tagNovels and NovellasTaking the Risk: Misha's Story Ch. 16

Taking the Risk: Misha's Story Ch. 16


For those that wanted to know more about Misha before he met Froo, here is his story and how he came to be in England which is where he met her and fell in love,, and his time with Suzanne the woman in his past.

His passion for Suzanne becomes an obsession, as she plunges down into a self destructive whirlpool, so for those that believe that life's many experiences make up a rich and interesting tapestry....here is Misha's story.

To read about Misha and Froo please read the companion story Taking the Risk Chapter's 1-21 under Novels and Novella's.


Parking the hire car in SoHo, he climbed out, slamming the door and locking it, then walked through the streets to where he had arranged to meet up with Suzanne and Amanda after their day in London shopping. He had spent his day meeting up with people whom he needed to work with to get the new business up and running, and it had been a successful day, with deals done, new contacts made and a lot more information gathered. Pleased with the way it was all panning out he walked up Old Compton Street to the restaurant his cousin had told him that they would meet at.

The area was buzzing, with people out for the evening, and workers either making for the bars in the area or wending their way across to Charing Cross Road and the two Underground train stations at each end, Leicester Square and Tottenham Court Road, and the start of the crowded journeys home.

Opening the door into the large noisy restaurant he looked around for the two women spotting them at the end of the bar to the side of the room laughing and talking with a couple of men. Moving across the area, weaving his way between crowded tables, he watched as Suzanne laughed out loud her body leaning provocatively into the man next to her, her blond hair falling like a golden stream down her back.

Reaching the four people, Misha bent down and kissed her cheek from behind, "Hi sweetheart, sorry I'm late, the last meeting took a little longer than I thought." Looking up at him over her shoulder, she drawled in an exaggerated Southern voice, "Sugar, you're here. Let me introduce you to our new friends, Benjamin and....what did you say your name was sugar?" she slurred asking the man she was leaning against his name.


"Yeah, Richard." Turning back to Misha who stood looking down at her, a glass of vodka in her hand, she told him, "They have gallantly been looking after Amanda and me whilst we waited for you......" turning back to the man standing, his hand resting on the base of her back, his face looking up at Misha with curiosity, "They have been showing me some of that great English hospitality.....isn't that right Richard...."

Holding out his hand towards Misha, he agreed, "We've been keeping the girls company whilst they waited for you....Suzanne and Amanda are great company...I just love her crazy American accent....you American too?" Misha murmured agreement, whilst reaching forward for Suzanne's half drunken glass of Vodka, only to have it snatched from his hand by her, "Get your own sugar, this is mine....."

"What's your poison?" the man asked Misha, reaching into his pocket for some money, "....another one girls?"

"Why don't mind if I do...." and knocking back the rest of her drink Suzanne gave a big smile to Misha before telling the man next to her, "same again, double vodka, easy on the ice."

Misha looked from Amanda to Suzanne and then to the two men, the knot in his stomach tightening, and nodding he told the man, "Beer, cold." Waving the money in the air the man shouted at the barman, "Hey, over here....."


The two girls giggled as they walked haphazardly down the narrow street towards where Misha guided them, propping each other up, sharing some unknown joke that only they understood. Turning around towards him where he walked behind, Suzanne shouted, "I love London....lets stay up here all night....lets not go home yet.....lets party."

Misha grabbed her and turned her around, facing back towards where he had parked the car. They had stayed at the bar-restaurant for the last three hours, with the two girls getting more and more drunk, picking up a collection of people who had joined them that Richard and Benjamin knew, until a small impromptu welcoming party to England had erupted with much laughter and the drinks flowing all around, and Suzanne who was in her element putting on a loud boisterous show of flirting and holding court.

Misha had nursed a couple of beers all night, keeping the drinking down, knowing he had to drive the two inebriated woman back to Guildford, and watching as Suzanne knocked back vodka after vodka, her inhibitions falling with the intake of alcohol. Finally they reached the hire car and after a while he managed to get them bundled into the back of the car before getting in himself and driving them out of London and heading for the long hours drive back home. He listened to Suzanne and Amanda singing in the back, their voices slurring, the words and tune to each song running into each other, punctuated by laughter and giggles.

"Come on Misha, join in you old fart." his cousin Amanda told him as he put his foot down on the gas, trying to get home as quickly as he could.

"He's going to tell me off when we get back." Suzanne told Amanda.

"Nooo....you're not going to do that are you, you old fart?"

"Yes he is...and he's going to be very, very, very angry with me for days....aren't you sugar?"

Driving the car he just stared out the windscreen into the darkness, trying to suppress his anger and his disappointment. It was his own fault. He hadn't told his family about Suzanne's problems with alcohol or drugs, wanting to keep them private, but maybe he should have.

