so strong." Turning his face towards where she still sat on the counter, "I promise we'll go at your pace. You'll just have to expect me to get a little ahead of myself sometimes. But I promise when you say stop I will." and then pushing away from the fridge, "I had better get going."

Walking over to her, his hand stroked her cheek, and he bent forward to kiss the end of her nose. "Tomorrow a group of my friends are meeting up for lunch in the Fulham Road. Would you like to come with? I can pick you up around eleven thirty and we can pick Jace up on the way back after lunch."

Froo sat there looking up at him, "I'm not sure......"

"Please babe, otherwise I'll be all alone in the crowd, missing you, and besides you have to eat."

"But your friends might not want me there."

"They'll love you. Look if you come with and start to feel uncomfortable we can leave. All you have to do is say 'Misha I want to go' and we're outta there."

"Are you sure?"

Bending down and kissing her lips, softly he whispered "Yes I'm sure."


Misha drove through the dark night, the car speeding down the motorway, his eyes on the road in front. Speaking into the microphone of his hands free that sat above his head by the mirror, he gave Robin his instructions, "Phone up in the morning and book two more places, she's coming. But tell everyone to go easy on her please."

"No sweat my man, two extra places, be there about one, I'll put the word out to behave."

"Especially Stuart!"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, especially Stuart."

Pressing the end button on the hands-free to finish the call, Misha drove on into the night, memories of those intoxicating kisses lingering in his brain.


Froo stood in front of the bedroom mirror, staring at herself, her eyes checking out the outfit she had just put on. Black slim trousers and a slit necked black sweater, her hair up in a pony tail, big silver hoop earrings swung from each side of her neck. She looked so boring she thought. Besides what does someone wear to a Sunday lunch out in the Fulham Road with friends? Misha's friends at that, they probably would be dressed in designer labels, all looking like him, stepping out from a fashion magazine or a movie. Oh well, it's the best she could do.

Picking up the bottle of perfume she had received from her sister for Christmas, she sprayed the light floral scent into the air and stepped through it, allowing it to settle over her.

As she bent down to pick up her bag from the bed the phone rang, and standing up she stayed still, a flutter in her stomach, worrying that it was Misha to say he had changed his mind and was cancelling.

The phone continued to ring persistently, and slowly she walked into the lounge and picked up the handset.


"Get over here and pick Jace up now. I'm going out and I want to leave in twenty minutes." Gary's voice spat out into her ear.

"Gary, I can't right now, I can be there in about thirty minutes. I'm waiting for Misha to arrive."

"The pretty boy? I don't give a shit, be here in twenty minutes or I'm leaving Jace on the doorstep for you."

"You wouldn't."

"Try me bitch. Get over here now."

The slamming down of the phone echoed in her ear, and she started to shake, upset and confused. Running into the bedroom she grabbed her bag, and then back into the lounge and picking up the phone, dialled the number Misha had given her to contact him.

Listening to it ring four times she was just about to put the handset down and leave when she heard Misha's deep voice.

"Hi babe, everything OK? I'll be there in five minutes."

"Oh Misha, I'm sorry but I can't come, I've got to go and pick up Jace."

"Froo, what do you mean?"

"Gary just phoned, I have to go and pick up Jace right now or he'll leave him on the doorstep and just go."

Misha put his foot down, speeding up the car, "No Froo, you stay there, I'll be there in a few minutes, and we'll pick him up together."

"But he'll leave him on the doorstep if I'm late, and I've already taken too long on the phone to you."

Putting as much command into his voice without scaring or upsetting the frantic woman at the end of the phone, "Froo I told you, I'll be there in a few minutes, go down stairs and wait for me at the entrance, as soon as I pull up you can jump in the car and we'll be there in time. I promise you."

Misha pulled up the sleek Mercedes and watched as Froo pulled open the passenger door and got in, a look of distress on her face. Reaching across to pick up her hand, he whispered, "Don't worry, he won't leave him alone on the stoop, he's just bluffing to get a rise out of you."

"You don't know Gary, he will, just to prove a point. Please Misha can we go."

Pulling the car out into the road, he sped along, glancing across every so often to her,

"I'm so sorry to spoil everything. After we pick up Jace, if you drop me at a bus stop you can go on to meet your friends."

Misha gave a mock laugh, "You're kidding right?"

"No, I don't want to spoil your day, Jace and I can catch a bus home, and you can go onto the Fulham Road."

"Froo, sweetheart, we pick up Jace and go onto the Fulham Road and lunch together, along with Jace, it's no problem."

"But won't your friends be angry having a small child coming with for lunch."

"Not in the slightest, he can join the other kids on the children's table, Robin and Joanie have two, one of them Jace's age, and Mike and Pam have one, a real little monster called Logan, named after the character of Wolverine in X Men, and living up to his name."

Froo just sat there in shock, "You're friends have children?"

Misha smiled over at her sitting there next to him in the speeding car, a look of real confusion on her face, "Yeah, most of my friends have kids, I'm thirty three, and John, Stuart and I are the last of our crowd not to get married. When we get to the restaurant, the conversation will probably be about the best schools, what disasters the kids have been up to, and Logan will start playing up at some point and Pam will bribe him with the candy she keeps in her bag for just these moments. You and Jace will fit right in Froo."

As they pulled up in front of the door, Misha looked across at Froo and whispered, "See we're here on time babe, just learn to trust me, I won't do anything to hurt you ever, I promise."

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