tagNovels and NovellasTaking the Risk Ch. 08

Taking the Risk Ch. 08


This is a slow, romantic build to eventual hot sex in later chapters, between two lovers who find each other. Character based the story is about people who care and want to give pleasure to each other, in all aspects of their lives.

If you like romantic stories please enjoy, and please give feedback as the ending is not yet written! Just like in real life.


Looking down at the menu in her hand, Froo sat and let the conversation swirl around her, feeling slightly overdressed. Everyone, including Misha was wearing jeans and sweatshirts, or very casual clothes, children hung off adults, or sat at a separate table, chattering out loud, totally at ease in the Mexican restaurant, packed with families out for Sunday lunch.

Misha's arm slid around her shoulder and kissing the side of her neck he asked her, "See anything on the menu you like, apart from me?"

Smiling she answered, "Umm, not sure!"

"Ever had Mexican food before?"

"Not really."

"Well then let me make some suggestions, if you like hot stuff, the Spicy Chilli is really good, or not so hot, go for the sizzling fajitas, maybe chicken or prawn. For Jace the kids menu has burgers and milkshakes, so you're safe there."

"What are you having?"

"I've got an asbestos mouth from living in California most my life, so the hottest Chilli they have, and an ice cold beer to wash it down."

Smiling up at him, she nodded just as a small boy of about six with bright red hair, and freckles pushed between them and demanded from Misha, "You said you would bring me that drawing you did of Wolverine, where is it? You promised."

Froo heard a plaintive wail from the small redheaded woman at the end of the table to her right, "Logan, leave Misha alone, sit down and behave."

"He promised to do me a drawing for my wall." and grabbing Misha's dark blue sweatshirt he demanded, "Give it to me."

"Logan, put Misha down, you'll scare him." her husband laughed, and everyone joined in the laughter. "Go sit down and behave."

Misha looked down at the young boy, still holding onto his top, and squeezed between his and Froo's chairs.

"Well, it's like this Logan. I have the drawing sitting in my car outside, and if I think you've behaved yourself today at lunch, you get it, if not I take it home with me. Your choice, you want it, behave, you don't carry on like you are and you won't even get to see it."

Froo watched as the boy looked at Misha with a scowl on his face.

"I don't believe you."


"Is it really in the car?"


"OK, but you have to give it to me if I behave."

"Cross my heart." and Misha crossed his chest with his hand. "Behave and I'll get it for you, misbehave just once today and it's gone."

As the small boy rushed back to the children's table nearby, his mother asked Misha, "I don't suppose you would consider adopting him Mikhail; I'd even pay you if you want."

"No thanks Pam, he would cramp my style." then bent over and kissed Froo's neck, whispering in her ear. "Did you wear your hair up just to make me hot and bothered, I really want to bite that neck of yours, and there are too many people watching right now."


"Well wait until we're alone, I intend to have your neck for dessert."


Sitting on the couch much later in her lounge, watching her son and Misha lying on the floor, a colouring book and crayons between them, as they worked on filling in a picture in the book, she reflected back on the lunch they had with his friends today.

It was fun; everyone was really nice, and seemed to just accept her naturally, as if she was part of the group. Joanie, blond, beautiful and incredibly slim, sitting opposite her had asked about what she liked to do, her course and how she was doing on it, whilst her husband Robin had sat and talked to Misha about a football game he had gone to yesterday. Jace had joined in with the other children, only coming over a couple of times, asking to go to the toilet or just to sit on her lap for a few minutes before wriggling down and going back to join in the boisterous group of children, all of whom seemed so at ease sitting away from their parents at the separate table.

The man called Stuart had told some very near the knuckle jokes and at one point Misha had jokingly placed his hands over her ears, telling everyone that she was not allowed to hear any dirty jokes in case it gave her ideas.

Everyone seemed to laugh a lot, and gently poke fun at each other just as good friends do, in a non aggressive way, especially at Misha who took all the silly comments with a twinkle in his eyes and a laugh on his lips.

It was fun, and she really enjoyed herself, the lovely company, and the spicy food.

Now they were back at her flat, Misha and her son had been playing on the floor for over an hour, and soon she would get Jace ready for bed, and she would have the man, now laying on the floor, his sweatshirt riding up his back, revealing a strip of warm sexy looking skin at the base of his spine, all to herself.


Misha stood leaning against the frame of the lounge door, his arms crossed against his chest, listening to Froo putting the child to bed. Bathed and fed before she had taken the young boy to his bedroom, his plaintive begging drifted down to him, pleading to be allowed to stay up a little longer.

