tagLesbian SexTale of Two Panties Ch. 03

Tale of Two Panties Ch. 03


Chapter 3

Where do the panties go now?

I am Sandy, Wendy's and Candace's neighbor. We have lived on the same cul-de-sac for about 8 years. Wendy and I have been good friends; we are both age 45. A few months ago, we became even better friends, intimate ones you might say. I had never expected that to happen because she seemed so straight, but it was wonderful.

Over the years, I have watched Candace develop from a young teen to a fine young woman. I have looked at her too much, too admiringly you might say, because I feel more than just a neighborly attraction to her. When I close my eyes, I can imagine my doing things to Candace that Wendy would not approve of. Oh, the pleasure I would give her, the education that I would impart about the world and all of its emotions and experiences. But I kept all this to myself, and she went off to college. Her absence made my heart grow fonder.

Candace is back from college for the summer, and she and her friend Katie are coming over to my pool. About mid-afternoon, the doorbell rings and I welcome the girls in. We are all thirsty from the summer humidity and heat, and the strawberry daiquiris hit the spot. Sitting on the edge of then pool with our feet dangling, we chat as Candace enthusiastically tells us about her first year of college, the classmates, the dates she has had, the exposure to the social life of college.

I notice that Katie is teasing Candace and playing a bit of footsie under the water. Both girls have another daiquiri; their conversation becomes more lively. I cannot quite hear what Katie says to Candace, but their tops come off simultaneously. This was more than I had expected on their first visit. "Be still, my racing heart," I tell myself while admiring their young forms. Katie, 5-7 and slim, with probably 35 Bs ,while Candace is a bit of a fuller figure, with 36 Cs. Oh, how nice young titties look. "Girls, do you mind it I join you?" I ask before shedding my own top.

We all hop in the water to cool off, and we kind of check out each other, to see whose have more buoyancy. My middle forties 36Ds benefit from the water, and Katie eyes both Candace and me. We toss a frisbee back and forth, and I admire the energy of youth as they jump and stretch to grab it. It is more than admiration as I feel the urge well up deep with me, watching the bouncing, jiggling flesh.

Another round of daiquiris and we are soon more relaxed. Katie catches me looking at her several times and our eyes soon meet, with "the look" being shared between us. When Candace goes inside to pee, I ask "Katie, may I kiss you?" and she answers by opening her lips slightly and moves towards me.

We break off a deep kiss when we hear Candace returning, and we must have blushed a bit, as Candace gives us a quizzical look. Katie, thinking fast, moves to Candace and gives her a friendly peck on the cheek, which is soon followed by a deeper, longer kiss. Seeing the two of them embrace while chest deep in my pool is a turn on. Sensing the way things are going, I smile and say to them, "Girls, you aren't going to leave me out, are you?" The response is more than I hoped for: Katie and Candace move to me, wrap their arms around me, and each kisses a cheek. Soon, this moves to them taking turns nibbling on my neck and earlobes.

As I have only one pair of lips and there are two of them, my hands move to cup their floating, buoyant breasts. I can tell they approve, as their kissing moves to the next stage, and I feel my own boobs being supported and caressed in the water. Oh, what a turn on!

Katie rolls and pinches one nipple and I eagerly return the attention, and Candace cups my other breast in both hands and her tongue flicks my nipple. Sucking my nipple deep into her mouth, my titty stretches, feeling really good.

I caress Candace's head as she sucks my breast and nipple, and then my hands rub up and down her back, and cup her butt cheeks on the outside of her suit. Not to leave Katie out of the attention, I caress her perky breasts and rub her tummy, tickling her navel. We share this for some time, before we move to the pool apron, where there are some cushions and loungers.

Katie and Candace each take a lounger, and I kneel between them. Katie's perky 35 Bs have fine nipples that have risen like gum drops in the cool pool. They are so inviting, and my lips are soon kissing them and sucking them. Candace watches us before moving to Katie's other side and begins working on that breast. Getting turned on, Katie starts moaning with little cries of pleasure. Taking this as a sign, I rub her tummy, then her navel and soon move to place my hand on her mound, still hidden under the suit. Candace gets the same idea, and her hand soon joins mine cupping Katie's mound. My heart begins beating faster with Candace's hand and mine trading heat.

By now, Katie's cries are louder and encouraging, and Candace responds by tugging Katie's suit bottom off. I help her, and Katie's treasure is open to the sun. Her shaved mound does not show much of a tan line, clear proof that Katie has been a nude sunbather. Candace and I take turns fingering her slit, and we soon have her clitty standing erect between her pussy lips. While Candace concentrates on Katie's clit, my finger slides gently into her puss. Her juices have been flowing and I enter easily. Going deeper, I pass her G spot and soon am feeling her cervix. My one finger is soon joined by a second, stroking in and out. My two fingers do the "come here" curl while Candace mashes her clit against Katie's pubic bone. Katie's hips are rocking now, meeting my thrusts eagerly, her breathing is fast and loud, and I feel her squeeze my fingers hard as she cums. Candace and I look at each other and giggle, pleased with ourselves helping Katie arrive at her orgasm.

Katie lays back with her eyes closed, while Candace kisses her breasts and cleavage. I take this opportunity to visit my nightstand, and return with a vibrator and a strap-on. From their wide-eyed expression, neither had seen a strap-on before.

