tagNovels and NovellasTaking the Risk Ch. 19

Taking the Risk Ch. 19


Pulling together and supporting each other allows us to make the ties that bind. Misha and Froo are dealing with her problems and without realising it becoming a family unit.

This is a romantic story about two people who are falling in love, I have incorporated some of the suggestions that people who have been so kind as to send feedback into the story and have made. I hope you enjoy.


Froo stood very early the next morning watching as Misha sat on the machine, pulling against the weights, causing the bulges under the skin on his arms and shoulders to glide and stretch. Her lush curvy body wrapped up in his shirt and nothing else, her hair tousled and no make up she looked like everyman's fantasy, and as Misha went through his early morning routine, he was getting distracted.

"Baby, you had better use the shower and start getting ready, as soon as I've finished here I'll jump in and we can get going. The traffic up the A3 will be heavy so we need to leave fairly quickly."

"OK." And turning around she padded out of the small spare room filled with the equipment, the place where her curvy legs met her bottom just about hidden by the end of his white shirt, decidedly enticing and provocative.

Misha pulled at the weights, enjoying the feel as his muscles started to burn, his heart rate increased as his blood pumped round his body.

Realistically he knew that Gary wouldn't just stop dead with his abuse, and the meeting with Jane today would help to build a safety net around Froo, along with his running 'shotgun' in her life, and hopefully the bastard should learn to leave her alone, and let her get on with living in peace.

Finishing up his session he grabbed the small towel, wiping the sweat from his face and neck and walked through the apartment to his bedroom, and the en suite bathroom where he found Froo, brushing her hair, now dressed and almost ready.

Climbing into the shower and turning it on, he asked her, "Fancy going shopping in Guildford after we've met with Jane? I need to get some stuff, new shirt for work, maybe a new tie. You can help me choose them."

"Alright, but aren't you going into work today?"

"Nah, that's the beauty of being the boss, days off when you want,"

Lifting his face up to the spray of water, he stood, looking like a Greek statue to Froo, one that she had once seen in the British Museum years ago. A living, breathing statue, perfect and very male.


Jane sat opposite the two lovers at her desk, strewn with files and paperwork, it looked a complete mess. Clutching nervously at Misha's hand Froo answered the questions the older woman asked her, every so often glancing at Misha as if asking for reassurance. Whenever it seemed that a question was too difficult for her to answer, Misha gently squeezed her hand in a comforting way, encouraging her to continue, her small voice telling the ugly story of her marriage.

"Francesca, we can do a civil injunction, a protection order or a non molestation order, we can prevent your ex from using or threatening violence against you. If he breaches the order it's a criminal offence, with the power of arrest. However I must point out that these can be counter productive and might make little difference if he ignores them. Restraining orders can provide some protection and can carry stronger penalties."

"What you're saying is that even with the orders in place he could hurt Froo. The consequence is she can have him arrested, but that is after the fact."

"Yes. But Froo could phone the Police if he came to the house, and they will come and arrest him."

Froo asked the question that had been on her mind since they had started talking. "If I did this, took out an order, wouldn't it inflame the situation. Gary could get angrier and react badly. At the moment it is more verbal aggression than physical and I don't want to go back to how it was when we were married."

"Only you can decide whether you want to go ahead Froo. If you don't we'll work out something else." Misha told her.

"Yes it's true Francesca, with some men they can take the order and ignore it completely, but it is there for your protection, and there would be consequences."

Misha looked across at Jane, "What about the attachment of earnings."

"We can set that up, no problem. The courts ruled an amount payable each month for the child maintenance and we can arrange for that to be paid direct from his earnings if he is recalcitrant on paying."

"I don't have to decide right now."

"Of course not, think about it and then let me know what you decide." Jane smiled at her, "and in the meantime here are some numbers of people who you can chat to with regards support for abused women." Handing over the sheet of paper to Froo with the contacts written on it, she stood.

Getting up, Misha leant over the desk and kissed the Lawyers cheek, "Thank you Jane for your help. I really appreciate it. Froo and I'll get back to you after she decides."

Leaving the office, stepping out onto the old cobbled Guildford street they stood, Froo looking small and scared, the memories that had been dragged from her taking away the small victory from the day before. Jace holding her hand, sensing something was wrong with his mother, quiet and subdued.

"Want to go back to the apartment?"


The trio of people walked down the road, past the shops lining the cobbled street, until they arrived to the car park, where they climbed into the car and Misha drove them across the town to where he lived, the silence in the car full of thought and tension.


Misha sat with Jace, showing him how to strum the guitar, the young child's little hand trying hard to get all the strings in one gentle sweep, and failing, so that a kind of plink plonk came out of the instrument, whilst Misha's fingers held down a G chord on the neck.

Glancing up from where they sat on the floor he watched Froo as she sat, knees up, her arms wrapped around them on the leather couch, deep in thought, her teeth chewing on her bottom lip, a deep frown on her face.

He knew she had some hard decisions to make, and though he wanted to give his advice, something told him that she needed to make them herself, without any outside influence, so that she could move forward as a stronger person.

After a while he put aside the guitar and grabbing the young boy, said." Come on Jace, I'm hungry, how about you?"

"Are we going out for a burger?"

"Nope, I'm going to make us something to eat, how about some scrambled eggs on toast, you want to help?"

"Yesss. Can I crack the eggs?"

"Jace, my man, you are the official egg cracker for the day. Lead on and we'll go make a feast that your mum will be proud of."

Walking past the huddled woman sitting deep in thought, Misha's hand reached out and stroked her hair, smiling down at her. Smiling back up, she mouthed, "Thank you." and grabbed his hand in a squeeze, unsaid words passing between them, clear and understood.


Taking out the bread from the freezer, Misha looked at the boy, beating the runny yellow goo in the big bowl with the whisk, a pile of broken egg shell on the counter next to him, thick clumps of sticky egg white spreading out from the mess along the black granite counter top.

"That's it Jace, keep up beating in the air, it will make it fluffy when we cook it."

The boy, balanced on the breakfast stool, wobbling with every beat of the whisk in his hand, yellow substance splashing over the edge of the bowl, joining in the rest of the mess around him on the counter, told the man now standing behind him watching his ministrations.

"I made some fairy cakes with pink icing the other day. We ate them all. Mummy was going to save some for you, but we burnt them, just a little and we ate the ones that weren't too burnt for tea."

Misha smiled, "Pink fairy cakes just happen to be my favourite. Next time save one for me, OK."


Taking the bowl and the mixture from Jace, Misha proceeded to make the scrambled eggs on toast for the three of them, comfort food, because comfort food was needed at that moment, and he knew that what ever decision Froo came up with, it was going to take all her effort and thought to get there.


Later, laying in bed, Froo resting her head on his shoulder, Misha lay his right leg slightly raised, his head propped slightly up on the pillows, the silence of the night surrounding them, the only sound in the room their breathing, she lifted up slightly, looking at his face and asked. "Would you think me a coward if I didn't go ahead with the court actions?"

Looking down at her Misha whispered, "Froo I would never think of you as a coward, you're the bravest woman I've ever met."

"I don't think I want to go down the legal road Mikhail."

"Then don't. We'll find another way to deal with him together."

Settling her head back down on his shoulder, they lay quietly, both content, feeling more like a couple than they had when they woke up that morning.

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