tagNovels and NovellasTaking the Risk Ch. 12

Taking the Risk Ch. 12


This is a slow, romantic build between two lovers who have found each other.

Character based the story is about people who care and want to give pleasure to each other, in all aspects of their lives. Just like real life, they find that not all runs smoothly as people interfere, but the passion between them doesn't change.

If you like romantic stories please enjoy, and please give feedback, as the ending is not yet written! Just like in real life


They stood in front of the painting, side by side, staring at the drama depicted on the canvas before them.

"This is my favourite painting." Froo told Misha, "I love the dramatic lighting, and the various expressions on the faces in the group. See how the children are frightened and upset, and yet the main central figure of the man is excited at what he's doing."

"What's the painting called?"

"Experiment on a Bird in an air pump, by Joseph Wright of Derby."

"It's kinda sad; it looks like the bird is going to die."

"Yes, and all the faces in the picture show their reactions to what is happening. Different human reactions to a central focus, varied and real."

Misha looked at her face as she stood admiring the work, it glowing with wonder as she absorbed the magnificence of the painting. In the past couple of hours they had wandered around the Gallery as she explained to him a little information on some of the works, an inner radiance escaping as she discussed with him her thoughts and feelings on certain pieces.

Falling in love with her a little more, he could see another facet of her personality, one that impressed him, one that he knew was a part of her passion, long held inside of her, unable to be shared with anyone.

Taking hold of her hand they walked through the high wide entrance that led to the next room, "You hungry yet?"

"Yes, are you?"

"At my size I'm always hungry. Come on; let's find somewhere to grab something."

Walking out of the main entrance, before them the majesty of Trafalgar Square, with its high column, Nelson perched on top, surrounded by the four black lions and fountains, there they stood zipping up jackets and deciding which way to go in the search of food.

"If we turn left and go to Covent Garden there are some great little places, or to the right and the Haymarket, and at the top Leicester Square and SoHo. Lots there to choose from."

Froo grinned, "You're the one that's starving, you choose."

"Ok, Covent Garden and Pizza, there's a great place not far." and taking her hand in his they started to walk, people swirling around them, even though it was cold, London on a Saturday as usual busy and bustling.


Sitting in the Pizza restaurant, the remains of her meal being attacked by Misha as he lifted the last slice up to his mouth, she glanced around the cosy room.

People were talking and eating, enjoying their day out in the Capital City, some people had large shopping bags denoting various shops logos sitting at their feet, some couples with little toddlers' wriggling on their laps, feeding them food, the children happy and content with their parents.

Wistfully she watched as the man in one couple wiped the mouth of a child, whilst his wife sat opposite him, belly large with another growing inside, looking as if she could give birth at any moment.

Misha watched her, watching the couple, a small smile on her lips. He found her so enchanting in so many ways, inviting and roundly sexy, unaffected and natural, interesting and intelligent; she was a gentle and sweet natured person. Unable to understand how her ex husband didn't appreciate her, and treated her so badly; he enjoyed being with her, even the quiet silences between them, like right now, comfortable and companionable.

Startled, he realised that she was so very different from any other woman he had dated or had a relationship with. There was no artifice, no front with Froo. What you saw is what you got. Not classically beautiful like some he had been out with, she had a gentle, clean and natural attractiveness that made him melt each time he looked at her. Very little make up hiding her soft skin, and her eyes, so very green, sparkled, lighting up her face, revealing every emotion as they occurred.

Her ex husbands loss was definitely his gain, and one he intended to expand upon.


Froo stood in the middle of the large room that reflected its masculine owner. Big brown leather couches sat opposite each other, a large wooden coffee table covered with car magazines, remote controls, a black iPod, open laptop and various CD's sat between them, whilst an enormous flat screen TV was fixed up on the wall above an expensive stereo system. A battered old guitar leaned up in a corner of the room, and a pair of silver dumbbells lay next to a pile of old newspapers.

After they had eaten Misha explained that they had to go down to Guildford and his apartment as he needed to get some fresh clothes for tonight and the next day. Whilst he was packing in his bedroom, Froo walked around his home, taking in the essence of the man she had become involved with.

On the shelves of a unit she saw a selection of photographs in frames, and wandered over to look at them. The pictures were of Misha and his family, all the men tall and dark haired, big smiles on their faces, a family resemblance to Misha obvious. The woman all beautiful and striking, holding onto their men, arms snaked around waists, or standing holding young children in their arms, big smiles and radiating confidence.

