tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTales From The Therapists Couch 01

Tales From The Therapists Couch 01


Tales From the Therapist's Couch:

Case Study on Impregnation Addiction

One of my most interesting cases recently involved Craig, a young man who arrived for a consult over his new preoccupation with having unprotected sex with unsuspecting women.

Craig was a striking young man with blonde hair and green eyes dressed causally in a short sleeved shirt that showed off a well developed weight lifter's physique and white summer dress pants. His girlfriend, Trisha accompanied him. Trisha, whose dark hair and brown eyes were a complete opposite to Craig's light appearance, wore a brightly colored summer dress that highlighted a slim figure and great legs.

I was dressed in a business suit with a light skirt and a white blouse and I sat behind a desk as we began the initial interview.

They settled into the comfortable chairs I provided for my sessions and after a few minutes of pleasantries Craig began to talk.

"It all started last month when Trisha, my girlfriend, had me tied up. Now, we do this all the time; she straps me down and fucks me at least once a day. Usually she puts a condom on before we start, but other times she'll mount me and make me beg for her to get off before I shoot my semen up inside her."

"She's always in control of the situation?" I asked.

"Yes. It's totally hot, 'cause I have to rely on her to dismount. But this time, she totally made me squirt all my juice up inside her pussy. She was reaching back, massaging my balls with one hand and rubbing her clit with the other hand. When I came, she came, too."

"She could get pregnant that way," I cautioned.

"I know that, and she knows that. She knew that I did not want her pregnant." He sounded pretty adamant, which made me surprised. After all, he wasn't sure he had a problem that required therapy in the first place.

"How did that make you feel, knowing she could be getting pregnant while you were strapped down, helpless?"

"I had a mixture of feelings. I couldn't think about pregnancy right then, only that I shouldn't be coming and that it felt so good, I didn't want to stop."

"Did you say anything to her?"

"Yes, I told her that I was going to shoot my load if she didn't slow down but she just kept sliding up and down on my cock. She smiled and warned me that I wasn't allowed to cream in her pussy."

"Did she slow down?"

"No she just kept sliding up and down, her puss kept getting wetter and wetter and I kept getting closer and closer to filling her with my cream."

"I started begging her telling her that I wasn't going to be able to hold back if she kept doing what I was doing but all she did was tell me that I wasn't allowed to cream in her pussy and that I would be punished if I filled her with sperm."

"Then what happened?"

"She reached around and cupped my balls."

"Did you ejaculate?"

"I...I couldn't help myself...I started shooting pulse after pulse of cream into her wet pussy. She warned me again and told me to control myself but it was too late and I could feel my cream dripping out of her as she climaxed."

"What happened then?"

"Well, after I'd unloaded every last drop, she left me strapped in as punishment for not showing more control. But she put her pussy next to my face so I could at least lick and suck her clit until she came again.

"The next morning, when the alarm went off to get ready for work, I was still tied up. She didn't let me up until she mounted me for several minutes. I expected that she would force me to cream in her again and I was telling her how close I was getting.

"Did she make you fill her up again?

"No, when I was ready to blow my load again, she dismounted and stood there masturbating I just watched as she brought herself off disappointed to see my semen spewing out uselessly as she came next to me. That's when I think it started.

"When you think what started?"

I think my obsession with making women pregnant may have started then."

"Are you sure?"

"I'm not positive, I didn't think too much about it, 'cause I was really running late, and I didn't even have time to shower before work. Of course, Trisha works later, so she had plenty of time to clean up before she went to work."

"That must have been frustrating for you."

"Well, wasting the semen sure was—after all, now I knew how good it feels to blow my wad up an unprotected pussy. But Trisha often makes me go to work with the funk of our sex on me."

"Do your coworkers ever notice?"

"The girls sure do."

"Any one in particular?"

"There's this girl...we've been kind of flirting with one another...and our conversations have gotten more and more graphic over the last couple of months. Her name is Amber and even though she's probably too young for me...well we've been having some conversations about her sex life with her boyfriend. Until that say they had been completely harmless.

"What happened to change that?"

"On my cigarette break, she talked about needing to pick up some condoms after work—her new boyfriend was allergic to latex and they'd been using withdrawal to avoid pregnancy, but he wanted to unload inside. She just didn't know where to buy latex free condoms. Clearly she liked talking about this stuff with me. Her face was flushed and I could imagine how aroused she was becoming"

"Were you aroused?"

