tagNovels and NovellasTaking the Risk Ch. 11

Taking the Risk Ch. 11


This is a slow, romantic build and as in this chapter, hot sex between two lovers who have found each other. Character based the story is about people who care and want to give pleasure to each other, in all aspects of their lives.

If you like romantic stories please enjoy, and please give feedback, as the ending is not yet written! Just like in real life.


Froo slowly awoke, the feel of the warm, hard body up against her back, a strong masculine arm holding her possessively around her waist, and the gentle breeze of soft breaths against the back of her neck.

Laying still and quiet she luxuriated in the wonderful memories of last night, the deep kisses, the way he made her body feel as he nibbled and sucked at her sensitive skin, the slick fullness as he had slid back and forth inside of her, the phenomenal pleasure when her body had erupted in the powerful orgasms.

Even now she was aware of her sex pulsing, the slightly bruised and well used feeling between her legs so very sensual, her breasts a little tender, the nipples more sensitive than they had ever felt before.

Wanting to stretch she started to move her legs, only to feel one of his move, hooking over hers, and pulling them slightly back, pinning her still, and his arm, which before had lain draped over her torso, now moving, a large hand sliding up her body to cup a breast.

"Mornin' babe" the deep sleep laden voice whispered into the back of her neck just before she felt a soft kiss in the nape of it, leaving a warm tingle on her skin.

"Hi." she shyly answered, suddenly aware of the growing hardness against the small of her back,

The feel of his hand slowly stoking and squeezing her breast, and the sound of their combined breathing, as they lay relaxed and languid in the bed, was heaven. Froo felt as if this was the only way she ever wanted to wake up in the morning from now on.

After a while she turned towards Misha, her body rolling around to face him, her arms slipping up to wrap around him. Face to face, their heads on the pillow, they smiled at each other.

"Thank you for last night." she whispered.

"My pleasure." he replied, "and that's only the beginning!" Eyes crinkling at the corners as his mouth smiled, "How do you feel?"

"Good. Very good. I think I've discovered some unused muscles."

"You know the best way to stop sore muscles?"


Whispering as his head lifted up from the pillow and his mouth took hers in a long gentle kiss. "Give them some more exercise!"

Misha gathered her tighter into his body, the soft feel of her breasts, capped by the hard nipples, squished against his chest, his hardness pressed against her pelvis, his leg twinning with hers. The musky scent of last nights sex mingled with her natural smell, and the taste of her early morning mouth as his tongue licked at the silky inside of her mouth, tightened the tension in his body as he began to move sinuously against her, causing him to drown in the sensations assaulting him..

He felt her move her arms from behind his back, where her hands had been stroking the long length of his spine, to around and down, and her small hand cautiously touching his hard penis. Groaning deep in his throat he lifted his hips encouraging her to take hold of the hard member, before laying back in total abandon as he felt her fingers wrap around and stroke him.

"Yes baby, Mmm........ a little stronger." His hand moving down to guide her, one leg bent, his hips rising up into the thrust of her hand. "That's it, yessssss."

Froo knelt up next to him, her hand moving at a steady rhythm, she looked down at his lovely body laying golden against the white cotton sheets, his face laying back against the pillow, eyes now closed, hair mussed and glossy black, one arm laying crooked above his head, and she slowly lowered her face, to gently kiss the end of the hard rod in her hand before opening her lips and replacing her hand with her warm wet mouth.

An even deeper groan rumbled from deep inside his body, and his hand went down to the back of her head as he lay there absorbing the feeling of the wet warm mouth sucking him. Her tongue stroked and licked at his cock, first up along its length, then around the sensitive tip, to back down again. Each time her mouth moved, her lips rubbed against the silken skin of his cock, the back of her throat touching his sensitive tip, so his hips responded bucking up to meet her,

Heaven, he was in heaven, and as she worked him, he rose higher and higher towards the grip of release.

Froo let her tongue swirl around the hard cock in her mouth before sucking hard, moving her mouth up and down, one small hand taking hold of the base, the other his balls, feeling him restlessly buck beneath her face, listening to his panting moans. Faster and faster, harder and harder she worked, feeling him expand in her mouth, the hand against the back of her head pushing down.

"Froo I'm going to cum" he panted, looking down at the erotic sight of her head moving up and down over his groin, her hair tickling the skin there with each movement.


His thick creamy sperm pumped out into her mouth, where she swallowed it, licking his cock with one last swirl of her tongue, before rising up, a red blush on her cheeks,

"Was that OK?"

"OK?..... It was fucking fantastic!" Sweeping up he grabbed her, pulling her down on top of his body, and threading his hand through her hair, settled her face against his shoulder, "Fucking fantastic.......you sexy bundle of love."

Froo lay there glowing with pride. Gary had preferred her giving him head in the last couple of years of their marriage, but he always told her she was crap. But Misha had told her she was fantastic, and along with the orgasms she had last night when they had made love, her confidence in herself had started to rebuild, something that was long knocked out of her by her ex.

They lay there, both bathing in their own thoughts until Misha asked quietly, "Froo, are you on any birth control?"

"Yes, I have a coil fitted from when I was married. I never had it removed. Gary didn't want anymore children."

Misha nodded slightly, relieved, he'd got carried away so fast last night he had forgotten to use any. Reaching across to his right he turned on the bedside radio and the two lovers lay listening to the music playing, After a while he asked her what she would like to do today, and bending her head up to his from her position on his shoulder she said, "anything you want to."

"No sweetheart today is about you. What would you like to do?"

Thinking about it she asked, "Have you ever been to the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square?"

"Nope, would you like to go there?"

"Yes please. It's been years since I went, and then it was by myself."

"The National Gallery it is then." and giving her bare bottom a slight slap with the palm of his hand, "Get up woman, I need my caffeine, and a pee, not necessarily in that order."

Laughing she rolled off him, and grabbing her towelling robe, ran through the door towards the bathroom shouting behind her, "You'll have to wait until after me then, so start the coffee slowcoach."

A loud masculine laugh followed her out the room and into the bathroom, where she shut the door, standing leaning against it, a big smile on her face.

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