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Tale of a Wolf


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It was autumn, the year we moved. Autumn was always a good time for change. The night was starless, with only a small crescent moon for light. The large wolf watched from high atop his hill. He had sent the call out in early spring. It was time to leave this place of man. Man the destroyer of all things not understood. They would now leave him to his own devices. They would seek a safer, stronger, saner place.

By two’s they filtered into the meadow, sheltered by the huge ages old trees, of the forest. Here they would wait for the appointed time. They would eat, play, and replenish their energy for the trip ahead. The future of their world depended on the success of the days ahead.

Technology had begun to rule. People believed in the new magic of machines and not in the old ways. The gods, the elves, the fairies, the leprechaun, the gnome, the ogre and yes even Santa Claus were matters of laughter. The darker things of nature were now movies and scary masks for children to wear on Halloween.

No more devils no vampires, no ghosts, or werewolves, no dragons. All of those were just myths to scare your children around a summer campfire. All explainable as normal things that happened in nature or were the result of something new called chemical contamination.

Wolf, stood on the top of the highest hill in his domain, watching the gathering of the wolf clans. Never before in their ages old history had so many gathered. Soon they would have to move on. Man had come too close to their dens, and it was getting harder and harder to hide. He had hunted here forever and his parents, and grandparents before him had done the same. It was night and the land was his and he was sad.

Man did not understand changelings and so he feared them. The legend of the werewolf was strong. They, who did not kill or eat humans, had no way to convince a mob that they were gentle loving creatures. He knew when they came it would be a mob united in fear, with only one desire burn them, kill them, drive them into extinction. Therefore, he had sent out the call. Now throughout the nation in secluded meadows and forests, they prepared to travel to a new land one where they could be safe to grow and prosper in peace.

He felt her at his side before he scented her. She was smart and loyal no one could ask for a better mate. They had six good healthy cubs between them. As head of the pack, he also fathered other young with the female wolves, who desired no permanent mate. She understood the need and often mothered them along with her own. She rubbed against him pushing him with her nose.

He growled and she lay beneath him belly up stretching her teeth in that smile he knew so well. He breathed in deeply and shook himself. Suddenly naked in the cooling night he stood human, and his cock was rampart with longing for his lady wife.

He held out his hand, she shimmered in the pale light and stood. Tall, thin, long silver hair flowing down to the ground. She was as beautiful as the day they had wed. Around her neck in either form, she always wore a witch charmed thin silver collar. He had put it on her on their wedding day. As long as she wore it, only he could call her into human form. Someday he had whispered that day; it might be your saving my lady mate. She as is all things obeyed him, but he knew it chafed her to think when most he needed her skills; it might keep her mute and unavailable. She waved her hand, and before them was a deep leafy bed with animal skin blankets to keep away the cold.

He placed his hand upon her stomach. “Already I feel life here, yet you seek me out again.” The sweet sound of her laughter filled the glen. ‘That was for procreation. This is for pleasure. Soon our time will not be our own.”

Holding out her hands, she sunk to the floor reaching for his cock. “I would pleasure you my lord wolf.” She opened her mouth chin high, throat available to him and he walked into her hot sweet, wonderful tight wetness. He groaned in the agony of his pleasure. “This is something for which I would almost give up my spirit and live as a human forever.”

He felt her laugh around his hard pulsing cock. She reached up and her hands tickled and surrounded his hanging sack licking out when he allowed it to swallow and love it as well as his other parts. Trailing downward to below his groin, softly kissing and pushing into his anal regions with her talented tongue. “Oh yes, lady mate fuck my ass for me it feels so good” he murmured low. “Make me come for you.”

She continued to fist his cock with her delicate hands, as her tongue pushed further into his hot tight nether regions until she felt him ready to spill his seed. Moving quickly, she took him deep into her body. He spilled his seed down into her stomach. Weak kneed as she often left him when human; he sat beside her and held her close.

“I needed that closeness and your wonderful submission to my needs my lady mate. Thank you for knowing that.” She smiled at him. “I know much my Lord. I know we must leave soon before we are discovered. They fear us, and the young can not defend themselves.”

He nodded “we go at the end of the week . We leave everything human and travel as wolves to the Washington Coast. There we will be met, and shown the way to the wilds of Canada. The land is huge, the hunting is good and the people are few. Hopefully it will bring us peace.”

She said only one word “Everything?” He understood her sorrow they had things from the generations. They must leave no trails and so they must part with their human heritage to gain a safe and peaceful world. The only things taken would be cash and clothes. Things, they could carry on their backs. “We must travel light my lady for our safeness and that of our young, my lady but I understand your sorrow.”