Watching as she came out of the bedroom and walked towards him, her hair pulled back revealing the soft skin of her neck, her curvy luscious body getting nearer to him, he pushed away from the door, and took a step towards her, his arms reaching out to pull her close, before lowering his head and kissing her.

"I've waited all day for that." Breaking the kiss and smiling down. "You taste of apple juice, sweet and warm; I think I could get used to this."

"Well you still taste of Chilli and beer!"

"Want to sample some more?"


"Then come on, lets get down to business." Grabbing her hand he led her into the lounge and towards the couch, where he sat down, pulling her onto his lap and made a bee line for her neck. Kissing and nibbling his way down from her ear, to the gentle curve where her neck met her shoulder, he could smell her sweet fragrance, and mid bite said, "Ah dessert, it took too long to arrive."

Her head slightly back and to the side allowing him access, she laughed a sexy low laugh, deep in her throat, encouraging Misha to take it a little further. Lifting his mouth up to hers, they kissed, and his hand rose up to cup and knead her breast through the fabric of her sweater. When she didn't stop him, his hand left her breast to tunnel up under the sweater and rub the skin on her back, the kiss unbroken.

Froo's hands tentatively moved to his shoulders, and then around his neck, until their mouths drifted apart, lips wet, little puffs of breath mingling as they looked at each other. Stroking his chin with her hand she observed, "I love your stubble, it looks very sexy, and it's tickles when you kissed my neck."

"In that case I'll never shave again!"

Laying down sideways on the couch, he pulled her along his body so she lay next to and slightly on top of him, one hand running down to cup her bottom, the other cupping the back of her head, pushing her down to kiss him.

Froo felt so safe with him, safe and in control, her usual inhibitions slowly melting, knowing he would stop when ever she asked, but wanting to go a little farther than they had yesterday.

Taking his lead she broke the kiss to nibble down the side of his neck, and as he bent his head back she continued to nibble under his chin at the front of his neck and down to the small hollow at the front where she swirled her tongue, hearing him groan deep in his chest, and felt the rumble vibrate against her body.

His hands were rubbing up and down her back, each time her sweater moving higher and higher up her body, and his hips twisting towards her trying to find her to push against. Suddenly she felt him move, reversing their positions so that he was slightly over her, his face buried where her neck met her shoulder, his mouth sucking, his hand sweeping up her sweater revealing her bra. Lifting up his head he looked at her eyes, silently asking for permission before looking down at what he had revealed, the backs of his fingers gently brushing across the soft mounds exposed above the white lace cups.

"Froo." Escaped his lips just before his head bent down and his lips replaced his fingers, kissing the soft skin, as she felt his fingers tugging down the bra so that her nipples were revealed, dark pink and hard.

The exquisite feel of his warm wet mouth as it suckled at her right nipple started a warmth to travel down to her belly and further on to between her thighs, her head straining back, her body arching up. Sharp teeth bit down on the hard bud, then licked it before sucking it again, the small pain so wonderful she pulled his head down closer to her as she panted, begging for more.

Transferring his mouth to her other nipple, Misha repeated the attention he had given her other breast, the feel of her against the sensitive skin of his mouth and tongue driving him higher and higher, his groin hot and tingling, his cock hard inside the confines of his jeans, getting painful, needing release, rubbing against her leg.

"Baby, you're just perfect." he growled as he moved back to the first breast and worried with his teeth the sensitive tip, as his hand squeezed and pinched at her other breast.

"Oh my God," Froo gasped as he drove her higher, the hot and throbbing pulse in her vagina as the blood engorged her muscles there, wanting to be filled. "Misha...........Oh my God."

Moving down from her breasts, Misha kissed her belly, and started to undo the fastening of her black trousers, only to feel her hands in his hair, pulling his head back, "No, please .......I.......please."

"Shhh baby, it's OK," and his mouth went back up to her breasts, his hands sweeping around her back, lifting her higher up to his mouth where he bit, licked and sucked until she couldn't take any more.


Raising his face above hers he dipped his mouth to hers, kissing her sweetly as he pulled up her bra, and covered up her wet glistening flesh, hiding them from his sight.

In a deep thick voice, "It's OK Froo," and burying his face into her shoulder he fought for control as his body calmed down.

Smiling to himself, his face hidden, he realised that he hadn't been in this position since he was a teenager.

This, he thought, was going to be the longest protracted period of foreplay he had ever participated in, if they kept this up!

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