"Well, yeah but that gave me an idea."

"What was that idea?" I asked.

"I told her, 'let's go out to lunch and I'll show you where to get some' which she totally bought."

"So you didn't intend to show her where to get them?"

"No, I just wanted to blow another load of cum up inside an unprotected pussy. Hey, I know this girl; she's had pregnancy scares and false alarms before. How hard could it be?"

"So at lunch we went through the drive-through burger joint by where we work, and then we parked the car at a park to eat the burgers and kept on talking about her sex life. She confessed that she liked showing off for other guys. When I asked for specifics she told me how she had let their roommate see her without a top and eventually had let him look at her while he masturbated."

By this time I had an erection that was tenting my pants. I could see her stealing glances at it and could see that she was flushed and her breathing was uneven."

"Would you show me your breasts?" I asked.

She didn't say a word, just pulled her shirt up and let me look at her firm little tits. Her nipples were stiff and I could see the flush on her face extended to the tops of her breasts. I reached out and flicked one of her hard nipples and she shuddered and squirmed as I continued to flick it back and forth.

"I asked her if she liked the way that made her feel and she said that it felt really nice but reminded me that we needed to get the non-latex condoms.

"I was kind of kidding when I asked what she'd do for me before I showed her where the latex free condoms were.

"What do you have in mind?" she replied softly.

"Can I touch your pussy?"

With absolutely no hesitation she spread her legs and I immediately slipped a hand inside her panties. Her pussy was soaking and she spread her legs to give me better access. I flicked her hard little clit once or twice and was gratified to see her tweaking her own nipples as I manipulated her slippery pussy.

"I took her hand and placed it on my now raging erection. She didn't remove it, as a matter of fact she began to squeeze it. I unbuttoned my pants and she unzipped them extracting my boner and bringing it into plain view."

"We continued petting and touching one another until I asked her if she would like me to put my cock into her.

She agreed we could fuck if I wore a condom."

"And did you?"

"No, of course not. I took one out of its wrapper and put it on, but the back seat of her car was so small, she couldn't see me take it back off.

"We climbed into the back seat and she pulled her skirt up. I pushed the crotch of her panties aside revealing a tight little pussy that was clearly swollen with desire."

"She was on her hands and knees in the back seat and what made it especially exciting was the fact that we were doing this in broad daylight in a public park. From where I was I could see one man and on one side of the car about ten feet away and a woman on the other side a little closer. Both were trying to act occupied with whatever they were doing but I could see them both stealing glances.""

"I mounted her and humped until the semen just poured from my dick. I was massaging her clit so she came; I didn't think she'd notice me squirting my juice, but she said 'that must have been a thin condom. It felt just like your cum was squirting right on my cervix.'"

"And what did you say?"

"Well, I looked down and acted shocked and surprised. I told her the condom must have slipped off while we were doing it. Luckily, she believed me."

"She said, 'Oh my god, what am I going to do?' and I told her she should just tell her boyfriend she wasn't fertile right now and to go on and blow his load in her.

"So that night Trisha strapped me down and fucked me unprotected again. Of course, I begged her to use a condom, and to dismount, but she didn't. She kept saying, 'make me pregnant, whore. You don't get to decide whether we use protection or not.' Which is why I was begging her to use protection. I didn't want her to use any. I wanted to blow my load inside while I begged her otherwise.

"Afterward I felt vulnerable. I confessed that I'd fucked another girl unprotected that day, and Trisha made me promise to do her again the next day. She said, 'maybe that will make you more of a man, dominating other girls, but you'll always be my bitch.' Again, she made me go in to work smelling like our sex."

Trisha, who accompanied her man for the session, nodded smugly.

"What happened at work?"

"The girl I'd fucked the day before told me her boyfriend saw my semen on her panties. She totally convinced him it was her own juices 'cause she wanted him to come inside her so bad. So he did. But she wanted to do it with me again, 'cause she felt my semen squirt with a lot more force."

"And did you?"

"Hell, yeah. Only this time, I took her panties off before fucking her—I'd just pushed them aside the day before—and tucked them between the back seat cushions. She couldn't find them when we were done, so I said she'd just have to go without for the afternoon. Her hose were thigh-highs, so I knew she'd leak out on her chair. When I saw her get up to go to the water cooler, I eased by to look at her seat so I could see the puddle of my cum on her chair."

Trisha had her legs spread apart at this time and Craig gently patted her pussy through her green silk panties.