Standing before them, I slide out of my suit bottom and display all my nakedness, my trimmed beaver, before kneeling between them and kissing Candace long and eagerly on the mouth. She reacts to my rolling and pinching of her nipples with nice moans of pleasure, then without anyone's help, she slides her bottom off. In contrast to Katie's shaved mound and pussy, Candace has a trimmed brown growth that just begs to be tugged, and I soon oblige her. Katie watches me as I treat Candace to my best attentions. My fingers spread her pussy lips and free her clit. Not as large as Katie's, it remains partially hidden by her labia, but I still find it and mash it with my thumb and rub circles around it. Her reaction is just what I had hoped for. Candace's little whimpering cries soon become moans.

"Have you ever been to a rodeo?" I ask. Candace replies that she doesn't like big smelly animals. "Oh, I think you'll like this one." Laying back, I place Candace straddling my leg, and start moving it against her pussy. Our pussies are soon riding each others thighs, turning each other on and our juices coat our thighs. Katie sits on the lounger, playing with her nipples watching us hump each other's legs and mounds. Soon, she stops rolling her nipples and her fingers descend to her clit.

Candace is breathing harder and faster, dripping all over my leg and her moans are almost as loud as mine. Katie has been really paying attention to Candace and me. She says "My turn," and pulls Candace off. My right leg is glistening with Candace's nectar. Katie straddles my left leg and is soon pressing her puss strongly against mine. Her hand rubs my leg where Candace's juices have coated it and wets her hand in the evidence of Candace's arousal. "Katie, I want to taste Candace" and she rubs her dripping fingers across my lips. I inhale, lick them dry, and smile. "Katie, now I want to taste you." She smiles, wets her fingers in her puss, and presents them to me. Oh, I don't know which girl tastes sweeter.

It's time for the vibrator, and I turn it on and circle around Candace's clit before sliding it up and down her slit. Turning it on high, I slide the vibrator into Candace and work it against her G spot. Getting her well-aroused, I move it to her clit. From her sounds, she enjoys that more and soon her hips are rocking while I press it firmly against her pearl. Her orgasm is more intense than Katie's, and a squirt, then a second, and a third soak my hand. Two down, one to go, I think to myself. As a proper hostess, I take care of my guests first.

Katie is curious about the strap-on, watching intently as I fit it to my hips and ask if she is ready for a girl cock. She only hesitates a few seconds, and I move her to her hands and knees. Kneeling behind her, I gather a handful of her juices and coat the tip and shaft before rubbing up and down her pussy. I find her vagina easily and soon fill her. My slow strokes become faster, her titties swinging with my thrusts.

I had temporarily forgotten about Candace, who is taking this all in and fingering her nipples. Its time to please both girls. I place Candace on her back and kneel between her open thighs, which still show her own squirts of a few minutes earlier. I pose Katie facing me over Candace's chest, straddling her breasts and then plunge my strappy into Candace. She gives a squeal as I open her vagina, which must not have ever had such a large penetration. Stroking Candace, I cup Katie's breasts and pinch, tug, and roll her nipples. She slides her juicy, dripping pussy all over Candace's breasts and nipples. "Katie, slide back over Candace's face." I don't have to suggest it twice. From the look on Katie's face and her faster, mouth-open breathing, I know Candace is licking everything Katie has. I fuck Candace's pussy more energetically now, watching Katie's face and trying to time everything perfectly. She's close. Katie's deep, animal moans tell me Candace's tongue and sucking her puss has accomplished what she was striving for, and she cums, trembling all over. A few more thrusts of the strappy, and Candace is also moaning and trembling, then gushing juices all over my mound and thighs.

Laying back between Candace and Katie, we are all worn out, but my passions have yet to be satisfied. "Girls, I want one of you to try the strappy on me. Which of you will it be?" Katie, more out-going than Candace, volunteers. I help her adjust the straps and when she feels it rubbing against her clit as I stroke it, I know it is properly fitted. "Katie, I want you to fuck me from behind, doggy style" and I move to my hands and knees. She kneels, enters my puss and is soon stroking me hard. She must have been on the receiving end of doggy style with boys, because she knows how to stroke, then pause, then stroke more. While my pussy is getting fucked, Candace is cupping my hanging titties, exclaiming "these are as full as mangoes!" Her hot hands tug on my nipples and I urge Katie to "go faster." Katie's strokes bring me over the edge, exploding, trembling, my pussy spasming, I collapse on my front, trapping Candace's hand under my breasts. Mmmm, its more than nice—it's wonderful.

Too soon, its over, our breathing returns to normal. As Candace and Katie are dressing, I say "I want to remember this day. This was so special." Katie gets an impish look on her face and looks at Candace, who gets a twinkle in her eye too.

After they leave, I walk to my bedroom. As I open my nightstand drawer, the strong aroma of pussy is sweet and erotic. I add two pairs of panties to the others.

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I enjoyed all three chapters of this story. Your third is a very nice addition. I reacted with an incredibly well, as I assume you intended, to the description of Sandy kissing Katie in the pool. Itmore...

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Sexy threesome

oh I wish I was there , that was one erotic afternoon by the pool.

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