All very happy, all very Californian, all very intimidating to Froo.

"Hey, I see you've found my family."

"There seems so many!"

"Yeah, I told you I came from a large family." and walking over to where she stood, placed the leather overnight bag and his suit bag down on the floor at their feet and picked up one of the photos. "This is my cousin Andrei and his wife. I told you about my aunt sorting out a date while I was in the hospital. Well this is the nurse he ended up with, Shirley, and their daughter Rosa. She's a real cutie. Over Christmas she spilt her orange juice over her cousin Nicky's head because he wouldn't stop teasing her. His face was priceless when it happened. Best of all it was all captured on video by her dad."

"Sounds like you all have such fun."

"Yeah, I miss them sometimes, but I also like being able to get away from them all. So I think I've found the perfect solution. Living here and going back for visits. The best of both worlds. How about you, I've met your sister Lorraine, but you haven't really spoken much about your family. "

Froo walked over to a window, looking out at the fields behind the apartment block, watching a lone walker and his dog as they made their way across the large expanse of green. "I'm the middle child. My sister, who you know, and a brother off wandering around the world. He's doing a kind of perpetual gap year that has lasted at least five. I hardly ever see him."

"Cousins, do you have any of those?"

"Yes, a couple, but were not close. They live up north, far away. Last time I saw them was at some family wedding."

Walking over to her, he stood behind, his arms around her pulling her back to lean against his body, and resting his chin on the top of her head stood quietly, watching the owner in the field below throw a ball, and the dog, bouncing along, tail wagging, run to collect it.

The two people stood watching from above, lost in their own thoughts.


Later that night Froo sat fuming as couples that had been friends with her and Gary when they were married, but had not bothered asking her round, or ignored her invitations to come to her after the divorce, chatted with Misha, offering him to play golf with the men, or how about the two of them coming over for supper one night this week?

During the past year she had sat at home most weekends, with nowhere to go, even thought she was free and Gary had Jace. But when she had asked people if they had wanted to go out to see a film or come round there was excuses from most. But now it seemed that she was part of a couple again, and they all wanted to have Misha to join the little crowd of friends.

Misha chatted easily with everyone, sitting his arm around Froo's shoulder, as if he had known them for years, whilst she sat quietly, seemingly ignored as usual.

Martin, bald and short with a black goatee beard was telling Misha about the golf course he played at, and would he like to join him and Mickey for a game next Saturday?

"Well Martin that's really nice of you to ask, but golf isn't really my game, besides I need to check with my social secretary sitting next to me to see if we have anything planned. Babe, you got any plans for next Saturday for us?"


Gently squeezing her shoulder and smiling into her eyes, Misha waited for Froo to decide what she wanted. He had realised early on that she had never had any real control over her life, first her parents and then from sixteen onward her ex had made all decisions. Misha wanted her to feel that she was an equal in their relationship; it was important to him that she felt comfortable telling him what she wanted and would never be afraid of him.

"We doing anything next weekend? Did you want to go out, say to another art gallery, or museum? Or maybe something else? "

"I hadn't planned anything...."

"No? Well Martin, can I get back to you on that, as we may decide to do something that Froo and I can do together. You understand?"

"Of course, you two have only just met, so I guess you want to spend time together. Maybe another time?"

"Thanks for the invite; I may take you up on the offer later down the line."

Later on as Froo stood in the kitchen helping to clear up the dirty plates, Leslie, Martins wife stood talking with her, and Naomi who was Mickey's wife and herself both stood at the sink rinsing plates before putting them in the dishwasher.

"Wow Francesca, how ever did you manage to find Misha. He's very good looking, and that sexy American accent, it's almost like he's from Central Casting."

Froo looked at the two women, both looking at her expectantly for an answer.

"We met on a blind date."

"You're kidding! A blind date. What would someone like him need to be on a blind date for?"

Leslie laughed, "He must have been on it for a bet, or something like that."

Froo joined in the laughter, but it was really forced. Why would Misha be on a blind date? Especially with her, that's what everyone probably thought.

All the horrible self doubts came flooding back, and walking back into the lounge she looked across at him, sitting, one long leg crooked up resting on the other, leaning back, an arm slung across the back of the couch.

She was sure he was going to break her heart if she gave it to him.

Best not to let herself fall in love. She didn't think she could survive it this time.

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