tagNovels and NovellasTaking the Risk Ch. 15

Taking the Risk Ch. 15


This is a story of a relationship, with all its many layers, sex, love, trust, getting to know each other and getting the support from each other when you really need it.

No relationship happens without its ups and downs, and Misha and Froo's is just the same.

I hope you enjoy this slow and steady unfolding of their love. Please send me feedback as with real life, the end is not yet written, and I have incorporated some people's suggestions and feedback as I write.


Laughing as she watched him under the shower, the water raining down onto his upturned face, shaking his head so that the water flew off his soaking hair, hitting her in the face.

"Stop it Misha, we have to get going or we'll be late getting into town and meeting the others."

"Baby, they won't care. They're used to it, I'm always late. It's my fatal flaw."

"Oh God, I'm always early for everything."

Misha grabbed her and pulled her under the falling water, "See another thing we have different, at this rate we should have plenty of stuff to argue with each other about."

Pushing against his chest, trying to get her hair out from getting wet, "Come on, we have to go, or they will have finished eating and there won't be anything left for us."

Quickly turning off the water and grabbing a towel, he stepped out of the shower and did a little run out of the bathroom and into the bedroom, "Get a move on woman, if there's food on the line, I'm outta here."

Froo watched the naked back as it left the bathroom, now with three parallel red lines where her nails had scratched him as he thrust into her against the wall earlier, her legs around his hips, his large hands gripping her buttocks holding her up.

Bliss, it was utter bliss. To feel him as he slide deep inside her, filling her up, making her feel the hard slick movements against the smooth inner walls of her tight moist hole. She could feel the muscles of his back and shoulders under her hands as they had moved and strained, as he held her and thrust and churned his hips, trying to delve deeper and deeper, until he exploded inside of her, his cum pumping, as his mouth mirrored his movements, his tongue plunging into her mouth in unison with his frantic movements"

Raw sex. There was nothing like it, Misha thought as he pulled on his jeans, grabbed his trainers and socks, and sat down on the edge of the bed to pull them on. Quickie's against the wall, deep and primal. Especially after watching Froo in the mirror as she came, and seeing her inner beauty blossom during the session in front of the mirror.

Glancing up as she walked into the room, he smiled at her, and the smile he received back was just so perfect. A woman's smile that knew she had pleased her man.


Stuart had just told her a very filthy joke, his big brown eyes twinkling at her, his arm around the back of her chair as they sat with the others at the big round table in the Chinese Restaurant.

There had been so much food that Froo felt like she was going to burst. She looked to her left and saw that Misha was still picking sizzling prawns from the silver dish sitting on the little heating tray, and popping them straight into his mouth.

"Heard the one about why men want to die before their wives?" Froo looked back at Stuart and shook her head. "Because they can!"

Misha laughed along with the others around the table at Stuarts joke, and Froo smiled up at him, a little tingle in her chest. He had a little of the sauce still at the corner of his mouth, and she picked up the napkin, reached up and wiped it away as he looked down at her, a look of intimacy passing between them.

Robin and John gave each other a look, one that said much between the two old friends. Mouthing silently at John, "How the mighty have fallen!"

"Yeah," he mouthed back.


Later, standing tense in front of the brown door, waiting for it to open, Froo held on to Misha's hand. They could hear movement behind the door as they waited for it to open, and collect Jace.

When it did, out rushed her son, chattering and showing her the picture he had painted whilst at his fathers for the weekend. Bending over to see, she missed the scene being played out by the two men standing facing each other, testosterones firing, as they stared off at each other, hard eyes summing each other up.

"Better keep lover boy on his leash Chesca." Her ex husband snarled, "I'd hate to mark that pretty boy face of his."

Froo stood up, and looked from man to man, her ex, hands on hips, that look she recognised so well on his face, eyes glinting with malice at Misha. Whilst Misha stood, fists clenched at his waist, the muscle in his jaw twitching, pure tension running through his body.

Placing her hand on his arm, she felt his tight muscles, and quietly pleaded to them both, "Not in front of Jace, please. Misha lets go."

Snarling with a sarcastic tone, Gary said without taking his eyes from the tall man in front of him, "Do what the little woman say's pretty boy, toddle off."

Taking a step forward, Misha felt Froo pull on his arm, "Misha please, not in front of Jace. Please can we go?"

Standing in silence, the three adults stood, the tension building until Misha, dragging his eyes down to Froo's as she stood looking up at him, and then to the small child, watching the adults with fascination, he stepped back. Very quietly, almost a whisper he hissed at Gary, "You ever so much as upset Froo, touch her or make her cry ever again, you'll answer to me."

"Yeah, think you'll win if it comes to it."

An evil smile came over Misha's face, one that Froo had never seen before, "You can count on it." and turning on his heel, he pulled Froo behind him, away from the confrontation.