"Well, after work, I knew it was Trisha's late day, so I had time. Of course, I was obsessed already with unprotected sex, so I got one of the other girls that just used condoms to join me in my back seat. Again, I lied and said I would use one, then I had her face away from me and I slid my cock inside unprotected."

"How does that make you feel, hearing about this now?" I asked Trisha.

"Oh it makes me horny as hell. I love it when other girls get fucked. If they're gonna be sluts, they should get knocked up. I want people to be able to tell these chicks are sleeping around."

"Anyway, she was coming so hard I don't think she noticed me squirting inside her. At the time, I didn't think I had much semen left in me, 'cause usually the more I fuck, the less I make. But when I pulled out, semen was just pouring out from between her pussy lips.

"I played with it until she came again, and the sperm was massaged into her well."

"Did you think she'd get pregnant?"

"I didn't really care. She had boyfriend, so she could say it was his. Anyway, her fluid, the other girl's, and Trisha's all looked the same, thin and shiny. I figured either they're all not fertile or I had just impregnated three girls at the same time."

"It sounds like they were all fertile when this was happening. Did her boyfriend notice the semen on her panties, too?"

"No, I kept hers, too."

Trisha broke in at this time. "Well, we know I'm pregnant. Craig doesn't get to know whether it's his baby or if I fucked other guys unprotected too. I'm not gonna tell him. I just know the more girls he fucks, the more semen he makes. It's great. I want him to do it more."

"Well, I can hardly do it more. I've made my workday longer so I can take hour long lunch breaks, but I can only fuck three girls in that time frame. Then, I can only do one or two after work.

"But I never use a condom. I've convinced two of the girls from other countries—Brazil and France—that it's against my religion. In my religion, we believe a man's soul gets trapped in his body when he wears a condom."

"Is there an increase in pregnancy in your workplace?"

"Of course. But the girls are all convinced it's their boyfriends that are knocking them up. I just love looking at their office chairs with those little puddles of semen in them."

"Well, it is my professional opinion that you might have a problem," I said. "Unusually high amounts of semen output as you've described are a hallmark of impregnation addiction. But just to be sure, let's try a little experiment."

Craig and Trisha seemed eager to hear what I was proposing.

I must admit that hearing this story had me very aroused. I could see that Craig and Trisha were excited as well. Craig had a boner sticking up in his pants and Trisha was squirming listening to Craig. I might as well admit I was squirming as well.

"I pulled an ultra-thin condom out of my desk drawer and walked around to the couple seated on the other side of the desk. I sat on the desk, spread my legs and put my feet up on the desk to expose my swollen, dripping pussy.

"Here. Put this on and give it a try," I told Craig.

Trisha helped Craig put the condom on his hard cock. Then, he mounted me and fucked a slow, comfortable rhythm. Trisha put one of her feet up on the desk so I could finger her while Craig fucked me.

Then, much to my surprise, she pulled a telescoping whip out of her purse and started to slap Craig's ass with it.

"You better not cum it that condom. Whore, you better take it off and put that semen where it belongs."

"Where do you think it belongs?" I gasped as the rhythm and force of Craig's thrusts increased.

"Inside your cervix, bitch."

Craig was just about to have a breakthrough when Trisha pulled us apart and yanked the condom off. Of course, he remounted me and finished the task inside my unprotected vagina while Trisha tongued my clit to orgasm.

"I'm...going to get...pregnant" I gasped.

I recovered for a few minutes, thankful that I had no more appointments that day.

"Now, let me see how much semen you can produce inside Trisha."

Trisha handcuffed Craig to his chair. Already he was hard again, just thinking about being forced to perform again.

As Trisha mounted him, I got out the handheld camcorder I often use to record sessions and filmed as Craig unloaded his cum inside his pregnant girlfriend. White liquid collected on her lips and the base of his cock.

I must admit I masturbated to orgasm looking at their cum-soaked genitalia through the camera's viewfinder. But that is part of sex therapy, becoming an active participant in the most intimate parts of people's lives.

At the end of the session, I concluded that yes, Craig appeared to be developing a passion for impregnating unsuspecting women, but it did not appear to be a problem for this couple.

I advised that they needn't return unless Craig's passion started interfering with work or other activities.

Nonetheless, he checked in a month later, without Trisha, just to be sure. Of course, I let him fuck my now-pregnant pussy while he told me about all the girls he'd knocked up at work.

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