tagNovels and NovellasTaking the Risk: Misha's Story Ch. 02

Taking the Risk: Misha's Story Ch. 02


For those that wanted to know more about Misha before he met Froo, here is his story and how he came to be in England which is where he met her and fell in love, and his time with Suzanne the woman in his past.

His passion for Suzanne becomes an obsession, as she plunges down into a self destructive whirlpool, so for those that believe that life's many experiences make up a rich and interesting tapestry....here is Misha's story.

To read about Misha and Froo please read the companion story Taking the Risk Chapter's 1-21 under Novels and Novella's.


Robin and John sat opposite him in the bar, the beers in their hands forgotten as they heard about his adventure with the blond after he had left the club on Saturday night. Shaking his head Robin told Misha, "Joanie told me to tell you to be careful with this one; she looks like she's trouble."

"Nothing I can't handle Rob. It's just that she gives off this energy and I find her fascinating."

"You sure that the energy she gives off is not chemically induced? I heard that the club we were at is famous for its easy supply."

Shaking his head Misha told Robin, "Yeah, well it's not as if we're all angels in that respect. I seem to remember getting crashed out more than a few times with you back home over the years."

"Amateurs, we were amateurs. A little weed and some speed now and then does not drug addicts make."

"Who said anything about her being a drug addict Rob? It's a long leap from knowing that the club is famous for its coke and ecstasy supply, to Suzanne being a drug addict."

Rob glanced sideways at John, "The man's got it bad, and fast, he's dazzled and thinking with his dick."

John, always the most level headed of the three of them told Misha, "Just take it slowly, you only met her three days ago, and from the performance she was giving in the club Misha, and from what you've told us happened she wasn't completely clean of personality enhancing chemicals."

Standing up Misha looked down at his two best friends. They had been together since they were babies, their mothers all best friends and growing up together they had shared so much, including sharing digs at College, and then Robin, Joanie and him following John to New York when his friend got the offer to work at the Bank as an Analyst. But right now Misha was not in the mood to listen to good advice, and he told the two men, "I appreciate your concerns, but please butt out of my sex life." Stepping back from the small table he told Rob, "Did I interfere when you got tangled up with Christina and all her crazy baggage?"

"No man you didn't, but maybe you should have. The woman was bad news for me, and I love you too much as a friend to see you get tangled up with a woman who looks like she's trouble with a capital T."

But he wasn't listening to them, he was listening to his libido, and his heart, and both of them were telling him to ignore good advice and scratch the itch that seemed ever present now in his groin whenever he thought about her.


Sitting up in the bed he watched her as she brushed her hair, the long blond strands shimmering as they fell down below her shoulders laying against the long slim line of her back.

"Now sugar you're just gonna have to wait until next weekend as I'm starting rehearsals for a class production."

Mitch lay back stretching, "That's great, when can I come and see you perform?"

Turning towards him she smiled, "Is that on the stage or in bed?"

Laughing he asked her, "Do you always turn everything around to sex?"

"Isn't that all men are interested in?"

Sitting back up, Misha shook his head, "No of course not. I'd love to see your work. Get to know what rocks your world, what you enjoy."

"Then you'd be the first one." Turning back to the mirror she picked up the mascara and started to brush it on her eyelashes, "Every other man I've ever met is only interested in one thing."

Misha didn't say anything in reply at first, just wondered why she thought that she was not interesting enough as a person to only hold a man through sex, but over the past week he had realised from what she had said that her self worth seemed to be tied up with her sexuality and her allure to the opposite sex.

"So can I come and watch you rehearse? Maybe afterwards we could go out and grab something to eat."

Standing up she bent over to pick up her dress from the floor where she had dropped it hours before. Slipping it over her head Misha watched as her beautiful body disappeared inside the soft pale material, telling her, "You have to eat, I have to eat, we can eat together."

Slipping her feet into the sandals she looked at him for a moment, "OK sugar, you can watch, then feed me. I'll write down the address as I leave, we start rehearsals about five, see you there." and then she was gone, the smell of hot sex lingering behind, the small bedroom feeling empty without her strong presence, quiet and still.

Misha climbed out of bed, stretching his arms over his head, feeling the pleasure of muscles moving and his spine lengthening out. Walking over to the mirror that only minutes before she had been sitting in front of he looked at his body, turning around to look at the reflection of his back where the red lines now lay that her nails had scored into his skin. The woman was wild in bed, and it was like riding a whirlwind, unpredictable and exciting and like nothing he had ever known, but he wanted to know her more on a deeper level and if he had learnt anything this past week she was a difficult person to pin down on her feelings, throwing up a smokescreen whenever he tried to get to really know her and her feelings.

The woman was an enigma, and he loved solving problems.


Sitting at the back of the small theatre he watched the classes' rehearsal as Suzanne stood on stage, saying her lines as Mary, the wife in O'Neill's classic masterpiece Long Days Journey into Night, her movements tight as she played the morphine addicted wife.

