tagNovels and NovellasTaking the Risk Ch. 16

Taking the Risk Ch. 16


This is a story of a relationship, with all its many layers, sex, love, trust, getting to know each other and getting the support from each other when you really need it.

No relationship happens without its ups and downs, and Misha and Froo's is just the same.

I hope you enjoy this slow and steady unfolding of their love. Please send me feedback as with real life, the end is not yet written, and I have incorporated some people's suggestions and feedback as I write.


"Froo, you don't need to have any of the potatoes, you still need to lose those few extra pounds."

Misha sat at the table, surrounded by Froo's family, her sister Lorraine on one side of him, her mother to his left. He sat there, burning up with anger at the cavalier way her mother had just spoken to Froo in front of everyone, but was far too polite to say anything.

Watching as Froo stopped taking any potatoes from the serving dish, Misha smiled across at her, catching her eye and winking. A look passed between them, and he knew that she understood what he was trying to say with that look. That he thought her body perfect, that yesterday in front of the mirror he had told her he loved her body, and not to be ashamed of herself. That the choice was hers.

"Actually mum, I think I will have some." and taking a couple and putting them on her plate along with the slices of roast lamb, she gave a sweet smile across to Misha that said, see I'm not ashamed, I will have if I want. The lesson learnt.

Froo's dad continued with his questions to Misha, "So you say your mother lives over here, and that you've been living in the UK for about four years. When are you thinking of going back to the States? Francesca says you have a big family over there."

"I'm pretty well settled here in London now. My business is building nicely, my friends are here, and I don't see moving back in the near future." Looking down the table to her father, eating at the opposite end next to Bryan he continued, "Of course I never rule anything out of my life, but as I see it, the UK is where I am and I intend to be here for as long as I want."

Grunting her father then asked, "Don't you miss your family?"

"Yes Mr Anstell, but I can always go back for visits; in fact I was over with them at Christmas."

Butting in, her mother said pointedly at Froo, "It's a long way away, Los Angeles; I would think your family miss you not being there? I know I would miss Lorraine and Francesca if they lived very far from me."

Misha heard the implied threat in her statement, and bit his tongue. They were setting down limits for Froo. He now could see where she had learnt to have a lack of confidence in herself and her decisions, taught not to take risks in life, and to do as others told her. Deciding to change the focus he turned to his right and asked Lorraine, "So how's Pete and Sarah, I haven't spoken to them since the dinner party, I meant to phone up and thank them and you for introducing me to Froo."

"They're fine, and no thanks needed." Laughing she continued, "It was obvious to all of us how you felt the moment you walked into the room and saw Francesca. Mum you should have seen his face; it was as if he had been hit on the head with a sledgehammer. Priceless."

"Yes? Well that's nice."

"Yeah," Misha murmured, "more than nice." Watching Froo blush as she smiled, he noted it was sweetly embarrassed smile.


Standing in the door way, his arms bent up high, leaning up on the door frame above him, Misha watched as Froo put the sleepy little boy into his bed. He had grown very fond of the little boy, enjoying playing with him every night, getting to know him, seeing a lot of Froo in his playful nature, his gentle way, and his eagerness to please.

"Playing with his cousins knocked him out." Froo looked over her shoulder at Misha, standing leaning forward, his arms raised up bent holding on to the wooden frame above him, his white shirt stretched, and his light blue tie askew. "He'll sleep late tomorrow morning."

"Is that an invitation babe?"

"Yes, it's an invitation Mikhail."

Misha felt a warmth tingle across his body, she had used his given name for the first time, and he loved it. He loved the way she said his name, in that quiet small sexy voice.

"Say that again."

"It's an invitation."

"No, my name!"


"From you it sounds so sexy,"

Froo turned back to her son, laying on the bed, his arms raised up on the pillow by his sleeping head, and bending over gave him a gentle kiss before standing up and turning to her lover, holding out her hand, and saying in a very calm and clear voice, "Take me to bed Mikhail, I want to feel you make my body fly."

Taking her hand in his he whispered back, "My pleasure babe, follow me."


Kneeling facing him, sitting astride his thighs with hers apart, his hard penis deep inside of her, she leant back, her body arched, her breasts thrust up towards his mouth as he sucked and licked them with his tongue. The fullness of him as he stretched her tight hole, and the position of their bodies made her feel totally possessed, the tip of his cock pressed deep inside her against the base of her womb, her clitoris throbbing where he had nibbled and rubbed earlier during foreplay, causing her body to writhe until she could take no more begging him to fill her up.