"You're an old fart.....a big old fart...."

Biting his lip he drove on into the night, speeding along, listening to them laughing and telling him he was boring.

And maybe he was.


But he was now experienced at recognising the cycle and spiral that Suzanne was capable of being sucked into and this was only the beginning. The binge cycle would include slurring of her speech, clumsiness and unsteadiness so that she ended up hurting herself, bruises appearing on her body where she fell down. She would have black outs and passing out unable to remember where she had been and who with. The drinking changed her personality, making her hit out at him, throw things and verbally abuse him, and as cycle went on extending itself each time, it would take him longer before he could get her to sober up, and then she would promise not to take anything or drink anything again, the deep depression would set in, the high of the drugs leaving her, plunging her down into the depths of a black well.

Then the blame would start, telling him it was all his fault, that if he loved her more, paid more attention to her, didn't stress her out, she wouldn't need to use the drink or drugs to get through the day.

Finally the hyper sexual Suzanne would appear as she tried to use her body to apologise and keep him tied to her.

But he knew it was an illness, that she used the stuff to anesthetise herself when she was low or scared, and now she was drunk in the back of the car, and his own need to focus on setting up the new life for them that he wanted to build was more and more imperative, and he didn't need to be diverted away to give all his attention to her needy ego.


The apartment was starting to feel more like home now their stuff had arrived from the States, along with the various items that they had bought. Everything was going to plan with setting up the new company and getting it all together, but Misha was getting exhausted. Suzanne was almost never home, out partying with his cousin Amanda and her friends, coming home late at night and high as a kite.

Lately he had noticed a furtiveness about her, as if she was hiding something, and although when they were together she was all over him, he didn't trust her anymore.

In bed things were as hot as ever. She could always drive him wild with just a touch, just a look; her ability to turn him inside out was as strong as ever. Last night she had knelt between his open thighs as he had sat at the dining table, papers spread out in front of him as he worked on a proposal for his first prospective customer. Unzipping his flies she had leant forward telling him he needed to relax more, and that she knew just the way to help him to do so. Her mouth when it had encompassed his semi hard shaft was the perfect wet and warm blanket, and growing hard as she licked and sucked at his prick he leant back, eyes closed and work forgotten, giving himself up to the sensual touch of her mouth.

The tip of her tongue swirled around the crown, dipping into the small hole at the end, causing a shiver to vibrate down his spine, then moved down, licking back and forth up and down his hard member, along the swollen vein running the length him. Holding the base of his prick with her thumb and fingers she wanked him as her mouth moved up and down, sucking him in, the rounded throbbing point of him moving into the start of her throat.

Gasping as he felt her other hand cupping his balls, his own hands gripped the edge of the table in front of him, his face closed up in concentration, his body hovering on the edge of release. Faster and faster she moved, harder and harder she sucked and pulled at him, until he felt the spunk rise and spurt into her hot warm mouth and felt her drink him down.

The wave of peace settled over him until he heard her whisper, "There now sugar....you can go back to your boring work now more relaxed." and he felt her place him back behind the material of his jeans, zipping his now flaccid and spent prick away.

Watching her rise up from under the table and from between his spread thighs he saw her smile at him before announcing, "I'll be back later. Amanda and I are going out into town." Kissing him on his lips, he could taste the salty aftertaste of his sperm in her mouth, and then she told him not to wait up, and she was gone, leaving him sitting there, papers spread out, alone, the quiet apartment echoing with her absence.


It had been two months since they had arrived in England and Misha ran up the stairs excited. He couldn't wait to tell Suzanne about the good news. He had signed up his first client. His business was off and running. All he had to do was get together the final crew out of the people he had been meeting up with, and hire the equipment.

Getting out his key he opened the door calling out her name and throwing down the laptop case onto the side table as he strode through the apartment.

"Suzanne!......Suzy.....great news. Hey where are you baby?"

Walking into the bedroom he found her, laying on the floor, passed out, the vomit laying next to her head on the carpet, her face and hair showing traces of it, sticky and caked up.

"Oh God what have you done?" he bent down, checking to see if she was still alive.

Groaning she rolled from her side onto her back, her eyes closed, her face a mottled red and white.

Looking around he noticed the hypodermic and the paraphernalia for injecting the deadly drugs. Sitting back on his heels he hung his head, numb with shock and grief.

Whispering to the passed out woman in front of him he asked her, "Suzanne.....how can you do this to yourself.....numbing your feelings like this? You could have it all....why?"

But she just lay there and slowly he raised himself up, picking her up in his arms and laying her on the bed.

Picking up the phone he dialled for the ambulance and then sat there holding her hand, just staring at the one person he wished he could help, but helpless to do so.

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