He pulled her to the bed she had made and pulling her open dipped into her hot center. Slowly he pushed in deep until his treasures were bumping her ass. Now he established a pace, as his hands found her breasts and clit, and worked them for her pleasure. Soon moaning she for the moment forgot their woes, and buried deep inside her, he left his seed behind in a glorious climax. He howled into the wind with his contentment and his lady joined him.

They rested until she felt his cock nudging her leg again. “Lord Wolf I fear I have not tired you out. Still I find life in your cock and others in the pack think you getting old.” She laughed.

As the reigning alpha male, others could always challenge, but he was and would be superior to all until he died. She and her love magic would see to that for she would never belong to another.

He smiled a toothy grin and changed into the timber wolf she loved. He growled and she flowed easily into the blue and white silver-coated female that was his mate.

He jumped and with his paws tight around her his long cock hanging now he butted up against her until sliding in tight he took her anal passage. She knew it was in either form his favorite place. Hot and tight and bringing them both the maximum pleasure, holding him tightly within her until he was almost unable to move, he bit her lightly on her neck and she hunkered down and relaxed. Ass high, head submissively low on the ground, inviting his caressing bites. He pushed slowly into her until his knot locked them. Now he fucked her and she howled and howled as he pushed her deeper into pleasure repeatedly. When he withdrew the pack was standing watching from the shadows. It was morning and time to hunt. He took them deep into the woods where he had seen deer earlier the previous day.

Waste not want not, one deer would feed his pack all for almost a week. It was good and the wind in their hair and the sun on their muzzles felt wonderful.

They ran together the two of them the pack following in their path. Once located they brought down and finished the magnificent deer that would offer them his life essence for their journey. Finished with the kill he flowed into human form. “We need to take this to the den. The others who have come have the need to hunt. We must be out of their way.

The two biggest males joined him in eating the heart and liver of this wonderful beast then they returned to their den. That night the Alpha males of the different packs joined the large wolf in conference. They were uncomfortable in their human skins but knew that all or most must travel at least some of their journey this way where cover did not allow them to be wild and free. They worked on those details.

This journey had been long planned. Waiting in the wilds of Canada near the Alaskan border were many magic folk if all went as planned the settlement they would establish would meet all current human standards and weave the protection of the normal around them. With such a concentration in one area, they should be their own protection or their own worst enemy that remained to be seen.

The first talks went well and his lady wide-awake to greet his return offered up sacrifices that all would remain so. They youngest twins joined them in their bed and suckled from their mother until sated. Their father returned them to their proper place. It soon appeared he had plans of his own.

“Now it is my turn” he rumbled and nose on belly he drew her still wet tit into his mouth savoring the sweetness of her mothers milk. She always had enough to feed all her cubs, the adopted ones who required it and usually him as well. He had become accustomed to the taste and warmth of it thruout her pregnancies and truth to tell missed it when she was not lactating. The funny thing about this milk drinking, it always led to other things. Again, she was filled with the thick warm cock of her mate. This time in human form again he buried himself deep inside and rubbing his thumb across her clit, while his other hand played with her ass he set a soft, slow sweet rhythm that would rock them both to sleep, as the pleasures of their love sent them into dream land. It was morning when they awoke to the mewling of hungry children and the movement of others waiting him outside the den.

He kissed her nose as she flowed into her wolven form and grabbed a quick gulp of milk and was off. It would be a long day. With only six more days, before they moved there was much to do.

Today they would plan the route they would take. As much as possible they would remain hidden by mountain and hill. When required to cross-large open spaces they would do so in pairs, causing fewer disturbances to the surrounding villages and towns. When required they would hire or steal wagons and with some of them human the others would ride undercover.

The kits were of course excited about the journey. The elders were sad. Change is always difficult and there would be no returning from this one. Canada was still wild and mostly free of human habitation. He had been into the town they lived by and purchased books. The books showed huge mountain ranges, miles of free space. They had written and sent cash and together the pack now owned over twelve hundred acres. It would be a good thing for years to come.

He was pleased with their plans and with the cooperation between the different races. Elf, Dwarf, and fairy, even vampires would travel to this new place. It would be their salvation or their downfall. There was no doubt however, that here they could not remain.

So the last of the days were spent, preparing dried meats and fruits for the journey. Selling the last of their possessions for the needed money of the human world and reliving their golden memories of the place they now occupied.

If they could not take pictures and sentimental possessions, they would take a verbal history and a visual one. Finally, it was time to go. The last of the wolves melted away and the Elf remaining shook hands with Wolf and promised to see him soon. It was his job to obliterate all paths to their homes and to seal them tightly for the time when they or their kits could safely return. The human world would not know these dens existed. With a soft, push at the side of his lady. They started out to the New World and much like those humans who left England to travel here; they shook at the thoughts of a new future from both loss and longing for the new. What would it be? How would it be?

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