Misha held her arched back in his strong hands holding her in position for his mouth, feeling the sheen of perspiration that covered her. He sucked on the hard pebbled nipple in his mouth, tasting the slightly salty taste of her skin. Moving his face to the other breast, he felt her jerk as he nipped it before sucking it deep into his mouth, his tongue swirling over the hard tip,

Her moans were music to his ears, and his hips started to gyrate, and rock. Feeling her hands move from where they had been grabbing at his shoulders and up his neck to entwine in his hair, he felt her tug his face closer to her. Then he felt her start to move her hips to match his slow steady rhythm, thrusting down as he thrust up.

Lifting up his head he kissed the base of her throat, then along her shoulder, before nipping her there. "Like it baby? Is it good?"

"Oh yes, it's so good." Sliding one hand up her back to raise her up straight, he took her mouth in a deep passionate kiss, and as it ended his mouth sucked at her bottom lip in an erotic dance matching his thrusts below, .

"That's it baby take what you want, move your hips and take what you want." he crooned in deep hoarse voice, the feel of her muscles as she moved pulling at his cock, the musky scent of her sexual arousal rising up at him. Spreading his thighs wider, causing her to spread hers as well, he moved a hand down between her thighs and with his thumb rubbed on the exposed hard nub between the spread open folds, wet and exposed he worked it as they both moved, his cock sliding in and out of her, slow and deep.

"There, just there." She gasped as she felt him rub against her G spot, "YESSSS

"Say my name."


"Say it again he growled, as his body started to pump faster and harder, causing her to rise up slightly, allowing a deeper thrust."

"Mikhaillllllll. Oh YESSSSSSS."


Misha felt the bouncing on the bed as he lay there on his back, his eyes still closed, half awake.

"Mummy, what is Misha doing in bed with you?"

Both adults' eyes flew open, looking up at the little boy, now climbing between them, his curious eyes staring down at the sprawled body of the sleepy man.

"Are you like my daddy?"

Misha cleared his throat and looked sideways at Froo, a plea for help in his drowsy eyes.

"Jace, what are you doing out of bed?" his mother asked softly.

"I wanted to go to the toilet. Are you now like Diane and Daddy? Am I supposed to knock before I come in like at Daddy's? He gets angry if I jump on the bed too early. Can I come into bed with you?"

The little boy wiggled his small body under the duvet and between the two lovers, one small foot kicking Misha in the ribs as he moved down into the small space between them. Flopping over on his back, and turning his head towards the stunned man lying dumbfounded staring across him to his mother. "Your hair is standing up on end! It looks funny."

Froo looked across Misha to the bedside clock radio on his side of the bed. Six thirty. Glancing down at her son, who seemed to have found nothing odd about the situation, and then across at Misha, as he lay there, a look of absolute shock on his face, his cheeks a slight red, she started to giggle. He was blushing. Actually blushing. This tall, sexy and very laid back man was embarrassed and not sure how to deal with this situation.

Misha turned onto his side, resting his head on his crooked arm, he defensively growled, "What's so funny?"

"Yes mummy what's so funny?"

Shaking her head and starting to giggle even more, she gasped for breath. "You're a fraud Mikhail, a great big fraud. You're not as confident as you like to make out. Something's can make you blush, and you're unsure how to handle them." and then she got into a real laughing jag unable to stop, with the two males just staring at the woman laying next to them, the tears running down her face, as she realised that there was still a little boy hiding inside of the very sexy and masculine body.


Standing in the lounge, putting on his jacket over his crumpled shirt, Misha told Froo, "After work tonight I'm going to come by, pick you and Jace up and take you both down to my place. I need to get a change of clothes, shave and pack up a bag of stuff to bring here for when I stay over in the future. Pack some stuff you both need to stay at my place. We'll go to see Jane at her office together on Wednesday as it's just down the road in Guildford and we can take Jace with. Jane's secretary Mary can look after him while we're seeing her."

Froo stood there as he folded up his light blue tie and stuffed it in his jacket pocket.

"I have to go up to the video shoot today and see how it's going. It's in Milton Keynes and I'll come straight back here after, say about eight, we can grab something on the way down to Guildford."

She stood listening to him; feeling like a whirlwind had just swept her up and was dragging her along.

"Misha, I don't know.... I'm not really sure about this Legal thing."

"You don't have to do anything Froo, just listen to what Jane says, and then make up your mind. The final decision on anything you do is always yours. But get the facts and then decide. OK?"


"See you tonight babe, love you."

Bending down he kissed her and then was gone, through the door, leaving her feeling as if her life was on a runaway train.

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