tagNovels and NovellasTaking the Risk Ch. 10

Taking the Risk Ch. 10


This is a slow, romantic build and as in this chapter, hot sex between two lovers who have found each other. Character based the story is about people who care and want to give pleasure to each other, in all aspects of their lives.

If you like romantic stories please enjoy, and please give feedback, as the ending is not yet written! Just like in real life.


They lay upon the duvet, his body covering hers, mouths joined. Leaning up on his elbows, his hands holding her head still; as he took her mouth, tongues intimately dancing.

Hot skin rubbed against hot skin, sliding softly, nerve endings aware. Her nipples tingling as the rough hair on his chest scraped against them, making the sensitive pebbles harden even more as the blood rushed into them.

Her leg slightly rose up, her thigh rubbing against his thigh, her foot rubbing down his calf, her nails scraping down his back, and then up again. She felt his head move down to the side of her neck, only to feel a small pain as he nipped the delicate thin skin there, before moving further down, kissing and nibbling each small fraction of an inch as he grew closer to the tingling buds on her chest.

Arching her back off the bed, she gasped deep in her throat as his mouth closed over one of the tight hard and sensitive tips, his teeth closing around it, biting gently down before releasing it, only to lather it with his tongue and then bite it again. On and on he repeated the ministrations to her breasts, first one nipple then the other, his hands cupping and squeezing the soft globes, pushing the ends up closer to his mouth, making access to them easy.

The electric connection from her breasts zinged to her belly where a pulse beat hard and deep, before pouring down into her groin. Her hips grinding against his, seeking his hard cock as it rubbed against her, still encased in the black boxer shorts he wore, she moaned in pleasure as her body took her deeper into the delicious feelings she was drowning in.

Slowly he turned her over onto her stomach, and sweeping the hair hiding the nape of her neck, baring it for his mouth, kissed her there, before trailing small wet kisses down the line of her spine, past her shoulder blades, to the small of her back where he bit the tender skin, as his hands swept up and down her sides.

Burying her face into the duvet, her lower spine now the focus of all her attention, she hardly noticed as his hands drew down her small black pants hiding her bottom from him. Holding her still, his hands each side of her waist, he continued his downward journey with his mouth, biting gently the globes of her buttocks, then the tender skin where her bottom joined her thighs, and lower still, down her thighs, the backs of her knees, his mouth and teeth leaving a hot trail where-ever it touched.

Rising up on his knees at the bottom of the bed, Misha admired the erotic sight of Froo laying before him, her hair a swirl on the pillow where her face lay to the side, her bottom slightly raised up, her legs apart revealing the sight of her glistening womanhood. Removing the boxer shorts he watched as she turned her lovely feminine body to lay slightly on her side, looking back towards him as he revealed his hard manhood, nestled in the dark pubic hair.

Completing the turn and laying on her back, Froo looked up at his body as he knelt there, his chest and stomach moving with each deep breath he took, his knees slightly apart, his penis pointing out, the smooth dark head, it's small eye glistening with pre cum, his balls hanging down below, heavy and ready.

Stunning. There was no other word for it, he was stunning. Strong, masculine and very, very ready, he knelt there looking down at her with such a sensual look, it took her breath away.

Then he moved, sliding down on to his stomach, his head between her thighs, he moved her legs further apart just as she felt his tongue sweep up across her sex. The wet tip moving through her labia to find the hard nub hiding there, and as it touched the sensitive little bud, her body lay back, her arms rising to hold the bars of the old wooden headboard behind her, her hips moving up off the bed to offer him better access, panting at the wonderful sensation his tongue was causing her.

Back and forth his tongue swept, his fingers holding back the folds that shielded it, and then taking the clitoris into his mouth he nibbled it with his teeth, before sucking and licking it in an erotic play.

Her musky sent swirled in his head, her taste invading his senses, the feel of her thighs moving restlessly each side of his head drove him on. Wanting to give her pleasure, to let her feel the wonderful release that orgasm can bring he licked, and bit and sucked at her, feeling her body buck against his mouth.

Sliding his middle finger of one hand deep inside her, he felt her tight wet hole, the muscles slick with moisture as he moved it up and down, bending it to find the most sensitive spot on her inner walls, and feeling her body jump, hearing her gasp out loud, he carried on moving her higher and higher towards release.

"Oh God, oh God, please...oh just there...yes there... Mmm...yessssss..."

Erotic little moans joined in with the broken entreaty's as she strained to reach the peak his clever mouth and finger drove her to, until she felt as if she would shatter.

The release when it came caused waves of utter pleasure pulsing through her body, her perspiration slick body arching, her head thrown back, her eyes wide and unseeing.

Her shout of bliss ringing out, pulled from deep inside of her.


Floating, she returned to reality, her body languid and relaxed. Misha's face, smiling, dimples deep in his cheeks, looked down at her, his hand stroking the hair away from her flushed face.

"Wow, when you cum, you really cum, huh!"

Too relaxed to speak, she just smiled up at him, a beatific smile that made his heart miss a beat.

"I love you Froo." he whispered, as he lifted his body over hers, positioning himself between her legs, arms rigid each side of her head, he looked down at her as he slowly entered her.

She felt like heaven to him, her vagina tight and wet, and her inner muscles grabbing greedily at his cock. He settled his hips, before moving back, almost totally withdrawing before thrusting back down deep, feeling his balls hit against her bottom.

Froo's body reacted instantly, her legs raising up, twining around his body, ankles crossed in the small of his back, as he started to slide in and out, a steady rhythm building, each forward thrust rubbing against the sensitive nerve endings and muscles inside her still not completely still from her first orgasm, his pelvic bone chafing her engorged clit.

Her arms slid around his body, holding up onto his shoulders, her nails digging in as the feelings started to mount again with each hard thrust forward.

"Mmm.... Uhhhhhhhh... uhhhhhhhh... uhhhhhhhh." came from deep within her throat in tandem each time the end of his manhood slid down hitting her cervix, "oh...oh...oooohhhhhh."

Misha felt her tighten around him, picking up his pace, his head drawn back, teeth gritted, he now lost himself in the all consuming tension pulling at him in his groin, the hot tight tingle as his balls contracted, getting ready to spill his seed deep inside the woman under him, gasping in her pleasure as her orgasm started to explode.

As the vibrations of her orgasm milked his penis, he felt the rising of his spunk, and then the breathtaking explosion as it pumped into her, his own orgasm reached.

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