Later that night, back home in his own apartment, Misha sat on the leather couch staring into space, a glass of whisky in his hand. After they had picked up Jace, and returned to her place, he had calmed down and played with the little boy until time to put him to bed. Then sitting cuddled up on her sofa, watching the television, some programme about the goings on in Norfolk with Stephen Fry as a jovial Lawyer, she asked, "What was that about earlier?"

"Men marking out their territory babe."

"Is that what I am? Territory."

"Yeah, a beautiful and not completely chartered territory."

Laughing Froo punched his arm, "And tonight I'm afraid it is still going to stay a little uncharted, you are going to have to go home tonight Misha."


"Jace, I'm not sure he's ready to see us together in bed."

Turning towards her, he nodded, "OK, but he will have to eventually."

"Let's just play it by ear and see. I have to do what's best for Jace."

So Misha had left, driven back home to Guildford, and now sat missing her, and wishing he was back, wrapped around her soft body, lying together under her duvet, with her individual scent teasing at his nose.

* Sitting back in his chair at his desk the next morning, Misha sat, shirt sleeves rolled back, tie loosened around his neck, the phone to his ear, talking to his Lawyer friend Jane.

"Jane, if you could make an appointment to see us, say Wednesday, I would be very appreciative."

"Of course Mikhail, do you know if she has any Police Reports or any hospital visits to document the abuse?"

"Um no. Not sure. I get the feeling it's not the kind of thing Froo would have done. Not reporting it to the Police, does that make a difference to getting a court order?"

"No, but it would have made a stronger case. We can get her to make an Affidavit to stop him going near her home, and an attachment of earnings to make sure he pays the maintenance for her son."

"Good. By the way do you have any contacts with anyone that could have a chat with her regarding abused woman, and give her some counselling."

"Yes, when you both come for the meeting on Wednesday I'll give you the contacts. You seem very involved with her Mikhail?"

"Jane, this is the one."

"Misha, no! Really? Well that's great."

"Please don't say anything Jane to her, but as a really good friend, I really need your help to make sure she's safe."

"Of course Darling, no problem. Just bring her over and I'll start setting things up."

Putting down the phone, he got up and left his office and walked into the main reception area, to watch as the equipment that was being loaded up for the new video shoot this week. The video was to be used at a client's conference later in the year, and was being piled up ready to be loaded in the van and taken to the site of the shoot.

Bill, his lighting man, looked up from where he knelt, a big silver case open, checking the contents. "Hi boss, you coming up this week to the shoot?"

"Yeah, tomorrow I'll be there for the day, but won't stay around on this one. How's the loading going? We got any problems?"

"Nope. Charlie say's the Triple heads came back from the Prima Boxes job that he wanted on back up lighting. So we're packing them as well for the smaller office one on one interviews if needed."

"Good, give me a shout once the van comes round and I'll help load up." and going back to his office picked up the phone to call a customer, and make an appointment for lunch and do a little existing customer smoozing."


Froo sat on the phone at the same time that Misha was on the phone to his customer, speaking to her mother.

"Yes mum, I know I haven't been over for supper for a couple of weeks, but I have been a bit busy." Listening to her mothers reply, she knew she would have to take the plunge and explain. "Well I've been out with Misha every night, the man that Lorraine set up on the blind date for me and you babysat Jace that night."

Holding the phone slightly away from her ear as her mothers excited voice came down the line, she heard her telling her to bring him with for supper tonight, and not to say no.

Putting down the phone, she sat back unsure. Gary hated going over to her parents, and always made a fuss. Not sure if Misha would do the same, she sat for a while getting the courage up to phone him and explain that he was invited tonight to her parents for supper.

Finally taking her courage in her hand, she picked up the phone and dialled his mobile number, holding her breath whilst listening to it ring.

"Hi babe, how's it going?"

"Um, fine. I'm getting some revision done ready for going back to college next week."

"Great, I'll be over to your place around seven tonight, want to go out and get something, maybe at the burger place with Jace?"

"Um, Misha, that's what I'm phoning you about..."

Misha suddenly got a hard ball in the pit of his stomach, was she about to give him the brush off. This last weekend had been fairly intense, but he thought they had settled into some kind of understanding and relationship. But had he been too pushy and fast for her, scaring her off?"

"What Froo, what's wrong?"

"Misha, I'll understand if you say no, because you don't have to say yes. It's just that I have to go, and if you don't want to, you don't have to."

"Have to do what Froo. What is it I don't have to do if I don't want to?"

"Go tonight to my parents for supper. Mum phoned me and asked me round tonight, and she has asked me to ask you to come, and I'll understand if you say no. You don't have to if you don't want to..."

"Yes Froo, I'll come. It will be a pleasure to meet your parents."

"You don't have to if you don't want to."

"Froo I said I'll come. It's OK."

"You're sure?"

"Yes, I'm sure. I'll pick you and Jace up at around seven. See you then babe." and putting down the phone both people sat back, relieved and pleased. The woman that he had agreed to come to meet her parents without a fuss, and the man relieved that she had just taken a big step forward with him, without realising what she had done.

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