Watching as the Director stopped the action on stage and gave the tall skinny actor that was acting with her some advice on a better way to block out his scene, he watched Suzanne, recognising the tell tale signs that she was getting wound up..

"Lets run through the scene once more." and jumping down from the stage the Director sat down and watched as Suzanne promised her stage husband that she would never touch the stuff again adding wistfully "but I suppose you're remembering I've promised before on my word of honour..."

Prophetic words that Misha would get to hear in real life over and over again in the next two years as he learnt just how fragile Suzanne really was.


The juice of the hamburger dripped down his chin as they sat opposite each other, the noise in the busy restaurant loud even at this time of night, Suzanne was moody sitting picking at her salad, feeling down after the rehearsal. Wiping himself with the napkin he told her, "I thought you were great, I'm amazed at your ability to remember all those lines."

"I was crap, the director was paying all the attention to Brad, and he ignored me."

"Suzy, he probably thought you were doing it fine, and the reason he was paying attention to the guy was that he was the crap one."

She sat back the petulant look on her face, her arms folded across her chest, "He didn't even tell me if he liked the way I moved during that last speech."

"I thought you were great, I loved the way you moved. I was impressed."

"But your not the important one, I need the Director to think I was good, I need his attention on me."

"You'll get his attention when you need it Suzy."

"No Misha, I want his attention all the time. I need to have him make me shine out, be the best in the production, have all eyes on me. I need to be the one that everyone looks at, and no-one else."

Like a cornucopia her need for attention could never be filled, and Misha sat looking at the beautiful creature in front of him, her meal forgotten, her mood swung down low by the failure to get focused a mans attention only on her. Picking up her glass of wine she told him, "One day I'll be a famous actress and then all those people who didn't pay me attention will regret it, they'll wish that they had noticed me then, and I'll have my revenge."

Later as they walked along she was laughing, high on the wine, her mood lighter, her body dancing and twirling next to his, people staring at the beautiful woman as she made her madcap drunken way along the sidewalk. Misha grinned next to her, also warmed by his intake of wine, but not as far gone. Loudly, the wine stripping off her inhibitions she asked him, "Lets go clubbing, there's a great place round the corner, I know the doorman, he'll let us in first if there's a queue." Grabbing his hand she pulled him along, and they turned the corner to walk past the small queue to the front entrance.

Walking up to the man standing holding the rope, she trilled, "My, look who it is. Charlie, how you doin', long time sugar."

"Hi Suzanne, where've you been?"

"Oh just around, here and there. Club busy tonight, any chance of getting in? I've brought a friend that's over here from the West Coast. He's only in town for a couple of nights and never been to an absolute real New York night hole, and I told him this here's the club that's the only place in town to be seen in. How about it Charlie, going to let us in?"

Picking up the rope he told them, "Come on Suzy, you know I can't refuse you anything." and moving past the well built bouncer she gave him a kiss and dragged Misha with her through the doors and into the Club, the noise swelling up from down the stairs to the entrance area up at street level.

Down in the club proper she made straight for the dance floor, her body moving and swaying in time of the music before she had even reached it, Misha following. They danced, Suzanne in her element, surrounded by moving bodies, the atmosphere sweaty and heavy, the beat of the music thrumming through the crowd, the swirl of colours and laughter and movement mingling into one. Sweat trickling down his back and chest Misha danced next to her watching as her erotic movements started to attract the attention of other men, who turned towards her, all of them dancing as one large group, bodies pushed up close in the crowed dance floor. This, he realised was what she wanted and needed, to be the centre of the vortex, to have the validation of the men in her orbit. She fed off and grew on the attention paid, and he was just one of many caught up in her pull.


Later as he stood waiting to be served she told him to get her a Vodka and coke and then disappeared towards the cloakroom, coming back out a little later to grab the drink out of his hand, her eyes bright and sparkling, her body somehow vibrating even more, and taking a long drink told him, "Lets get back on the floor, I feel a second wind coming on."

Misha sipped his drink, watching as she pushed into the mass of bodies, disappearing except for the pair of risen arms swaying along that marked out her progress. The woman had so much energy. He was shattered and work meant getting to bed soon or he would be too tired to get up. Walking into the moving bodies to follow her, he leant over and shouted in her ear, "Come on lets go, I need to get to work in the morning."

Turning her body so that her back was towards him and moving suggestively rubbing against his front, she shouted back, "I've only just started getting going, lets stay here, forget work, lets live."

"No Suzy, I've got to go, I'm on a videoing job tomorrow and need to be a little alert and awake, lets go."

"You go, I'm staying." and she danced away, moving through the crowd, away from Misha who stood watching, his mood suddenly angry and hurt. Turning he left, walking a couple of blocks until he hailed a cab and went back to his apartment alone.

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