tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTales from Schooner Street: Steve

Tales from Schooner Street: Steve


Spring had just hit, and the sun and wind were working in tandem to make things as pleasant as could be. There was a new girl working at the convenience store on the corner. She was a goth, and very sexy. I was between girlfriends at the moment, so my only sexual release was through jerking off, so that's what I planned to do when I got home. Yes, that goth girl was going to get it good before I spilled my jizz.

As I said, the sun and wind were doing their job, so I decided to jerk off in my back yard. I entered my house through the front, grabbed a chair from the kitchen, and made my way out back. I looked around, listened, and once I was convinced there was no one lurking behind the fences, I stripped off my clothes, took my dick in my hand, and began tugging it.

Visions of Goth Girl were dancing in my head. I was thinking of all the delicious things I could do to her, and she to me. Five minutes later and I was grunting my release, marveling at the six or so feet my cum spurted across the yard. I sat there a moment longer, enjoying the heat of the sun and the cool, light breeze, then gathered my things and went back inside.

That was alright I thought to myself. I'm going to start jerking off outside more often.

The next day, it was the same thing. Goth Girl was wearing a nose ring today, and she had on black lipstick. Man, she looked hot. Once home, I went out back, looked around, listened, then stripped and banged one out. I kept my eyes closed this time, reveling in the heat of the sun as it poured down on me. I was really getting into "communing with nature."

It went that way for about a week. After a couple of days, I had moved on from Goth Girl to the Barbie wannabe working at the doughnut shop, but still my time with her was spent in the back yard.

It got to the point where I just stopped looking and listening for neighbors. I'd come home, grab a chair, go outside, strip, and crank one out. My lackadaisical approach did not come to bite me in the ass until nearing the end of my second week of backyard jacking.

As I stated earlier, I was at the point that I would close my eyes and enjoy the sun beating down on me as I jerked, but on this particular day, I just happened to open them, and I saw a set of eyes and long, black hair peeping over the fence. Instead of stopping in embarrassment, however, I turned slightly toward the figure and continued to jack myself, and a few minutes later I was grunting loudly as I shot off all over the grass. I continued to look until the person disappeared, then I went into my house.

The following day, I couldn't get home from work quick enough. I ran through the house, grabbed a chair, and immediately went out back. I looked over, and sure enough, the person was there. I stripped, sat, and made direct eye contact the entire time I hammered out the details. I shot a huge load across the yard, then collapsed in the chair as my breathing returned to normal.

I was still looking, and slowly a hand appeared, the index finger of which curling, beckoning me over. As I approached, the figure departed. When I reached the fence, I looked over to see my neighbor lying on a picnic table bench seat. She was completely nude, and her fingers were lightly swirling around her clit. She made eye contact just long enough to verify I was watching, then lay her head back and closed her eyes as she slowly began to masturbate.

She rubbed her clit, and nothing more, but she would raise her legs, do splits in the air, draw them up to her then cock them out ... It was a sight to behold. Soon, however, her rubbing became more intense, then she gave a mild cry of satisfaction as she came. She looked up at me to make sure I saw her lick her fingers clean, then she went into her house.

That was the most awesome fucking thing I have ever seen I thought, and noticed my dick was hard again. I wanted to jack it, but decided to wait till tomorrow when I had an audience.

I went onto my back porch as usual, and saw my neighbor standing at the fence. She lifted a hand, then pointed down. I looked and saw her other hand sticking through a hole about midway down the fence. She cut a fucking hole in it for me, but I wondered if it were just a fucking hole, or a fucking hole, as in a glory hole. As I approached the fence, she retreated. Once I reached the fence, I saw she was once again lying on her bench seat. I looked down to see she had fitted a piece of PVC pipe through the hole. How wonderful. She didn't want me to get splinters.

I inserted my cock through the hole, then began to jerk off. She smiled, then inserted two fingers into herself and began friggin' her wussy. I watched as those magic fingers worked themselves in and out of her milky-white puss, and I jerked harder and harder as I wondered what it might taste like. My breathing became labored, as did hers. I said, "Oh, shit" just as she cried, "God-damn!" and we came in unison.

I skeeted all over her rose bush. I watched as she pasted her cum on her labia and it glistened as the sunlight refracted off it. "I—" I began, but she immediately held a finger to her lips and shushed me. She waved it back and forth as to say No, don't. Don't say anything, then she looked at it and licked her cum from it before going into her house.

The following day was much like the previous, only I made no attempt to speak, and every day thereafter, rain or shine, we would meet at that fence at 2:25 p.m. for our masturbation session.

One day in mid-July, just as we both had finished, she got up, but instead of going into her house, she approached the fence. "I'm moving tomorrow. Thanks for the wonderful time. Here." She stuck her hand over the fence, allowing me to lick her cum from her finger. Once I was done, "Thanks again. Bye," and that was it.

The moving van pulled up at ten the following morning. By five p.m. she was gone.

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